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SUWA & Small Dandy Fuji vs. Henry III Sugawara & Naoki Tanisaki (Scramble Cup Tag Title Tournament semi-final)


Two on one by SUWA and Fuji to start, hitting a nice clothesline off the shoulders. Fighting back though by Sugawara, with a dropkick to the knee of each. Enziguiri, and Tanisaki is in. Shining Wizard misses, but duelling armdrags don't. Huge armdrag off the top rope, but he's kneed in the back. Chop by Fuji, as both Crazy Max members chop his back. Blind charge misses, and Tanisaki gets a hurricanrana and the tag. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Sugawara gets two, as does a fallaway slam. Really nicely executed. Enziguiri is ducked by Fuji, but a sitout powerbomb is broken on two by SUWA. SUWA is ejected by Tanisaki, and Fuji is chopped in the corner by both Sugawara and Tanisaki.


Russian leg sweep gets two, and as SUWA tries to come back, he's punched back to the outside. SUWA and Tanisaki trade blows on the outside, as Fuji attempts a rollup, but is caught and rolls over the shoulders of Sugawara, getting a low blow on the way down. SUWA dropkicks him to the outside, and follows up with an impressive tope to the outside, although Sugawara is WAY too obvious when catching him. He's got his arms out before SUWA even leaves the ground. Back in, Fuji ducks a pair of clotheslines, before hitting a diving one of his own. Electric chair drop, and tigerbomb gets three!


SUWA and Small Dandy Fuji progress to the finals.


Not a bad match, but it felt very spotty, and the pace was all over the place. There was nothing stand out good, although the duelling armdrags were pretty impressive.


0 for 1


Taiji Ishimori & Shu Sato vs. Berlinetta Boxer & Murcielago (Scramble Cup Tag Title Tournament semi-final)


Sato and Murcielago open, and Sato is straight in with an armbar. Murcielago rolls into an armbar of his own. Sato goes back into one of his own, but he's pushed back to the ground. Back up, and in a horrible spot, Sato does a handstand into a hurricanrana, but his legs slip and he manages a weak kick to Murcielago's chest, who sells it like he's been shot. Armbar by Sato, into a backslide pin, which is rolled out of on 0. Murcielago takes a break, and Ishimori is tagged in, while Boxer comes in anyway. Irish whip by Boxer, and Ishimori handstands to stop. He's thrown again, and a back body drop can't keep him down. He attempts a running head scissors, but can't get it, so he rolls around Boxer's body a couple of times and then gets the head scissors. Cool spot, but hopelessly over the top.


619 and dropkick, and Boxer takes a powder. Murcielago is back in, and knocks both opponents down. Bodyslam gets 1½. Good old fashioned heel tactics, as Murcielago warns the referee that Sato is getting into the ring, while Boxer chokes Ishimori. Tag to Boxer, and a nice double suplex. Murcielago sits on the top and tries a tornado DDT, but is thrown to the outside, and Boxer IMMEDIATELY goes for the roll up for two. I love it!


Stomping by Boxer, and Murcielago is back in. He could have sold the fall out of the ring – that gym floor looks... wooden. Boxer charges Ishimori in the corner, and misses. Murcielago goes for a charge, but is caught in a tilt-a-whirl slam. Boxer continues though, with a low blow. Handspring elbow from Ishimori is enough to put Boxer down. Both heels take a break, and Sato planchas into them both, getting a LOT of distance on the jump. That was insane.


Sato pulls Murcielago back inside, and hits some kicks to his stomach. Murcielago ducks one, but Sato continues spinning round into a heel kick. Sato launches himself over the top, somersaulting in mid air, and catching Murcielago. That was pretty damn impressive.


He gets a cover, but Boxer is back in now, with a chair. The referee takes it, not seeing the pinfall. Boxer goes back onto the apron, and Sato charges him, but he just pulls the top rope down, sending him to the floor. Ishimori is back in now, as is Boxer. Rear naked choke drop (name stolen from SmackDown 4) gets two for Boxer. Suplex is rolled out of, but he low blows Ishimori. Murcielago runs back in with a Tornado DDT, and in a cool double team, they hold Ishimori side by side in between them, and flip him over onto his face. It looks like they were holding his neck, and looked fucking painful. Boxer goes for the cover, while Sato is held back by Ishimori... Sato just, JUST dives in and breaks the pin. He's thrown back out, though. Double atomic drop on Ishimori, but Boxer accidentally punches Murcielago in the head.


Ishimori and Sato both hit a dropkick on Boxer, and he falls to the outside. Ishimori hits a handspring somersault elbow for the pin on Murcielago. 1… 2… 3!


Taiji Ishimori and Shu Sato are going to the tournament final! And it's... next!


1 for 2


SUWA & Small Dandy Fuji vs. Taiji Ishimori and Shu Sato

(Scramble Cup Tag Title Tournament final)


SUWA and Ishimori start, and they exchange waistlocks. Takedown by SUWA, into an armbar, countered into another by Ishimori. Leg lock by SUWA, and he slaps Ishimori as he sits up. Chops to the chest are exchanged, and it descends into a slapping match. Several punches are ducked, and Ishimori hits a kick. He then does that awful handspring headlock-into-an-upside-down-dropkick, and it looks just as weak as it did in the semi final. Proper dropkick connects much better, though. SUWA gets the tag to Fuji.


Fuji seriously reminds me of Tommy from 3rd Rock From the Sun. Anyway, he runs the ropes, and finds a new way of somersaulting and avoiding Ishimori each time. Armdrag finally connects though, as does a handspring elbow. Fuji bails, and SUWA is back in. He stomps Ishimori's throat, and it's double team time. Hiptoss puts him down, then they go for that awesome clothesline off the shoulders. It's like the Legion of Doom's one, but 10 times better, because he fucking jumps from the ground, instead of falling from the top rope. Plus this actually connects. Fuji keeps hold of the legs, and turns Ishimori upside down for a Boston Crab. Elbow drop to Ishimori's chest, and the heels taunt. More stomping to the chest, and the referee is doing nothing to stop this. Weird. Ishimori is set up for an electric chair, and Fuji jumps off the top, DDTing him, for two. That was crazy, especially seeing Ishimori's head bouncing off the mat.


Sato is back on the apron, but is knocked down. Blind charge from Fuji misses, and Ishimori hits a heel kick onto Fuji, sending him out of the ring. Sato is back in, and he's pissed. Hard dropkick to SUWA, on the ground. He gets back up, and is hit with a kick to the chest, and staggers back into Ishimori on the apron, who kicks his knee, and launches himself over the top, runs and hits a 619, holding his legs around SUWA's neck and hurricanranaing him. Hot damn, that was a cool spot.


Fuji is back in, and chokeslams Ishimori, but Sato hits a spinning heel kick. SUWA dropkicks Sato back into the corner, and everyone's down. SUWA is first up, and Fuji joins him. Fuji lifts Ishimori up for a chokeslam, and SUWA hits the ropes, and pulls Ishimori's legs back, dropping him on his face. Tigerbomb, but Ishimori won't get up. Sato kicks him in the head, to break the hold. Ishimori goes for a hurricanrana pin, but Sato can't hold Fuji back and he breaks the pin. Looks like it's a tornado tag match now. SUWA bails, and Sato hits several kicks to Fuji, then jumps onto the top rope, and off, onto SUWA on the outside. Ishimori hits a German suplex pin, but the referee is checking on SUWA and Sato, so it only gets a two. Fuji is pissed, and gets a shoulderblock, then a really hard clothesline for two. Chokeslam, but Ishimori drops behind him. Low blow, and Fuji runs, but is tripped by Sato. He's down on the outside, and getting pummelled by SUWA. Fuji goes for a powerbomb, but it's countered to a facebuster. Handspring somersault elbow by Ishimori, and this must be it... and it is!


Your winners of the Scramble Cup Tag Title Tournament: Taiji Ishimori and Shu Sato


Post match, they are awarded with a piece of paper and a scooter. Kurt Angle would be proud.


That was a nice match, but it felt a little bit slow and Sato didn't really do a lot. The workers seemed to stick to the same movesets as in their respective semi-final matches. There were some seriously bizarre rules regarding tagging, as half of the match was under tornado rules, and the other half was a standard tag match. Like all things in wrestling, it's best if I don't question it.


2 for 3


K-ness vs. Dragon Kid (NWA Welterweight Title)


Both guys have streamers thrown over them, and K-ness' get caught in his legs. Dropkick by Dragon, and an overly complex armdrag. Dropkick in the corner, and a hurricanrana. K-ness bails, but Dragon hits a moonsault to the outside. That spotlight is awful. Back in and an Enziguiri is missed by K-ness. He chokes Dragon with his own shirt, and lifts him in the corner with it. Bodyslam and legdrop get two, and both men are back out. There's a LOT of people at ringside. Dragon is choked with a bit of rope now, and tossed back in. Shouldercharge into the corner, and a backbreaker. K-ness goes up top, and gets a knee to Dragon's back. Scorpion deathlock, and Dragon makes the ropes.


Blind charge misses, and Dragon gets a flying headscissors on the second attempt. Then this... thing... runs in. I assume it's one of Do Fixer, but it looks like an Ewok from Star Wars. He hits Dragon with a hurricanrana. Dragon's team-mates check on him, and K-ness throws him back in. Blind charge misses, and he's dropkicked. Dragon goes up top, and somersaults over K-Ness and hits him with a stunner for two. That was pretty damn impressive. Flying headscissors, but he's caught, and K-ness counters with a sidewalk slam. Back submission, but Dragon gets a Tornado DDT. Second time around though he's caught but clamps on a bearhug. Do Fixer run in and quadruple team Dragon, while the referee is distracted in the corner.


Three Avalanches connect, but as K-ness goes for one, he's caught by a dropkick from Dragon's stablemate. Dragon's teammates try the same, but the last misses, and K-ness is thrown a plastic box from the outside. They fight over that, but K-ness is headbutted and the box slides out of the ring. Dragon is back up and gets a pinning hurricanrana for two.


K-ness with a sitout powerbomb for two, and both guys are hurt. Dragon with a chop to the groin, and a West Coast Pop gets two. He goes for a flipping splash off the top, but lands on his feet. K-ness' Enziguiri misses, but a kick to the face doesn't. Suplex, and K-Ness gets the win.


Dragon Kid's teammates check on him..


3 for 4.


SUWA vs. Condotti Shuji (British Commonwealth Junior Title)


Double shouldercharge, but neither guy budges. Second time, though, Shuji knocks him down. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by SUWA, and Shuji takes a powder. SUWA kicks the ropes into Shuji's nuts as he re-enters, which is badly oversold. They trade chops, and SUWA puts Shuji with a bearhug slam. Dropkick is dodged, but a second connects, but doesn't knock Shuji down. Spear by Shuji, and a chinlock. Clothesline in the corner gets two, as does a fisherman suplex. Walls of Jericho, into a Boston crab. SUWA gets the ropes, as the crowd finally start to get into this. SUWA is rammed into the turnbuckle, but Shuji keeps hold and hits a powerslam for two.


SUWA gets a flying clothesline, and Shuji is outside again. Tsujimoto takes SUWA's legs, and he falls down. The Italian Connection and Do Fixer brawl on the outside, and SUWA tosses Shuji back out. They fight on the ramp, and SUWA gets a huge front dropkick to Shuji. He rolls off the ramp, and is helped by his stablemates. SUWA rolls back in, and Shuji finally joins him. SUWA with a running elbow to the face, but a clothesline is ducked. SUWA gets a flapjack for two, almost gets the tigerbomb, but Shuji stands up, and spinebusters him for two. Both guys look wrecked.


Clothesline to the leg of SUWA, and a stretch muffler on the ground, getting a lot of height. SUWA touches the rope, but is pulled away. Finally, he grabs it but his leg is hurt. Two clotheslines put him back down, but a suplex attempt is countered to a sleeper, which is broken and reapplied, before Shuji gets the ropes. Superplex almost, ALMOST gets three, but SUWA grabs the ropes. I thought that was it. SUWA gets a second wind and a DDT, and a huge front dropkick to the stomach. Tigerbomb, 1.. 2.. 3!


I loved the way that the two stables showed their hatred for each other without overshadowing the match, or having the focus move from the in-ring action. The match was nothing special, though.


3 for 5


Shin M2K (Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid, Second Doi, Araken, & Raimu Mishima)


Do FIXER (Magnum Tokyo, Susumu Yokosuka, Genki Horiguchi, Ryo Saito, & K-Ness)

(elimination match)


Everyone pairs off and brawls, with all of Do FIXER having their heads rammed into various parts of the ring and surrounding area. In the ring, Kuroki no sells punches and knees from Mishima, and comes back with a chop, which Mishima way oversells. Bulldog puts him down, and a dropkick off the top gets two. Stiff clothesline gets two, to the crowd's shock. Jacknife Pumphandle slam, and Arrogant Cover~! gets two, as Araken is in to break it. K-Ness and Arakan lock up, and Arakan misses three falling headbutts. Venezia runs in with a Litacanrana, and Arakan bails. Asai moonsault takes him out, as well as a couple of the front row.


Dragon Kid and Yokosuka in now, and a spinning backbreaker takes Kid down. 720 headscissors, and Dragon bails to the turnbuckle. Yokosuka baseball slides, but Dragon jumps, and does a 619 fakeout.


Horiguchi and Second Doi trade blows now. Mochizuki runs in, and they both pick up Second Doi for a slam, but he throws them both to the ground. Dropkick sends him out, and while the two of them are looking away from each other, Second Doi hits Mochizuki on the back, and he blames Horiguchi. This escalates into a shoving match, and neither will enter the ring first. But they hug, and celebrate to the crowd. Doi dropkicks Mochizuki to the floor, and drags Horiguchi inside. Four of Shin M2K choke him out in the corner. Bodyslam and chinlock, but he reaches the ropes. Back into the corner, and Araken, standing on the top rope, pulls him up by his hair, and does a hair toss across the ring. Awsomely, the referee checks if his hair is okay. Make your own Kevin Nash comments.


Sleeper hold, and the silly "hand drops twice and he powers out" thing is still alive in Japan. Elbow to the face of Araken, and both men bail. K-Ness and Mochizuki in. Single leg crab by Mochizuki, and Venezia runs in to taunt him with some weak chest punches. He, stupidly, breaks the hold, and pulls Venezia's tail. Two kicks go over his head, and he jumps a legsweep. A kick to the back stops that. K-Ness helps Venezia out, while Second Doi tags in. M2K are cleared from the ring, and Second Doi is Quintuple teamed on, with a double elbow, double kick, double facebuster and double bulldog. Some more kicks, and a Kuroki snap suplex gets two, but he pulls the head up. Choking on the top rope, and Venezia hits him on the head with a plastic cone. K-Ness with a slam, and they line up to jump onto his chest from the top. Running backdrop from Kuroki gets two.


Yokosuka and K-Ness with a double suplex, and single leg crab, into an STF. Shit, that looks nasty. Finally, he gets the ropes. More stomping, and a double kick, but Yokusaka and K-Ness run into each other.


Yokosuka and Dragon Kid in now, dropkick off the top, and Mochizuki hits Yokosuka with another one. Mochizuki and Kid take down the rest of Do FIXER with a series of kicks, and Kid hits an overly complex headscissors. Pairing off again, and three of Shin M2K are Irish-whipped into each other, but they all hit low blows, and are all German suplexed for two. That was cool to watch, if a bit silly.


Kuroki and Mishima in now. Elbow in the corner, and a suplex get two for Mishima. Kuroki rolls out of a sunset flip, and hits a dropkick. Brainbuster, and a casual cover gets two. Sideslam, but the pin's broken by Dragon. Hurricanrana from the top, pin stopped by Mochizuki. Araken spits in Kuroki's face and Kuroki's pulled to the outside by everyone for the elimination.


Saito and Dragon Kid trade roll-ups. Kid hits the ropes, but is tripped. Everyone hits him in the corner, but Yokosuka misses, and is splashed by the other team. Bicycle kick from Mochizuki misses, and he's hit by Saito and Horiguchi. He hits a huge bicycle kick on Horiguchi, but is dropkicked by K-Ness. Second Doi dropkicks him and everyone bails. Dragon with a hurricanrana on Saito, but is caught by Horiguchi.


Saito clotheslines Araken for two. German suplex on Second Doi is blocked, but he's kicked to the ground. K-Ness with a roll-up for two. Mochizuki with kicks to Saito, and eventually puts him down but K-Ness breaks the fall. Kick to the head, but Mochizuki's hit with a crate and hits the ground to be eliminated. Horiguchi taunts him on the outside.


Back inside, and Dragon Kid somersaults off the top rope into a stunner on Yokosuka for two. Another contrived roll around the body, and he clamps onto Yokosuka's front, in a sort of reverse bearhug / backwards full nelson combo. K-Ness dropkicks Dragon's back, but is caught off the top with a dropkick. Again, I'm amazed that he looked like he had a purpose when he jumped. K-Ness with a reverse submission, into a slam for two. Flying kick, and a sitout powerbomb is broken up. Quadruple team on Dragon, and he's stretched out and thrown straight up in the air, only getting two. Brutal. K-Ness is knocked over on the top rope, and Araken hits him with a jawbreaker. Dragon's pin only gets two, and is rolled over for three. Araken rolls it back over and pins K-Ness for three.


Down to three left on each team now, and Araken is double teamed by Yokosuka and Horiguchi. Clothesline accidentally hits Horiguchi, and a jawbreaker puts Yokosuka down. Saito is in, and straight down, and there's a diving headbutt onto Horiguchi. Splash from the top misses, but a big boot gets two. Backstretch is broken with a dropkick, and a German suplex for 2.5. Saito can't lift him for a suplex, but Araken is triple teamed to the apron. Saito pulls him out to eliminate him.


Second Doi is double teamed now, as Do FIXER taunt the crowd. Punches and a chop put him down for two. Blind charge, and Horiguchi is launched onto the apron. He jumps off the rope and hits a dropkick. Clothesline, and an implant DDT gets two. Horiguchi with the ceremonial salt (or whatever they call talcum powder in Japan), but it gets Saito in the face, and he's rolled up for three. Quick rollup on Horiguchi gets two. Doi's blind charge misses, and Horiguchi tries to launch him across the ring, but is thrown down. Kick to his head, and an F5, but the referee is pulled out, and while he argues, there's another quadruple team, and Doi is thrown to the ground, but only for two. Horiguchi's facial expressions are priceless. Kuroki goes to hit Doi with the plastic crate, but gets Horiguchi instead. Doi gets an awesome reverse Boston crab / chinlock combination, and Horiguchi taps, to give Shin M2K the win.


Winners: Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid, Second Doi, Araken, & Raimu Mishima


It was a nice match – very fast paced, and without any dull spots – whenever someone hit a big spot, they instantly rolled out of the ring to allow the attention onto someone else. While this worked alright, it was a shame that we didn't get to see much of the selling. The elimination rules were weird too – it seemed to be over the top rope, or pinfalls. It was a little lengthy, but overall a great match.


4 for 6


CIMA, SUWA, Don Fujii & TARU vs. Magnum Tokyo, Susumu Yokosuka, Ryo Saito and Genki Horiguchi


TARU and Horiguchi start with some hair pulling. Saito comes in, and they hit a double team dropkick. Fujii is in, and no sells some chest shots, putting Saito down with one of his own. He double dropkicks both out of the ring, and as they duck, hits Saito on the back, who blames Horiguchi. They shove each other, as Tokyo comes in. Double team on Tokyo, but he kicks Fujii into CIMA. Pin on CIMA is broken as Tokyo anticipates an elbow drop, which lands on CIMA. He shoves Fujii, who shoves him back. Venezia cutely holds them apart, and they shake hands and kiss on the cheek. They invite a kiss from Venezia, but he hits them both on the face and runs away. Yokosuka is in, and takes down SUWA. They trade chops and shoulderbarges, with one finally putting Yokusua down. Venezia takes SUWA outside, and Fujii and CIMA double team Horiguchi. All four pull on his arms and legs, but are taken out by the other team. Leglock by CIMA, but Horiguchi makes the ropes. TARU with a kick to Horiguchi's nuts, and Yokosuka makes the save. Double team on TARU, by Yokosuka and Saito. Splash in the corner, and a second. Double Gutwrench backdrop gets two.


Fujii runs in, and is kicked twice, but not put down. He hits a powerbomb, but is attacked by Horiguchi. TARU in now, with a sitout powerbomb on Horiguchi, but is taken out by a top rope dropkick from Saito. Clothesline puts him down, and clotheslines are traded between both teams. Tokyo with some stomping in the corner, and a clothesline to CIMA. Off the top, with a front dropkick, and Horiguchi with a plancha. Fujii takes down Sauito, but he's kicked in the back, and suplexed. Two clotheslines put him down for two, and Horiguchi is back in. Split legged kick to Fujii, and everyone follows up with kicks. Hurricanrana in the orner, and a top rope splash gets two, as the referee is knocked over.


Fujii counters a backdrop, and CIMA is in and counters it too. DDT puts him down though. Horiguchi is held on the top, and slapped, and hit with a toss off the top. TARU is in, and gets a crucifix sitout powerbomb for the win.


Not a bad match, but a little short considering there were 8 men out there. Horiguchi's heel act is great to watch, and the teased tension rules. Good match, but I can't really recommend it.


Final rating: 5 for 7



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