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SummerSlam: The Good and the Bad

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Dudley Boyz vs. La Resistance


The Good


This is going to be a difficult part to write for each match tonight.




The ending with the false cameraman was pretty cool, although the real cameraman missed the shot.


The return of the WAZZZZUP drop


The Bad


Everything about this fucking stupid, 20 years out of date, pathetic racist angle.


A team as green and unover as La Resistance are the tag champions, and appearing on the PPV rather than the far superior SmackDown tag champions.


The ending did nothing for either team, and just solidified Rob Conway's unison with the team, something that would be better suited to Raw. I get the feeling I'm going to be saying "better suited to Raw" a few times tonight.



Undertaker vs. A-Train


I refuse to discuss this on principle. Suffice to say, another push stopped by the Undertaker, and Stephanie McMahon takes centre stage.



Shane McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff


The Good


Shane's always an entertaining guy to watch, and tonight was no exception. No, he's not a wrestler. Yes, he is a McMahon. But I like him, and that's all I care about.


Coach's heel turn was one of the most unexpected things I have ever seen. That was truly brilliant, with him commentating and mocking J.R.


The Bad


Let's be honest here. This was not a good wrestling match. It was a funny, entertaining segment, but would be better suited to Raw.


Bischoff has now been humiliated by Steph, Shane AND Linda. And probably Vince, but it's 4am and I can't be bothered to research. It's getting beyond a joke now, with a typical scenario being:


1) Bischoff, usually with the help of another wrestler(s), gets one over on a McMahon or Austin

2) Bischoff is signed to a PPV match

3) Bischoff has a "backup plan"

4) Bischoff is given a beating, and made to look like a bitch, and his backup plan fails.


I'm really, REALLY bored of it. I don't fully understand the reason for it, either. Vince wants to make Bischoff feel bad for trying to kill off the WWF? Don’t fucking hire him. Or is it all storyline based? Either way, I don't give a shit about it. Don’t want to see it. So that's one more reason not to watch Raw.



Eddie Guerrero vs. Tajiri vs. Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno


The Good


This was one of the two matches I was anticipating before the show, and it didn't let me down.


Eddie deliberately staying out of the ring was a nice in character touch.


The match worked well, with everyone seeming comfortable with each other, and very little (if any) "punch kick".


Benoit's powerbomb to the outside of the ring looked really good, and was the highlight of a bunch of great moves.


The Bad


It was too short, and not an elimination match. Other than that, I really enjoyed the match.



Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle


The Good


Brock Lesnar is much better at being a heel than a face, so this suited him well.


The ending, with Lesnar having to tap put Angle and the Anklelock over huge, which he needs, as he is not totally comfortable as a face yet.


The Bad


The match was pretty sloppy, and I could have done without McMahon being involved.


Brock tapped... twice?!


The crowd weren't too into it either, but fuck 'em.



Kane vs. Rob Van Dam


The Good


It wasn't a bad match, but it was nothing special, considering how many times they've worked together.


The Bad


Nothing stand out AT ALL happened.


Kane fell off the top rope, which wasn't his fault, but still made his Monster(~!) image look a little less credible.


RVD is WAY more over than Kane, and probably the better worker of the two. So why is Kane getting pushed, again?


There were a few more horribly worked spots, like the drop-toe hold onto a chair, which clearly missed by a mile.



Elimination Chamber


I'm going to leave this one to Just call me Dan from thesmartmarks.com's forums:


You truly could not feel the surprise/anger unless you watched the match. The match was VERY well booked up until that point.


Those Pheonix fans were chanting Goldberg the WHOLE match and he was dad last out. He demolished EVERYONE. Shawn and Jericho both did clean jobs following Orton going down to a spear alone. There is no reason why HHH couldn't have done a Rocky job (get his ass kicked and take leave). He could have come back months later and it would not have hurt him at all.


I think they'll throw the belt on Gberg at Unforgiven perhaps, but , no matter whn they do it, it will never be as awesome and heated as it could have been there.


I literally jumped out of my seat.


Goldberg was utilized perfectly in the match and did everything flawlessley. Hats off to him even after the match for taking a seriously stiff beating. I really thought he finally shined here.


Sad finish. Just sad.





The Good


Both SmackDown! title matches were pretty spiffy, and there was nothing offensive there.


Nothing sucked so badly that I changed channel, which is an improvement on Bad Blood.


Angle was made to look awesome against Lesnar.


The Bad


All four McMahons were there in person, for the first time since (I believe) Wrestlemania 2000. None of them offered anything that someone else couldn't have done.


Basically the wrong people were on. Dudleyz vs. La Resistance, instead of Team Angle vs. Kidman / Mysterio. Taker vs. A-Train, instead of fucking anything else at all.


The Elimination chamber seemed to be in fast forward, with everything happening seemingly instantly. And the ending, with the Evolution / Goldberg beatdown was more suited to Raw. Oh, and Triple H did one "move" (a sledgehammer shot), in the whole match. I think he's too injured to continue properly, so keeping the title on him is a joke.


It is a huge testament, however, to WWE, that they have such a great roster that so many guys must miss out shows like this. Sadly, it's some of the people I want to see most that aren't included



Recommendation: Avoid



Dames will have his Diatribe up soon, so keep checking back. I'll be back later in the week with a Tietam Brown review, and the results of the caption contest.



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