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The lights all over Madison Sqare Garden suddenly dim, and the chatter of the fans dies down as they come to their seats from the concessions. A voice easily recognizable as Funyon sounds off, "Ladies and gentlemen! Would you please rise for a very special guest singer... the SWF's own EJIRO FASAKI, UNTIED STATES CHAMPION, as he sings the national anthem!"


A spotlight falls on Ejiro, dressed in tuxedo that might as well have the "$69.99" price tag still on it, as he hums a few bars of The Star Spangled Banner. The crowd INSANTLY turns ugly, and it only intensifies as the music begins, and Ejiro starts to torture those in attendance...








The booing reaches near critical mass as Ejrio pauses in mid song, looking confused. "Shit," he mumbles, "Is that really how it goes?"


The booing gets LOUDER STILL.


"Crap, crap, crap... geez, you'd think I'd know my own theme song!" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! "I knew I should've brought those cue cards... ANYWAY! Don't worry! I've got something even BETTER!"


The music for the Star Spangled Banner fades away, as Ejiro clears his throat again, and begins to use his vocal chords in way god clearly never intended...






































The house lights come back on, as the crowd (who've since stopped jeering to plug their ears), breath a sigh of relief before getting right back to trying to get rid of Fasaki's TERRIBLE SINGING. Their prayers are answered, fortunately, as Ejiro takes a bow (avoiding a stale hamburger chucked at him), and steps out of the ring, as we mercifully fade to the card...

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Brian Bowers© vs. Jay Morrison

Description: On Wrath, Bowers defeated Morrison... by word limit DQ. So these two are going to get one more chance, and with an 8000 word limit, there shouldn’t be any problems. But since simple rematches are so boring, we’re going hardcore.



Jimmy “The Demon Liston” & Craig McLennan vs Dominic Korgath & Brian Kingsmen

Description: RANDOM TAG MATCH... but the winner of the fall gets a Euro shot, and his partner, a TV title shot.




Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix vs Todd Royal©

Description: Maddix threw Royal’s punk card on Wrath, after saying he was too good for the TV title. Well kid, here’s your shot. Can you cash your verbal check? If you want to prove you’re the better wrestler, Commissioner Raynor has thrown in a twist. Either grab the belt from the rafters, or make your opponent submit.



Manson vs “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins.

Description: These two are at the top of the SJL. But who will climb higher? A contract to the world title contendership is on the line.




English Dragon© vs Insane Luchadore vs Aecas

Description: IL came so close to finally relaizing his long, long dream of becoming SJL champion for the first time. English Dragon, who is joining the WF roster as of Genesis, puts his title on the line against the scrappy challenger, and the number one contender, Aecas. Will Dragon leave the SJL with his head high, the title around his waist?

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[The scene opens with an interior shot of the sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

The SWF Genesis set is fully in place, the massive marble pillars and Grecian buildings creating an awe-inspiring, even slightly intimidating, scene.

The official Genesis theme, “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana, blares as the camera slowly pans around the near-capacity crowd (some fans are still filing in), which is a sea of signs, SWF merchandise and screaming fans.

The crowd is buzzing in anticipation as Funyon – sharply dressed in a new tuxedo – enters the ring, microphone in hand.]


Funyon: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the COUNTDOWN TO GENESIS!


[A cheer goes up from the crowd.]


Funyon: Tonight at SWF Genesis IV, the very best the Smarks Wrestling Federation has to offer will be in action...but before that show begins, we are proud to present FIVE exclusive matches featuring the up-and-coming young stars of the Smarks Junior Leagues!


[This draws cheers in its own right.]


Funyon: Tonight’s first match is a no-disqualification, no-countout hardcore match scheduled for one fall, and it is for the SJL Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger...hailing from London, England...standing six feet tall and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-nine pounds...JAY MORRISON!


[The fans begin booing as “We Took Pelham” blares throughout the arena.

Backlit by blue strobe lights, Jay Morrison walks out into the entryway, standing there briefly to take in the crowd’s reaction.

From his silhouette, it’s visible that he has a Singapore cane in his hand.

The strobe light cuts out as Jay Morrison walks out onto the stage.

Jay Morrison is without his ornate gold ring robe, but, in addition to his usual black boots and gold singlet embossed with a Pounds Sterling sign, Jay Morrison is wearing black knee and elbow pads and a gold-painted goalie mask.]


Annie: Check it out. Jay Morrison, space pimp.

Judge: Morrison is not used to wrestling hardcore matches, but it looks like he’s done a decent job of preparing himself for this one. That goalie mask – along with just about anything else Morrison or Bowers can think of – is perfectly legal, for use as protection or as a weapon.

Eijiro: There’s nothing like starting the night off with a straight-up fight, and that’s exactly what this is going to be!


[Jay Morrison holds the Singapore cane over his head, then dramatically swings it downward as a chain of red pyrotechnic bursts erupts from the sides of the entrance ramp.

Jay Morrison slowly makes his way to the ring, being booed and taunted the entire way.

He vaults up onto the ring apron, again holding the Singapore cane over his head as the crowd boos him mercilessly.

Jay Morrison ducks through the ropes and takes his corner.]


Annie: Again, this match puts the crowd in an odd position, because neither competitor really presents anything they’d want to cheer for. It all comes down to who they hate less, and...and I don’t believe this myself...judging by their reaction at Metal, that might actually be Bowers!


Funyon: And his opponent...accompanied to the ring by Kate Elliot...fighting out of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-six pounds...he is the SJL Television Champion...BRIAN BOWERS!


[The houselights cut out, and the video screen abruptly cuts to static.

“The Gash (Battle Hymn for the Wounded Mathematician)” by the Flaming Lips begins blaring over the PA as Brian Bowers and Kate Elliot emerge from the entryway, met by a wave of boos from the crowd.

Brian Bowers is pushing an old red wheelbarrow loaded to the top with plundah. The wheelbarrow’s visible contents include a “No Parking Anytime” sign, a hockey stick, a table lamp, a steel chair, a pipe wrench, a trash can lid and a tree branch. A coil of boat rope is hanging over one side.

Brian Bowers is still dressed in his ring gear from last Wrath – torn, weather-beaten army pants and a black Primus “Pork Soda” t-shirt. He’s also wearing a badly damaged floor-length black duster, worn open to reveal the SJL Television championship belt around his waist. Instead of the maroon boots he typically wears, however, Bowers is sporting a pair of massive beige steel-toed Caterpillar boots.]


Judge: I don’t even want to THINK about what those boots are for.


[Kate Elliot – dressed in ankle-high Doc Martens, tight black jeans, a silver chain belt and a Tim Hortons uniform shirt with a nametag that says “Brent” – is carrying an axe handle and has a Nalgene sports bottle clipped to one of her belt loops.

The house lights fade back up as Brian Bowers and Kate Elliot toward the ring. Brian Bowers’ attention is fixed on the contents of his wheelbarrow. He’s entirely oblivious to the crowd, the vast majority of which is booing him emphatically.]


Eijiro: Bowers coming out prepared for this hardcore match! Morrison brought one lousy weapon out with him – Bowers brought a whole wheelbarrow!


[brian Bowers pushes the wheelbarrow around to the side of the ring.

He throws the pipe wrench over the ropes and into the ring.

The sign, trash can lid and hockey stick follow it in.

Bowers then removes his jacket and the SJL Television title belt, handing them both over to the timekeeper.

Jay Morrison stays in his corner. He holds the Singapore cane over his shoulder, ready to strike.]


Annie: This is Bowers’ kind of match – he doesn’t even have to concern himself with the referee!

Judge: You know, Bowers might actually be at a disadvantage in a legitimate hardcore match. Both competitors are free to use any means necessary in this match. Bowers normally relies on ninja cheating, operating under the referee’s radar in a way that most of his opponents can’t. It’s actually a level playing field now, and Bowers has proven that he isn’t great in that situation.


[bowers looks for something in the bottom of the wheelbarrow, eventually coming up with a pair of poorly-made nunchuks.]


Eijiro: Where the hell did Bowers get nunchuks?

Annie: I think he MADE them! It looks like he sawed a broom handle in half!


[Tucking the nunchuks into the waistband of his pants, Bowers finally gets into the ring. Kate Elliot remains at ringside.

As Bowers ducks through the ropes, Jay Morrison runs at him and takes a two-handed overhand swing with the Singapore cane. He misses Bowers, though, and bounces the cane off the ropes. Bowers goes low on Morrison with a double-leg takedown, driving a shoulder into his midsection and spearing him down to the mat. Morrison holds onto the Singapore cane and quickly gets to his feet.]


Judge: Morrison overshot Bowers with that Singapore cane, and Bowers took him down!


[seeing that the match has already started anyway, Eddy Long calls for the bell.]




[As Morrison gets up, Bowers grabs him by the right arm...and fires him into the ropes! Morrison collides back-first with the ropes and runs back toward Bowers, raising the Singapore cane over his head.]


Annie: Morrison sizing Bowers up...


[As Morrison charges in, Bowers runs right at him. He plants his left foot and kicks out with his right, nailing Morrison square in the groin with a field goal kick! Much to the shock of the crowd, though, Morrison barely even breaks his stride! As Bowers’ kick makes contact, Jay Morrison brings the Singapore cane down hard on Bowers’ right shoulder! A second cane shot to the side of the neck takes Bowers down to his knees, and a jumping knee to the head puts him on his back on the canvas!]


Judge: Morrison jumps in with a knee to the head, laying Bowers out on the canvas!

Annie: Morrison must be wearing more protection than just that hockey mask! Bowers took a running start and kicked him square in the groin with a steel-toed boot, and he didn’t go down!

Eijiro: Morrison obviously learned something from his last match with Bowers!


[Morrison is on Bowers immediately, planting a knee on his chest and bracing the Singapore cane across his throat, holding it down with both hands while Bowers thrashes around trying to free himself. The fans are wildly booing Jay Morrison, with a few scattered cheers audible.]


Judge: Morrison’s choking Bowers out with that Singapore cane!

Annie: Morrison needs to do exactly that – he needs to stay on Bowers, keeping him on the mat and away from any weapons. Morrison’s not the experienced hardcore wrestler Bowers is, but he has a significant edge in terms of athleticism and pure wrestling ability. He needs to take full advantage of that if he wants to win this match!


[bowers is able to get both hands on the Singapore cane. Straining, he pushes upward on it, while Morrison pushes down with all of the force he can manage. Morrison keeps the advantage, holding the Singapore cane down across Bowers’ throat for several seconds, until Bowers gives it a massive two-handed push, snapping Morrison’s upper body backward enough to let him slip his head out from underneath the Singapore cane. Morrison keeps his knee in position, though, and, keeping his grip on the Singapore cane, delivers a two-handed shot to Bowers’ forehead, striking hard with the portion of the cane between his hands. As the back of Bowers’ head hits the mat, Jay Morrison gets to his feet.]


Judge: Jay Morrison more than holding his own so far!

Eijiro: He was able to take Bowers by surprise by standing up to that low blow, and he’s been in control of this match ever since!


[He holds the Singapore cane above his head for another strike, drawing boos from the crowd. Morrison changes his mind, though, and throws the cane down.]


Annie: What’s he doing?!


[Jay Morrison takes a step back, holds his arms at his sides...and drops a falling headbutt! Morrison catches nothing but canvas, though, as Bowers rolls out of the way! The fans cheer, not so much for Bowers as for Morrison falling on his face.]


Eijiro: Morrison was looking for a headbutt with that goalie mask, which WOULD have been a devastating maneuver, but Bowers rolled out of the way!

Judge: Bowers wasn’t quite as out of it as Jay Morrison thought!


[Morrison gets to his feet as Bowers does, reeling slightly from the impact. Just as Jay Morrison regains his footing...Bowers runs him over with a trash can lid shot! Morrison goes down! This is met primarily with boos, but there are still occasional cheers audible.]


Annie: Bowers just flattened Morrison!


[bowers throws the trash can lid aside and takes the nunchuks out of his waistband.]


Judge: Bowers upgrading his weapon!

Annie: I still can’t believe he brought nunchuks...and crappy ones at that. At least Steve Blackman’s glowed.


[bowers gives them a quick spin to build momentum...and Morrison kicks them out of his hand! The nunchuks sail over the top rope and land with a clatter on the concrete at ringside, while Bowers grabs his hand in pain.]


Judge: But Morrison popped right back up and kicked those nunchuks out of his hand!

Eijiro: Lucky for him that he did! Those look like they could have done a lot of damage!


[Jay Morrison steps in on Bowers and grabs him by the right hand. Yanking downward on his arm, he pulls him right into a headbutt with the goalie mask! Bowers staggers back with his eyes rolling up as Jay Morrison rocks back on his heels...then levels him with a right-arm lariat! Morrison follows through with the move, taking Bowers down and quickly scrambling over for a cover.]


Eijiro: Morrison connects with the headbutt, then follows it up with a huge lariat! He covers...


[Eddy Long slides into position to make the count...]










[bowers lifts his left shoulder with authority, almost throwing Morrison right off him.]


Judge: Bowers gets the left shoulder up before the count of two!

Annie: If Morrison can keep doing what he’s doing, he’s got a real good shot at leaving here with the Television title. He’s staying a step ahead of Bowers, not letting him use any of those weapons.


[Morrison grabs hold of Brian Bowers’ arm, lifting him to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. Morrison throws his own body onto the mat to create more momentum, and Bowers steps over the prone Morrison as he rebounds off the ropes. While down, Morrison grabs the nearby pipe wrench from the mat. Bowers bounces back-first off the ropes on the opposite side and bears down on Morrison, who takes a massive cut at him with the pipe wrench! There are audible gasps in the crowd as Morrison’s swing sails just over the head of a ducking Brian Bowers. Bowers continues running for a few steps, and turns to grab Morrison from behind. He hooks a waistlock, but Morrison gives him a short shot to the right arm with the wrench, breaking his grip! The boos for Jay Morrison are getting louder.]


Annie: Morrison using one of Bowers’ weapons against him!

Judge: Morrison didn’t have the room to pull off a swing like the one he took earlier, but he hit Bowers’ hands hard enough to break his grip!


[Dropping the pipe wrench, Jay Morrison spins around to stand back-to-back with Brian Bowers. He wraps his arm around Bowers’ head...and drops him with a reverse neckbreaker! Bowers’ neck snaps back hard as Morrison kicks out with the move. Both competitors end up on their backs on the mat, but Morrison is the only one to get to his feet.]


Eijiro: Hangman’s neckbreaker by Morrison!

Judge: Jay Morrison keeping control of this match thanks to one simple principle – he can’t USE the weapons if he can’t get them!

Annie: Plus, once Morrison took low blows out of the equation, he eliminated half of Bowers’ moves. You have to give Jay Morrison credit. Despite his arrogance, despite the fact that he’s...well...he’s generally a lousy human being, he knows what he’s doing in that ring.


[Jay Morrison grabs Brian Bowers in a front headlock, forcing him back up to a vertical position. Jay Morrison stands fully upright...then drops back with a DDT! Bowers’ head is spiked into the mat as Morrison throws himself backward. Morrison rolls Bowers over and executes a lateral press, hooking Bowers’ outside leg.]


Judge: Morrison with a perfectly executed DDT! Eddy Long is in position...














[brian Bowers kicks out, but is slow to get up from the mat. Morrison keeps him on thje canvas with a series of stomps, drawing jeers from the crowd.]


Judge: Morrison’s strategy so far has really been effective. He’s not giving Brian Bowers any opportunities!


[Jay Morrison is still stomping Bowers. Having seen enough, Kate Elliot dives through the ropes, still holding the axe handle. She starts swinging as she runs, cracking the axe handle across Morrison’s lower back. Morrison goes down in a heap, falling over Brian Bowers. There are occasional audible cheers, but the majority of the crowd is booing Kate Elliot.]


Eijiro: That’s why Kate Elliot’s there! Since this is a no-disqualification match, she’s free to get involved however she sees fit.

Annie: I couldn’t help but notice that she let Bowers get the crap kicked out of him for quite a while before she “saw fit”, though.


[Kate Elliot pulls Jay Morrison off of Brian Bowers. Bowers slowly gets up, rolling over and pushing up to his knees, then slowly raising himself up to a standing position. He pivots his head, trying to loosen up his neck.]


Judge: Bowers really feeling the effects of that DDT!


[bowers walks over to Jay Morrison, who is starting to recover from the axe handle shot. Hooking underneath his shoulders with both arms and clasping his hands behind Morrison’s neck, Bowers picks Morrison up in a full nelson! Bowers pushes forward on Morrison’s head, forcing his chin into his chest. Bowers calls to Kate Elliot.]


Bowers: Get it! Get the cup!


[Kate Elliot reluctantly drops the axe handle. As Jay Morrison struggles, trying to free his arms, Kate Elliot (poker-faced as usual so her enthusiasm about the project can’t really be gauged) reaches into his singlet...]


Eijiro: Yike. Stage three cougar alert.


[...and removes Morrison’s last line of defense. The fans aren’t sure what to make of Kate Elliot’s actions, alternating between boos, catcalls, and even an occasional cheer. Kate Elliot leaves the ring and pitches Morrison’s nad guard toward the entrance ramp.]


Annie: Most people would have tried to take off the goalie mask, but Bowers, the thinking man’s wrestler, went in a whole other direction there.


[bowers, straining with the effort, lifts Jay Morrison off his feet...and plants him with a faceslam!]


Judge: Bowers with the full nelson faceslam! That has to hurt even with the mask!


[bowers releases the full nelson as he throws Morrison to the mat. As soon as Morrison makes contact with the canvas, Bowers steps over his back and locks on a two-handed choke!]


Eijiro: Bowers choking Morrison out ion full view of the referee, and there’s nothing he can do about it!


[Jay Morrison throws his body weight to the right, rolling into Bowers’ leg. This breaks his grip and takes Bowers’ leg out from underneath him, dropping him on his shoulder.]


Annie: Morrison breaks the chokehold!

Judge: But it’s going to take him a while to get the air flowing again! You can actually SEE the handprints on his throat!


[bowers and Morrison get up at the same time. Bowers comes in high, looking for a collar and elbow tie-up, but Morrison catches him with a kick to the midsection! Bowers doubles over, and Morrison grabs him by the head with both hands, swinging one leg over to apply a standing head-scissors! He tries to hook Bowers’ arms...but before he can, Bowers shoves him hard into the ropes. Morrison stops cold as he hits the ropes, but it still gives Bowers enough time to grab the closest weapon at hand – the hockey stick. Holding it horizontally in front of him, Bowers lunges at Morrison, connecting high on his chest! Morrison goes down hard, landing flat on his back.]


Judge: Bowers just crosschecked Morrison!


[bowers shifts his grip on the hockey stick, turning the blade to face the ceiling. The boos for Bowers are increasing as he raises the stick up...and drives the BUTT end into Morrison’s midsection! Morrison’s face contorts in pain as he tries to shield himself. He rolls over onto his side, both arms shielding his midsection...and Bowers cracks the blade of the stick across his back! There’s an audible “smack” as the broad side of the blade connects.]


Eijiro: Never, ever, EVER give a Canadian a hockey stick. That goalie mask must be giving Bowers flashbacks!


[bowers throws the hockey stick aside and covers Morrison, hooking both his legs. Eddy Long dives in to make the count...]


Judge: Bowers with a lateral press...














Annie: Not enough!


[Despite Bowers hooking his legs, Morrison is still able to kick out with significant force. Bowers quickly gets to his feet, hooking Morrison’s neck from behind as he gets to his knees...]


Judge: But now we’re seeing a shift in the momentum of this match. Morrison may be a better athlete and a better pure wrestler, but when it comes to choking and weapons there are very few in the SJL who can hang with Brian Bowers.


[...Bowers pulls Morrison up, bending him over backwards as he clasps his hands together for a Dragon sleeper! Morrison is already fighting significantly less than he did in the earlier chokehold. Eddy Long comes over to check on him.]


Eijiro: Bowers is starting to focus his offense now. Just like we saw at Wrath, Bowers is working Morrison’s neck, likely looking to set up one of his finishing maneuvers.

Annie: And it doesn’t hurt that he beat the hell out of him with a hockey stick, too. That’s more representative of Bowers’ ACTUAL strategy.


[Jay Morrison tries to pull his head in close to his chest, at the same time planting his feet and pushing away from Bowers...and he breaks his grip! Jay Morrison escapes the Dragon sleeper, dropping to his knees on the mat...then nails Bowers in the midsection with a lunging elbow thrust! Bowers is momentarily stunned, leaving him open long enough for Jay Morrison to throw his right arm around his neck! Morrison kicks forward, dropping Bowers with an inverted bulldog! This actually draws some cheers, although they are quickly drowned out. Kate Elliot gets back up on the ring apron, holding onto the top rope.]


Annie: Morrison takes him down! He fought out of the Dragon sleeper, then caught Bowers completely by surprise with that elbow!


[Jay Morrison lands a single stomp on Bowers’ chest, then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Bowers is about one third of the length of the ring away from Morrison...as he leaps off the top rope with a kneedrop to Bowers’ head! This draws an even louder cheer from the crowd. Morrison rolls to the side as he lands, but immediately dives back to make the cover. Eddy Long is already in position...]


Judge: Morrison with a kneedrop from the top rope! Lateral press...














Judge: But Kate Elliot breaks up the fall! It looked like Morrison HAD Bowers there!


[The fans are wildly booing Kate Elliot.]


Eijiro: Some of the fans actually starting to side with Jay Morrison!

Annie: Once again, you kind of have to root for someone, and it’s a lot more likely to be the person using actual wrestling moves. Some of the stunts Bowers pulls are clever, but in the end, these people here to see wrestling, and Morrison’s providing a lot more of that than Bowers!


[Jay Morrison shoves Kate Elliot back, knocking her on her ass. She looks more angry than hurt , but still rolls out of the ring, leaving Bowers to fend for himself. Jay Morrison turns around to look Bowers square in the eye as he throws out a low kick with his Caterpillar boot...and Morrison catches him with a Dragon Screw! Morrison snaps Bowers’ leg around, sending him spiralling to the mat.]


Annie: Morrison countered the low blow with a Dragon screw legwhip!

Judge: He’s really got Bowers scouted!


[bowers slowly gets to his feet, but Morrison is right on him. Grabbing him by the shirt collar and waistband, he bails Bowers out of the ring, throwing him between the top and middle ropes toward the entrance ramp.]


Eijiro: Jay Morrison sends Bowers to the outside!

Judge: I’m surprised the match didn’t leave the ring before this point, actually.


[bowers slowly gets to his feet on the outside, still trying to re-orient himself after Morrison’s flurry of offense. He turns around to face the ring...just in time to get levelled with a springboard plancha! Morrison rolls through, coming to a stop at the base of the entrance ramp, while Bowers lays motionless on the concrete between the ring and the ramp. Increasingly more of the crowd seems to be siding with Jay Morrison.]


Annie: Wow! Morrison from out of NOWHERE with a springboard plancha!

Judge: Phenomenal move by Jay Morrison! That’s something you won’t see Bowers do, and it’s that kind of thing that’s let Jay Morrison not only keep up with but completely outpace Bowers in this match!


[Jay Morrison slowly gets to his feet, using the guardrail to pull himself up. Bowers isn’t even moving yet, but Kate Elliot has grabbed the steel chair from wheelbarrow of weapons and is circling around the ring, trying to stay out of Morrison’s sight.]


Annie: Morrison can’t see Kate Elliot yet!


[Jay Morrison rolls Bowers over onto his stomach with a sharp kick to the ribs. He plants one foot on either side of his head, and pulls Bowers up into a standing headscissors. He hooks his arms...TIGER DRIVER ON THE RAMP! Morrison flipped Bowers up in the double underhook, then drove him down on the steel! A “holy shit” chant starts up, backed by a couple of isolated “Morr-i-son” chants keeping the same rhythm. There are still a lot of boos audible, but nothing like earlier in the match.]


Eijiro: Double underhook powerbomb ON THE ENTRANCE RAMP! That HAS to be it for Bowers!

Judge: But this ISN’T a falls-count-anywhere match! Morrison still has to get Bowers into the ring to fin...


[Kate Elliot blindsides Jay Morrison with a running chairshot! Morrison spins to the side, getting an arm down to prevent himself from falling completely. He props himself up on one knee, but before he can even cover up, Kate Elliot brings the chair down directly on his head! Kate Elliot (and by association Bowers) is being booed out of the building. Kate Elliot drops the chair and attends to Brian Bowers.]


Annie: Again, Kate Elliot makes the save for Brian Bowers!

Judge: But Bowers is still down! I don’t know if he can even make it back to the ring!


[Kate Elliot tries to help Bowers to his feet, but he’s dead weight. Thinking quickly, she grabs him by the legs and tries to drag him back toward the ring, but she can barely move him. Jay Morrison is starting to move, but still looks stunned. Kate Elliot finally gives up and slaps Brian Bowers across the face, which seems to bring him around. Bowers tries to shake the cobwebs as Kate Elliot helps him to his feet. She braces him against herself and walks him toward the ring as he regains his footing. Jay Morrison is already on his feet, if still reeling somewhat.]


Annie: I really question the wisdom behind these stipulations. Jay Morrison lost his previous match with Bowers largely because of Kate Elliot’s interference...and now he’s in a match where Kate Elliot can interfere at will!

Judge: He is...or was...doing pretty damn well for himself, though!

Eijiro: And he’s already up from those chairshots!


[bowers pushes away from Kate Elliot and moves toward the ring, trying to keep some distance between himself and Jay Morrison. He pulls himself in underneath the bottom rope, and grabs Kate Elliot’s dropped axe handle before Jay Morrison can re-enter the ring. Kate Elliot tries to hold Jay Morrison back, but Bowers just shoves her aside. Bowers stares at Jay Morrison as he re-enters the ring, waiting until he’s through the ropes before coming down with an overhand swing. It’s weak, though, and Morrison catches the axe handle in his hands! Bowers tries to pull it back, but Morrison holds fast!


Annie: Bowers with a bad swing there! Morrison got his hands up to block, and now he’s got hold of that axe handle!


[Morrison jerks the axe handle back, trying to pull it out of Bowers’ hands. He plants his feet firmly on the mat and throws his weight back...as Bowers kicks him in the groin! Morrison goes down in a heap, groaning in agony. The fans are on their feet booing Brian Bowers.]


Eijiro: Bowers connected that time! He was foiled twice before, but he finally hit that kick to the groin!

Judge: And he hit it with a steel-toed workboot! Bowers can barely move in those things, but the trade-off is apparently worth it!

Annie: Eighteen years old...damn. He barely even got a chance to use them.

Eijiro: And you’d care...why?


[bowers positions himself above the essentially defenseless Morrison. He hooks his right arm around Morrison’s neck, hoisting him up in a front headlock. He ducks down to grab Morrison’s leg, then, visibly straining, takes him up and over with a low fisherman’s suplex! Morrison lands more on his side than his back, but Bowers still manages to hold onto the leg for the bridge...]


Eijiro: And Bowers follows up on the low blow with History’s Ugliest Suplex! He’s got the leg hooked...


[Another wave of boos moves through the crowd as Eddy Long starts the count...]





















[This marks the breaking point – there are more cheers than boos for Jay Morrison.]


Annie: He kicked out! Morrison kicked out!

Judge: How did he DO that!? Most people wouldn’t even be able to SEE after a workboot to the groin – let alone fight – but Morrison STILL managed to kick out!

Eijiro: A lot of it had to do with the fact that that suplex pretty much sucked. Bowers didn’t drop him hard enough, didn’t have him bridged right, and couldn’t hold him down for the three-count.


[bowers is visibly frustrated as he grabs the hockey stick again. He raises it high over his head, levelling the blade end over Jay Morrison’s neck. He pulls back...]


Annie: He can’t be...that’ll decapitate him!


[...and unleashes a mighty swing into the mat! Jay Morrison rolls out of the way at the last second, and Bowers hits nothing but canvas. He drops the hockey stick, and suddenly, Jay Morrison is not only up but running! He takes off in the opposite direction from Bowers...but only to bounce off the ropes for added momentum!]


Eijiro: Where is Morrison GETTING this from!?


[bowers is slow in getting his hands up, and doesn’t even manage a partial defense as Morrison blasts him with the running Yakuza kick! The crowd is audibly impressed as Morrison lifts his boot well above shoulder level, connecting flat with his sole and laying Bowers out! Morrison manages a quick cover, but isn’t in position to hook the leg. Eddy Long slides into position...]














[The crowd audibly deflates. Morrison frantically looks for a weapon while Bowers is still down. The closest one is the trash can lid, which he picks up. Bowers is just getting to his knees as Morrison whangs him over the head with the metal lid, sending him sprawling backward into the ropes. He catches himself just in time to take another shot to the head. Bowers collapses to the mat, covering his face. Morrison hauls Bowers up to his feet, pulling his arms away from his face and revealing a bleeding gash across Bowers’ forehead.]


Judge: Jay Morrison busted Bowers wide open with that last shot!

Eijiro: It doesn’t look like much, but if you get caught with the edge of one of those signs it can really open you up!


[Jay Morrison pulls Bowers toward him, hooking both arms around his waist. Suddenly, he spins around, dropping Bowers hard on his back with a spinebuster! Bowers hits the mat hard enough to snap his head back upward. The fans voice their approval. Kate Elliot is on the apron screaming instructions at Bowers, but he’s not really in a position to follow them.]


Annie: Morrison with a spinebuster slam! He covers...


[Morrison grabs both of Bowers’ legs, folding him up for the pinfall. Eddy Long is already there...]




























Annie: Bowers just, JUST kicked out there! One more big move and this match is over!



[brian Bowers is lying on his side on the mat, with rivulets of blood pouring down his head. The tips of his long, untended bangs are stained from their usual brown to a dark red.

Jay Morrison looks like he though the match was over, and appears slightly rattled as he rolls Bowers over. He straightens up, picking Bowers up in a waistlock. Kate Elliot backs off, retreating all the way to the ropes on the opposite side as she unclips the Nalgene bottle from her belt loop and removes the cap. While Jay Morrison hooks Bowers by the waist, she frantically fumbles for something in her jeans pocket.]


Eijiro: What in the hell is she doing? Loading up some kind of cheap off-brand mist?

Judge: Whatever she’s doing, she’d better do it fast!


[Jay Morrison, with significant struggle, flips Brian Bowers up into a crucifix, then...OH MY GOD! KATE ELLIOT BLOWS A BEACHBALL-SIZED FIREBALL AT JAY MORRISON! Everything happens in a split-second, Kate Elliot taking a swig from the bottle, backhanding it behind her, then spraying a mouthful of kerosene at what turned out to be a silver Zippo. She rolls out of the ring a second later.

The fireball doesn’t hit Jay Morrison, actually falling several feet short, but Morrison and Bowers briefly cast a shadow over the first few rows as the intense light from the fireball illuminates the ring! Even with the mask on, Jay Morrison instinctively covers his eyes, dropping Brian Bowers out of the crucifix.

The fans are initially shocked, then torn between cheering for fire and booing Kate Elliot.

Bowers falls on his back behind Jay Morrison...and immediately throws a punch straight up into Jay Morrison’s groin. Jay Morrison howls in pain and collapses to the mat in a triangle, with his knees and forehead touiching the canvas. As Bowers gets to his feet. The boos for Brian Bowers are unbelievable.

Kate Elliot has grabbed a can of RC Cola out of the wheelbarrow and is repeatedly rinsing her mouth out on the outside.]


Annie: I can’t believe what we just saw! As soon as Bowers was faced away from Morrison, Kate Elliot blew a goddamned fireball at him!

Judge: Kate Elliot had one hell of a contingency plan in the form of a bottle of kerosene! It was just a matter of waiting for her opportunity!


[bowers steps around Jay Morrison, still bracing himself against him. He applies a left-side front headlock as he positions himself in front of him. He throws an arm around Morrison’s waist, lifting him up off the mat as he falls back with a DDT! The fans are going snake, and several of them have taken to throwing objects at the ring. Brian Bowers, exhausted, covers Jay Morrison. Eddy Long slides in with the count...]
























[Eddy Long calls for the bell.]




[The timekeeper stands up, picking up the SJL Television Championship belt and handing it over to Eddy Long. Brian Bowers can barely get to his knees to have his hand raised. Kate Elliot (still holding her soda) enters the ring, turns to spit a mouthful of cola over the ropes, and helps raise Brian Bowers to his feet. Funyon enters the ring.]


Funyon: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, and still SJL Television Champion, Brian Bowers!


[Eddy Long presents the belt to Bowers, who slings it over his shoulder. The fans are rabid as Brian Bowers and Kate Elliot leave the ring, with Bowers managing to grab his jacket before they abandon the wheelbarrow at ringside. Brian Bowers and Kate Elliot slink out of the ring area and exit through the service doors.]


Annie: Brian Bowers has stolen yet ANOTHER win here tonight, retaining the Television title thanks to Kate Elliot’s giving a whole new meaning to the term “Dragon Lady”.

Eijiro: Well, like it or not, you have to admit that fireball looked pretty damn cool.

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The show returns after the commercials and we see HISTORY’S GREATEST TAG TEAM of Judge Mental and Ejiro Fasaki, along with Annie Eclectic at the announcers’ table.




Annie: “Actually, Genesis doesn’t start for another couple of hours.”


Judge: “At this point in time, woman… I would appreciate you not correcting my semantics.”


Ejiro: “What a night this is going to be! Eight hours long, one INCREDIBLE match after another!”


Annie: “Eight hours?!? Urgh… I’ll probably die from the wait.”


Judge: “Why, Annie, I didn’t know you were looking forward to my World Championship title Main Event against Tom Flesher!”


Annie: “I’m not. I’ve got a date with Carmina Burana, who’s going to sing this year’s theme song.”


Ejiro: “Annie, Carmina Burana is a *cantata* written by Carl Orff.”


Annie: “… Uhhh… I knew that.”


Funyon: “The following tag-team contest is scheduled for one fall! The winners of this match will go on to earn a title contendership, to be cashed in at a later date. Without further ado…”


The opening beats of X-Japan’s “Rose of Pain” hits and from behind the curtain appears the hunched form of Craig McLennan. He heads purposefully towards the ring when suddenly he stops. Reaching into his body suit, he produces his trademark -- a Zippo™-brand lighter! He runs the rest of the way into the ring and slides under the bottom rope before putting his trusty lighter down in the corner.


Funyon: “Introducing first, weighing at 205 lbs, the man from Duncan, BC, CRAIG MCLEEEEENNNANNNNNNNN!”


The crowd boos as McLennan ascends to the top turnbuckle and adjusts his yellow mask, before executing a perfect backflip onto the canvas as he awaits his partner.


Just as McLennan completes his acrobatic act, the lights go dark. Chanting can be heard in the background and spotlights fly over the audience, as a single phrase is uttered across the Gardens:


"Why don't you ask me what it feels like to be a freak?"


Rob Zombie's "Demon Speeding" erupts from the speakers as several pyros run up the ramp, from ringside to entrance, ending with an explosion and flash of flames, revealing the exuberant form of Jimmy Liston at the top. The Demon raises a fist towards the crowd before walking down the ramp to ringside.


Funyon: “And his partner, weighing at 228 lbs, he hails from Boston, Massachusetts! He is THE DEMON, JIMMY LIIIISSSSSSTOOOOOOOONNNNN!”


Liston slides into the ring, climbs the near turnbuckle, and thrusts his fist into the air in time with the music. The Demon shakes hands with his partner McLennan as the house lights are brought up, and the music fades.


Ejiro: “The Demon is a huge man, and he looks all set to dominate this match!”


Judge: “Ah, but don’t forget who he’s facing tonight… Dominic Korgath, 6’ 4” and weighing 350 lbs!”


Ejiro: “The Hoss from Azeroth!”


Annie: “Shut up!”


“The Gauntlet” starts to play over the speaker system. The crowd in the Gardens gives a mixed reaction, not sure how they are to react to the man who has yet to prove his worth in the SJL. Brian Kingsmen appears from behind the curtain, but his arrogant attitude is nowhere in sight as he walks down the ramp and slides under the ropes. Not bothering to give the crowd a second look, Brian simply focuses on his two opponents.


Funyon: “Now entering the ring, from parts unknown, he weighs in at 180 pounds..... BRIAN KINGSSSSMMMMEN!!”


Annie: “Curious. This will be the second time in a week that Kingsmen’s attitude seems to have taken a slow boat to China.”


Ejiro: “He’s probably worried about having Dominic Korgath as his partner tonight. I doubt the Big Demon has forgiven him for his latest stolen win on Wrath.”


Judge: “We will just have to see. The three men are in the ring and we are now awaiting the arrival of…”




Zach de la Rocha’s “March of Death” pounds loudly over the speakers, filling the whole of the Gardens with the hated theme of the stable known as Urban Decay.


Judge: “Urban Decay will see yet another of its active members leave today as the English Dragon makes his debut in the SWF.”


Ejiro: “And in an irony only the Suicide King could pull off, Dragon faces former Urban Decay leader John Duran! What a match it’s going to be!”


Judge: “Well, SJL Commissioner Chris Raynor had better be hoping that Korgath wins tonight, otherwise the Urban Decay would be totally and absolutely buried.”


Annie: “I’m just hoping that Korgath gets a valet soon. I need someone new to view.”


The big man emerges from behind the curtains to a loud wave of boos, curses and Klez worms as the crowd rains its undying hatred for Dominic Korgath. All the Big Demon does in return is simply raise his iron staff high in brazen defiance to the crowd, before making his way down to the ring.


Referee Anthony Michael Hall tries his best to get Korgath to put aside the staff but Korgath simply brushes the official aside without a second thought and puts down the staff in his corner, propped against the turnbuckle. Hall is losing his patience and demands that Korgath remove the staff from the ring or face instant disqualification.


Kingsmen, upon hearing this, immediately does his part to convince the Big Demon not to throw away the match so easily, but the only reaction from Korgath is to shove Kingsmen over the top rope and onto the ground. The Big Demon looks like he’s about to continue the assault on his partner when his two opponents, Liston and McLennan jump him from behind.


Ejiro: “Yep, it looks like Korgath is still holding a grudge against Kingsmen for pinning him on Wrath.”


Judge: “I’m not surprised. Few men in the SJL have even managed to take the Big Demon down before, let alone pin the man. But from the way the situation looks now, Dominic has just turned this into a 3-on-1 handicapped match. ”




Hall calls for the bell as Liston and McLennan start by chopping the gigantic chest of Dominic Korgath. However, the massive worker simply shoves McLennan to the ground in return. Liston, however, manages to get a few blows in and sends Korgath to the corner. Liston tries to irish whip Korgath, but the big man is simply too strong, even for the smaller Demon, who ends up in the corner instead. Korgath knocks the wind out of Liston with a brutal elbow to the chest. Pressing his advantage, Dominic pounds away at Liston, each fist carrying with it enough power to knock out a smaller man. Unsatisfied with the damage he’s already caused, Korgath bends down and begins to ram his right shoulder into the gut of the smaller Demon.


Ejiro: “Jimmy Liston’s only been in a match with Dominic Korgath once before, and that was a stipulation even Annie would have nightmares over.”


Judge: “And that would be…?”


Annie: “The Calvinball match.”


All three announcers shudder visibly as the match continues in the ring.


Korgath finally releases Liston from the corner of the ring and the smaller Demon sinks slowly to the mat, clutching his stomach in pain. Korgath lets out a loud roar of triumph as he drags his opponent to the centre of the ring and covers him for the victory.






NO!!!!!!!! Craig McLennan breaks the fall, much to Dominic’s unhappiness. The giant turns on the spandex-covered wrestler, even as McLennan gets the hell out of the ring. Korgath turns back to his fallen opponent and is less than pleased to see Liston trying to get up. Korgath kicks Liston in the gut, preventing any form of recovery. Dominic then proceeds in his attempt to break the smaller Demon’s body by stomping once, twice, three times on the back of the fallen man! Liston groans in pain from the beating he receives, but Korgath refuses to relent. The Big Demon picks up the weakened man and clutches him in a bearhug, trying to further aggravate the pain in Liston’s back. Korgath holds the submission for what seems like an eternity for Liston, the smaller man losing consciousness with every second. Finally, Korgath throws Liston down to the mat WITH AUTHORITY! and tags in Kingsmen.


Brian Kingsmen comes in to little reaction from the audience, until he hits a missile dropkick on Liston, sending the broken man back down to the canvas. Then the crowd really doesn’t hold back, and starts egging on the cruiserweight. McLennan comes in to even the odds, but Kingsmen simply dodges out of the way and starts punching away at the masked McLennan.


Ejiro: “Hmmmph. That upstart Kingsmen’s identity crisis has the crowd rather confused. They aren’t sure if they’re supposed to cheer him or not.”


Judge: “Right now, I just want this match to be over and done with, actually. Liston looks to be in deep trouble and Korgath’s hardly lost a drop of sweat.”


McLennan kicks at the gut of Kingsmen, but Brian drops back, bounces against the ropes and takes down his opponent with a perfectly executed hurracanrana. Kingsmen goes for a quick pin, but McLennan is out even before Hall can hit the canvas. Unperturbed, Kingsmen hits the ropes again and tries to bring Craig down with a bulldog, but McLennan counters with such speed that Brian is on the mat even before he realizes. McLennan kicks him several times before dragging him to the post and, going out of the ring, begins working away at the arm of Brian Kingsmen.


Judge: “McLennan really taking it to the rookie. These two high-flyers are evenly matched, but I dare say McLennan has the experience and the cruelty to gain the upper hand.”


Ejiro: “I’m loving every second of it, and so is Korgath, from the look of things. The Big Demon seems hardly disturbed that his partner is getting the snot beat out of him!”


McLennan climbs back into the ring and continues to rain blows on the injured arm of Kingsmen. Craig puts Brian in an armbar and keeps on stretching the arm beyond its natural limit. Brian is in terrible pain now, even as the young wrestler tries to leverage out of the hold, there is only so much he can do. McLennan mercilessly applies even more pressure to the arm, and Anthony Hall crouches down to check on the status of Brian Kingsmen. After several excruciating seconds, Brian manages to drag himself towards the ropes… he grabs it! Hall forces McLennan to break the hold, which he does.


McLennan picks up Kingsmen and with strength he shouldn’t have, lifts up the youngster and plants him with a German suplex! Then, holding on to the throw, lifts his body to form a bridge. Hall goes down for the three count!















Annie: “Oh my god. Brian Kingsmen must have drawn on some unholy power to break out of that massive suplex!”


Judge: “Now since when did you use hyperbole in your speech, woman?”


Annie: “Since forever, now call the match!”


McLennan continues to work on the injured arm of Brian Kingsmen, laying it flat on the canvas and driving a hard knee into the elbow joint, sending a jolt of undeserved pain into the youngster. The Canadian then drags Kingsmen to his corner and tags in Liston before putting the icing on the cake with a stiff roundhouse kick!


Jimmy Liston, now partially recovered from the massive beating he took from Korgath, grabs the arms of Brian Kingsmen and, hooking them, begins to headbutt his opponent repeatedly. Kingsmen’s body goes numb to the pain as Liston continues the cranial offence. When Brian’s eyes disappear into his head, Liston simply picks up the kid by the neck and begins choking him in mid-air before sending him crashing down to the mat.


Ejiro: “Bloodlust and Torment combo! Liston’s really pulling out all his moves against the helpless Kingsmen.”


Jimmy Liston, fired up by his slew of offence, picks up Kingsmen again and spears him, before wrapping his arms around Brian and with unnatural speed, drives both himself and Kingsmen into the corner. Kingsmen hurtles towards the turnbuckle and gets the wind knocked out of his body, but in his excitement, Liston provided the opportunity for Korgath to tag himself in.


Dominic Korgath re-enters the fray as Liston, mindful of the beating he took before, decides to bring in McLennan for a double-team effort. However, even Liston’s strength is no match for Korgath as the Big Demon pounds away at Liston and sends the smaller Demon to the outside with a big clothesline. McLennan goes for a couple of elbows on Korgath, but to no avail, as the giant simply sends McLennan over the top rope as well. Hall goes out to check on the two men, leaving Korgath alone in the ring, celebrating. After two seconds or so, however, Korgath goes to bring his opponents back into the ring, only to be ambushed by them! Liston jumps onto the apron and holds Korgath down, while McLennan climbs the top rope and executes a top-rope hurracanrana, bringing the Big Demon down!


Judge: “I see it, but I don’t believe it! The double team of Liston and McLennan have brought the Big Demon down!”


Korgath lies panting on the mat, stunned at the suddenness of the attack. Jimmy Liston goes for the cover.


Ejiro: “This is it! Liston’s going to win!”
















Annie: “WHAT?!?”


Judge: “WHAT?!?”


Ejiro: “I don’t believe it! McLennan broke the fall! He screwed his own partner! But why!?! WHY!?!”


Judge: “It’s all because of the damned stipulations! Raynor is a sick genius! Whoever gets the fall will get a shot at the European title!”


Annie: “McLennan’s obviously not going to be content with a TV title shot. He wants all the damn glory for himself!”


Liston is beside himself with fury, and starts trash-talking with McLennan, who simply argues back. They get in each others’ faces until Liston loses it as he pushes McLennan away. The Demon starts beating down his partner, before picking up McLennan and, to the wonder of the crowd, plants Craig McLennan with a massive powerbomb!


Judge: “This is insane! Liston has just killed McLennan with the Descent!”


Ejiro: “His own partner!”


Judge: “Now that is why no one is better than Justice and Rule.”


Annie: “Gimme a break.”


Liston seems only too satisfied with his work, and turns around, only to be taken down by a HUGE FOREARM from Dominic Korgath! Jimmy Liston goes down, but quickly gets up again, only to find himself down on the mat again from a BIG BOOT by the Big Demon! Korgath picks up the smaller man, clubs him several times to weaken him, before putting Liston in a fireman’s carry position and transitioning to the Torture Rack!


Judge: “Dominic Korgath has locked in the Torture Rack! No one has ever broken from this hold before!”


Annie: “Mainly because he doesn’t use it often.”


Ejiro: “Semantics, woman! Semantics!”


Liston’s back has been pushed to its limit before, but even the Demon is unable to withstand the incredible amount of pain that his body is experiencing now. Referee Anthony Hall checks in on Liston, waiting to hear the words of submission, but Liston still holds on. Seconds pass, and Korgath is getting irritated. He starts jumping up and down to make the move even more excruciating!


The Garden is filled with the cry of a broken Liston as he yells…






Funyon: “The winner of this match by submission, earning him a chance at the European title…. DOMINNNICCCCCCCCCC KOOOORRRRGAAAAAATTTTTHHH!”


Korgath drops Liston after Funyon’s announcement and raises his arms in triumph. The crowd continues to rain jeers and hatred on him, although some are standing and applauding in appreciation.


“And his partner, earning a shot at the Television Title by virtue of this victory….”


But before Funyon can continue, Korgath grabs Brian Kingsmen by the throat and, lifting his partner high into the air, brings him down hard to the mat with a MASSIVE CHOKESLAM. Then, doing the unexpected, Korgath climbs to the top turnbuckle…


Judge: “No, he can’t be serious…”


…and leaping as high as he can into the air, lands his FULL 350 lbs mass onto the youngster’s body with a brutal legdrop! The crowd goes crazy, chanting “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!”


Ejiro: “Dominic Korgath has gone absolutely nuts!”


Annie: “Holy shit! I didn’t think it was possible!”


Korgath stands over the fallen bodies of Liston, McLennan and Kingsmen. For the first time in months, we hear from his lips,




The camera zooms in, bringing the masked face of Dominic Korgath into view. Over the roar of the crowd, he raises his arms to the heavens and cries aloud…




Korgath’s demon mask is all we see the scene fades out to commercials…

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The viewing audience, both at home and present at Madison Square Garden, come upon Ben Hardy with microphone standing backstage in front of a nondescript door. As the camera pulls out from him, a familiar leather jacket enters the frame, inciting a pop from the fans. The camera pulls out more, and the visage of Manson is shown.


"Good evening. I'm Ben Hardy and I'm here with Manson, who has a very important bout in the form of a World Title #1 Contendership Match versus longtime rival Spike Jenkins. What are your thoughts?" says Hardy, as he moves the mic toward Manson.


Manson smirks, "Well, my thougts are simple… I'm going to take Spike and pin him for the three!"


"Without a question Spike, you've been one of my toughest opponents thus far. You've had the balls to step up and dare to do things to me no one has done before… You've beaten me mercilessly with weapons, you've maliciously lit me on fire, you've made me submit, you've made me question my reason for even being in the fed… But tonight, I will once again prove that I am without question one of the best!" screams Manson as the live crowd cheers.


"See, I've lost sight of the fact that I don't need gimmicks like catchphrases and fire to make an impression. I only need what got me to the dance, and that's wrestling, which is one thing you've never bested me at Spike. But enough talk… Spike Jenkins… you will not use me as a stepping stone and you will not get in my way, not tonight and not any night from here on out…" says Manson before he walks off.


"There you have it, folks. Manson versus Spike Jenkins in a World Title #1 Contendership Match, later on!" shouts Ben Hardy.

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The crowd roars to life as the house lights in the arena go down and Funyon steps into the ring again, dressed to the nines in his best tuxedo. The buzz grows as Eddy Long and Anthony Michael Hall emerge from the back, setting up a large black ladder in the middle of the entrance way. With the audience at a fever pitch, the likes of which can only be achieved in New York City, the camera pans to ringside where Ejiro Fasaki, Annie Eclectic, and the #1 Contender for the SWF Title, Judge William Hearford all sit.


Annie: We…are…LIVE from the site of Genesis IV, and the most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden!!

Ejiro: We’re just over an hour away from the start of the biggest show…

Judge: And the biggest MATCH…

Ejiro: In SWF history! Genesis IV is within striking distance!!

Annie: But we’re not even done with the pre-show yet! The English Dragon will compete in the first of two HUGE matches tonight when he defends the SJL Title, possibly for the last time, against Aecas and the Insane Luchador!

Judge: But up next…a monumental match for the SJL European Title! It’s ladders, it’s submissions, it’s Landon Maddix and Todd Royal!!


The crowd rockets to their feet as Marilyn Manson’s “The Fight Song” commandeers the PA system and rocks throughout the Garden. As the New York City crowd buzzes, the curtain parts and Landon Maddix steps into the aisle, pumping his head up and down with the music- his hair and headband flying.


“Nothing Suffocates You More Than

The Passing of Everyday Human Events…”


The crowd explodes as the former TV Champ makes his way down the aisle, leaping up to tag the waiting hands of the audience and soak in his adulation. A smile beams across the challenger’s face as he points to the ladder blocking the aisle and taps his waist.


“…And Isolation is the Oxygen Mask

Come Let Your Children Breath to Survive…”


Funyon: Ladies and Gentlemen…the following contest is the Ladders and Submissions match, with NO time limit…and it is for the ESS…JAY..ELL…EUROPEAN HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


Giving a shrug, Maddix scales the ladder part-way, turning back to the crowd and singing along with his music, his grin growing wider as the audience sings with him.


“…But I’m Not a Slave to a God that Doesn’t Exist

But I’m Not a Slave to a World that Doesn’t Give a Shit…”


Funyon: Announcing first…The challenger…from Huron, South Dakota…weighing in at two hundred and six pounds…”LA CUCARACHA”…LANDON MADDIX!!!


“…And When We Were Good, You Just Close Your Eyes

So Now We’re Bad, We’ll Scar Your Mind…


Leaping off the ladder, Maddix rushes the ring. Staring out at the crowd, he runs around the ringside area, slapping hands with the fans and giving a spare bandana to a small child near the barricade. As Landon slides into the ring, his arms outstretched, the crowd erupts in a chorus of support.




Judge: Landon Maddix is fresh off a near record-breaking run as the SJL Television Champion, a title he earned by defeating Todd Royal several months ago.

Ejiro: A tainted defeat to be sure, as Maddix didn’t have to pin Todd or make him submit, he just had to climb a pole. Royal, in fact, had Landon ready to submit in that match!

Annie: And that’s where we get this bout. Royal demanded a “straight” wrestling match, but the addition of the ladder to this match HAS to favor Landon Maddix.


The air is let out of the fan’s sails however, as MSG falls dark. A smattering of boos can be heard, a percentage of the crowd that grows exponentially as a soft white spotlight drops from the rafters, illuminating the crest of the ladder and falling across the entrance way. A small chorus of heavenly praise provides the background for Funyon’s announcement.


Funyon: And his opponent…weighing in at two hundred and twenty eight pounds and being accompanied to ringside by Megan Skye…from San Diego, California…he is the current, reigning and defending SJL EUROPEAN CHAMPION…TODD ROYAL!!!


As Motley Crue’s “Livewire” blasts throughout MSG, the New York crowd erupts into a chorus of boos.


“Plug Me In I’m Alive Tonight

Out on the Streets Again…”


The curtain parts, and Megan Skye steps between the columns, bedecked in a white top embroidered with “NY <3 ME” in gold lettering. Skye parts the curtain as Todd Royal steps through, the SJL European Title around his waist and “GOLDEN TODD” emblazoned on his vest. Royal lowers his sunglass from his nose, glaring momentarily at the ladder before pushing them back into position and continuing to the ring.


“…Turn Me On I’m Too Hot to Stop

Something You’ll Never Forget…”


Royal stops part of the ay down the aisle, just short of the ladder, and removes his sunglasses entirely. Reaching forward, he shakes the contraption, testing it before returning it to its original position. A smirk slowly crawls along his face as his lurches forward, pushing the ladder to the ground and spitting on it, increasing the decibel level of the jeers.

“…Take My Fist, Break Down Walls

I’m on the Top Tonight…”


Confidently marching to the ring now, Royal stops at the end of the aisle and stares into the ring. Wringing his wrists, the champion unsnaps the title belt, removing it from his waist and tossing it over his shoulder. Shrugging his shoulders, he removes his vest, handing it to Megan and heading for the ring.


“..You Better Turn Me Loose, You Better Set Me Free

Cuz I’m Hot, Young and Runnin Free, A Little Bit Better than I Used to be…”


Ejiro: Bow down peons, genuflect for you are in the presence of Todd!! Royal is fresh off two hot European Title victories, and he’s borderline unstoppable right now!

Annie: He’s facing one of the few men to defeat him, however, in Landon Maddix. “La Cucaracha” downed Todd for the TV title and he’s looking to play spoiler again.

Judge: If Royal wants to escape with his title intact this time, he’s going to have to keep Landon Maddix grounded. The Submissions stipulation is a huge advantage for Todd and he’s going to have to exploit it to emerge victorious.]


“Cuz I’m Alive! I’m a Livewire!

Cuz I’m Alive! I’m a Live Wire!”


As the champion slides into the ring, referee Matthew Kivell takes the European Title from him. A cable lowers from the rafters as Royal paces, toweling himself off as he glares at Maddix. As Kivell raises the belt, Maddix turns to the crowd, pointing at the belt and ladder and drawing a pop from the MSG crowd. Kivell explains the rules to both competitors as Megan leaves the ring, and the crowd is buzzing while the timekeeper starts the match.




As Kivell steps back, both competitors begin to circle the ring, looking up at the title belt, but keeping a wary eye on each other. Landon Maddix makes the first move, extending his arms and leaning in for a tie-up. Royal lunges forward however, ducking his opponent’s arms and grabbing him around the waist, spinning behind Maddix with a waistlock.


Ejiro: Already you see the technical advantage that Todd Royal will have in this match. If this match heads down the submission route its going to be a long uphill climb for Landon Maddix.


The challenger attempts to reverse the hold, but Royal steps in, spinning Maddix to the mat with an amateur takedown and mounting him from behind. Trapped, Landon attempts to regain his footing, but Royal floats over- grabbing a front chancery and jamming Maddix’s head into the mat. Maddix keeps up the pressure, however, planting his feet and raising the champion off the mat. Royal quickly responds, spinning Landon around into a spinning position, backing off, and unleashing a stiff kick to the spine.


As Maddix gets to his feet, Todd leaps into the air, letting out a “WHOO!” and throwing up his hands. The crowd heftily boos the celebration of such a minor victory, and Landon mockingly claps before heading back to the center of the ring.


Annie: This is a big time match, in a big spotlight, with a lot at stake, and cocky celebration like that won’t help Royal win the match.

Ejiro: Royal doesn’t NEED help winning the match, and he’s just giving the fans a small taste of his post-match victory celebration!


Maddix again offers his arms for a tie-up, and this time Royal plays along, leaning in and engaging his opponent in a collar-and-elbow. Champion and challenger jockey for position, but Maddix comes out ahead, spinning out of the lockup and grabbing Todd’s arm, wrenching Royal’s shoulder with a hammerlock.


Judge: Royal’s cockiness may have led him to complacency, as Maddix emerges on top this time, putting the holds on Todd.


As Hearford puts over Landon’s advantage, the tide abruptly turns. Todd hooks his foot around Maddix’s left ankle and drops to the mat, spinning out and dropping Landon with a drop-toe-hold. The challenger tries immediately to scramble to his feet, but Royal leaps forward, grabbing his opponent in a hammerlock of his own and grinding him to the mat.


As he torques the hold, Royal reaches up and slaps Maddix across the head, tussling his hair and drawing boos from the crowd. Todd just smirks, floating up Landon’s body and hooking in a headlock. As Kivell checks Landon for the submission, Royal again reaches down, paint brushing Landon’s head with a slap.


Annie: This is what I was talking about. Royal has an advantage and instead of capitalizing, he takes the time to try to humiliate his opponent. That accomplishes nothing, why would he do it?

Ejiro: Because he CAN. He’s more talented than Maddix and he KNOWS it.

Annie: More talented? Hardly. Royal as an 0-1 record against La Cucaracha and all he’s proved is that he is more proficient in headlocks. Last time I checked, headlocks don’t win matches.


As Todd taunts the crowd, Maddix slowly works himself onto his side, releasing some of the hold’s pressure and allowing him more freedom to move. Megan reaches through the ropes to casually shine Royal’s boot, but Landon kicks his legs up, grabbing Todd in a head scissors and rolling him off the hold. The crowd cheers, but Royal plants his feet, flipping forward out of the hold and coming down across the back of his opponent. As Landon is crushed to the mat, Royal spins off of him, coming down with a cross arm breaker and pounding on the challenger’s sternum with kicks.


Judge: Nice counter there by Maddix, but Royal keeps flowing through the holds, spinning right into that arm breaker and softening Landon up with those chest blows.


As Royal keeps the pressure on, Maddix extends his right leg and hooks the bottom rope. Matthew Kivell forces Todd to break the hold, and- with one final blow to the ribs- Royal gets to his feet. Breathing heavily and holding his ribs, Maddix follows his opponent to his feet, backing off and glaring as Todd bows once again.


Ejiro: Once again, Todd Royal proves he has the advantage in the submission side of this match. Landon tried to show him up by going to the hammerlock, but it backfired.

Annie: Fortunately for Landon, the submissions aspect is only half of this bout. There’s a big, dangerous ladder over there.


His confidence increasing, it’s Royal who offers his arms for a lock-up this time. Maddix steps into it, but instead of grappling with Royal, he grabs Todd’s arm and quickly spins away, sending the champion to the ropes with an Irish Whip. Todd comes off the ropes with a head of steam, but Landon leapfrogs him and Royal keeps charging. As the Royal rebounds again, Maddix catches his arm, falling away and sending Todd soaring through the air with an arm drag.


Flustered, Royal spins right back to his feet. Charging at Maddix, Royal fires off a clothesline, spinning himself around as his opponent ducks the blow. As Todd spins back towards him, Landon hooks him under the arm, flipping him forward with a hiptoss. Todd lands on his feet, but Maddix dropkicks him in the spine, lurching Royal forward and sending him crashing off the turnbuckles. The champion stumbles backwards as Maddix takes to the air, spinning at his opponent with a rolling heel kick.


Annie: Look at that! Royal may have bested Maddix on the mat, but as soon as Landon was able to speed up the pace of the match he was able to take control.

Judge: And that bodes well for Maddix, as the minute that ladder comes into play the pace of the match is going to heat right up.


Royal rolls to the outside, holding his head and cursing as Maddix kips up, standing in the ring and taking a bow of his own. Royal towels down, yelling at Megan as the fans yell their support for his opponent.




Todd slides into the ring, keeping his distance from Maddix and slowly rising to his feet. Landon charges, but is met by a boot to the gut from Royal and immediately doubles over. Royal jerks Landon’s left arm out and steps over it, mule kicking back with a heel to the face. Maddix snaps back to the mat and Royal stays with him, coming down with another cross arm breaker.


Ejiro: Doesn’t look like that ladder WILL come into play at this point! Todd’s back in control of the match and if he has it his way Maddix won’t be anywhere NEAR that ladder.


As Royal cinches the hold in, the worry drains from his face and is replaced by the familiar smirk. Todd cinches the hold in, but Maddix kips up, surprising Royal and sending him spinning across the mat. Landon hit’s the ropes and hurdles Todd, hitting the opposite ropes and leaping into the air. Royal raises himself up, but just in time to have his opponent’s legs wrap around his head, sending him crashing into the corner with a head scissors.


Annie: Don’t look now, but here comes Landon! Maddix is refusing to stay down, and he’s working Todd over with his speed and flexibility!


Todd scrambles to his feet in the corner, but Maddix is right there after him, jumping into the corner and planting his feet in his opponent’s gut. Royal lets out a grunt as the air rushes out of his lungs and Maddix falls backwards, monkey-flipping Todd across the ring. Desperately, but less rapidly this time, Royal struggles to his feet again. Shaking the cobwebs from his head, Royal is immediately downed again, hitting the mat off a flying forearm from Landon.


As the crowd buzzes at the lightning quick flurry of offense, Maddix rolls off the mat and hit’s the far ropes again. Pointing at Royal, Landon leaps high into the air, rolling over himself and continuing to sail forward. As the challenger spins toward the mat, however, Royal rolls away- causing Maddix to miss the senton and crash loudly to the mat.


Judge: Oh! Maddix was on a roll, but went for too flashy of a move too quickly. Landon couldn’t keep Royal down, and he couldn’t keep the momentum on his side.

Annie: So far, however, we haven’t seen a distinct advantage from either of these men. Royal has kept control when they go to the mat, but Landon’s been able to take it to the air and keep himself in it.


Frustrated and angry, Royal unleashes a pair of stiff kicks to the head of his opponent. Lifting Maddix off the mat, the champion slowly hit’s the ropes, coming off with a jumping knee-lift and puts Landon flat on his back again. Royal drops an elbow to keep his opponent stunned, but immediately focuses his attack on the knee of Maddix.


Raising Landon’s left leg off the mat, Royal steps in with a pair of stiff shin strikes to the inside of the knee. Maddix yelps in pain, but Todd keeps up the attack, bracing his own knee on the side of Landon’s and wrenching Maddix’s leg to the side. Landon’s face contorts in pain, but he attempts to fight out with a pair of kicks to Todd’s leg.


Ejiro: WOO! Now we go to school! Landon won’t be flying around the ring with a broken wheel, and Royal’s about to tear that knee to pieces.

Judge: Todd Royal is obviously looking to set Maddix up for that Wrath of Todd hold, and if Maddix doesn’t escape he’s going to be easy pickings for a submission hold.

Annie: I wouldn’t count this youngster out however! Maddix has been down and out MANY times and he’s almost always managed to pull out a victory!


Things don’t currently look so rosy for Landon however, as Royal fights off his kicks and spins him onto his face. Maddix tries to push himself onto his feet, but Todd plants his foot inside his opponent’s knee and raises it off the mat, jamming the joint into the canvas with a knee cracker.


Maddix yelps in pain, but Royal doesn’t relent, bending the left leg at the knee, wrapping his own foot around it and falling forward, locking a step-over-toe-hold on Landon and causing Maddix to scream in pain. Smirking, Todd plants his hands on the mat and begins to do pushups while maintaining the hold, wrenching Landon’s knee up and down with his momentum. The crowd lets Todd have it as Royal switches between one-armed pushups and clapping versions.




Royal finally breaks his grasp on his opponent’s knee, but only -it seems- to towel off after his exercise session. Maddix slowly rises to his feet, but Royal doesn’t relent, diving at Landon’s knee and folding him over with a chop block. The challenger grabs at his knee as Todd traps it to the mat with his foot, stepping up and putting all his weight on the joint as he takes a bow for the crowd.


Annie: Royal’s a jerk and he doesn’t deserve to have that title. He doesn’t deserve the advantage in the match and he CERTAINLY doesn’t deserve Megan.

Ejiro: You- like many, MANY others- are simply jealous of Todd Royal. He is the mighty and powerful Todd and people like you and Landon Maddix are inferior. Maddix better hold onto the memory of defeating Royal once, because he might not even WALK out of here.


Dragging Maddix back into the center of the ring by his leg, Royal continues to soften his opponent up with shin strikes to the knee. Maddix grimaces with each shot, but Todd keeps up the pressure, pulling Landon farther from the ropes and grapevining his leg. With a standing leg-lock cinched in, Royal continues to taunt his opponent, performing jumping jacks that torque Landon’s knee while humiliating him.




As Todd leaps into the air on one of the jacks, Maddix summons all his strength to roll onto his stomach, twisting Royal to the mat and breaking the hold. The crowd in the Garden erupts at the offense, but a pissed off Royal leaps back to his feet and lays his boot into the head of “La Cucaracha”. Raising his opponent off the mat again, Royal tosses Landon’s arm over his shoulder and cradles Maddix’s left knee. Dead-lifting his opponent, Todd steps forward, driving his opponent’s knee across his own and drilling Maddix with a knee-breaker.


Judge: Maddix was able to get a move off, but it served more to piss off Royal more than get an advantage. Landon’s knee has to be jelly by now and he has to know he could be minutes away from defeat.


As Landon limps forward and away from his opponent, Todd smirks and stalks behind him. Halfway across the ring Royal grabs Maddix around the waist and pulls him backwards, clutching him with a waistlock. Landon tries to fight back with a back elbow, but Royal ducks it and slides Maddix into a side-suplex position. Reaching down and hooking the leg, Todd stands up, spinning Maddix around.


Ejiro: Blue Thunder Bomb!!


As Landon spins towards his opponent, he wraps his legs around the champion’s head. Lifting himself out of Royal’s grasp, Maddix spins to the mat taking Todd down, head over heels, as well.


Annie: NO! Huracanrana! Maddix stays alive!


La Cucaracha pulls himself to his feet, looking to capitalize by hitting a move off the ropes. His weakened knee, however, prevents him from running back to the cables, and as Todd gets to his feet, Landon changes his plan, rolling forward and crowning Royal with a Koppu kick that drives Todd back through the ropes and into the aisle.


Annie: Rolling heel kick by Maddix! Landon’s found a new life, and he’s right back in this match!

Ejiro: Yeah, back in the match, but with only one leg. Maddix can fight back with a couple of shots, but no way he can maintain a submission or climb that ladder with his knee in that condition.


“LETS GO LANDON!” *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap* “LETS GO LANDON!” *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap*


Feeding off the cheers of the fans, Maddix uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Looking at his opponent on the floor, then out to the crowd, Landon grasps the top rope with both hands and leans back. Using the ropes to propel himself forward, Maddix sails over the top rope with a cross body block, flattening Todd with a plancha and lifting the audience off their feet.


Judge: BIG move by Landon Maddix, crushing Royal to the concrete and risking his own body to do it!

Annie: That move also puts Landon closer to the ladder, and that mass of steel could be Maddix’s only chance to win this match!


Knowing instinctively what Annie is vocalizing, Maddix raises himself off his opponent and begins to limp to the fallen ladder. As the fans along the aisle cheer him on, Landon makes it to the ladder, grabbing it with both hands and folding it together. As Maddix pulls tries to pull it off the concrete however, Todd Royal comes soaring into the picture, grabbing Landon by the hair and planting his face into the ladder with a leaping bulldog.




Ejiro: OH! Brutal move by Todd!

Judge: Royal knows as well as anyone that the advantage swings Landon’s way when that ladder hit’s the ring and he’ll do anything to stop that from happening.


Rising off the concrete with a huge grin on his face, Royal immediately returns to the knee. Opening the ladder a bit, Todd grips Landon’s leg and lays it between the sets of rungs. Waving the fans off, Royal mounts the guard rail and takes to the sky, kicking his feet out in mid-air and crashing onto the ladder with a huge leg drop.


Maddix lets out a scream of pain upon impact, grabbing at his knee and grimacing in agony. Royal, too is in pain from the move, but with Megan’s assistance Todd is the first to make it to his feet. Lifting the ladder off of Landon’s leg and peeling Maddix from the concrete, Royal hooks his opponent around the neck. Maddix tries to block the upcoming move, but his leg is too weak to be of any use. Planting his foot on the concrete, Todd lurches backwards, snap suplexing the challenger across the ladder. Maddix arches his back in pain, but Todd rolls his hips, yanking Landon back to his feet.




Ejiro: Trinity! Royal’s got the holy Trinity on Maddix onto that ladder!! Praise Todd!!


Planting his feet on the concrete again, Todd grabs Landon’s tights and yanks him up again. Falling backwards more slowly than before, Royal drives Maddix down across the steel with a vertical suplex. As the crowd continues to boo, Todd rolls his hips again, planting for the final suplex. Megan cheers and applauds as Royal plants his feet firmly on the concrete. Lifting Landon from the aisle, Todd holds his opponent perpendicular to his body, stalling with the Delayed Suplex.


As Royal holds him vertically, Maddix pulls together all his strength. Hooking Todd’s arms with his own, Landon spins out of his grasp, falling backwards and driving the champion’s head into the ladder. The crowd erupts as Maddix wearily rolls into the aisle.


Annie: Tornado Double Arm DDT!!!! What a MOVE! Landon Maddix refuses to die!!!

Ejiro: Oh, he’ll die alright!

Knowing his window of opportunity is brief, Maddix crawls to the ladder and yanks it out from under Royal. Grasping the top of the ladder, Landon slowly drags it down the aisle. The crowd cheers him on as Maddix reaches the ring and lifts the ladder off the ground. Bracing himself on his good leg, Landon slides the ladder under the ropes and into the ring.


Annie: Maddix has that between the ropes now. All he needs to do is to get in the ring and climb it. Landon knows what it’s like to taste SJL gold and he wants another bite!

Ejiro: That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard…


As La Cucaracha begins to slide under the ropes himself, he is clipped from behind. Grabbing his opponent’s leg and sliding forward, Royal takes Landon down and drives his sternum into the apron. The crowd deflates, but Todd stays on his opponent. Cradling Landon’s knee again, Royal lifts Maddix into the air. Instead of falling with a knee breaker this time, Todd charges forward aiming to drive the knee into the ring post.


Seconds from impact, Maddix pushes off Royal’s shoulders and escapes his opponent’s grasp. As Landon hit’s the ringside mats, Todd’s momentum keeps him charging and the European Champion collides shoulder-first with the turnbuckle. The crowd erupts again as Todd spins to the mat, grabbing his shoulder and wincing in pain.


Judge: Maddix escapes again! Landon’s managed to dodge more than his share of bullets tonight and he’s hanging on by a thread. If La Cucaracha can slide into that ring and climb that ladder, he’ll be the new champ!!

Ejiro: Now THAT’S the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard…


Sliding into the ring, Maddix limps towards the ladder with a look of determination on his face. Struggling to pull the contraption to a standing position, Landon finally sets the ladder up in the center of the ring. With sweat trickling under his headband and into his eyes, and his face contorted in obvious pain, Landon uses pure adrenaline to start pulling himself up the face of the ladder.


With his mind on only the one goal, Maddix is oblivious to a recovered Todd Royal scaling the turnbuckles behind him. The crowd urges Landon to scale the rest of the ladder as fast as possible, but the weakened challenger is drilled from behind by an axe handle from Royal. Maddix slumps, but doesn’t fall, raising the decibel level of the crowd and the ire of the champ.


Judge: Landon was just a few feet away from victory, but Todd Royal refuses to let him win that easily.

Annie: Maddix is still on the ladder though! He can still make it!


Landon continues to climb, but Royal leeches onto his left leg. Maddix desperately tries to kick his opponent off, but his leg is too weak, and Todd spins to the mat- taking Landon down with an elevated Dragon Screw.




Maddix crashes hard to the canvas, yelping in pain as his already injured leg is wrenched again. Royal holds onto the limb, turning Maddix onto his chest and leaning back with a single leg Boston crab. Raining forearm blows on his opponent’s knee, Royal demands that Kivell ask Landon if he submits.


Ejiro: Single leg crab! That’s it! Maddix is nowhere near the ropes and his knee is shot! He’s GOT to give up!!!


Maddix grimaces in agony, tears of pain mixing with the sweat on his face, but Landon continues to shake his head in refusal. Snarling, Royal torques the knee even further, twisting it sideways as he continues to yank it backwards.


Judge: Maddix is desperate to hang on, fighting with everything he has! I don’t know if it will be enough though! Landon’s in big trouble!


With pain consuming his body, Landon’s refusals to submit weaken. With one desperate lunge, however, Maddix grabs the bottom rung of the ladder and yanks it toward him. Royal, leaning back hard with the hold, is stunned as the ladder topples backwards, coming down across his head and forcing him to break the hold. The crowd erupts as Todd rolls forward and the ladder bounces off the ropes.


Annie: NO! It’s not over! Maddix uses the ladder to his advantage to break the hold!!


As the NYC crowd buzzes, Maddix curls into a ball, cradling his knee and cursing in pain. Royal gets to his hands and knees, holding the back of his skull in pain and glaring coldly at his opponent. Grabbing the ladder off the mat, Todd folds it up again and lifts it in the air.


Judge: Todd Royal’s got the ladder now, this could get interesting We all expected Royal to stay on the mat and go for the submission victory, but perhaps he’s incapacitated Maddix enough to try and climb for the belt.

Ejiro: Royal can do it all! He’ll climb the ladder just to prove to Maddix that he CAN.


As Maddix crawls toward the ropes, it becomes obvious that climbing the ladder is last on Royal’s list of things to do. Spinning the ladder upside down, Todd brings it down across the inside of his opponent’s knee, drawing a gasp of pain from even the audience in attendance. As Maddix groans in pain, Royal straddles his back. Jamming the side of the ladder under Landon’s neck, the champion rears back, choking the Maddix with the steel.


Annie: Royal’s using that ladder to put a modified camel clutch on Landon Maddix! That’s just a brutal move!

Ejiro: Oh its brutal alright, but why would Todd abandon the leg work?

Judge: If you remember partner, Landon’s neck has been the focus of a lot of punishment over the course of his TV title reign, and I’m sure Royal’s out to exploit that.

Ejiro: Aha! He’s a genius!!!


As Matthew Kivell checks Maddix for a submission, Royal drives his knee into the back of his opponent. Despite the best efforts of the champion however, Maddix refuses to submit, choking up spit and dripping sweat as he furiously shakes his head.


Annie: Landon Maddix will NOT submit to Todd Royal. Royal attacked Maddix and laid him out just weeks ago, claiming he made Landon submit in their previous match, and now Landon is dead set to prove him wrong!

Judge: I think Royal might have to knock La Cucaracha out cold to get that submission!


Exasperated, Royal removes his knee from Landon’s back. Lifting the ladder higher off the mat, Todd slams it into the canvas, jacking the challenger’s neck off the steel and drawing a trickle of blood from Maddix’s mouth.




Ejiro: BRUTAL shot by Royal. If that neck was injured before it’s got to be broken now!

Annie: Ya, an injury you didn’t even KNOW about. Don’t you research this stuff?

Ejiro: You know what…SOME of us have work to do after this show. I have to defend a title belt while you’re off picking up chicks in Manhattan!


As the commentators bicker at ringside, Todd Royal drops an elbow to the challenger’s back. Straddling Landon’s back again, Royal draws his thumb across his throat in the “execution” sign and grabs Maddix’s left arm with his right hand. Looking out at the crowd with a smirk, Todd crosses his left hand over and grabs Landon’s right arm. Leaning back, Todd pulls both of La Cucaracha’s arms across his throat, sitting on his opponent’s back and screaming at Kivell to get the submission.


Judge: Todd’s Eye! That Straightjacket Camel Clutch hold from Todd Royal!

Ejiro: It’s OVER!!


With blood trickling from his mouth and over his forearms, Maddix squints out at the crowd. Seeing the fans in New York chanting and cheering, Landon shakes his head from side to side with a passion, refusing to give up.


Annie: I honestly don’t think Landon Maddix will give up to Todd Royal!!!


“CU-CA-RACHA” *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap* “CU-CA-RACHA” *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap*


With the fans cheering him on, Landon begins to stomp his right foot on the canvas in time to the chant. Royal, his face red with anger, pulls back even harder, trying his hardest to keep Landon down. Maddix’s foot continues to rap against the mat as the fans hit their feet, clapping, stomping and collectively willing the challenger to rise out of the hold.


“CU-CA-RACHA!” *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap* “CU-CA-RACHA!” *clap* *clap* *clapclapclap*


Empowered by adrenaline, and by the chants of the crowd, Landon plants his feet on the ground. Now It’s Royal who furiously shakes his head, trying to hold Maddix down despite the challenger’s growing strength. Todd stumbles back as Maddix powers his way to his knees. Royal fires off a kick to the ribs, but Maddix plants his feet, raising up to a standing base.


The champion, still holding the straightjacket, furiously attempts to bring Maddix back down to the mat. Landon fights back, however, spinning out of the straightjacket and jerking Royal towards him. As a shocked Todd collides with his opponent, Landon clutches him around the neck, diving backwards with a head and arm suplex that sends the crowd over the edge.




Annie: Oh my!!! Landon Maddix not only refused to submit, but he broke out of the hold and just DRILLED Royal with that suplex!!

Ejiro: Maddix can barely walk, how in the world could he get out of that!?!?

Annie: He’s on a huge adrenaline rush right now! The fans here in the garden are behind Landon 100% and he’s on a high right now!


With momentum on his side for the first time in a while, Landon Maddix is determined to keep it there. Grabbing the discarded ladder, the challenger drives it hard into Royal’s gut sending Todd into the corner with a rush of air from the champion’s lungs. As Maddix charges the ladder in after him, Royal powders, bailing out of the ring and crawling on his knees to Megan’s towel.


In the ring, Maddix stops short of the corners. Placing the top of the ladder against the top turnbuckle, Landon begins to crawl up the rungs, gingerly avoiding putting pressure on his left leg. With Todd distracted at ringside, La Cucaracha warily raises to his feet at the top of the ringpost. Looking to the rafters and shaking his head, Maddix throws himself toward his opponent, spinning 360 degrees in the air and coming down across the bodies of Royal and Skye.




Judge: Corkscrew Plancha by Landon Maddix!! The crowd is on its feet in Madison Square Garden!!

Annie: Maddix may not have even been able to climb the turnbuckles with that leg, but he used the ladder as a ramp and delivered a huge blow to the champion!!


Blood dried on his lower lip and hobbling on one leg, Landon Maddix pulls himself out of the wreckage at ringside and grabs the ring apron for support. Though he grimaces as he pulls himself into the ring, Maddix pauses only briefly to stare at the title belt before heading for the ladder. Shaking off the pain, Landon plants the ladder in the middle of the ring and glances out at the fans.


Circling the ladder, Maddix steadies it before planting his right foot on the bottom rung. Reaching up, the challenger powers himself up to the next rung, planting his right foot again, but letting his left leg hang. Powering himself up rung by rung, Maddix scales half the ladder before Todd Royal pulls himself up on the opposite apron.


Judge: Landon Maddix may be climbing to his destiny, but here comes Todd Royal. If he can’t climb the rest of that ladder quickly, Todd’s going to pull him right back down to Earth!!!


Spotting his opponent, Maddix looks up to the belt, glistening several feet out of reach. Closing his eyes, Landon plants his left foot beside his right one, shuddering as pain shoots through his body. Pulling himself up the rungs, Maddix brings the crowd to their feet in anticipation.


On the ring apron, a look of worry flashes over Royal’s face once more. Grabbing hold of the top rope, Todd pulls himself up to the cable, spring boarding across the ring and tackling Maddix from the ladder with a huge spear.




Ejiro: Oh my Todd!!!

Judge: Massive Spear by Royal!! He took Landon right out of the air with that!!!

Ejiro: Royal is determined to avenge his loss and FORCE Maddix to submit again! Nothing’s going to stop Todd now.


Picking himself up off the mat, Todd Royal shoves the ladder away in disgust. As the steel clatters off the canvas, the champion runs the ropes. Springing off the middle rope, Royal takes to the air, flipping backwards and soaring at Maddix with a moonsault.


Ejiro: Lionsault!!




The mat shakes, and the crowd explodes again as Landon Maddix moves out of the path of his flying opponent and Todd crashes to the mat. Royal recoils upon impact, rocking back on his knees, a glazed look in his eyes. Seeing an opening, Landon pulls himself to his feet, leaping at his opponent. In mid-air, Maddix kicks his left leg out, drilling Todd across the side of the head with his knee and dropping Royal to the mat.


Annie: Shining WIZARD!!! Maddix crushes the champion with the Shining Wizard!!!

Judge: Yeah, but look at Maddix. In the heat of the moment Landon’s instincts took over and he used his injured knee to hit the move! That may cost Maddix the match!


Just as Judge described, Landon Maddix lays on the mat, clutching his knee and grimacing in pain. As the fans buzz, its Todd Royal that pulls himself to his feet first, weak-kneed and glassy eyed. Staring at Maddix, Royal shakes his head in disgust and spits on the mat. Shaking his head, Todd heads not for his opponent, but for the ladder, grabbing the contraption off the mat and glaring at it.


Ejiro: Royal’s going for the ladder!

Judge: Todd Royal has tried all match to make Landon Maddix tap out and Maddix refuses to quit. Royal’s plan has failed and maybe its time for Todd to play the game by Landon’s rules!!!


Cursing, Todd opens the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Stopping momentarily to drive his shin into his opponent’s head, Royal steps onto the ladder and begins to climb. Warily at first, Royal slowly scales the steel, looking up periodically and wiping sweat from his brow. Three rungs up, however, Royal’s normal cockiness returns to his face in a rush and Todd begins to climb more rapidly.


Ejiro: Royal’s climbing the stairway to heaven! He’s heading for the Kingdom of Todd!!

Annie: You’re a moron.


On the mat below, however, Landon Maddix has risen up to his hands and knees. With pain etched across his face, the challenger grabs the bottom rung of the ladder, shaking it and stopping his opponent dead in his tracks. Shocked, Royal glances down, noticing his opponent and kicking at him before heading up the ladder again.


Judge: Todd Royal is a few short steps away from retaining his title!

Annie: But Landon Maddix is only a few short steps behind him!!


The shaking ladder has returned the tentativeness to the feet of Royal, and the champion again climbs slowly up the ladder. This small mistake costs him, as Maddix catches up with his opponent and buries him with forearms to the spine. Royal tries desperately to shake his foe, but his uneasiness on the ladder prevents him from using the force he needs to drop Maddix to the mat. As the fans buzz, Landon continues to scale the ladder, stopping beside his opponent and elbowing him across the jaw.


Ejiro: C’mon Todd!


Maddix reaches to his side, hooking Royal’s head underneath his arm and dropping a forearm across his chest. Stepping behind his opponent, Maddix hooks his feet around Todd’s chest and falls backwards, hanging himself and Royal upside-down in mid air. Grabbing the rungs of the ladder with once arm, Landon braces himself an pulls back, stretching the champion’s ribs and neck.


Annie: Holy crap!!! A HANGING DRAGON SLEEPER!!! Landon’s got Royal hanging upside down from that ladder!

Ejiro: Nooooooo!!!

Annie: Todd has to tap to this! It’s INSANE!!


As the fans jump up and down and cheer, Royal wildly flails his arms and screams. Matthew Kivell rushes over to check for a submission, but as Landon tries desperately to get the submission he begins to rock backwards, wrenching Todd’s neck. Royal screams his refusal to submit, so Maddix locks the hold in tighter. As he leans back further however, the ladder tips, crashing to the mat and crushing both competitors to the mat.




Annie: OH MY GOD!!!

Ejiro: ACK!!!

Judge: That ladder just tipped over with Todd Royal and Landon Maddix hanging upside down from it!!!!




A look of shock and horror across his face, Matthew Kivell rushes over to the pile of steel and flesh. Pulling the ladder off the two competitors, Kivell reveals Maddix and Royal, both face down on the mat, their arms and legs sprawled across the canvas. After checking both men, however, Kivell raises his hands and backs off, declaring both men fit to continue. The buzz in the Garden reaches a fever pitch as the fans wait for one man to get to his feet.




Landon Maddix is indeed the first man to make it to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself to a vertical base. As the fans erupt, Maddix winces, groaning at the pain he feels from putting even a small amount of pressure on his left leg. Brushing off the pain, however, Maddix sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. With a pained look up at the belt, Maddix begins to climb, slowly scaling the rungs as Megan Skye shrieks for Todd to stand back up.


Annie: Maddix is going to do it! Landon Maddix is about to become the European Champ!

Judge: I can feel it, tonight’s a night of title changes baby!

Ejiro: HEY!

Judge: Oh…uh…Important titles.

Ejiro: Bastard.


With Royal barely moving on the mat and Maddix halfway to the belt, Megan Skye takes it upon herself to get involved in the match. Sliding into the ring, Megan grabs Landon by the leg and desperately tries to yank him to the mat. Maddix tries to shake the intruding pest off, but Skye continues to climb, pulling herself even with Landon and unleashing a slap across his face.




Judge: Megan just slapped Landon Maddix across the face!!

Annie: Yeah, but I like ‘em feisty!


Maddix snaps his head back around, glaring at Megan who recoils in shock. A grin slowly washes across his face, however, and he grabs Megan by the hair. Pulling her in, Landon plants a huge kiss on her, dropping her from the ladder and causing the fans to explode.




Maddix grins wildly as he turns back to the ladder…and meets face-to-face with Todd Royal. A look of shock washes over Landon’s face, but Maddix gathers all his strength to unleash a kick to the ribs of his opponent. Todd swings from the ladder as Maddix climbs as fast as he can to the top of the ladder. With pain coursing through his leg, he is unable to stand long enough to grab the belt free, so swinging his legs around the peak of the ladder, he sits on top and reaches for the strap.


Annie: Maddix is there!! He’s got the title!! NEW CHAMPION!!!!


As Maddix grasps the title belt between his fingers, however, Todd Royal climbs up next to him. Landon tries desperately to kick Royal to the mat, but Todd stands his ground.


Ejiro: BOTH men are inches from the title belt!!! All Todd has to do is reach up and grab the belt!!!


Stepping up a rung, Royal rears back. Leaning in, Todd slashes his arm back and smacks Maddix across the chest with a knife-edge chop. The crowd flinches as one as Landon loses his balance, falling backwards and laying trapped across the crest of the ladder. Looking briefly up at the title belt, Royal instead grabs the right leg of Landon Maddix. Wrapping it behind his own leg, Todd lays his opponent’s ankle over his left knee. Jamming his thumb into his chest, Royal falls backwards, bracing Landon’s knee on the point of the ladder and locking on a Figure 4.


Judge: WRATH OF TODD!!! Todd Royal locks the Wrath of Todd on Maddix ON TOP OF THE LADDER!!! I’ve never seen anything like this in my life!!


As the crowd watches on, Landon Maddix screams in pain. Trying desperately to sit up and break the hold, the challenger cannot summon the strength to escape the hold. Matthew Kivell asks for the submission, but an agonizing Maddix simply mouths the word “No”


Annie: Landon Maddix is in one of the most brutal holds I’ve ever seen and he refuses to quit!! His knee has been taken apart for almost half an hour and he WILL NOT give up!

Ejiro: He HAS to. No way he gets out of the Wrath of Todd!


As Royal yells at Maddix to quit, he holds on to his opponent’s leg for dear life. When Kivell looks to Landon for an answer again, however, he gets none as Maddix’s eyes are closed and his hands are limp. With the fans urging Landon to fight out, Kivell grabs his arm and lets it drop…















As Royal breaks the hold, both men slide down the ladder and crash to the mat. The crowd collapses into their seats as the belt lowers from the rafters and both competitors lay motionless on the mat.


Funyon: Ladies and Gentlemen…The Winner of this match…by Submission…and STILL SJL EUROPEAN HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…TODD…ROYAL!!!!


Ejiro: What a match! Maddix put up the fight of his life, but in the end it was Todd Royal who picked up the win, avenging his TV Title loss to Landon Maddix!

Annie: But he CHEATED…Megan interfered and gave Royal enough time to recover!!

Ejiro: But he WON! And Winning is ALL that matters!


As Megan Skye hands the title belt to Royal and drags him from the ring, a slew of SJL officials hit the ring. Anthony Michael Hall and Sexton Hardcastle lift Landon Maddix to his feet, and the MSG crowd gives the challenger a standing ovation, drawing a weak smile from the barely conscious Maddix as he is carried to the back.


Judge: Royal had a mission coming into this match. He honestly believed he won the first match by submission and he was determined to make Maddix submit again. Landon Maddix refuesed to quit however, and it took Landon passing out to win the match for Todd. Bottom line however, is Royal retains, though I’m sure this issue is FAR from over!!

Annie: And we’re not even DONE yet! Still to come, Manson takes on Spike Jenkins for the #1 contendership to the SJL title, and English Dragon defends against Aecas AND the Insane Luchadore!

Ejiro: Plus ME in action. You CAN’T miss that

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The SWF production Countdown to Genesis returns, after a brief ad shilling SWF ShopZone's cheesy and grossly expensive wares finishes up. We come to the announce booth, where Annie Eclectic, William Hearford and Ejiro Fasaki sit.


"(Judge) Welcome back to Countdown to Genesis, here at the incomparable Madison Square Garden! It's a big night for myself and Ejiro Fasaki, Annie not so much, but Ejiro and I have a duty to our loyal fans right now."


"(Ejiro) But let's face it, we're only here right now for the hefty second paycheck."


"(Judge) Naturally. Anyhow, we've had a big night thus far. But up next, we have a World Title Contendership Match between Manson and Spike Jenkins. But this isn't their first appearance at the Countdown, as Ejiro will explain…"


"(Ejiro) Well, the setting was Countdown to Genesis III, nearly one year ago to the day. Spike was a member of the sWo, a stable which Manson had a hand in creating. Spike came out on the losing end to disgruntled sWo'er Matt Myers. Meanwhile Manson had intended to go after the sWo upon his return in August, but was instead reeled into a feud with co-founder of the New Sound, whom Manson then soundly defeated in a Cage Match."


"(Judge) Indeed. It took Spike and Manson a while, but their paths came to a head, as Manson and Spike began feuding on and off in their quest to the World Title. They've since been mired in a battle with plenty of bad blood, oftentimes involving weapons and even fire."


"(Ejiro) Correct. Their latest clash came in the form of an Elimination Triple Threat on Wrath also involving Aecas. Aecas came out on top and will be facing the Insane Luchador and World Champion English Dragon later tonight for the title, but the match didn't do a thing to quell the ill feelings that exist between Manson and Spike."


"(Annie) I can tell you that both Manson and Spike put up an admirable fight against the monster Aecas. Luckily they were rewarded for that with another chance tonight."


"(Judge) It's match time!"


The camera switches to Funyon who stands in the middle of the ring with microphone in hand. Meanwhile Matthew Kivell stands in the background, just off-center.


"(Funyon) Ladies and Gentlemen, the following singles match is scheduled for one-fall, and it is for the #1 Contendership to the SJL World Championship! First, making his way down to the ring…"


"Frankenstein" by the Edgar Winter Group hits while the house lights drop to a red hue. The crowd rises to it's feet and cheers loudly as Manson emerges from the back. He punches the sky with his fist, before descending down the ramp.


"(Funyon) Hailing from Denver, Colorado! He weighs in at two-hundred and twenty five pounds and stands six feet tall! MMMAAAAANNSSONNN!"


Manson rolls in under the bottom rope and upon standing, tosses his jacket to the floor before making his way to his corner, a slanted grin on his face. Meanwhile the lights dim down, while a multitude of light blue strobes begin flashing from the entrance stage. "King's Blend" by The Kottonmouth Kings starts up and after a few seconds, "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins walks out from the backstage area. He stops at the head of the entrance ramp, the hood of his vest covering his head. He stares at the ground, as the crowd cheers. White pyro then explodes from both sides of Spike, as he starts hopping, getting warmed up before making his way to the ring.


"(Funyon) Hailing from Hollywood, California! He weighs in at two-hundred twenty five pounds, and stands six feet, one inches… "HOLLYWOOD" SPIKE JEEENNNNKINS!"


As Spike approaches the ring, with Manson boreing a hole through him, he climbs up onto the ring apron, and steps through the ropes. Spike immediately pulls down his vest hood, holds his arms out and spins toward his corner, opposite of Manson. Spike pulls his vest off and tosses it down to the floor, before spinning back around to lock eyes with Manson. Funyon hightails it, as Matthew Kivell calls for the bell.




"(Judge) And Manson has not taken his eyes off Spike once."


"(Annie) No reason he should. You heard the pre-match promo from Manson. He's still pretty bitter about some of the things Spike has managed to get over on him."


Manson slowly emerges from his corner, and with both hands, cranks his neck from side to side. Meanwhile Spike emerges from his, and hops up and down before both men begin circling the ring. Manson lunges for Spike and tries to grab the leg, trying to trip him up, but Spike avoids it. Spike tries to go for a trip of one of his own, and succeeds, grabbing the right leg of Manson and sending him down onto his back! Manson is fast to get back to his feet, and Spike closes in for the collar elbow, to which Manson quickly responds with a side headlock. Spike attempts to push Manson off into the ropes, but before Spike knows it, he's on his back as Manson pulls him down with a headlock takeover.


"(Ejiro) Manson with the clear advantage now! Spike may be fast, but he can't get the best of Manson on the mat."


"(Judge) Manson is pretty underrated in that aspect. He's no Tom Flesher or William Hearford or Ejiro Fasaki…"


"(Ejiro) Well, no one is."


"(Judge) True, but the point was that Manson is still pretty damn good regardless."


"(Annie) I think I'm sick to my stomach."


Manson keeps the headlock on, and attempts to get Spike on his shoulders, but Spike pulls on the ponytail of Manson. Kivell warns Spike to let go, but Spike doesn't as he pulls his right leg up and begins to ram knees into the top of Manson's head. Manson's hold on Spike weakens, allowing Spike to wrap his legs around Manson's neck in a headscissors. Kivell sighs and shrugs his shoulders as he begins counting to five. Spike releases his hold and as Manson rolls away from Jenkins, Jenkins looks up as if to ask why, to which Kivell motions that the hold was put on as a result of the hair pull. Spike dejectedly gets up to his feet, as does Manson.


"(Judge) Some tight officiating here in the early going. It looks like Matthew Kivell won't allow any shenanigans to go on in this match."


"(Ejiro) Good. Shame on that vile fiend Spike."


As Manson and Spike come up to their feet, Manson lurches forward and swings wildly at Spike's jaw, connecting with a punch! Spike stumbles back into the ramp-side ropes, rubbing his jaw and sliding along the ropes, down into the corner. Manson heads after him and clutches the right wrist of Spike, in order to whip him into the opposite corner. Manson runs off in pursuit as Spike posts off the turnbuckle. Spike lands on his feet in the center of the ring as Manson hits chest first and staggers back into the waiting arms of Spike, who wraps his right arm around the head of Manson with an inverted facelock. But before Spike can do anything with it, Manson fires off a couple of punches upward, loosening the hold. He then spins out of the hold and proceeds to wrap his arms around the waist of Spike, while ducking his head underneath the arm. Popping his hips, Manson takes Spike over with a northern lights suplex and bridges! Kivell counts.







But Spike kicks out at one!


"(Judge) Manson has had Spike's number this far, outthinking him at every turn and even getting the first pinfall attempt off the single-arm DDT…"


"(Ejiro) It just goes to show that Manson has scouted Spike extremely well. Once again, while he's not on par with the M7, he still makes sure he has a counter to everything."


Manson pulls Spike off the mat, and drags him by the back of his neck to the lower right hand corner. Manson immediately goes to work, by kicking Jenkins in the midsection, doubling him over. Manson hits another kick, and Spike goes down lower. Manson proceeds to kick at Jenkins faster and faster, getting more furious in his attack before Spike falls to the ground, arms spread against the lower ropes. Manson begins stomping away now, the blows even faster than the kicks earlier. Manson talks some trash to Spike, before hitting one last hard stomp and finally backing away as the crowd boos slightly.


"(Judge) The fans not taking kindly to Manson's cockiness in there right now…"


"(Annie) A bit of showboating is fine here and there, but Manson had best make sure to stay on Spike."


Spike pulls himself up with the assistance of the ropes, and Manson closes in on him again. With his right shoulder toward Spike, Manson shoves a back elbow forward to the face of Spike. Spike looks dazed, as Manson gives him another back elbow. Spike slumps in the corner, as Manson points to the opposite turnbuckle, before clutching the wrist of Spike. Manson pulls Spike forward in order to whip him, but Spike holds his ground and reverses! Manson is sent to the corner instead, but stops himself before hitting the turnbuckle, unlike before. Turning back around however, Spike leaps up onto Manson's shoulders and leans back, taking Manson with him! Spike holds on for the pin, hooking the leg. Kivell counts!


"(Annie) Hurracanrana!"








But Manson kicks out!


"(Annie) Manson got cocky and paid for it as he was pinned off the Hurracanrana!"


"(Ejiro) This obvious bias of yours is sickening, Annie. Be objective for once."


Spike is the first to his feet, and as Manson gets off the ground, Spike lunges forward with a roundhouse kick to the ribs.




Manson grimaces and rubs his ribs, before asking for another shot. Spike obliges, hitting another roundhouse.




Manson goes down to a knee, rubs his ribs again and looks up to Spike once more. But before he can ask for another kick, Spike's foot is already headed towards him, the kickpad of Spike's boot hitting him square in the face!




Manson simply falls backward this time, and Spike goes for another cover.







And Manson gets the shoulder up!


"(Judge) A sick masochist Manson is, asking for more stinging lethal kicks. I have to question what goes on in his mind sometimes."


"(Ejiro) I doubt any of us would like the answer. But regardless, I think this stunt was only to get inside Spike's head and nothing more."


Spike rolls off Manson and gets to his feet, as Manson begins pushing up to his. Spike closes in on Manson, but Manson thrusts a fist upward into the breadbasket of Spike. Spike takes a step back, stunned, as Manson gets up to a vertical base and wraps his right arm around the head of Spike. Quickly, Manson goes to his back and plants Spike with the DDT! Manson into the cover…








Spike kicks out!


"(Judge) Quick thinking by Manson in an attempt to stave off Jenkins, and it works as he gets Spike down with the DDT."


Spike is slow to get off the mat and Manson stalks him, finally closing in with a collar elbow. Both battle and push against each other for position, before Manson whips Spike down with a snapmare takeover. Spike sits on the mat, as Manson crouches down and raises his arms to his face…




Before kicking him in the spine with the shin of his boot! Spike rolls over onto his stomach and into a kneeling position, whilst Manson bends down an drives an elbow into the right collarbone of Spike, sending Spike down to the mat once again.


"(Judge) Wow. Manson is doing an admirable job thus far of keeping Spike from using his speed, cutting him off at every turn and making him work for any spurt of offense at all."


"(Ejiro) I like this match. But mostly because I hate Spike."


"(Judge) Damn goofball snorting hippie."


"(Annie) Do you guys ever, you know, listen to yourselves speak?"


Manson pulls Spike up to his feet, and while he tries to shake out his right arm, he swings wildly with his left, connecting with Manson! Manson stumbles back a step, but is quick on the attack, as he grabs Spike's head and pulls it down, while thrusting his knee upward into Spike's face. Spike grasps at his face, as Manson spins three-hundred and sixty degrees and smahes his elbow into Spike's temple, sending Spike to the mat once more.


"(Judge) And Manson now with a thunderous knee to the face followed by a reverse rolling elbow to the face!"


"(Ejiro) Without question, Manson came to play tonight."


Drops of blood trickle out of Spike's nose, as he lays still on the mat. Manson hops over him to the ramp-side ropes, and look back at him briefly, before gripping the top rope with his hands and leaping up onto the second rope as the fans watch intently. Bouncing off, Manson turns back toward Spike, and drops a leg across his throat! Spike has a fit as Manson hits, before Manson goes for the lateral press cover. Kivell counts.









Spike kicks out!


"(Judge) I thought Spike was done for, especially after that springboard legdrop, but he apparently has more to give still!"


Manson gets to his feet and pulls Spike up, but Spike puts a halt to any plans with a forearm to the face. Manson staggers a bit, and Spike hits another. With Manson reeling, Spike leaps up and extends a leg, catching Manson with a kick to the back of the head! Spike covers frantically.










But Manson kicks out at two to the mixed reaction of the crowd!


"(Judge) Spike with the enziguiri, but he just can't get Manson down for an adequate length of time."


"(Annie) I hope it's the start of a flurry, because I'm honestly sick of hearing you two drone on about how much of an advantage Manson has over Spike or how much he's beating him down."


"(Ejiro) We're only telling it how it is."


Spike hops up to the second turnbuckle in the lower left hand corner, waiting for Manson to get up to his feet. Manson does and Spike leaps off, flipping in midair and looking for the neckbreaker. Manson ducks out of the way just in time though, and Spike crash lands on the mat! Manson stalks Spike and standing behind him, hooks his arms. Popping his hips, Manson takes Spike over and releases his hold into a tiger suplex! Spike hits in the center of the ring, a close-up shot with the camera showing a glazed over look in his eyes. Manson covers and Matthew Kivell counts.


"(Judge) Tiger Suplex! Tiger Suplex! It has to be over now!"















Spike. Kicks. Out!


"(Judge) Spike has more tenacity than I ever would have figured, I'll give him that."


Manson stomps on Spike, and kicks him in the ribs, telling him to get up and face the music as the fans once again give off a mixed reaction to Manson's actions. Spike keeps rolling away though, tending to his neck in the process. Manson decides to stop playing games, as he rushes over to pick up Spike. Spike is out on his feet, as Manson stands to the side of Spike and wraps his right arm around his upper body. Sensing what's coming, Spike elbows out of the hold Manson has on him. Spike applys the same hold and lifts him up, preparing to drive him into the mat. But Manson hits a DDT mid-move, breaking up the Rock Bottom attempt and perhaps putting Spike out once and for all!


"(Judge) Manson was going for Spike's uranage slam called The Highlighter, and Spike nearly reverses into one of his own, but the resourceful Manson counters that!"


"(Ejiro) It appears as if time is up… for Spike Jenkins."


Spike cradles his head on the mat, as Manson walks over and flips Spike onto his stomach. Mounting Spike's back, Manson wraps his right arm around Spikes head.


"(Annie) Oh no… Is that what I think it is?"


"(Ejiro) Indeed, Annie. Spike's own Silver Lining Dragon Clutch!"


"(Annie) Manson already dominated Spike… now he has to do this to him?"


Spike struggles to breathe and turns red, as Matthew Kivell checks in on him.


Spike fades…


And fades…


Until finally, he has no choice but to utter a barely audible "I give up" to Kivell.




"(Funyon) Your winner by submission, and NEW World Title #1 Contender… MMMAAAANNSSOOONN!"


The opening riffs of "Frankenstein" can be heard, as Matthew Kivell raises Manson's hand and the cameras switch back to the commentary booth.


"(Judge) You heard it here first. Manson is the new #1 contender, after bringing his working boots and soundly defeating Spike Jenkins with his own submission!"


"(Annie) I don’t like some of what was carried out by Manson, but he did what needed to be done and got a bit of revenge in the process."


"(Judge) Well, up next we'll see who Manson will eventually face, because it's out main event in the form of Aecas versus the Insane Luchador versus SJL World Champion English Dragon!"

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(The Madison Square Garden’s fans are packed inside the Roman-Greco styled arena, white marble pillars at the entrance ramps and smaller versions going down each side of the fan barricades near the entrance. The fans whirls around the arena, showing the various lively fans that are all extremely hyped up as SJL Countdown is winding to an end and there are just more great matches to be seen. The camera slowly wades its way through a group of fans and finally settles down right in front of the announcer’s table. Annie sits to the far right as Justice and Rule sit down also, discussing the SWF PPV).


“I’m telling you, if Tom tries for the ‘Held Without Bail’ just start bawling and maybe he’ll show some mercy,” Ejiro smirks while taunting his tag partner.


Judge rebuttals, “Yeah, shouldn’t you get ready for the OPENING SWF match?” Ejiro grunts while Annie savors every second of this.


She nearly yells, “WELCOME BACK FOLKS! We’re all excited for SWF Genesis- but before that we have one last spectacular match! With all the background, I feel good in saying that it could be the shocking Match of the Night!”


Judge and Ejiro both snort in sync. “Yeah, right, Aecas and IL don’t stand a chance. This won’t even be match of the SJL night,” Ejiro chuckles at what Annie said.


“Besides you claimed you feel good in predicting IL and you saw what happened to him.” Judge points out with a very valid point.


“Well before we reach the squash match…” Ejiro begins.


“Oh yeah, calling in your butler to cheat and smack a chair repeatedly into your foe’s head is SUCH a squash,” Annie rolls her eyes.


Ejiro gives Annie an “Eat Shit” smile while continuing. “As I was saying- both men HAVE earned their shots, Aecas and IL each winning contendership at one point or another.” Ejiro suddenly realizes something and he states, “IL already had his shot, but these fans can’t get enough of the talent less insanity stricken…” Ejiro’s rant becomes a moot point as the crowd cheers so loudly it drowns his grumbles out.


Funyon’s deep voice booms out, “Ladies and gentlemen… get ready, this is YOUR COUNTDOWN TO GENESIS MAIN EVENT! FOR THE S-J-L WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP…” The fans all cheer wildly and Funyon holds for the cheers to die down. “THIS IS A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH WITH FIRST FALL RULES, COUNT OUT, DISQUALIFICATION, AND NO TIME LIMIT…”


“Well here we go. English Dragon IS getting bumped so this is his last chance to make sure it’s known he’s superior to the SJL,” Ejiro snottily says, drawing many jeers.


“Or this is Aecas’ or IL’s chance to prove English Dragon is a stuck up British bastard,” Annie grins.

But before any remarks can be made a thunderous, steady drumbeat explodes onto the loud system. Soon a guitar kicks in and Offspring’s “Gotta’ Get Away” and the fans explode as the ornate pyro bursts off, lightning the entrance ramp in white with streaks of red and black. The SJL veteran leaps onto the stage, throwing his arms into the air. The fans accept the Luchador with cheers that could be deafening! Andrew Rickmen runs to one side of the entrance ramp, being sprayed with pyro, as he flings his arms into the air. He wears the beat up black Orisis skate shoes, the baggy khaki cargoes, a black Rancid t-shirt and his long black hair is spiked up sloppily with the fashionable randomly placed green streaks. Rickmen runs to the other side of the ramp, just sucking all the cheers possible before breaking into a sprint down the aisle- where he slaps as many hands as he can.


“Hailing from Easton, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 201… HE IS THE INSANE LLLUUUCCCHHHAAADDOOOORR!” Funyon’s voice echoes as Luchador hits ringside and slides in.


Annie comments, “I really can see this being IL’s big break. He works well under pressure.”


Judge glances at Annie. “You mean goes insane, bleeds on opponents, writes in blood, spits his own blood in other’s faces… laughs like a maniac and gets up for more.”


Annie seems stumped and she stutters but no words come out. “Yeah. Basically.”


Inside the ring Insane Luchador gives a nod to Matthew Kivell, the referee of this bout, and Andrew slowly walks over to a turnbuckle, leaning against it casually.


“Doesn’t seem too focused on this match, does he?” Judge asks.


The arena suddenly goes dark and a graveyard bell tolls in eerily. Chills run up everyone’s spine as the SmarkTron reveals the figure shrouded in black, running up a black dragon tattoo etched into the figure’s chest. Like lightning flashes of light are shown until the completely white orb is shown unblinking.


A deep voice vibrates so deeply it seems to shake the marble pillars.


“Are you scared?”


The question echoes creepily.


“He’s here…”


“Well obviously this marks the arrival, and a creepy one at that, of Aecas,” Judge states.


Dark Funeral’s “Dead Skin Mask” blasts out as lighting reveals Aecas standing at 7” foot on the SmarkTron. He wears a sadistic grin on his face as red lights strobe as an alarm loudly plays out. The SmarkTron continues showing gothic letter A E C A S with blood barely dripping off the top of the letters.


Flashes of vicious spots continue on and suddenly A E C A S is shown again but blood oozing freely out, halfway down the letters. Clips of even more brutal weapon spots and vicious spots and A E C A S is now drowned out in blood.


“Who’s more hardcore, IL or Aecas?” Ejiro throws out a question.


Annie shrugs and acts like she just flipped a coin. “Draw.”


During the menacing movie a very thick smoke surrounds the entrance ramp, making a carpet of smoke. A blood red spotlight picks out Aecas who’s masked within the smoke. His shadow with his Flick Scythe is revealed. He holds it above his head and the Flick Scythe’s blades flick out as the fans roar in immediate approval! He begins his walk down the aisle, his pale white body with the clashing dragon tattoo being revealed as the light flickers on the tall British monster. His eyes are just white, due to contacts, and he wears leather pants with New Gothic Rocker boots. His long black hair is just left loose and dangling. His face first few flashes seem stony but as the fourth flicker of lights hits his face a full out psycho grin is plastered as his face.


“Next… FROM SHREWSBURY, ENGLAND… WEIGHING IN AT 315 pounds… HE IS THE BLACK ANGEL… AAAAEEECCCCAASSS!” Funyon screams over the fans screams and the hardcore fans do their best to out-do the reaction from IL.


The lights slowly come back up as he carefully props his huge, deadly staff against one of the pillars. Aecas rolls into the ring and stands up, staring at IL with a poker face. Andrew Rickmen takes a smooth step forward from leaning and he walks towards Aecas. Aecas tenses himself as IL walks right up to him. He gives a light slap across Aecas’ chest and Aecas nods. Aecas ducks down to hear Insane Luchador as they discuss.


“Oh! Oh! No way! No way! They can’t double team English Dragon,” Ejiro nearly squeals.


Annie smugly asks, “Why not?”


Ejiro shrugs and looks for a way to cover. “Because then Dragon would have to take both down with incredible ease and that means it’d crush the fans hearts. That’s my job to do, when I beat Va’aiga,” He smirks.


Aecas slowly nods his head yes and Insane Luchador takes a few steps back, standing in center of the ring. Aecas follows and stands right next to IL. The two of them stand tall, the fans all together in massive cheers.


But those cheers instantly switch to jeers because “Land of Hope and Glory” kicks up, signaling the arrival of the SJL World Champion! Trash is thrown feebly at the entrance ramp as English Dragon steps out, Robertson only a few strides behind.


In the head Insane Luchador points at Robertson and then to the back of his head, where he received continual chair shots to the head.


“English Dragon and Insane Luchador do have quite some bad blood with each other. Not to mention Robertson and IL are anything but friends.” Judge points out.


English Dragon is dressed in white and gold tights, white boots, and a gold Dragon mask complete with the horns. Dragon has the belt traditionally wrapped around his waist as he raises an arm sarcastically to the fans, milking the jeers.


“Dressed in gold, he’s already for tonight, this is a BIG night for him. Double booked and he’ll win them both,” Ejiro beams happily.


Even Judge seems skeptical. “Don’t be too certain,” Judge sighs and fakes a wince, “Being double booked and being bumped, well, Dragon may not be giving his all. Unless he just wants to prove a point to Insane Luchador, who gave such a great fight and it took multiple chair shots to take down the psycho. Though Dragon is superior…” Judge pauses, redeeming himself with Ejiro after complimenting IL. “He very well could win both matches.”


“Yeah, and McDonald’s hamburgers could very well be made out of real meat,” Annie snorts.


The two walk like they own the place down the aisle, Dragon pausing and mocking IL by throwing his arms into the air.




Dragon snorts in laughter as more boos come in and English Dragon insults Aecas loudly.


“Not looking to make friends, is he?” Annie jokes.


Dragon stops right by ringside, staring at the enormous staff. He leans against it casually, watching it drop and then making an “oops” face that can be seen through the mask. He then slowly clips off the belt, pointing at it and looking up. He shakes his head “no” at his two foes as he wipes his feet before climbing up the steel steps. He enters the ring holding the belt high over his head and somehow getting more jeers.


While vulnerable Insane Luchador charges up, spearing English Dragon into the corner! The two smash violently and IL grabs the belt, tossing it behind his back towards Matthew Kivell. Andrew grabs the dazed Dragon by his horns, throwing him out of the turnbuckle. Dragon stumbles right into Aecas’ grasp. Aecas simply picks him up and tossing him down in a scoop slam! Aecas and Insane Luchador both begin to stomp on the English Dragon, who rolls away from his assaulters. Robertson hops onto the turnbuckle causing Insane Luchador to turn around and start to walk at him, but Kivell gets in between the two.


“Insane Luchador and the Butler waste no time in knowing they’re going to get a piece of each other tonight,” Annie happily points out.


But during the distraction Dragon gets to his knees, hitting a headbutt right into Aecas’ groin! Already cheating English Dragon stands up, hitting a good right punch that makes Aecas’ head snap back. The SJL World Champion follows up with his most powerful knife-edge chop against Aecas’ bare chest.


“WHOO!” Suddenly Insane Luchador leaps out, whacking his hand across Dragon’s chest harshly.


“WHOOO!” Dragon reels back and draws back his arm, launching it at IL!


“WHOOOO!” IL takes a step back and clutches his chest in pain. Aecas follows up by hitting English Dragon with another chop!


“WHOOOO!” Dragon hits the ropes and bounces off of them, smacking Aecas with a violent chop!


“WHOOOOO!” Andrew Rickmen leaps in, using his height difference to his advantage- he forces an arm to wrap around Dragon’s neck and IL hits a side headlock! Andrew drags it to center of the ring, where English Dragon shoves him into the ropes!


But before IL can rocket back, Aecas hits Dragon from the side of the head with a punch! Before Dragon can even crumble to the mat Insane Luchador leaps off his feet and hits a Crossbody! Andrew springs up from the move and stares down at Dragon.


“Well Aecas and IL have obviously formed an alliance, but I’m wondering if IL just wants to get some revenge or wants to get that title?” Judge points out and then asks.


“IL’s like an elephant, he never forgets,” Annie answers.


Rickmen grabs a hold of Dragon’s mask and tugs him up. Aecas shoves Insane Luchador out of the way, causing IL to start to lunge out by pause. Aecas grapples with English Dragon and whips the SJL World Champion into the ropes. When Dragon returns Aecas sends his foot high into the air, smacking into English’s face and causing Dragon to fall flat out onto the mat. Rickmen follows up with a simple leaping leg drop right across Dragon’s neck.


Ejiro sobs, “It’s more like a handicapped match!”


Insane Luchador stands up, him and Aecas staring at each other, not sure what to do. Aecas grabs Dragon’s limp arm and tugs him to his feet. Aecas and Insane Luchador watch the Champion sway back and forth like a drunken bachelor at his last night free. Andrew Rickmen jumps out- swinging widely that Dragon ducks under! Dragon, swooped down, smacks his head into IL’s ribs! Luchador reels back and Aecas doesn’t stop ED- who leaps out and sends a spin kick that smacks Andrew Rickmen right on the chin, causing him to stumble back before hitting the canvas.


“Remember, this isn’t a handicap match… there’s no offense for Aecas to save IL from a beating, long as Dragon doesn’t get the win,” Judge calls out.


Dragon stands above Insane Luchador and gets bombarded from behind by Aecas! He wraps an arm around Dragon and hoists him up, making English Dragon stare up at the house lights as he gets slammed against the mat in a sidewalk slam! Aecas lies across Dragon in a cover!


ONE! Dragon kicks out easily and Insane Luchador rolls to his feet. He stares at Aecas but slowly shrugs off Aecas’ pin attempt, letting Aecas tug English Dragon to his feet.


“Well IL doesn’t seem pleased at Aecas, but they probably need each other if at least one of them is going to win this match,” Judge reasons.


But Dragon smashes an elbow into the chest of Aecas, and then drills him with an upper cut that sends Aecas stumbling back. Dragon leaps into the air, flipping his body to the side and driving his boots into Aecas’ chest! The 7-foot monster hits the canvas and rolls back a bit. Insane Luchador charges at Dragon, catching him off guard with a knee to the gut! Andrew Rickmen grabs the bottom of Dragon’s mask, tugging at it while dragging English Dragon away from the center of the ring! Andrew lets go, pulling up his elbow and violently smashing it against the back of Dragon’s head! He falls to his knees and Insane Luchador instantly grabs the back of English Dragon’s neck and brings the World Champion to his feet. IL dodges a kick attempt and then a punch attempt, Luchador ducks under a wild European uppercut and instantly counters with smashing upward onto Dragon’s chest with a shoulder tackle!


Annie grins and taunts, “Yeah, English Dragon is manhandling IL,” She rolls her eyes.


Dragon falls onto his back and IL drops on one knee right next to Dragon. He brings his right fist into the air and smacks it right into Dragon’s nose area, repeating the motion until Kivell begs Luchador to break it up. But after the fourth sickening “thwacking” sound Dragon dodges one of the blows, making IL pause in pain. Dragon then rolls out of harm’s way and bails to the outside! Robertson quickly flocks to his client and helps him fix his mask and gives him a pat on the back. Aecas stands right next to IL and the two stare at English Dragon who's cautiously roll into the ring. He rolls to his feet and the two faces charge with their arms clutched together! The fans all hold their breath, dying to see the double clothesline but English Dragon drops to his stomach on the mat! Aecas and Insane Luchador flip over the ropes from momentum and get into a train wreck with Robertson!


Judge proclaims, “Brilliant!”


The fans jeer wildly as English Dragon looks back, surprised yet pleased at the results. He gets to his feet sarcastically clapping his hands at his tangled foes. Dragon pumps the hatred as he does an impression of the queen’s wave, not worried at Aecas and Insane Luchador both rolling into the ring. Insane Luchador walks right in front of Aecas, English Dragon crouching down and ready for IL’s assault. But suddenly Aecas grabs Insane Luchador from the collar of his shirt, jerking him back, and Aecas steps in front. Rickmen wastes no time in barging into Aecas’ back- who turns around angered. The two shove and exchange words like a high school pre-fight and suddenly English Dragon goes airborne and hits a dropkick to the back of Aecas! Insane Luchador side steps of the giant man coming toward him and he grabs the long black hair of Aecas and assists him in flipping over the ropes! Like a shark smelling blood Robertson quickly walks towards the direction of the fallen Aecas.


“Well consider the alliance officially over,” Annie concludes.


Dragon grunts something along the lines of, “The hero IL backstabs his partner? I’m bloody shocked.” Insane Luchador decides actions speak louder than words as he sends a punch that causes English Dragon to stagger back. Andrew Rickmen follows up with a simple, aggressive shove. Dragon continues to reel back but he quickly gains his composure and positions his body to the side. He takes a big step before suddenly-


“He launches out his leg, he hits a picture perfect super kick! IL’s down! Dragon’s going for the cover!” Judge gives the play-by-play for the chaos going down.


Annie butts in. “But Kivell is torn between the pin and Aecas being attacked by Robertson on the outside!”


But Insane Luchador slowly tries to roll away and Dragon catches his leg,


ONE! Luchador’s foot easily is slung across the bottom rope. English Dragon somewhat bitterly gets up, grabbing IL’s spiked hair and pulling him to his feet.


On the outside Robertson, who fits on the brass knuckles, perhaps intimidated by the gothic 7-foot tall challenger, confronts Aecas. Kivell begins the count on the outside.


ONE! The Butler strikes at Aecas, who narrowly dodges it!



TWO! Aecas ducks under, catching the wrist of Robertson! He tugs him in and hits a VICIOUS clothesline that could seems like it could’ve decapitated Robertson! The butler smacks against the cement and Aecas doesn’t seem content.


THREE! With his sadistic grin on his face Aecas tugs up Robertson, ducking under him, planting two hands onto him- then he shows off his power by lifting him high into the air!


“Jesus! That’s a tall order to lift… wait, oh my god! He’s going for the Mother F’n’ Bomb!” Annie nearly leaps out of her seat.


Ejiro defends Robertson. “Hey, he’s not even in the match!”


Annie chuckles, “But he would have been later on.”


FOUR! The fans all cheer wildly as Aecas just shows off Robertson by spinning slowly to each side of the crowd!


FIVE! Inside the ring Insane Luchador is striking his way out of the corner.


SIX! Aecas charges forwards and right as he gets near the steel steps he modifies his move, letting Robertson drop forward and landing right on his back onto the steel steps! The steps dislodge and even Robertson grunts in massive pain, while Aecas seems renewed by the cheers and the sight of Robertson flopping off the stairs and just groaning in pain.


SEVEN! Aecas hops onto the apron, watching with amusement as Dragon uses a kick to the face to send IL’s advantage whirling down the toilet.


Aecas hops onto the ring, stalking up from behind Dragon, who sends IL sprawling to center of the ring with a dropkick in the corner! When the SJL Champion turns around he sees a very pissed off Aecas slap a hand on Dragon’s exposed throat! The fans go insane with cheers as Aecas plants his other hand on Dragon’s back and lifts him high into the air! With all his force he slams Dragon down and stands up, raising a fist into the air. Dragon flops over right by the ropes.


“Chokeslam! Pin him, go on, and just pin him!” Annie gets high hopes.


But Andrew Rickmen stands up and runs at Aecas. Aecas simply lifts a New Gothic Rocker boot in the air, thumping it right into IL’s chin! Luchador falls down, back first and just slightly to the left of English Dragon. Aecas points to the turnbuckle, the fans approving, and he stalks over. He slowly hops onto the second one and reaches the top, looking truly monstrous. He pauses, staring at his two choices.


Judge asks, “Who will hit? Hitting Dragon may give him enough time to pin, since IL is freshly knocked down… but hitting IL and then picking up Dragon and hitting a finisher is also a great possibility. Not to mention- IL WAS the one to backstab the alliance, I suppose.”


But Aecas bends his knees and leaps out, looking as if he’s going to hit a belly flop! It’s an amazing sight as the huge man is airborne in a beautiful diving headbutt right towards English Dragon! The fans all mark out, cheering, but suddenly Robertson stumbles from the outside and grabs Dragon’s foot! Luchador rolls away completely from the scene and flops onto his back, twisting his head and watching the match. Robertson tugs Dragon out of Aecas’ way and Aecas hits the canvas, bouncing up and already holding himself in pain.


Annie grunts, “That damn Robertson.”


Andrew Rickmen sees a chance as he crawls over and flops onto Aecas! Matthew drops to his gut, Aecas barely resisting IL’s pin!


“ONE!” The fans chant happily.










“TWO!” Ejiro hums “High hopes, he’s got high hopes…” to taunt the fans.













“THREE!” The fans finish, but Aecas’ shoulder leaps out! Aecas actually plants two hands under IL and simply bench presses him, tossing him over his head and out of Aecas’ way! The pissed off masochist stands to his feet, hand running through his tangled black hair as he stalks towards IL!


Rickmen rolls to his feet right away, buying time as he watches English Dragon approach from behind! Andrew Rickmen throws a punch at Aecas’ chest, barely even making Aecas flinch! Andrew hops onto the top rope and bends his knees, springing up as high as he can possibly go! He actually sails above Aecas, his legs out for a hurricarana! But Aecas catches IL’s leg, planting his superior weight so IL can’t hit his move! Luchador dangles desperately, trying to hit some move. He then simply drops to the mat, making IL’s neck seemingly snap against the canvas! Luchador groans, flopping onto his back and completely out of it.


Even Ejiro respects the move. “Beautiful! Oh man, I’ll never forget watching IL’s neck just compress like that,” Ejiro laughs, “His head is weak too.”


Aecas turns around but only to see a flash of white and Dragon’s spin kick sends Aecas reeling back! English Dragon follows up with a dropkick that sends Aecas reeling back, tripping over IL! Aecas hits the ropes and flips out, but he catches himself with one hand, crumbling onto the apron!


Judge points out, “You know, no psychology. It’s just an all out fight for what seems like survival.”


Andrew Rickmen slowly gets to hands and knees. English Dragon is inspired as he runs up; Aecas stands back up on the apron. Dragon charges at Aecas but IL drops to the mat, wrapping his foot around English Dragon- tripping him! Aecas sees the chance as Dragon’s throat comes right near the ropes! Aecas grabs the back of the SJL World Champion’s head, dropping down and Dragon’s neck collides with the rope! English Dragon falls to the mat and Luchador quickly grabs both legs and pin them against each side of Dragon’s head on the mat!


“ONE!” Aecas reaches a huge arm out, grabbing IL’s shirt and tugging at it.







“TWO!” Aecas slides into the ring, grabbing IL’s throat from behind and tugging him out of the pin! Luchador hops over Dragon and stands in middle of the ring.


Aecas steps over Dragon also, ready to confront IL. The two circle around for a bit before Andrew avoids a grapple attempt and swoops down, smashing punches into Aecas’ ribs! He tries to hit IL with an axe handle but IL ducks away, leaving Aecas’ face exposed- so Luchador follows up with a punch to his jaw! Reeling back Insane Luchador advances forward and shifts to the side- throwing out his leg and up! The super kick connects with perfection, the fans going insane in cheers as Insane Luchador leaps out and into the air and on the way down hits a roll up!


“This could do it!” Annie beams.







“TWWWOOO!” What is this, Montreal?








But before the hand even rises up again Aecas breaks the pin. Andrew Rickmen rolls up, taking steps back, leaning against the ropes and massaging his neck. Suddenly Robertson emerges, grabbing IL’s legs and tugging violently! Andrew Rickmen falls face first to the mat and soon is tugged onto the outside!


Judge somewhat sighs, “Cheating… again, brilliantly, as always, but here comes IL versus Robertson.”


Kivell begins the count while Aecas rolls to his feet, cracking his neck in each direction before grabbing and tugging English Dragon to his feet.


ONE! Insane Luchador ducks under a swing from Robertson.


In the ring Aecas grapples with English Dragon.



TWO! Andrew Rickmen grunts insults between staggered breaths at Robertson, the two start to move towards the aisle with the marble pillars.


Dragon and Aecas battle for the upper hand.


THREE! Rickmen gets slammed in the gut, but compensates by diving a shoulder into Robertson and sending him crashing into a marble pillar. The two fight at the edge of the entrance ramp.



In the ring Aecas over powers English Dragon.


FOUR! Rickmen hops onto the barricade but before he can leap off Robertson shoves him! Andrew topples into one of the pillars, sending it crashing down and cracking.


Aecas wraps his powerful right arm securely around Dragon’s throat. He puts Dragon’s arm over Aecas’ right shoulder.


FIVE! Rickmen throws out his legs while on his back, sending Robertson sprawling.


Aecas picks up a handful of Dragon’s tights…



SIX! Andrew springs to his feet, a large piece of sharp marble in his hands.



SEVEN! He throws the marble at Robertson’s gut then tips over another one of the small marble pillars!




IL pauses as he hears the sickening thud from the Uranage Suplex. He leaps forwards at Robertson and hits a headlock!


Annie yells, “IL the count-out isn’t an empty threat, get back in the ring!”


Luchador drops, hitting the Evenflow DDT on Robertson right onto the marble pillar. He springs up and starts his sprint back into the ring.


NINE! IL slides in right before Aecas swoops down for the pin!


Andrew Rickmen charges at full speed when inside the ring, leaping out while Aecas’ back is turned. He leaps out grabbing a handful of Aecas’ hair on the back of his head, hitting a bulldog that causes Aecas to even slam against Dragon!


Ejiro pauses and comments, “IL is showing resemblance to skill. Did anybody else notice Robertson is taking a nasty beating?” He points out, quickly changing the subject after complimenting IL.


Andrew Rickmen stands up, throwing his arms in the air for a few seconds, milking the cheers. IL grabs Aecas and picks him up.


“For someone who was recently dropped on his head, IL really has it going tonight,” Judge considers.


Ejiro laughs, “His mother dropped him on his head all the time.”


IL throws a knee to Aecas’ gut, causing him to bend over. He hits a headlock on Aecas, dropping for the first DDT! With quite a comical sight IL tugs him back up, adding more pressure as he goes for the second drop.

He picks up for the third but Aecas clutches his arms around IL and snaps his back over quickly, sending IL sailing in an odd Northern Lights Suplex! Insane Luchador smacks onto his back, rolling back and lying there coughing. Aecas drops to the mat and hooks the leg of English Dragon-


“ONE!” The fans of Aecas chant and cheer wildly.









“TWO!” Dragon kicks out. Aecas stands up and wraps his arms around English Dragon and the two stand up. He lifts Dragon high in the air, trying to hit a spinebuster!


The SJL World Champion slaps both hands against Aecas’ ears, causing Dragon to be dropped to the mat on his feet! English Dragon quickly hits a European uppercut that sends Aecas reeling and Dragon finishes up with a quick dropkick, sending Aecas to the mat! Dragon sees movement and turns around-


“ONLY TO BE SPEARED BY IL!” Annie marks out completely as IL’s desperation spear sends the two so hard into the turnbuckle it looks like it bends.


Rickmen grabs Dragon and hits a headbutt into English Dragon’s head harshly! World Champion’s head snaps back and Andrew perches him face facing the crowd on top of the top turnbuckle! Andrew Rickmen hops onto the second turnbuckle, wrapping his arms around Dragon’s waist!


Annie stares. “Wait, is he going for top rope release German Suplex?”


He goes to arch over and the fans hold their breaths, but Robertson hops onto the apron, still incredibly pissed, sending his most powerful punch right into IL’s chin! Kivell screams at Robertson with empty threats, as Robertson looks innocent and oblivious as he hops back onto the cement. IL sways back, letting go of the hold and falling to the canvas. Aecas rolls to his feet, watching Dragon still perched on the rope.


Before Dragon can climb off suddenly Aecas wraps an arm around his back! Aecas jabs at IL with his foot, causing him to roll over. He then lifts English Dragon high into the air…





Ejiro protests, “That’ll kill him!”


But English Dragon saves his life by flipping out of the hold and wrapping an arm around Aecas’ neck! The two falls down and Dragon hits makeshift reverse DDT out of the attempted backdrop driver!


Ejiro screams out in joy, “Yes!”


Dragon lays his arm around Aecas with the pin…



“ONE!” The fans explode in jeers.















“TWO!” The fans all hold their breaths, praying to various Gods that Aecas can muster the strength.














“THR” Insane Luchador leaps out hitting an elbow drop, breaking the pin.


Andrew Rickmen grabs Aecas’ black hair and drags him into the center of the ring. Insane Luchador grins like a psycho as he sprints to the turnbuckle, driven by adrenaline, as he hops onto the top rope. He throws his arms in the air, again, in the identical fashion while the fans go crazy. The exhaustion setting in Insane Luchador bends his knees and springs into the air, flipping his body forward twice in a flawless 450* Splash! He descends downward to Aecas who suddenly throws his knees into the air. Luchador makes a face of fear as he smacks against the knees and he screams in agony. Aecas props himself onto one elbow and slowly pulls himself up to his feet. English Dragon clutches the ropes and rather easily pulls himself. The three battered wrestlers all try to get to their feet, IL onto one knee but grabbing his gut and just reducing back to a fetus position on the mat. English Dragon stands up giving a call to Robertson. Aecas gets to his feet shakily, unsure if he can keep standing.


“All guys just pulling out all spots to get the title, but no real focus in this match. It’s a mistake,” Ejiro declares and insults.


Dragon stumbles towards Aecas and Aecas takes steps towards English Dragon. The two stand there, regulating their breathing and getting the life back into them. Without any warning they clash into a grapple. Aecas suddenly releases the hold, placing a hand over Dragon’s mask and one at the end of his tights. He simply throws Dragon with amazing strength only he possesses in the match, sending English Dragon sailing over the ropes! Aecas seemingly feels no more pain, no more fatigue, as the World title feels to be already wrapped around his waist. He advances on Insane Luchador and picks him up. Andrew Rickmen struggles to get away from a grapple, staggering back towards the ropes! Aecas pounces at IL with a huge knee to the gut. He grabs Rickmen around the waist and hoists his legs onto his shoulders! His hands support IL’s back and holds him horizontal in the usual powerbomb position! But Aecas releases that hold, letting IL’s upper body dangle!


“Gonna’ do what I couldn’t do during the Hide-and-seek match.” Aecas grunts bitterly, forgetting all alliances, just wanting this horrendous match to be over.


Judge realizes what’s going down. “Executioner! He’s going for his primary finisher!”


The mixed reactions begin as Aecas grabs a firm hold on IL’s legs and begins to swing around! But after one rotation Insane Luchador suddenly clutches onto the middle rope, Aecas still attempting to spin and stretching IL’s upper body! IL continues to pull himself in while Aecas keeps attempting to hit his finisher!


Ejiro smirks and asks, “If IL’s such a masochist, how come he doesn’t take the move?”


The IL fans and neutral fans encourage IL who keeps holding onto the rope for his dear life. But suddenly he lets go and the spinning continues for another rotation! But this time Luchador grabs the bottom rope, squeezing his legs at Aecas’ neck as he pulls his body downward with momentum and brings Aecas becoming a victim of a hurricarana! Then he hits the ropes and flips onto the apron! Luchador smacks against the canvas, rolling away from Aecas who’s already trying to get back to his feet on the apron.


“Beautiful reversal,” Annie compliments.


English Dragon towers above the crawling Insane Luchador and he hops over IL, grabbing his arms from behind and hitting a full nelson! He then tugs him to his feet, looking for the Tiger Suplex! But IL lifts his arms high in the air, sliding out of the hold. As Dragon backs away IL drops to the mat, using his hands to balance as he throws his legs out in a mule kick! Without meaning to, Dragon is thrown right into the clutches of Aecas on the apron! Robertson starts to jog over, trying to save his client, but it seems too late. Dragon smartly lifts up a leg, which “accidentally” lands into Aecas’ groin area! English Dragon turns around hitting a front face lock and to show off his superiority, in his mind, hits a front facelock! Suddenly he snaps over in a snap suplex that sends Aecas crashing into the center of the ring! Rickmen sees a chance- dropping down and hitting a harsh elbow drop right into Aecas’ nose! Dragon seems uncertain what to do, but suddenly Insane Luchador leaps over Aecas and tackles Dragon down!


“There are certain people you don’t fuck with in this world.” Andrew Rickmen grabs each side of Dragon’s head and raises it high into the air. He slams it down with extreme force. “I am one of them.” He raises the head again and smashes it down perhaps even harder this time.




Thud is heard.


“DON’T!” Fans wonder if the back of Dragon’s head is going to turn to mush.



“PISS OFF!” Matthew begs IL to stop the violent assault as the harsh goes over the crowd.


“THE INSANE GUY!” Insane Luchador finishes it off with three more pounds of the head.


Judge seems disgusted. “Come on, enough is enough.”


Annie rebuttals, “Oh, was enough when Robertson smacked the chair on IL’s head until he passed out?”


Andrew Rickmen has seemingly lost it, as he grabs Dragon’s mask and rips at it, nearly tearing it off. But instead he pulls up English Dragon, tired yet dead set on inflicting more pain.


He smacks a hard right that hits Dragon’s nose and IL grabs at him before the SJL World Champion falls down. “You make me bleed, I make you bleed.” He turns to the side and with all his might shoves the elbow into English Dragon’s face! Blood seeps out in droplets.


“Did he break his nose?” Judge asks.


Dragon falls to the ground and Insane Luchador turns around only to see Aecas charging at him. The monster Aecas throws up his boot in a Yakuza kick right into Luchador’s chest! Andrew Rickmen flies back as if he was shot and he’s not more than a crippled heap next to English Dragon. Dragon rolls to his hands and knees and wipes away blood coming out of the nose holes. Which answers Judge’s earlier question. Andrew Rickmen wastes no time in grabbing the ropes and slowly pulling himself up. He wheezes but gets to his feet, leaning against the ropes with exhaustion. Dragon stands on both feet, watching Aecas walk at him. English Dragon suddenly swoops down and attempts a spear, but Aecas catches him with one arm wrapped around Dragon’s waist! He simply falls to the mat and causes Dragon to be dropped nearly straight on the neck! Aecas goes for the pin.


“You know, Aecas’ the one with all the endurance and it’s paying off here,” Judge commentates.






“TWO!” Insane Luchador stumbles over to the pin…





Luchador leaps into the air with both knees out as if he was on a wakeboard.



Right before the hand falls IL’s knees connect with Aecas’ neck and head, breaking the pin as Aecas flops over in pain. Rickmen scrambles back to his feet, seeing a chance to win this match. He picks up English Dragon and invades with a clothesline but Dragon ducks under and hits a sloppy wrist lock- whipping him into the ropes. Robertson is seen waiting for IL with the steel chair and Luchador bounces into the ropes, the steel chair whapping right into his back! As the pain shoots through IL he clutches his back, erecting his body. Rickmen continues to walk at Dragon, not going to let pain stop him. English Dragon seems surprised but in return hits Luchador in the gut and leaps over him, grabbing his legs and hits a sunset flip!


“ONE!” The fans jeer and hiss.






“TWO!” “Not like this,” Annie whines.






“THREE!” But Kivell throws up two fingers as Luchador’s one shoulder is shot up off the mat!


Luchador insults Dragon, “You really think after you needed chair shots last time that a sunset flip would work? How’s the nose?” IL gives out a psycho laugh, rolling to his feet and getting the familiar feeling of being immune to the pain. But his mind doesn’t overcome matter as his punch attempt nearly sends him falling to his ass. English Dragon laughs in his face as he wearily hits a knee to the gut. He then forces IL between his legs and lifts him up for a piledriver! The fans jeer wildly; hoping boos could kill, while Dragon walks to the center of the ring with IL in position for Dragon Driver!


But Aecas suddenly emerges running at an odd angle to the ropes, he bounces and before Dragon react sends a Yakuza kick straight to Dragon’s face! The fans watch Dragon release IL and simply fly back and hit the mat.


Judge reminds the fans. “He only did it so he didn’t lose the match, don’t think IL and Aecas are being buddy-buddy.”


Insane Luchador props himself to his knees and appears to be at the mercy of Aecas. Which isn’t a good thing. Aecas grabs IL’s spiked hair and jerks it so hard fans debate if he’d tear out a portion of IL’s spikes! The Black Angel, Aecas, reaches out for a grapple but Insane Luchador dodges it instead. Andrew Rickmen sends out a dropkick out of nowhere that causes Aecas to retreat a bit, but he’s already above IL by the time IL gets to his feet. He jabs at Rickmen, who’s head snaps back and seems to have snapped back too far. Like a jack in the box his head springs back up and IL hits a surprise left right into Aecas’ chin! Meanwhile English Dragon slinks to the outside and Matthew Kivell follows after him from inside the ring, yelling at Dragon. The two psychos in the ring exchange punches, going toe-to-toe.


“That’s incredibly impressive that IL can even remotely take on Aecas in a brawling contest,” Annie comments, and ironically- IL is sent sprawling by a hard right.


Then English Dragon rolls back into the ring behind the oblivious Aecas. Dragon suddenly kicks his classic spin kick that connects with the back of Aecas’ head. Involuntarily Aecas takes a large step forward and Luchador uses that step to hit clothesline! With speed only a cruiserweight would have he hits a headlock and falls in a rather nasty yet plain DDT! With the accidental team effort the big man stays down. Dragon’s gold mask has smears of red while Insane Luchador’s face looks battered. The two side step away from Aecas and collide into a grapple.


IL releases the hold and hits a rare palm strike to Dragon’s chest area. He throws out a kick that Dragon catches and Dragon uses that leg to tug IL in. Luchador tries to throw punches at English Dragon, hopping up and down on one foot, but it’s not working. Suddenly he leaps into the air and sends his other leg at Dragon. The SJL World Champion knows better and ducks under it! Insane Luchador just falls to the mat and ED has grasp on one of his legs. The fans all burst into jeers, watching Dragon patronize the crowd with a sarcastic Queen’s wave. He then places Luchador’s leg over his other, creating a four shape. Dragon falls to the mat and grapevines the leg and applies pressure to the one he holds- hitting his finisher, St. George’s Cross!


Ejiro yells, “It’s over! IL’s going down to the SAME move he JUST BARELY lost to last time.”


But the fans believe in Luchador, kicking up an “IL! IL! IL!” chant. It spreads quickly and in the ring Insane Luchador begins to turn and begins to reverse the hold!


Ejiro just stutters and stares in disbelief.


Annie explains, “Dragon never worked the leg, IL enjoys pain, he’s a psycho, and he’s NOT going to go down to Dragon again. THAT’S why he’s reversing the move!”


He can’t all the way as Dragon is just as stubborn to be beaten also. Instead Andrew reaches out and grabs the bottom ropes! English Dragon doesn’t break the hold and Matthew is screaming in Dragon’s face. All the while Robertson sneaks right up to the apron, grabbing IL’s arms and tugging his head to the apron- where he delivers a brutal punch right to his mouth! Dragon smirks as IL is already spitting blood and he lets go of the hold. Dragon stands up, letting IL slink into the corner and let the blood drizzle into a puddle.


English Dragon stands up, watching Aecas stand up with a sadistic grin on his face. He takes giant steps at Dragon, who throws a spin kick… that Aecas catches! He throws the leg into the air and sends Dragon onto the mat, and he groans in pain. He picks up Dragon with any hesitation, glancing at the downed IL before he positions and hoists Dragon into the air! He spins in a circle like a tribal chief with a sacrifice and the fans approve with roars.


He stands so Dragon’s legs point at Luchador, who’s climbing up to the top, psycho face on and blood drenching his shirt and splattered onto his chin. Aecas tosses Dragon up and to the side, Aecas stepping out of the way since he just threw Dragon more up than out. Suddenly Insane Luchador is seen flying obscenely high in the air, blood droplets trailing behind him, as he passes Aecas and wraps an arm around the back of Dragon’s neck as he falls. As if there was a God of serendipity on IL’s side, he hits a gigantic bulldog on Dragon! English Dragon bounces off the mat and he hits again, completely lifeless.


“HO-LY SHIT!” The chant catches on like a forest fire. There’s a massive roar of approval that sends chills up IL’s spine, him now realizing he could have this thing won. He leaps to his feet, making aching muscles work fluently again. He turns around watching Aecas running at him! Andrew Rickmen in a split second reaction throws a karate kick to the Black Angel’s gut! Aecas bends over and Insane Luchador grabs him in the most vicious headlock! He leaps high into the air, so high that Aecas is standing up straight at one point, and he falls to his back! Hitting the Evenflow DDT! But Aecas stirs and twitches, Andrew Rickmen takes a huge risk and lifts him up again! Aecas slouches down in pain and Rickmen hits another headlock! AGAIN he leaps into the air and falls to his back in ANOTHER Evenflow DDT! The crowd continues to cheer him on, while Aecas flops onto his back and sits up!





Even Luchador makes a face of surprise as Aecas gets to his knees and wobbles as he stands up. Aecas lunges out, IL countering by side stepping and sending a knee that collides into Aecas’ aching stomach! Ears ringing, vision blurring, and his world spinning Aecas is a victim of ANOTHER headlock. He shoves at IL who leaps into the air and nearly gets shoved off, but soon Aecas’ head comes crashing down one last time! Aecas is, simply put, plastered on the canvas. Finally Insane Luchador lies on the canvas, panting heavily as the fatigue sets in.


“Got to be kidding me! He goes on a roll and now he’s taking a breather?” Ejiro insults.


Andrew Rickmen’s adrenaline falls and he slowly crawls towards the out cold English Dragon. Robertson watches helpless as IL crawls at the SJL World Champion, a little trail of blood left. Silence falls on the arena as Insane Luchador reaches Dragon, flopping him onto his back. IL just lies across ED-






“ONE!” The fans chant united.








“TWO!” “Could IL FINALLY win the World title?” Annie asks.










“THREEEEEEEE!” The fans all scream into cheers, as the bell rings in.





Robertson rolls into the ring and the crowd hushes for a bit, watching Robertson bitterly grab Dragon and carry him out of the ring. The cheering resumes and it’s deafening!




“Gotta’ Got Away” kicks in while Insane Luchador is handed the belt, which he raises with one hand into the air- letting it glisten against the house lights. The fans cheers don’t seize and IL’s psycho grin turns to a genuine one, as he doesn’t seem stable standing there.


“Couldn’t have been a better way to wrap this Countdown up. Next, as you all know, is GENESIS!” Judge proclaims.


The screen fades to the next scene hearing Ejiro whine, “It could of been better- Dragon retaining!”

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