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Guest Suicide King

The cheering fans are the first thing people hear as SWF Smarkdown comes onto the air, the cameras pirouetting around the arena like ballerinas as they catch the noise of the crowd. Most of it, of course, is booing at the man in the ring. The fans are in full attendance despite the warnings the SWF's home town show would be small, and wave their many signs. From "Sinning Suxx0rs!" to "Thugg, Break Your Neck!" and the usual popular generic "Smark" and "Hi, Mum!" signs, they're out in full force. As the camera pans down towards the announcer's table as it commonly does, it notes Funyon in the ring apparently organising his cue cards, before we come down to the announcer's table where everyone's favourite announcing duo are!


"Welcome to the beginning of SWF Smarkdown, fans and citizens! I am CYCLOOOOOOOOONE COMET, here with Citizen Robert, and we're here in the SWF's home town!"


"Yeah, and we care for it...not." Riley mutters.


"Such angst, Citizen Riley."


"Duran and Va'aiga were cheated last week, and now Duran's curtain jerking! Damn right I'm angsty!"


The fans let loose with a ring of boos as the familiar noise of Duran Duran echoes throughout the arena.




The sound fades into that of Spineshank's "Synthetic" as the angry John Duran storms out from behind the curtain, focused an intense. As he looks towards the ring, he flips numerous fans the middle finger, and gets right in the face of one young fan with a snarl, scaring him senseless as Funyon announces.


"The following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Champaign Illinois! He weighs two hundred and sixty five pounds and stands at six-foot-eight! I give you the "Notorious One", JOOOOOHN DUUUUUUUURAAAAN!"


The booing of the fans are almost at fever pitch as the Notorious One rolls under the bottom rope, sneering at Funyon and the fans as he stretches in the ring and waits for his opponent. At the announcer table, Riley almost cheers up.


"He's angry and he's going to kick some ass, Comet."


"Do you remember who he's up against, Robert?"


"Why, who, oh costumed psychic?"




Riley promptly looks grumpy as all the lights dim out, and the sound of footsteps echoes through the arena. The split-screen camera work ends, and everything focuses on the entryway. The Smarktron shows a pair of walking black boots, followed by green and digitized words. [HEIGHT: 7'2"]. The camera pans back, revealing a pair of black-panted legs and the bottom of a white trenchcoat, and gloved hands. [WEIGHT: 360lbs]. The camera pulls back further, revealing white and black hair in a face that is obscured from few. Red words flash across the screen, as the fans begin to cheer. [sTATUS: RELEASED].


I stand firm in my solidarity

The path I walk (The path I walk)

I walk in with my own resolve...


The figure on the Smarktron lifts his head, and the crowd already knows who it is - Terrence "Janus" Bailey! As Killswitch Engage's "When Darkness Falls" booms over the arena, the seven footer sweeps the stage curtain aside and strides out onto the ramp! Thrusting his arms into the air, the giant feels the energy of the crowd as pyrotechnics erupt around him, black and white blasting into the air with machinegun-like speed!


"Ladies and gentlemen, his opponent hails from Sydney Australia! He stands at seven-foot-two and weighs three hundred and sixty pounds! Welcome the Anti-Heel Machine.....TERRRRRRRENCE "JAAAAAAAAAANUS" BAAAAAAAAAAILEEEEEEEY!"


When darkness falls...(When darkness falls!)

We are reborn! A dream since the fall of man,

We are reborn...


Discarding his trenchcoat as he reaches the bottom of the ramp, Terrence cracks the knuckles of his right hand against his palm, staring up into the ring at the Notorious One. John Duran snorts and cracks his neck, waiting for the Anti-Heel Machine, who climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring. The only thing seperating them is Matthew Kivell, as the referee keeps himself between the two giants, then waves towards the timekeeper's table.




Like a pair of bulls, the Anti-Heel Machine and the Notorious One collide, arm for arm as they lock up in a test of strength. With a snarl on his face, Duran finds himself being forced down by his opponent's height and muscular advantage. Slowly being driven to his knees, Notorious swings one of his legs up into Terrence's abdomen, breaking the test of strength. Snagging the doubled-over Australian by the arms Duran underhooks said limbs and drops the giant with a double-arm DDT before climbing back to his feet. Raining hefty stomps on the head and chest of the Anti-Heel Machine, the Notorious One vents a little fury before backing away a little.


Slowly, a little stunned from the hefty kicking, Terrence sits up and shakes his head, his back to Duran. The evil superstar crouches just a little as the Anti-Heel Machine climbs back to his feet and turns around...only to get a faceful of elbow as the Notorious One knocks the giant back to the mat with a running elbow smash! Stretching his leg out, Duran follows up the attack with a leaping legdrop across the throat of Terrence before hooking a leg and looking up at Kivell.






"Not even a two count for the Citizen Duran, Robert!" Comet calls.


"Pfft! That was AT LEAST two, Comet!"


"The referee knows what he's doing, Citizen Riley."


Again sitting up, Terrence pushes himself to his feet. Rubbing his throat and seemingly not very shaken at all, the Australian rises up and is promptly poked in the eyes by the Notorious One! As he's admonished by the referee, the *SMACK* hand of Duran's hand closing around the Anti-Heel Machine's throat is heard, as he prepares to lift the three hundred and sixty pounder up for a chokeslam. The Notorious One's attempt is cut short however as the giant's huge right hand finds its mark square in the middle of Duran's face!


"KNUCKLE BOMB!" Comet hollers.


"DQ him, ref! That was a closed punch!" Riley retorts.


Sent staggering across the ring from the fierce Knuckle Bomb, Duran slumps against the ropes and shakes his head clear. Politely lifting an admonishing Kivell out of the way by the shoulders, Terrence runs forward and slams his leg into Duran's face again with a big boot, kicking the Notorious One over the top rope and to the floor. As Kivell moves to start the count, the Anti-Heel Machine climbs out onto the apron, and then onto the floor as Duran staggers to his feet...


...only to feel the giant's hand wrap around his throat in preparation for a chokeslam!




Duran slams his boot into the giant's groin, prompting boos from the crowd as Terrence releases his hold and stumbles back, doubling over to hold his punished genitalia.




With a smirk on his face, ignoring the boos of the crowd, Duran wraps his arms around the bent Australian's body and gutwrenches him up onto his shoulders. Grimacing at the weight, the Notorious One slams Terrenceb back down into the matting with a gutwrench powerbomb!




Turning to climb back into the ring, Duran hesitates as the Anti-Heel Machine pushes himself into a sitting position, looking rather displeased with that low blow. Considering after a moment, the Notorious One turns back towards the rising giant and charges forward...




...slamming himself into the monster's abdomen with a spear-like tackle! However the seven footer doesn't fall down, staggering back and clutching at his stomach. Wrapping an arm around the giant's head, Duran signals for a DDT, but feels his feet leaving the ground as Terrence hoists him up over one shoulder...




...and SLAMS him back down brutally with a high-angle spinebuster! Arching his back in pain, the Notorious One writhes on the ground as Terrence looks down at him, rubs his stomach, and rolls back into the ring, rising to his feet as John Duran gathers his wits on the outside.




"Duran seems to be having some sort of problem, Comet" Riley sounds concerned.


"That 'problem' would be a beating at the hands of the righteous Citizen Bailey, Robert." Comet replies sagely.


As Kivell's count reaches SEVEN, Duran dives under the bottom rope and rises to his feet, only to be met with a skull-cracking headbutt from the Anti-Heel Machine! Grabbing the Notorious One by the arm, Terrence whips him into the ropes at high speed. As Duran rebounds, lowering his head to duck a big boot, the giant slams a boot into his stomach, flips him up onto seven foot tall shoulders, and DROPS back to the mat with a stunning sitout powerbomb, holding it for the pin attempt!








Duran thrusts his shoulder off the canvas, and Terrence doesn't dispute the count, rising back to his feet and stepping back across the ring. Crouching slightly, the Anti-Heel Machine smiles as the Notorious One climbs to his feet, before charging across the ring. Duran doesn't even know what hits him as he turns around to look for his opponent, only the thundering pain in his chest as he's knocked to the ground with a vicious GOOOOORE! Rolling aside, Terrence climbs back to his feet and lifts his hand in the air, once more signalling for that elusive chokeslam!


"Citizen Bailey planning to go once more for that chokeslam, Robert!"


"Pfft! Duran will get out of it with technical superiority!"


"Like another kick to the male privates, Citizen Riley?"


Wiggling his fingers in the air, Terrence waits for Duran to stagger back up, before locking his hand around the Notorious One's throat! Grabbing Kivell by the arm, Duran tries to get out of the chokeslam as the referee tries to free himself. While the official is distracted, the Notorious One lifts his knee up - but instead of hitting the giant with a low blow, he finds his knee parried by Terrence's...


...who promptly knees DURAN in the groin, to a pop from the crowd! Gasping, the Notorious One releases Kivell, and gets lifted up, up, up.....and sent crashing back DOWN to the mat with a painful looking chokeslam! Dropping laterally, he presses his hands against the Notorious One's chest and looks up at Kivell, who dusts off his shirt before dropping to make the count!










Once more, Duran kicks out, rolling away under the bottom rope. Terrence looks ready to follow him, but the giant is halted by Kivell, who queries about the chokeslam. Slapping his knee, the referee asks if there was a low blow at all, and it's answered with a quick headshake from the giant. Taking the big man's word, Kivell nods and moves out of the way.


"Now look at that! Bias from the referee!" Riley snorts.


"If Terrence had admitted it, he would have lost the match. Honesty is a virtue, but Citizen Duran had it coming." Comet reasons.


"So you agree with what he did! Hypocrite." Riley mutters.


Stepping between the ropes, Terrence Bailey drops to the matting as John Duran smirks and slides back into the ring. Rolling his eyes with a sigh, the giant climbs back up on the apron and steps over the top rope. And Duran lunges forward, grabbing the rope and yanking it, crotching the seven footer! The Anti-Heel Machine hangs onto the rope almost comically before tilting to the side and falling off, tumbling to the mat on the outside. The Notorious One smirks, and Kivell has no choice but to make the ten count.




"That was nefarious!" Comet mutters.


"Justice, Comet!" Riley crows.




The Anti-Heel Machine continues to roll on the ground in pain, holding his punished privates. Duran leans over the rope and yells a random insult at the in-pain Australian. Comet looks disgusted while Bobby Riley flashes a thumbs up to the Notorious One.




"Look at Citizen Duran, Robert. He's like a villanious cat in the cream, with that cheap shot on Citizen Bailey!"


"I know, isn't it glorious, Comet?" the amibigiously gay co host responsds.


"In your mind, maybe." the superhero shoots back.




Terrence finally stops rolling about in pain and starts pushing himself back up, clearly unhappy with being crotched. Duran notices this and stops smirking, his eyes narrowed. Kivell continues to count, as the Notorious One paces around the ring.




Rising to his full height, Terrence glares towards the ring, and Duran promptly slides out the other side, prompting Matthew Kivell to begin his count again as the Anti-Heel Machine stalks the Notorious One around the ring. Grinning, Duran motions for the monster to come and get him as he backs away around the ring.




"Look at Citizen Duran! This can't be good for Citizen Bailey. He's trying to goad him!" Comet sighs.


"And it's working!" Riley grins. "The big buffoon wants revenge for that crotching!"




Circling around the other side of the ring, Duran crouches and searches under the apron. He continues to do so as the Anti-Heel Machine comes stalking around the ring towards him. Rising again from the apron, the Notorious One continues to back away, passing the announce table with something behind his back.




Stopping in his tracks, Duran yells an insult at the Anti-Heel Machine, who increases his pace. Storming around the corner of the ring like an angry bull, the seven footer looks ready to do some severe punishment to the Notorious One. Kivell, about to count the next number, notices what Duran is hiding behind his back and slides out of the ring...




...but is too late to stop it as the Notorious One blasts the Anti-Heel Machine in the face with a brutal chairshot! Jabbing the giant in the ribs to double him over, Duran then brings the steel chair down on the back of the Australian's head, dropping him to the ground. Kivell waves furiously for the bell, before trying to get the chair off the Notorious One.




"Hey! What's that for? Kivell didn't see it!" Riley yells.


"Apparently he DID, Robert!"


"The winner of this bout as a result of a disqualification....the Anti-Heel Machine.....TERRRRRENCE "JAAAAAANUS" BAAAAAAAAILEEEEEEEY!"




Kivell goes down to a chairshot as he fails to take the chair from the Notorious One, who turns around to find the resilient Anti-Heel Machine climbing to his knees, blood running down his face. With a smirk, John Duran lifts the chair high above his head in preparation to take the seven footer out of the game...


"Duran looking to make a big statement to the Trinity!" Riley chortles with glee.


"Come on, Citizen Terrence! Use your superpowers!" Comet urges.


...and the Notorious One's eyes BULGE out of his head as the giant slams a right fist straight into Duran's genitalia, possibly rendering the Notorious One impotent with a Knuckle Bomb! Gurgling in pain, Duran drops the chair, and the Anti-Heel Machine pushes himself upright and locks the Notorious One in a front facelock! He pauses before elevating him into the air...


...and dropping him FACEFIRST into the chair with the Implant DDT that Terrence calls the Everdream! The crowd cheers as the Notorious One is busted open, and finally, the sound of "When Darkness Falls" echoes from the speakers. With blood staining his face, the Anti-Heel Machine lifts his arms in the air and turns to the crowd, who cheer wildly for his actions.


"Hey, they cheer him and boo Duran for using the chair! What's up with that?" Riley complains.


"Citizen Bailey used it to get revenge for an earlier blow by Duran, Robert" Comet states sagely.


Walking around the side of the ring, the giant shakes off worried officials, even slapping hands with a fan or two as he reaches the ramp, striding up it. The fans cheer as the monster disappears backstage, and the camera pans back to Cyclone Comet and Bobby Riley.


"An intense match where cheating did NOT pay off, Robert! Next up, we have Citizen Strangler taking on Citizen Matthews in a Submissions match!"


"Grappler's going to own him, Comet. Strangler wouldn't know a submission if it smacked him...in teh BUTT."


Back outside the ring, Duran sprawls on the mat with blood covering his face, and the only thing he can hear is the sound of the giant's theme song ringing in his ears.


When darkness falls...(When darkness falls!)

We are reborn! A dream since the fall of man,

We are reborn...

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Guest Suicide King

Right after the opener, the camera catches Terrence "Janus" Bailey backstage. Still bleeding from the chairshots inflicted upon him by John Duran, the giant forsakes going to the medical bay for treatment. With his trenchcoat fluttering behind him, the Anti-Heel Machine turns one corner, two, and stops at a door marked "Unholy Trinity", heading inside. The camera instantly cuts to the inside of the Trinity locker room, which seems to be deserted save for the figure lying on the couch, who sits up when Terrence enters.


"Kayin." the giant greets as he strides across the floor.


"Terrence." the purple-haired, leather clad goth girl replies.


"Where's Dace and Danny?"


"Danny's got the show off, he's not here. Dace is getting his gear together."


Momentarily disappearing into the locker room's shower area, the giant comes back with a bloodied and wet cloth that he presses to his forehead, before he lowers himself down onto the couch. Kayin, with a short leather jacket and short black skirt and a fishet 'shirt', inspects the giant as he sits himself down. Particularly, the bloodied cloth Terrence is now pressing to his forehead.


"How's your head anyway? Duran nailed you pretty hard with that chair."


"I'll live. It's just a really bloody cut."


"That's what Dace says, and not only after matches." the goth girl responds with a sly grin. Terrence gives her a sideways glance, and then the door swings open once more, revealing none other than the High Priest of Horrorcore. The giant lifts a hand in greetings to his stablemate, and Kayin slides to her feet and over to Dace, draping her arms around his neck and pecking his cheek with a mischevious smile. Dace smirks, then calmly unwinds Kayin's arms from his neck, speaking in a gruff British-accented voice.


"Later, Kay. I need to have a chat with Terrence first."


Kayin -almost- pouts before nodding her head, before the High Priest of Horrorcore drops onto the couch next to the Anti-Heel Machine.


"How's your head, man?"


"Sore, but I'll live. Ready for your match later?"


Dace nods his head.


"Of course I am. Speaking of later matches - you've got that shot at the Hardcore Gamers' Championship, haven't you?"


"I do, but that's in the future. Against Wildchild. I really should apologise to him..."


The High Priest claps a hand on the bigger man's shoulder, as Terrence continues to hold the wet and bloody cloth to his forehead.


"Past is past, man. Apologise AFTER you kick his ass, eh?"


Terrence half-smiles at this, nodding his head. Dace cracks a grin, that gets a little wider as Kayin slips her arms around the High Priest's neck, leaning on the back of the chair. She nibbles on his ear lightly with a smirk on her face, then glances at the expression on the Anti-Heel Machine's face, with a slightly wider smirk.


"Could you NOT do that while I'm around? Thank you." the giant rumbles, as Kayin stops after a particularly firm little chew. Dace rubs his ear as if inspecting for blood, and then looks up at Terrence - he sees in the giant's eyes what's on his mind.


"Va'aiga, right?"


"Right." Terrence nods his head.


"He's not gonna be happy after what you did - but he fucking deserved it."


"He deserves a lot more, Dace..."


As the High Priest of Horrorcore looks up at his companion, Terrence takes the cloth from his forehead and puts it on the couch next to him. A visible gash across his head from the chairshot is visible, but most of the blood has been soaked up. He looks down at the Brummie Goth and speaks with a terribly calm sounding voice.


"Once, not long ago, I betrayed a friend. I suffered for that in sweat, in blood, in pain, Dace. And I came to know my wrong."


The giant's eyes burn with a calculating fire.


"Va'aiga will sweat, Va'aiga will bleed, and Va'aiga will FEEL that pain, and then, ONLY then, will he have gotten what he deserved. And he will know how wrong he was to cross his friends."


Seeing the tension in the giant's body, familiar with the sensation that must be flowing through Terrence's veins, Dace Night nods his head, staring up at his taller companion.


"You'll make him pay, Terrence. You can make him pay. Just don't let that get loose on Wildchild when you face him, man. He doesn't deserve that."


Taking a deep breath, Terrence "Janus" Bailey nods his head, then rises slowly to his feet as blood begins trickling from the cut on his forehead again. Motioning to the injury, the Anti-Heel Machine steps again to the door, opens it, and disappears. The camera lingers on the Trinity locker room just in time to see Kayin slip into Dace's lap, but then the camera blacks to commercial.

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Guest Suicide King

“…that’s right, for just $4.99, you too can own ‘TokyoX: The Life and Times of the SJL’s Most Famous Wrestler!’ from his hilarious debut to his timely removal, relive all of his hits and misses with this three minute tape! Order today!”




SWF Smarkdown explodes back onto the air on the first day of December in the home of the Smarks Wrestling Federation, Chicago, Illinois! The thousands of fans inside of the sold out United Center all try and get on camera, showcasing their signs. The camera focuses on some of them, including “THUGG ISN’T PHAT, HE’S JUST FAT!” “FLESHER OWNS THE SWF” and “LET’S GO STRANGLER!” As the last sign is focused on, the camera pans to ringside, where everyone’s favorite tag team sits at the announce desk!


“Welcome back to SWF Smarkdown, ladies and gentlemen! I’m CYCLOOOOOOONE COMET, along with my partner, Bobbo Riley!”


Riley sighs before addressing the camera. “Yes folks, we’re back, and just in time to see two of the premier big-men in the SWF face off in a, well, unexpected stipulation match. After a COMPLETELY out of character match on Lockdown against Wildchild, Charlie Matthews demanded a more technical encounter!”


“Right you are, Bobbo! And Commissioner Stevens was happy to give him a submissions match, against none other than the former SWF World Heavyweight Champion, The Boston Strangler!” Comet adds before taking a swig of a crisp, refreshing Pepsi Max®.


“Oh, like that’s a problem,” scoffs Riley, “Strangler doesn’t know the difference between a wristlock and a…wristlock…wait, how does that go again?”


Before Riley can get his question answered, the lights in the United Center go out! The crowd waits in anticipation, as “Some Kind of Monster” by Metallica kicks in! The jeers come down in a flood as a single spotlight shines on the entryway, as the dynamic duo of James Matheson and Charlie “Grappler” Matthews appear!


“Ladies and gentlemen,” begins the booming voice of Funyon, “the following contest is a SUBMISSIONS match! Approaching the ring, being accompanied by ‘The Revered’ James Matheson, from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at 287 pounds, this is CHAAAAAAAARLIE ‘GRAPPLER’ MAAAAAAATTHEWSSSS!!”


The boos continue as the two men begin walking down the ramp, Matheson trading snide remarks with ringside fans, and Charlie simply staring into the ring. As they reach the ringside area, Matheson takes his spot at ringside while Matthews climbs up the steps and between the ropes, into the ring where he awaits his opponent.


“And his opponent!” begins Funyon, as the fans begin to buzz.



…and that buzz turns into an outright cheer as Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” hits and “STRANGLER” appears on the SmarkTron amidst a pyro explosion!




“…from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 303 pounds, this is THE BOSSSSSSSSSSTON STRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGLERRRRRRRRR!!!!!”


The former World Champion appears from behind the curtain, raising his fist in the air to the cheering Chicagoans before marching down the ramp, climbing up the steps and entering the ring! Strangler heads to the turnbuckle to pose for the fans, but as he does, Matthews blindsides Strangler, catching him with a club-like forearm to his upper back! Nick Soapdish immediately signals for the bell to begin this match!




Charlie keeps Strangler cornered, as he continuously sends forearms into the back of the former champion. Satisfied after five clubbing blows, Grappler turns Strangler around and takes him by the arm, pushing him against the ropes and towards the other side of the ring. However, still fresh in the match, Strangler is able to spin around and reverse this momentum, sending Matthews to the opposite ropes. As Grappler rebounds, TBS swings his left arm out, catching Charlie right under the jaw with a clothesline that drops him down to the mat! The crowd lets out a roar as Grappler hits the canvas, and quickly rolls towards the turnbuckle to avoid any immediate contact. TBS approaches his opponent, but Matthews quickly summons Soapdish and demands that he keep Strangler away from him, which the referee reluctantly does.


“Would you look at Citizen Charles,” begins Comet, “he’s stalling already! This match will never get off the ground if he resorts to these tactics!”


“It’s all about strategy,” replies Riley, “Grappler is going to keep this match going at HIS pace, and he’s not going to let anyone else change that.”


Tired of waiting, Strangler shoves Nick Soapdish away and approaches Grappler, only to have Matthews shoot his thumb out, gouging his eye! With TBS temporarily blinded, Charlie moves out of the corner and towards the center of the ring, where he grabs the former champion in a front facelock. From there, Grappler grabs onto Strangler’s tights and, showcasing impressive strength, hoists TBS upside down into the air, for a total of five seconds before falling back and dropping him to the mat with a vertical suplex! Without hesitation, Matthews mounts Strangler and clasps his hands around his throat, blatantly choking the life out of the Boston native! While Soapdish can’t break the hold, he tries to talk some sense into Matthews, but of course, it is ignored. Finally, after nearly ten seconds, Grappler lets go of the choke and kneels down against a side of the ring to consult with James Matheson.


“The stipulations of this match play right into the favor of old school CHEATS like Charlie Matthews!” argues Comet.


“Psh, I bet you won’t be saying that later when Strangler’s doing the same thing!” retorts Riley.


After a brief consultation with his manager, Matthews heads back to the recovering Strangler. With TBS on one knee, Charlie drives a double axe handle down onto his head, and then backs up to the ropes. As he charges back at TBS, Strangler is able to stand up, and as he does, he lifts Grappler onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, before falling back with a big Samoan Drop! The Chicago crowd lets out a cheer as The Boston Strangler proceeds to mount Grappler…and wraps his hands around his throat, executing the same blatant choke!


“I told you Comet, I told you!” shouts Riley, “that bastard is just as bad a cheater as anyone else in the SWF!”


“Well…” replies Comet, “I guess there’s no protecting these men with such dangerous stipulations!”


“…that’s the best you’ve got?!” taunts Riley.


After five seconds of this choke, Strangler releases the hold, but then drags Matthews over into a corner of the ring, where he pulls back and swings his outstretched palm towards Grappler’s chest!










With Matthews reeling, TBS grabs him by the arm and whips him out of the corner, towards the opposite turnbuckle! Charlie hits the other side with so much force, he staggers out, only to walk right back into Strangler’s clutches, as the former champion grabs Matthews by the leg and hoists him into the air, falling back and dropping him face-first to the mat with a big flap jack!


“You have to believe,” starts Comet, “that Strangler is going to start setting up a submission hold any minute now.”


“Are you kidding?!” asks Riley, “I doubt Strangler even knows what kind of match this is. Next thing you know, he’ll try and pin Grappler.”


Matthews again tries to separate himself from Strangler, as he scurries towards the turnbuckle. He lifts himself up, and at the same time, TBS charges towards Charlie, looking to catch him with a big corner splash…but Grappler is able to lift his left leg up, nailing TBS right in the face with a big boot! As the larger man staggers backward, Matthews ducks behind him, lacing his arms under his and clasping his fingers together, applying pressure to Strangler’s head and neck with an old fashioned full nelson! The United Center crowd groans and begins jeering as Matthews keeps the hold locked in, pushing against his opponent’s head as hard as possible. Strangler struggles to fight the hold, but Matthews’ grip is strong as he wrenches in the hold. TBS tries to slowly walk towards the ropes to break the hold, but Matthews is right ahead of him, and he pulls Strangler right back to the center of the ring, despite the fact that it wouldn’t cause a rope break.


“See, Comet?” begins Riley, “Charlie Matthews is a genius. He knows that any submission, when built properly, can end the match. Can you see Strangler tapping out to a FULL NELSON?”


“Well, not really, Bobbo-“


“Damn it! You just no-sold my whole argument!”


“*ahem* nevertheless, Bobby, Citizen Charles is a solid technician in the ring, and could produce the submission here tonight.”


As a last resort and with the support of the crowd behind him, Strangler decides to kick his legs forward and sit out, which brings Grappler’s jaw crashing down on TBS’ skull! Matthews recoils from the blow as Strangler stands up, and TBS then charges at Charlie, extending his arm out as he leaps forward, hooking his arm around the neck and bringing Matthews crashing down to the canvas with a falling neckbreaker! Sensing opportunity, Strangler brings Charlie back to his feet and stands behind him, before pulling his head back and wrapping his arm around his throat, executing a Dragon Sleeper! In a frenzy, Matthews collapses against the nearby ropes when the move is put on, but Soapdish doesn’t do a thing, since it’s no disqualification! Grappler struggles valiantly with the help of the ropes to break the hold, but Strangler keeps his grip strong and tight around his neck! Finally, James Matheson sees his meal ticket in trouble and dashes over to the scene. Ignoring Nick Soapdish, Matheson leaps onto the ring apron and sends a big slap right across Strangler’s face!






“That bastard!” shouts Comet, “Can’t James Matheson just keep himself OUT of the match? Strangler HAD Citizen Charles there!”


“It’s his job!” retorts Riley, “as a manager, it’s James Matheson’s job to keep an eye out for his meal ticket, and he did!”


Incensed, Strangler does exactly what Matheson expected him to do, releasing the dragon sleeper and lunging right at the manager! Matheson tries to jump off the apron to save himself, but Strangler grabs him by the collar of the suit, and pulls him up and over the ropes, into the ring! The crowd roars as they expect Matheson to get his just rewards…




…until Charlie Matthews, behind Strangler, lifts his closed fist up between TBS’ legs! With the Boston native doubled over in pain, Matheson scurries out of the ring, while Charlie wraps his arms around Strangler in a waistlock, before heaving back and hoisting TBS up into the air and over onto his neck with a German suplex! The force of the suplex rolls Strangler over onto his stomach, and Grappler remains right on top of him, literally, as he mounts TBS’ back and wraps an arm around his throat. From there, Matthews rolls over onto his back, pulling back with a rear naked choke on the Strangler!




*clap – clap - clap - clap - clap*


“The rear naked choke is yet another very effective submission maneuver,” notes Comet, “and you have to believe Charles is using this to set up his Sleeper Hold!”


“The most dangerous Sleeper Hold EVER, Comet!” adds Riley.


“And what, exactly, Bobbo, makes this Sleeper Hold so much different?”


“…well, um, you’d…you’d have to ask Grappler that. He knows the secret.”


Matthews continues to wrench on the hold as the capacity United Center crowd continues to show their support for the former World Champion. Strangler’s movements become slower and slower as Charlie keeps the hold in longer, and when Nick Soapdish sees this, he decides to check Strangler for the submission. Soapdish begins asking TBS is he submits, and, after getting no response, checks for the knock out.


He raises the arm up once…



…and it falls!




He raises the arm a second time…




…and it falls!





The arm goes up a third time…




…and it doesn’t drop! Strangler surges with adrenaline as the Chicago fans explode out of their seats in support. TBS uses his weight advantage to roll over onto his stomach, albeit with Grappler still applying the hold. Strangler reaches over with his right arm…and grabs the bottom rope! From there, TBS pulls up on the rope, and using his left arm, reaches up…and grabs the middle rope! Strangler is able to pull himself up to one knee, and summoning all his available strength, TBS, in one quick motion, rises to his feet and falls backwards, crushing Grappler under his weight and breaking the rear naked choke!


“And Strangler breaks the hold!” rejoices Comet, and to celebrate, he takes a swig of his crisp, refreshing Pepsi Max®. “But one has to wonder how much that choke weakened the former champ.”


“A whole hell of a lot!” adds Riley, “Charlie squeezed the life out of him, and it’s only by luck that Strangler got out of that hold.”


Both men reach their feet at the same time, but TBS is able to grab Matthews in a front facelock, as he signals for the Lobotomy! Strangler twists around, looking to drive his elbow down into the back of Grappler’s head, but with his back to Matthews, Charlie is able to shove him away, sternum-first into the turnbuckle! As TBS rebounds, Grappler spins him around…and wraps his arms around Strangler as tightly as he can, squeezing with all of his might in the most dreaded submission maneuver of our time!




“Well, this maneuver certainly is…” Comet searches for a word, “…agonizing, to say the least. But you have to wonder exactly WHY Grappler is using this. If he’s trying to set up the Sleeper Hold, this isn’t going to do the trick.”


“It’s to get in his head, Comet! THE BEARHUG is Charlie Matthews’ way of saying ‘I got you now, bitch, and you ain’t goin’ anywhere!’”


Matthews continues to squeeze THE BEARHUG in, trying to completely immobilize Strangler. TBS roars in pain as he tries to pry Grappler’s arms off of him, to no avail. The fans, meanwhile, roar in a different type of pain.








At ringside, James Matheson tells the “stupid inbred city-dwellers” to shut their mouths and enjoy the wrestling exhibition inside of the ring. Needless to say, he is met with nothing but jeers and even more “BORING” chants. Now, Strangler decides to resort to his fists, as he lifts his arms up and sends wild punches onto the head of Matthews. However, Grappler summons up the strength to endure them, and only squeezes harder as TBS begins to slow down. Strangler’s movements come fewer and farther between, and as Nick Soapdish comes to check on Strangler for a submission…Matthews lets go of the hold!


“…the hell is he doing?!” Riley screams, “He had Strangler DOWN and OUT!”


“Didn’t you just say yourself, Citizen Riley,” begins Comet, “that Charles was just using the bearhug to weaken Strangler for the rest of the match, namely the Sleeper?”


“Good…just testing to, uh, see if you actually, you know, listen to me.”


Charlie lets Strangler fall to the mat, on his knees, with his back facing towards him. Grappler then lifts his arms over his head, signaling for the Sleeper Hold! Matthews moves in for the kill…and wraps his left arm around Strangler’s neck, under his chin, while applying pressure to the forehead with his right hand, locking in the Sleeper! The jeers flood the United Center as Strangler again begins to struggle for his consciousness. Matthews nods, a sick smile creeping across his face as he continues to put the Boston native to sleep. However, before the move is on too tightly, Strangler is able to summon the wind to charge backwards, driving his body into Grappler’s, right into the turnbuckle! The crowd cheers as Matthews loosens the hold out of instinct from the blow, and so Strangler charges again, driving Matthews into the turnbuckle a second time, breaking the Sleeper! Charlie slumps against the turnbuckle as Strangler leans against the ropes, regaining his bearings. Grappler, however, charges out of the corner at Strangler…


…only to have Strangler capture him in a choke! With one hand around Matthews’ throat, Strangler uses his inhuman strength to hoist Charlie up into the air, and slam him down HARD to the canvas with The Plunge!


“THE PLUNGE!” shouts Comet, “That’s Strangler’s signature chokeslam, and it must’ve taken everything he had left to pull that off!”


“And that’s why it was a bad idea to do it,” adds Riley. “He could’ve kept to the less-intensive punch-kick he usually does, but no, he had to go and waste all of that energy with a chokeslam.”


Strangler rolls into a corner to catch his breath as Grappler holds his head and neck in pain. James Matheson, at ringside, shouts words of encouragement to his client, as sweat pours down his face. TBS finally pulls himself up out of the corner and stalks Grappler, as he lifts him up and stands behind him, once again wrapping his arm around his throat in an inverted facelock, and then wrenching back, executing the Dragon Sleeper! The United Center roars in unison as Matthews is caught in the devastating submission hold. TBS drops to a knee to further cinch in the move, but once again, James Matheson jumps on the apron, distracting Nick Soapdish!


“You have to be KIDDING!” objects Comet, “that damned James Matheson! He’s ruining every opportunity that Strangler has to win this match!”


“Well, that’s his OWN fault!” argues Riley, “Matheson’s just talking to the referee about the Green Bay/Detroit game. It’s Strangler that lets himself be distracted by that!”


TBS keeps a hold on Grappler, however, refusing to let Matheson’s distraction get in the way. When Matheson sees that the diversion isn’t working, however, he decides to enter the ring! He runs over to Strangler, only to have the former World Champion rise to his feet, with the Sleeper still applied, and lift his left leg up into Matheson’s genitals!




The Chicagoans roar as James drops to the canvas, holding his precious testicles, and roar even louder when Nick Soapdish takes the liberty of literally kicking Matheson under the bottom rope and out of the ring! With that, Strangler remains standing and, with the dragon sleeper still applied, he uses his free hand to grab Matthews’ tights and hoist him up into the air, before dropping down and sending him crashing to the mat! Once there, TBS keeps the Dragon Sleeper locked on tight!


“THE LAST BREATH!” cries Comet, “Strangler just hit Citizen Charles with the Last Breath, and he still has the Dragon Sleeper applied! This is it for the Grappler!”


“Forget the match for a minute,” Riley chimes in, agitated, “someone needs to come out here and replace Nick Soapdish as official referee for this match! I mean, he can’t just take liberties in getting physically involved in the match like that!”


“Bobbo, Citizen Matheson isn’t even IN the match. I think Soapdish has the right to evict him from the ring, even if by force.”


TBS locks the hold on tightly, wrenching back on Matthews’ neck in a rabid attempt to choke him out. Grappler, meanwhile, still makes a desperate attempt to reach for the ropes, because even if they don’t break the hold, they will still provide a leverage advantage he could use to escape. With his skull rattled from the Last Breath, however, the chances look slim to none. The crowd, feverishly behind Strangler, begins a chant of “YOU’VE GOTTA TAP! YOU’VE GOTTA TAP!” but Grappler ignores them as he struggles for what may be his, well, last breath. To apply more pressure to the hold, Strangler sits Grappler up with the move still applied so he can stand up and wrap his legs tightly around Matthews’ body in a body scissors. However, Charlie takes advantage of this slight opening, as he moves his body over closer to the ropes! Strangler decides to forget the body scissors and focus on Grappler, and he does this by simply pulling Matthews farther away from the ropes…right into the middle of the ring!


“By Kent’s shadow,” declares Comet, “Strangler has put Citizen Matthews in the position of no escape! The finish should be academic by now!”


“Don’t count Matthews out, Comet!” argues Riley, “I don’t care how powerful Strangler’s Dragon Sleeper is, Grappler is STRONGER, and he’ll find some way to fight out!”


Matthews’ movements and futile attempts to reach the ropes slow down, and, seconds later, cease to continue. Seeing this, and after a roar from Strangler to “CHECK HIM!” Nick Soapdish drops down and checks for the submission!


He raises the arm once…



…and it falls!



The arm is raised a second time…




…and it falls!




Soapdish raises the arm a third and final time…



…and it drops…






…but DOESN’T hit the mat! The crowd becomes ferocious in its jeering as Matthews sucks in a breath of pure adrenaline. However, instead of actually fighting the hold, Grappler uses his left hand to reach into his tights, and pull out his enormous, hard pair of brass knuckles! In clear view of Nick Soapdish, Matthews places the knucks on his hand and swings his fist back, connecting right with Strangler’s jaw! The jeers intensify as the Dragon Sleeper is finally released, and TBS remains unmoving on the mat!


“That cheating bastard!” says Comet, seething with anger.


“Hey, it’s all legal, Comet.” Riley shoots back, smugly. “There’s not a DAMN thing Soapdish OR Strangler can do about it now.


Matthews, while obviously having the advantage now, continues to lie on the mat. However, he is finally able to slowly pull himself up, using the ropes. After leaning against the ropes for a bit, Matthews lifts his arms above his head and roars to the Chicago crowd, signaling for the Powerbomb! Grappler walks over to Strangler and slowly lifts him off the mat, gingerly holding his own neck as he does so. However, he is able to place the Boston native in a standing headscissors, preparing for his big finishing maneuver. Matthews grabs a tight waistlock around Strangler and, summoning whatever strength he can, snaps back to bring Strangler onto his shoulders…but as he snaps back, he aggravates his neck! Matthews pauses with Strangler still in the headscissors to nurse his neck, and as he does so, TBS miraculously is able to stand up, which in turn flips Grappler up and over, crashing down onto the mat back-first! The Chicago fans wake up in grand fashion, cheering madly for Strangler as he struggles to regain his bearings. Sensing that this opportunity won’t last long, TBS lifts Matthews off the canvas and, grabbing him by the arm, whips him hard into the turnbuckle. From there, Strangler hoists Matthews up into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle!


“This is amazing!” cries Comet, “Strangler was presumed dead a minute ago after that vile brass knuckles shot, but now he’s setting Citizen Charles up for the Southie Slam!”


“Oh, who CARES?” questions Riley, “What the hell is the Southie Slam going to do in a submissions match?”


“You didn’t ask that question when Matthews was setting Strangler up for the Powerbomb, Bobbo.”


Strangler takes Matthews by the arms and stands him up on the second rope, holding him in crucifix position…as Grappler begins kneeing TBS in the back! Agitated by this, Strangler releases Matthews’ arms, but that was just the opportunity Grappler was looking for, as he leaps off the second rope and onto Strangler’s back, wrapping his left arm around his neck and using his right hand to apply pressure to the forehead! The crowd boos viciously as the Sleeper Hold is applied, and Strangler immediately drops face-down to the mat under the weight of Matthews! Charlie rolls over onto his side, allowing him to wrap one of his meaty legs around Strangler’s midsection, applying even more pressure to the agonizing submission!


“YES! YES! YES!” rejoices Riley, “What a glorious counter! Charlie Matthews is the smartest wrestler alive! We’re about to see the upset of the year right here!”


“A crafty counter indeed,” Comet adds, disappointment in his voice, “and I’m not sure Strangler’s going to be able to escape such a move!”




*clap – clap – clap – clap – clap*




*clap – clap – clap – clap – clap*


The Chicago fans are as loud as they have ever been as they try to fuel TBS’ fire, but the attempts seem futile as Strangler looks to be slowly but surely fading from the sleeper. Matthews wrenches back the Sleeper, satisfaction spread across his face. Even James Matheson, just recovering from ringside, runs over to the timekeeper’s table and grabs a microphone to begin taunting Strangler in a singsong voice!


“Goooooooooodbyeeeeeeeee and gooooood niiiiiiiiiight, go to beeeeeeeeed and sleeeeeeeeeeeeep tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight………”


Riley joins in on the lullaby from the commentary table, but Comet has a look of disgust on his face.


“Someone, stop the pain!” the superhero cries, “I’m begging you, I’ll give up Pepsi Max® for a month if someone just stops Citizen Matheson’s singing!”


Matthews shouts at Nick Soapdish to check Strangler for the submission, and he does so, to the displeasure of the Chicago crowd.


He lifts Strangler’s arm up once…




…and it falls!





The arm goes up a second time…





…and it falls!







The arm goes up a third time…


…and it falls…





…and falls…







…and hits the canvas.


The crowd dies.






“I…can’t believe this!” begins Comet, “Unbelievable!”


Funyon steals the microphone away from an ecstatic James Matheson and speaks into it. “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this contest, as a result of a submission, CHAAAAAAAAAAARLIE ‘GRAPPLER’ MAAAAAAAAAAAATTHEWSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!”


“Some Kind of Monster” hits again and drowns out most of the jeers in the arena as Charlie Matthews releases the hold. Matheson immediately joins him in the ring, and the two join in a tight embrace. Grappler drops to his knees in legitimate joy as Matheson parades around the ring, clapping for his meal ticket.


“Well, it’s time to give the devil his due,” starts Comet, “because despite the outlandish interference from James Matheson and the adamant use of brass knuckles, Charlie Matthews overcame the Boston Strangler and choked out the former champ with a sleeper.”


“Nice to see you admitting things, Comet!” chimes Riley, with a mile-wide grin, “and up next, we get to see Ejiro Fasaki in action against Stryke! Don’t miss it!”

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Guest Suicide King

Strangler is still down at ringside, and before the production crew can cut to commercial, “Numb” by Linkin Park kicks up over the P.A. system, which draws a huge round of boos from the crowd. “It appears that the dastardly Erek Taylor has decided to show his face here tonight, Robert!” cries Comet as Erek appears on top of the ramp, with a VERY angry look on his face and a microphone in his hand. Erek quickly signals for the crew to cut the music, and as soon as “Numb” fades out, Erek raises the mic and addresses the screaming, booing crowd in Chicago, Illinois:


"You can boo all you fucking want, but you all FINALLY saw what kind of man the Boston Strangler really is. And you were all right. I was wrong.” The crowd is puzzled for a moment, and buzzes amongst themselves as Erek pauses. “You see, he wasn't the monster that he used to be. He's not that same old man who spills blood for fun. No.... he's WORSE than that. You're all booing because you won't accept the fact that I was on to something! You people, the millions of fans across the nation, across the world, were WRONG! You can't tell me that he hasn't sunk to a new low. That was a calculated attempt to get to me! But no way, Strangler, you think I would fly all the way back to Anaheim to check on my girl? Who the fuck do you think you're dealing with?!" Erek’s face is contorted and glowing bright red from anger, making him look angrier than he ever has. Meanwhile, Strangler is looking up at Erek, with a slight look of horror running across his face.


"Well, since I’m not a fucking dumb ape like Strangler is, I called her first. She's alright. But Strangler, do you think you're all big and bad because you scared Erek Taylor once? Big fucking deal. I made you shit your pants a million times in the last few months. And since you want to play this kinda game, then I'm all for it. It's too bad though, because you don't have any family or any loved ones for me to fuck with. Big bad Strangler, alone in this dark and depressing world."


"You people can cheer for him all you want, but the truth is, you know I have always been better than that bitch. You just hate me because I'm smarter, stronger, and faster than all of you. I'm also god damn handsome and most of you guys are uglier than dog shit. No wonder you relate to the Boston Strangler!!"


"So Strangler, this is the deal! I want you GONE FOREVER! GONE! Just like everyone you’ve ever cared about, I want you to just turn around and leave without a second thought! Strangler, you’re a fucking ignorant jackass who doesn’t have any control! You’ve ended my career happily once, and I refuse to let you do it again! I’ll go over Stevens to do it! I don’t care what you say, what Stevens says, what the fans say, you’re the same old nutcase, and I’m gonna be the guy who takes you down!”


Strangler has simply stood there, not reacting to a single word that Erek Taylor has said. Instead, he just looks out into the great beyond, looking totally lost by these accusations. Erek looks strangely at Strangler, and asks “Hey, asshole, you there? Answer me!” Strangler ignores the demand again and simply slips out of the ring, with the crowd looking confused. Strangler, whose face is turning to one of concern, stalks up the rampway in the silence, with Erek Taylor looking furious. Erek charges forward, looking to take out Strangler, but Strangler quickly sidesteps, levels Erek with a clothesline, and continues onward to the backstage area.


“I’m not sure what just happened there, Robert, but whatever it was, it was very odd” mutters Comet. “Hopefully we’ll have some light shed on this situation soon. However, coming up next, we have more great action, so stay tuned!”

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Guest Suicide King







Smarkdown returns to the air with a bang, the only thing louder than red machine gun pyrotechnics erupting from the stage is the level of boos from the Chicago crowd, the United Center rocking in a hostile reception for Ejiro Fasaki!!


Comet: “Welcome back ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages! Smarkdown has got off to a rip-roaring start, but now we have a match all lovers of justice are looking forward to, when two evil-do’ers are forced to collide as recently returned Stryke faces off with the man on his way out right now, Ejiro Fasaki!”


Fasaki only takes one step out onto the stage before a wave of hatred falls over him, the ever-familiar chant bringing a smile to Ejiro’s face as he confidently strides down the ramp, “Sleep Now In The Fire” blaring around the arena.




Riley: “Well, that is certainly no way to greet one of the SWF’s top talents, though considering the sports teams this city supports it’s clear they have no taste.”


Fasaki’s Tag Team Title glistens resplendently around his waist as he hits the ring, Funyon commencing the introductions as Ejiro removes his Justice & Rule jersey. (available now on SWFShopzone.com! Buy now and receive a free copy of the hit song “Ejiro, you’re my hero!” sung by Fasaki himself, complete with hip-hop remix by Randy Savage!)


Funyon: “The following contest is set for ONE-FALL! Entering first, weighing 210lbs from Sarasota, Florida, he is ONE-HALF of the SWF WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, EJIRRRROOOOO FASAAAAAKIIIII!!!”


Riley: “In tonight’s main event we have Dace Night taking on Xstasy for the ICTV Title, but whoever wins may as well call themselves the interim champ, because we all know that as soon as Ejiro Fasaki gets his shot he’ll add the ICTV belt to an already massive list of accomplishments.”


Comet: “As usual you get ahead of yourself Robert. Ejiro may be the #1 contender, but before he can even think of that belt he has to worry about the former ICTV champ he’s about to face.”


Riley: “And speaking of that, this match is a terrible injustice. How can I be forced to choose between Ejiro and Stryke? I guess it’s not enough for Grand Slam to mess with Craven, Taylor and Justice & Rule, now he has to mess with ME! He’s a heartless tyrant I tell you!”


As Fasaki does a few final stretches in preparation for the match Pantera’s “Becoming” blasts through the sound system, a wall of blue and silver pyrotechnics engulfing the stage as the crowd starts to boo their lungs out again. The sparks and smoke clears, revealing Stryke standing atop the entrance! Stryke doesn’t give the crowd the time of day as he purposely moves towards the ring, Funyon continuing the introductions.


Funyon: “Now making his way to the ring, weighing 238lbs from Sydney, Australia, STRYYYYYKE!!!”


Comet: “Stryke came up short in his comeback against Linchpin, and he’s drawn a very tough challenge for match #2, regardless what you think of his attitude Ejiro Fasaki is as good as anyone in that ring.”


Riley: “Well, how nice of you to admit the greatness that is Ejiro Fasaki, but Stryke is no slouch either, I’m greatly looking forward to these two testing their talents against each other. The only shame is that there has to be a loser, but no matter what happens they’re both winners to me.”


Comet: “I’m sure that’s very reassuring to them both, but with the X-Mas PPV not far away both men need a victory, a win or loss here could mean the difference between a title match and curtain jerking come PPV time.”


Stryke slides into the ring, moving past Fasaki and heading for the far corner, climbing up and raising his arm to his ‘adoring’ fans, getting a fresh wave of hatred for his troubles. Ejiro Fasaki is not one to be outdone though, climbing the turnbuckle across from Stryke and raising an arm of his own, the volume of the resulting boos measuring on the Richter scale! Stryke is none too happy about it though, his indignant glare now focused on Fasaki, who only looks back with a smirk as both men hop off their respective perches, referee Sexton Hardcastle moving to signal for the bell!


Comet: “Both these men almost seem to draw off the dislike of the fans, and it doesn’t look like Stryke’s too pleased about being the lesser of two evils here tonight.”


Riley: “Well would you want a bunch of white-trash losers cheering for you while you’re trying to put on an exhibition of world-class wrestling? These Chicago morons should sit in silence and allow me to enjoy this!”




A cheer goes up as the bell rings, Stryke and Ejiro quickly locking up. The 4-inch height differential quickly comes into play, Stryke’s leverage advantage allowing him to force Fasaki back towards the corner. Ejiro isn’t one to be pushed around though, and he quickly halts Stryke’s momentum, a sharp knee strike rattling Stryke’s rib-cage, and another loosens his grip enough for Fasaki to slip free, immediately looking to take Stryke to the mat as he darts low for a double-leg takedown. Stryke knows as well as anyone that Fasaki has a big advantage on the mat, and so sprawls his base wide, taking his legs out of Fasaki’s range and pounding down on his back with a barrage of forearms, grounding Ejiro enough for Stryke to latch on a quick side headlock, pulling Fasaki up with him as he moves onto the ropes.


Using the spring of the ropes Ejiro pushes Stryke off, the Australian running to the opposite ropes as Fasaki moves forward to greet him. As he rebounds Stryke looks for a clothesline, but Ejiro sees it coming a mile away, easily ducking underneath, and as Stryke crosses the ring and bounces back again Ejiro lowers his head looking to backdrop Stryke out of his boots! He telegraphs it a little too soon though, and Stryke dives over the top, grabbing onto Ejiro’s waist for a Sunset Flip! But despite Stryke’s weight pulling him backwards Fasaki keeps his balance, sitting down on top of Stryke! Hardcastle goes down to count the pin, but quickly realises Fasaki has other plans, clenching his hands around Stryke’s throat and choking the life out of him! Hardcastle is quick to pull Fasaki off, half the crowd booing Ejiro’s tactics and the other half cheering Stryke’s trachea being forcibly closed.


Comet: “As good as Fasaki is on the mat he’s also not shy about taking a few shortcuts along the way, resorting to a BLATANT choke barely a minute into the match! With both Stryke and Ejiro involved the I fear the amount of rulebreaking we may see by the time this match is over.”


As Ejiro stands Stryke is left coughing and spluttering for breath, but as he sits up he doesn’t get a seconds rest, Fasaki already springing off the ropes and leaping over Stryke from behind, grabbing his head and SNAPPING it forward with all the impact he can muster, Ejiro’s Curt Hennig-esque necksnap contorting Stryke’s neck beyond it’s natural limit, Ejiro quickly popping back over for the cover!










TH… NO! Stryke twists and gets a shoulder up shortly after the two count.


Comet: “The cheating got him the advantage, and Ejiro cements the match in his favor with that necksnap, Stryke’s neck can’t be feeling well after that.”


Riley: “Not that I’d accuse you of LYING Comet, if that is your real name (I highly doubt it), but, well, you’re a liar. Accusing a fine upstanding gentleman like Fasaki of cheating, I am shocked and appalled. And you call yourself an impartial commentator…”


Stryke grabs at his neck slightly as Fasaki brings him up, but he has little time to focus on that as Ejiro applies a front facelock and throws Stryke’s arm over his head, setting for a Snap Suplex! Ejiro tenses in preparation, but before he can execute Stryke lashes out, using his free arm to BURY a fist deep in Fasaki’s midsection! Stryke follows with another, and another, the sharp pains reverberating through Fasaki’s body enough to allow Stryke to escape, the Australian taking Fasaki by the arm and whipping him into the near ropes. Ejiro rebounds back, only to run right into a kick to the stomach, doubling the Tag Champion over and allowing Stryke to put his leg over his head, the crowd instinctively booing as Stryke sets for the Showstopper! Ejiro’s scounted it well though, and as Stryke leaps up Fasaki stands, sending Stryke flipping back, but athletically the Australian lands on his feet! Before Fasaki can react Stryke slips around behind him, locking on a rear waistlock in hopes of a German Suplex! Stryke doesn’t have a chance to execute though, Ejiro running forward to the ropes and using the spring to bounce Stryke right off him! But Stryke holds on tight, pulling Fasaki with him as he rolls back, rolling through and pinning Fasaki’s shoulders to the mat! Hardcastle goes down to count, and as he moves out of view Stryke grabs a handful of tights, pulling for extra leverage on the cover!












THRE… NOOO!! Despite pulling the tights Stryke cannot hold the pin, Ejiro kicking out with enough force to shove Stryke towards the ropes.


Comet: “A series of counters, and Stryke nearly steals it right there by pulling the tights, looks like Stryke plans to take shortcuts wherever he can as well.”


Riley: “Pulling the tights, really? I guess I must have had something in my eye, because I didn’t see anything. But hey, if YOU say so…”


Comet: “Enough of your chicanery Robert, you know damn well he pulled the tights. Ugh, I wonder if it’s too late to bring back citizen Axis to commentate…”


Stryke stops on the ropes as Ejiro rolls up to his feet as quickly as possible, and the Australian looks to take Fasaki right back down again as he charges towards him. Ejiro’s ring awareness is second-to-none however, and just as Stryke reaches him he side-steps, spinning and latching onto Stryke left arm as he drags him to the mat with a Fujiwara Takedown! In the blink of an eye Ejiro grapevines the arm and looks to lock on a Cobra Clutch, the crowd rising to their feet as Fasaki goes for the Cobra Crossface!


Riley: “It’s over now, as good as Stryke is he can’t survive the Cobra Crossface!”


Knowing his predicament Stryke desperately fights and struggles, doing everything he can to prevent Ejiro locking the move in and he struggles towards the ropes, shuffling and just getting a leg across the bottom rope right as Ejiro locks it in! Fasaki is in no mood to let go immediately though, wrenching back in the move and tearing away at Stryke’s head, neck, shoulder, his whole body in pain as Hardcastle administers a Five count.










FIVE… and at four and 9/10th’s Ejiro FINALLY lets go, the crowd booing vehemently at Ejiro’s less-than-honorable tactics, but it just brings a smile to Faskai’s face as he’s backed up by Hardcastle, giving Ejiro a warning which falls on deaf ears.


Riley: “See, I told you Stryke would survive, I had total faith in him!”


Comet: “But you just said… forget it. Ejiro applying the deadly Cobra Crossface as Stryke was in the ropes, holding on for the full five seconds before it was broken up. The damage was surely done though, Ejiro’s methods effective if somewhat dubious.”


Stryke uses the ropes to help himself up, pain etched across his face as Hardcastle moves in to check on him. As Stryke reaches his feet Ejiro follows suit, coming in to continue the assault, but Stryke has other plans, as he shoves Hardcastle backwards, the referee colliding right into Ejiro Fasaki! Fasaki stumbles back stunned, and Stryke doesn’t waste a second, dashing forward and doubling Ejiro over with a kick to the midsection, allowing him to underhook each arm! Drawing on a burst of energy he powers Fasaki up, holding him vertical before dropping down, SPIKING Fasaki into the canvas with a Double-Underhook Brainbuster! Fasaki bounces up from the violent impact before flopping down like a dead fish, Stryke immediately on top for the cover. Hardcastle is slightly shaken from the impact though, and it takes a moment for him to get over to count the pinfall, Stryke grinding his forearm into Ejiro’s face as he does so.












THREEEE… NNOOOO!!! Despite his brain being rattled from the Brainbuster’s effects Ejiro has the awareness to kick out and stop the count in time, the slight delay in Hardcastle’s count certainly assisting in the kickout.


Comet: “Now Stryke takes the low road in this contest, using the referee as a weapon in order to take control. That savage brainbuster completely puts a halt to Ejiro’s momentum, it seems if Ejiro wants to cheat and take shortcuts Stryke is happy to return the favor.”


Stryke sits up on his knees following the kickout, Stryke giving a menacing glare in Hardcastle’s direction as he stretches out his shoulder, cracking his neck as he works out the kinks after the Cobra Crossface. For the first time in the match Ejiro looks to be in trouble as he’s brought to his feet, and Stryke goes to capitalise, Fasaki’s head almost sent off his shoulders at the hands of a STIFF European Uppercut, perspiration flying off the Tag Champs head from the impact. Stryke steps back, before moving in and ROCKING Ejiro back with another European Uppercut, many in the crowd wincing at the impact. Ejiro feels much worse though, nearly out on his feet as he stumbles back near the turnbuckles. Stryke lines up what he hopes will be the knockout blow, swinging his arm in at maximum velocity…



… only to catch nothing but air as Ejiro instinctively moves, spinning back-to-back with Stryke and hooking the incoming arm with his own, catching Strkye off-guard as he pulls him down with a backslide!! Ejiro pins Stryke’s shoulders to the canvas, Sexton Hardcastle right on the spot…






…but as Hardcastle starts to count Ejiro makes his move, putting his feet up on the nearby second-rope, Fasaki now holding Stryke down with extra leverage!!










THREEEEEE… NNNNOOOOOOO!!! Despite the feet on the ropes Stryke JUST manages to twist his body free, escaping with literally NO TIME to spare!!


Comet: “Ejiro again reaching into his big bag of underhanded tricks with the feet on the ropes, and already I’ve lost count the number of times these two have stretched the rules.”


Riley: “Well, hypothetically if what you said about Stryke pulling the tights earlier was true, then, hypothetically mind you, Ejiro putting his feet on the ropes is OK, it evens it all out. But Fasaki didn’t, and neither did Stryke.”


Comet: “…”


Riley: “…hypothetically.”


While Comet stares dumbfounded at Riley both Stryke and Ejiro rise to their feet quickly, however Fasaki is still slightly dazed from the Brainbuster and European Uppercuts earlier, and that’s all Stryke needs to retake control, stopping Ejiro in his tracks with a sharp knee to the midsection. Ejiro folds up like an accordion as it connects; his internal organs compacted in an unpleasant manner. Not dwelling on it Stryke takes Fasaki by the arm and whips him into the ropes, and on the rebound the hurting Fasaki runs right into Stryke’s grasp, the Australian ducking and lifting him up into a Fireman’s Carry! Stryke stares out into the crowd with contempt across his face before swinging Ejiro out, spinning him and dropping him face-first across Stryke’s extended knee in a Facebuster! Fasaki bounces back from the force, stumbling back until he falls into the ropes, the only things supporting him from falling to the mat. Stryke pauses for a second, taking a quick moment to regain his breath before moving in for the kill. Stryke approaches, but just as he takes hold Ejiro lashes out, jamming his fingers into Stryke face, the Australian staggering back semi-blinded after Fasaki rakes the eyes!


Comet: “Cheat-fest 2003 continues as Ejiro rakes the eyes of Stryke, what do you think of that one Robert?”


Riley: “AAA-CHOOO! Sorry, I sneezed there, I sure hope I didn’t miss anything in the ring, did I?”


Comet: “…I give up.”


Referee Hardcastle’s view was blocked by Stryke’s body, and the crafty Ejiro takes full advantage, easily avoiding a blind Stryke haymaker as he slips behind, Ejiro hooking Strkye for a Backdrop Suplex, but folding him up more and links his hands in a cradle. From there Fasaki pops his hips, whipping Stryke back and CRUNCHING his head into the canvas with a Reverse Fisherman’s Suplex, Ejiro holding on for the brutal pinning combination!!















THREEEEEEE… NNNNOOOOOO!!! Stryke is BARELY able to roll his body out of the pin, Ejiro less than happy about the match continuing!


Comet: “No matter what each man does they cannot put the other down! As reprehensible as their tactics and attitudes may be both Ejiro and Stryke won’t go down without a fight.”


As the match moves on Ejiro takes a few deep breaths to regain whatever energy he can before applying a wrist lock on Stryke, yanking him up by his weakened limb, and then using the hold to keep the arm in place for a hard kick aimed right at the shoulder region, Stryke letting out a yell of pain as he drops to one knee. Fasaki smells blood in the water, forcefully pulling Stryke up again, before drilling a second nasty kick to Stryke upper left arm! Fasaki rears back for a third…


…only this time Stryke catches it! Ejiro tries to recover quickly, bouncing off one foot as he goes for an Enziguri, but again Stryke is a step ahead as he ducks underneath, leaving Fasaki to crash face-down on the canvas! That’s all the invitation Stryke needs, as he jumps on top and goes for a Cobra Clutch of his own, looking for his own submission finisher the Event Horizon!! Much like Stryke earlier Ejiro scratches and crawls to get to the ropes before it can be applied, fighting and flailing to prevent the move being locked in! Ejiro quickly snatches hold of the bottom rope, to the disappointment of fans wanting to see the peckerhead get choked out, but Stryke doesn’t give up easily, standing up and pulling Ejiro from the ropes before Hardcastle can intervene, going to reapply the move in the middle of the ring!


Riley: “Ejiro fought to the ropes once, but I don’t know if he can do it again, Stryke may be on the verge of victory!”


Stryke has the Cobra 90% locked in, but before he can retake the back-mount Ejiro does the only thing he can, with the ropes nowhere to be seen he rolls forward, taking Stryke off-guard and rolling Stryke through with him, Stryke’s grasp on the move slipping and allowing Fasaki to escape! Now on top of Stryke Ejiro immediately capitalises, spinning and locking his legs around Stryke’s arm before the Australian can react, locking on a Cross Armbreaker!


Comet: “Ejiro showing his outstanding ability on the mat, rolling out of the Event Horizon and turning it into a Cross Armbreaker before Stryke knew what hit him! Fasaki could rip Stryke’s arm out of the socket with this one!”


The fans immediately rise, knowing how deadly this move has been in the hands of someone like Danny Williams, and Ejiro’s version is every bit as deadly, Stryke screaming out in agony as he desperately struggles in the direction on the ropes, his foot mere inches from the bottom rope! Every second feels like his arms being ripped off with a chainsaw, and Ejiro ensures he feels every bit of it as he puts his whole body weight into tearing away at Stryke’s limb! Strkye shuffles over inch-by-inch, and just as the pain is nearly too much to take…



… HE MAKES THE ROPES!!! Stryke gets his leg over the bottom rope, and Hardcastle is right there to pull Fasaki away, not letting anyone keep the hold on longer like earlier in the match.


Comet: “Stryke escapes Ejiro’s clutches, but the damage is surely done, Stryke’s arm will be hanging as a tantalising target for Ejiro’s Cobra Crossface.”


Ejiro rises, and tells Hardcastle to check Stryke if he wants to give up, as Fasaki slowly stumbles and collapes up against the corner turnbuckles. It gives Ejiro a chance to recover, but there’s also more sinister motives involved, using his body to block the ref’s view of him as he starts pulling at the strings of the top turnbuckle pad, quickly removing it!


Comet: “Now look at that, Ejiro removing the turnbuckle pad, with all the talent he has one wonders why he must resort to these tactics!”


Riley: “Are you alright Comet? I think you must be hallucinating or something, because I don’t see him doing anything like that, no, not at all…”


The crowd boo the latest development in the match, but Hardcastle is none-the-wiser, and neither is Stryke, Ejiro bringing him up with another wrist-lock, before using it to whip Stryke right towards the exposed bolt! Stryke notices it at the last second though, and holds on, reversing the whip and sending Fasaki on the ride instead! Ejiro barely manages to stop his momentum in time, but as he turns his mind is on the exposed bolt and not Stryke, who swoops in and locks on a Cobra Clutch, snapping him down to the mat and getting the back-mount for the Event Horizon!!


Comet: “A second Event Horizon, he’s got it locked in, from the verge of victory Fasaki may have slipped into the jaws of defeat!!”


Stryke wrenches away on the hold, but his left arm is seriously hurting from the damage it’s taken, and the hold isn’t in a tight as he’d like, and that’s all Fasaki needs, managing to slowly break his arm free, pushing his way out of the hold as he starts to rise from the mat!! Strkye draws on all the energy he has to keep the hold on, but Ejiro has other ideas, getting his free arm around Stryke’s head and sitting out, PLANTING him with a Stunner from nowhere!! Stryke rocks back dazed, almost out on his feet, and Ejiro goes to wrap this one up, pushing his body through the pain barrier and rising, charing at Stryke and snapping ona Cobra Clutch of his own!!


Riley: “Things are looking grim for Stryke now, Ejiro powering out of the Event Horizon and going for the Cobra Crossface, with that injured arm Stryke will have no choice but to tap!!”


Ejiro wrenches away on Stryke, looking to trip him up to the canvas, but Stryke has one final play left, running back and forcing Ejiro with him, running into the turnbuckles, and unfortunately for Fasaki it’s the turnbuckle with the exposed bolt, Ejiroi’s spine driven right into it! Stryke steps forward and drives back again, a second jolt into the exposed metal enough to make Fasaki break the hold!!! Strkye spins around, and ingoring the pain in his body grabs Ejiro, SLAMMING him face-first onto the exposed bolt!!! Fasaki falls back, Stryke rolling him up for the cover!!! Hardcastle counts…
















THREEEEEEEE… YEEEESSSSSSSS!!! Stryke steals the victory!




“Becoming” plays, and Stryke doesn’t wait for his arm to be raised, rolling out of the ring and stumbling up the ramp, holding his arm in pain as he knows he got lucky tonight.


Comet: “Stryke scores the pinfall, after nailing Fasaki into the very turnbuckle he exposed! After all the cheating in this one it’s almost appropriate it ended like this. But stay tuned fans, there’s still tons of action coming up after the break!!”

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Guest Suicide King





(Comet) – And here comes the Franchise!!!


The SmarkTron flares up with a blue and white photonegative image of Mak Francis as the slightly altered version of Cypress Hill’s “Rock Superstar” hits the speakers. The fans have already leapt to their feet and begun screaming their hearts out for the returning superstar, and their elation only grows as The Franchise himself steps beyond the curtain and into the limelight.


(Comet) – Welcome back to Smarkdown, and we are just about set for another huge matchup.


(Riley) – This is sure to be a very heated contest, after Mak Francis totally stole one from Thugg on Lockdown.


(Comet) - Call it what you want, but Mak DID defeat Thugg on Lockdown, but Mark Stevens set this rematch after what I'm sure was much complaining on Thugg's part.










Mak’s pyrotechnics deafens the arena and Francis finally begins to strut down the ramp towards the ring.


(Funyon) – Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, making his way to the ring…weighing in at 236 pounds…from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…”THE FRANCHISE”…MAAAAAAAK FRAAAAAAAAANCIIIIIIIISSSSSS!!!!!


The fans cheer again, and after giving his mock salute, Francis slides into the ring. Once inside, he mounts the near left turnbuckle and poses for the thousands of pictures the fans surely take, with both fists in the air.


(Riley) – Ugh! Are you kidding Comet? Thugg literally walked into the arena for the first time that night and had to come to the ring for the match. There's no way he was prepared for an athlete of Francis's caliber.


(Comet) – I'm sure Thugg wasn't as prepared as he could be, but the way that he rants and raves, you'd think he wouldn't need to prepare.


(Riley) – Whatever...we'll see tonight. Thugg's had time to prepare, and I know he's royally pissed about how he lost to Francis on Lockdown. He's gonna be in a bad mood, and I wouldn't wanna be Mak Francis right now.





The electric guitar starts up a hip-hop beat, and the lyrics break, causing some fans to boo…


“They don’t know…”

“Who we be!”


“They don’t know…”

“Who we be!”


(Riley) – Hold your ears Comet!!


“What they don’t know is…”




The trademark wall of fire blasts up around the stage and alongside the ramp. A few more fans cheer, but there are still a few that boo, but regardless, the largest superstar in the federation steps commandingly through the curtain and onto the stage.


(Funyon) – And his opponent…weighing in at 386 pounds…from the nation’s capitol, Washington, DC…he is…H…V…T!!


Once his name is announced, Thugg begins to stomp his way towards the ring, his cockiness gone and his eyes squarely fixed on the man he is facing tonight. A few fans lean over the side of the barrier to slap hands with the Thugg, but Thugg pays little attention to them. Upon reaching the ring, HVT grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to the apron. Across the ring, Francis bounces side to side, anxiously waiting to begin the match.


(Comet) – As usually, Thugg looks focused and, of course, angry…and Mak looks totally focused on Thugg while he waits for him.


(Riley) – Could be nerves…he looks a little nervous.


Thugg steps over the top rope and into the ring, where he immediately walks to the center of the ring where he meets the much smaller Mak Francis.


(Comet) – I don’t think he’s nervous.



“Uh oh…it’s the big bad Thugg…”


“Laugh now little man…you ain’t got shit.”


“I ain’t got shit? I? The Franchise? HA! Please…you’re a has-been now, so let me apologize now for embarrassing you...again.”


(Riley) – A little trash-talking going on in the ring, eh Comet?


(Comet) – Looks that way.


“Yeah...ok...I now you're jive full of yourself about last week, but for real yo...it was all luck. And you know that shit.”


Francis laughs to himself…







…and then lands a HUGE haymaker right on Thugg’s chin…


(Comet) – OH!! What a shot from MaK Francis! That should open the eyes of…



…But it doesn’t even make HVT flinch!!


(Riley) – It doesn’t even faze him, Comet!!! He didn’t even blink!


Thugg, whose head did turn to the side from the blow, snaps his head back to Francis, seemingly annoyed with Mak’s attempt to drop him with a punch. Thugg then takes his hand, and uses it to shove Mak Francis to the canvas by pushing him on the forehead.


(Comet) – Oooo…an embarrassing moment for Francis there. Thugg just shoving him to the canvas there.


"You betta come more correct that that shit bitch."


Francis, feeling his pride taking a blow, jumps back to his feet, and immediately gets back in Thugg’s face.


(Comet) – But he’s back up quickly and steps right back up to HVT.


(Riley) – Like HVT says, step up and get beat down.


Thugg starts to laugh, but Francis’s demeanor has changed completely and now he is as serious as a heart attack as he stares daggers into Thugg. Seeing that Francis is more serious, Thugg also becomes serious, and now the two begin to stare at each other intently. Referee Sexton Hardcastle rolls behind Thugg to move to the opposite side of the pair, and Mak Francis uses this as an opportunity to jam his thumb into Thugg’s eye!


(Riley) – HEY!!


(Comet) – Wow…what a blatant illegal thumb to the eye! And it seems that referee Sexton Hardcastle did not see it.


Thugg turns away and holds his eye, and even though he didn’t see it, Hardcastle has an idea as to what happened. He goes to Francis to scold him, but the Franchise pleads innocent. After discarding Hardcastle, he moves to Thugg, how is checking his eye for any permanent damage. Upon finding none, Thugg turns back around, only to receive a hard right hand to the chin from Francis.


(Comet) – A shot from The Franchise there, and Mak has taken the early advantage.


The hard punch stuns Thugg for a mere second, but that’s enough time for Mak to deliver a hard forearm to Thugg’s head. After several more forearms, Francis stupidly tries to whip Thugg to the far ropes, a whip that Thugg obviously reverses. Francis is sent to the far ropes, where he rebounds, and when he is close enough, Thugg reaches out for a huge clothesline…


(Comet) – Thugg with the reversal…


…but Francis ducks under the blow and slides behind Thugg. From behind, Francis wraps his arms around Thugg’s large waist and pops his hips for the German Suplex that never happens.


(Riley) – Looks like Mak doesn’t have it after all. He can’t get Thugg up this time.


(Comet) – Francis was able to get Thugg up and over for the German on Lockdown, but this time, it looks like Thugg was ready for it and has grounded himself.


Mak pops his hips again, and once again, he can’t pull Thugg off his feet. Thugg, proud of his preparation for this match, throws an elbow backwards that connects square with Mak’s head, sending him stumbling backwards towards the near ropes.


(Comet) – I’ll definitely give HVT credit for doing his homework this week.


Thugg turns around to greet the ailing Francis, and while licking his chops, grabs Francis by the arm and goes for a whip. However, instead of releasing Francis, Thugg pulls him back in to his body, wraps his arms around Francis’s waist, lifts him up and around to bring him down with a thunderous Belly to Belly Suplex!!


(Comet) – And what a Belly to Belly from Thugg there, crushing Francis under the weight of 400 pounds!


The thud to the canvas silences the crowd and Thugg stands while Mak remains on the canvas. As Francis tries to rise, Thugg grabs him to bring him to his feet where he quickly scoops him up and dumps him with a simple Scoop Slam. Thugg then takes his foot and places it on Mak’s face, and proceeds to twist it while pushing his weight down.


(Comet) – And now Thugg is dragging his foot across Mak’s face…


After a stiff warning from referee Hardcastle. Thugg removes his foot and grabs Francis off the canvas again. He quickly whips The Franchise to the far left corner, where Mak lands back first into the turnbuckle. With Francis in the corner, Thugg takes a running start, and with a splash, HVT lands into Mak in the corner.


(Comet) – What do you do now if you’re Francis?


(Riley) – Pray.


Thugg places Francis’s arms on the outside of the ropes, exposing his chest for…







…a very loud open-handed slap!


(Riley) – ARGH! That sounds very unpleasant.






Another slap makes Mak cringe in pain, but that doesn’t deter HVT, who grabs Francis and whips him across the ring. The Franchise lands back first again, this time in the near right corner, and it’s only seconds before Thugg is upon him again, running top speed towards the corner. This time, however, the resourceful Francis throws his feet into the air, and Thugg runs face-first into his boots, causing the fans to cheer.


(Comet) – Thugg sends Francis into the corner again, but Mak gets his feet up this time and Thugg runs right into them. Francis has gotta be looking to take to the offensive after that.


Thugg turns around from the blow, but quickly turns back to Mak, who, using the ropes as leverage, throws his feet into the air once again, and again, he connects with Thugg’s face. Thugg turns again, but when he goes back to Francis, he is already up on the top turnbuckle. Thugg has little time to react before Francis is airborne, and Thugg goes to the canvas as Mak’s feet connect with his face for the third time in just a few minutes.


(Comet) – Mak gets Thugg around and scores with a huge Missle Dropkick! This could be a momentum changer in this match!


(Riley) – He certainly suckered Thugg into that one, but I’m not worried…his moves can’t possibly take as much out of Thugg as Thugg’s do out of Francis.


Mak, with the crowd cheering, immediately crawls over to Thugg, lays on top of him, and pulls his giant leg into the air.


(Comet) – Francis with the first cover of the match!!!









But before Hardcastle can get to three, Thugg kicks out of the pinfall, and sends Francis several feet away in the process.


(Riley) – He didn’t get it!


Both men get to their feet slowly, with Mak rising slightly before Thugg. Once Thugg is upright, Francis quickly jumps to him and…






…lands a stiff chop across Thugg’s chest.


(Comet) – Francis is up first, and he’s going back to work on Thugg, landing that knife-edge chop to his exposed chest.


The chop sends the big man backwards a few steps closer to the far ropes…






..and the second one sends the Hall of Famer back even further. Francis pushes HVT to the far ropes, and then whips him…NO…reversed by Thugg, sending Francis to the near ropes. Thugg steps forward and throws his boot into the air, but Francis ducks under the Big Boot, and gets the crowd frenzied by reaching back, grabbing Thugg by the neck, and dropping the big man with a Neckbreaker!


(Comet) – Neckbreaker by Mak Francis! The crowd can feel the momentum changing hands here, and they’re starting to rally behind the Franchise.


(Riley) – I wonder if that hurts Thugg’s neck extra, given his previous injuries.


Francis rolls to his feet, while Thugg holds his head as he sits up. Seeing Thugg in a seated position facing the right side ropes, Mak runs to the left side ropes, and upon rebounding towards Thugg, he grabs HVT’s head and flips over the big man’s body, snapping his neck in a whiplash motion.


(Comet) – Good point Bobby, and I think Mak’s gonna try to find out after that maneuver.


Thugg’s head goes back and hits the canvas, and Mak gets back to his feet. He looks around at the cheering crowd with a confident smirk, before going back to Thugg, who is rising once again. Thugg is on his feet and shaking off the moves, but before he knows it, Francis is back on him, delivering several hard forearms to HVT’s face. The blows send Thugg back to the far left corner, at which point, Francis plants his feet on the second ropes, straddling Thugg. He looks out at the fans and raises his fist, causing the fans to scream before delivering the first blow.




Mak, very deliberately, slams a second fist into Thugg’s face…




…and another…










(Riley) – Thugg’s gonna have to do something fast, or he’s going to end up in the same position as last week.




Just as soon as Riley speaks it, the fans are silenced as Thugg reaches up out of nowhere, and wraps his huge mitts around Mak’s neck.


(Comet) – And he does just that Bobby!


Thugg walks out of the corner, with Francis being choked in midair, and the fans gasping. While Mak flails his arms like a 12 year old girl, referee Sexton Hardcastle moves into to tell Thugg about this blatant choke.


(Riley) – Get outta there Hardcastle!


(Comet) – But Thugg’s got Francis in a blatant choke…Sexton has every right to get in there.


(Riley) – Not if he likes breathing.


Hardcastle starts his five-count to DQ Thugg, but HVT has a better idea. He walks over to the far ropes, holds Francis out, and then tosses him clear over the top ropes and out to the thinly padded floor below!


(Comet) – Oh come on…that wasn’t necessary!!


(Riley) – It’s not illegal though…he released the choke, just like you wanted.


Francis hits the ground and rolls all the way to the announce table, displacing it several feet with his collision. Hardcastle scolds the big man for his actions, as does the crowd, but HVT pays neither of them any mind, and instead, exists the ring to join Francis on the outside.


(Comet) – And now Thugg is taking it outside, and this is a dangerous place for Francis to be right now. He’s got the animal bearing down on him in the element he feels more comfortable.


While Hardcastle scolds Thugg, he grabs Mak Francis back to his feet, and quickly whips him back first into the ring apron. While Francis winces in pain, Thugg takes a step backwards, and then lunges forward into a very stiff clothesline. After being crushed between Thugg and the apron, Francis goes down to his knees and holds his back in pain. However, HVT gives him little time to rest as he quickly grabs Francis to his feet, grabs him by the wrist, and whips him…








(Riley) – HOLY COW!!


(Comet) – By gawd…Thugg just whipped Francis right into those unforgiving steel steps! This is supposed to be a wrestling match, not a street fight!


(Riley) – You know as much as I do that the two are one in the same with Thugg.


Francis writhes on the ground in severe pain now, and Thugg simply stares at the work he’s done. Suddenly, he hears the number eight, and dives back into the ring, but then quickly back out, breaking Hardcastle’s count.


(Comet) – And now Thugg breaks the count, and I think he’s looking to do more damage right out here in front of us.


(Riley) – He sure is proud of himself though…


Thugg’s eyes light up as he gets an idea, and quickly goes and grabs the top portion of the steps that was knocked awry when Francis collided with it. He places the metal step next to Francis, and then forcefully places Francis face up on the step. The fans are on their feet, as are Riley and Comet, all trying to figure out what HVT is trying to do here.


(Riley) – What’s he doing Comet?


(Comet) – I have no idea, but whatever it is, it can’t be good for Mak Francis.


After giving Mak a hard stomp to the chest on the stair, Thugg climbs back up on the apron, where he is met by Sexton Hardcastle.


“Don’t even think about Thugg. I’ll DQ you!”


“Lick my nuts bitch!”


(Riley) – Can he say that on TV?


(Comet) – Please…you can say anything on the SWF network.


Now Thugg is standing tall on the apron, while the Franchise lays prone on the step below, and suddenly, everyone realizes what HVT is going for here. He puts his fist in the air, and the fans start to cheer a bit, or possibly gasp in anticipation…


(Comet) – No way! Don’t do it! Forget the wrestling…if he lands on Mak Francis, the young man’s career would most likely be over.


(Riley) – And that’s a bad thing, why?


(Comet) – This is a man’s life on the line here. This goes beyond this match…if Thugg does this…


(Riley) – He’ll win…that’s the object.


(Comet) – No, he won’t…he’ll be DQed, you heard the referee…


(Riley) – Too late.


Thousands of flash bulbs go off as Thugg takes a few steps across the apron and takes to the air. In the air, he turns his body so his elbow is pointing directly at the heard of Mak Francis. There’s a huge gasp from the crowd as Thugg falls towards Francis…
























(Riley) – Dammit!! This is bad…real bad!


(Comet) – Thugg’s elbow just came into contact with that steel step at full force! His arm very well could be broken! What a risk for Thugg, and it doesn’t pay off because Mak Francis alertly rolls out of the way.


Thugg, whose elbow slammed into the steel with the force of a truck, rolls on the ground near the step, holding his elbow and screaming out in severe pain. Meanwhile, Francis remains on the ground as well, still recovering from his earlier wounds. The fans have lost their minds at this point, and are cheering as loud as they have all night, hoping to God that Francis can get up and take advantage.


(Comet) – And would you listen to this crowd…they’re behind The Franchise 100%!








Mak, hearing his people cheering for him, turns over and pushes himself to all fours. Thugg, however, remains in excruciating pain, holding his left arm as if even the air blowing on it hurts.


(Riley) – Get up Thugg! Francis is getting up…


Thugg can’t hear Riley as Mak finally pushes himself to his still weary feet. He sees Thugg on the ground, and stumbles over to him. He pushes the loose step out of the way, and then slams a huge boot down on Thugg’s injured arm!


(Comet) – And now Mak Francis is gonna right after Thugg’s arm!


Thugg clutches at his left arm, but that doesn’t deter Mak in the least, who drops another stomp onto Thugg’s left arm. After a third stomp, Francis grabs Thugg by the head and starts to pull him up. Hardcastle pleads for the action to be brought back to the ring, which Francis obliges too, albeit slowly. After a while, Francis rolls Thugg into the ring, and then slides in after him.


(Comet) – Back in the ring now, and it looks like Thugg’s arm is really hurting.


(Riley) – Wouldn’t yours?!? He landed on it right on those steps…he’s lucky it’s still attached to his body.


Thugg gets to his knees quickly, but stop there to hold his arm. Francis is up around the same time as Thugg, but he gets all the way to his feet. He immediately grabs Thugg’s left arm and twists it twice before giving it the old fashion jerk down.


(Riley) – Oh come on! He’s trying to dislocate Thugg’s arm, if it’s not already broken.


(Comet) – Thugg was trying to kill him!! He deserves what he gets, that’s what I say.


Francis, still with Thugg’s arm in his grasp, walks over to the right side ropes and steps out to the apron, bringing Thugg’s arm over the top ropes. He then, much to the fans delight, jumps down from the apron to the floor while still holding onto Thugg’s arm, which is yanked down over the rope!


(Comet) – He’s working it…he’s rolling. Mak has his second wind, and Thugg’s got an injured limb.


Thugg bounces straight up and then goes down to the canvas on his stomach, holding his arm. A very smug Francis dives back in hurriedly, and seeing the opportunity, he goes for it. With Thugg on his stomach, Mak grabs HVT’s good arm and pins it behind him. Then, the Franchise grabs Thugg’s bad arm and then locks in the double Chickenwing, causing Thugg to scream out in pain.


(Comet) – He’s going for it! He’s going for that brutal submission finishing maneuver! Talk about humiliation for Thugg…He complained about the match on Lockdown and demanded this rematch, and Mak’s gonna make him tap for his trouble.


(Riley) – Thugg’ll never tap…he won’t tap!


Francis then sends the crowd into a frenzy as he flips forward into a bridge, locking in the Bittersweet submission menuever.


(Comet) – Cattle Mutilation!!! There it is! He’s got it locked in!! Thugg’s gonna have to tap! His left arm is already injured…he can’t take this kind of pain!


(Riley) – No way!! Don’t tap Thugg…don’t tap!


The fans are juiced as Francis screams as he pulls, trying to put everything he has into this submission, meanwhile, Sexton Hardcastle dives in close to Thugg’s face…


“Give it up Thugg?”


“Fuck you!”


(Riley) – Hold out Thugg! Hold out!


(Comet) – No way…he taps…he taps right now. He can’t even get the ropes because Francis has his arms pinned!


“Whaddya say Thugg?”




“Give it up bitch!”


“Fuck you!”


Angry, Thugg swivels his head to see any possible way to get out of the move. He sees what he needs, and since his legs are free, Thugg stretches them backwards as they go…








“Break it, break it!”


(Riley) – YES!! Thugg got his foot on rope! He’s still alive!


(Comet) – That was a good job of HVT to get the ropes, but the damage is done! It’s all a formality now!


Francis releases the hold a few moments after Hardcastle tells him to, and gets to his feet, leaving Thugg to lie on the floor holding his left arm. Francis looks over to Thugg, and doesn’t see his foot on the ropes, so he demands an explanation from Hardcastle. Thugg, meanwhile, wrestles with his own wits to get back to his feet, using only his right arm.


(Comet) – No Mak! Finish him off!


Moments pass, the fans settle down, and Francis stops arguing with Hardcastle. He turns around to finish off Thugg…






…but Thugg uses his left hand to slap on a one-handed choke!


(Comet) – NO!


(Riley) – Someone should teach Francis about not arguing with the referee when you have a chance to finish a man off.


Thugg quickly pulls Francis in as most of the fans boo, and lifts him into the air with one hand…



(Comet) – He’s too hurt!! He dropped him!!



…but he can’t get Francis off the ground with his injured left arm!!


(Riley) – Oh no!!


(Comet) – Francis worked that arm just for an occasion like this! Thugg can’t get him up for the Untamed, and Francis looks ready for the kill!


The fans are all jumping up and down as Francis’s feet reconnect with the canvas, and just about as quickly as they are down, does his right foot fly back up…RIGHT INTO THUGG’S FACE!!




Francis quickly darts to the nearest corner, which happens to be the far right corner, and hops up to the top rope. Once up on the rope, Francis turns to the right and pumps his fist, sending the crowd on that side into a frenzy. He repeats the feat on the left side, and those fans scream in excitement as well. Francis stands up tall and prepares to take flight…


(Comet) – I think he’s looking for the Brotherly Love, or at least one half of it…NO!!!


…however, just before Francis takes flight, Thugg grabs the top rope and then throws himself into it, shaking it just enough for Francis to lose his balance and straddle the top turnbuckle!


(Riley) – Now THAT’S resourceful!!


(Comet) – No way!! While Francis was show-boating, Thugg dived into the ropes and knocked Francis off!


(Riley) – And it appears his ability to have children is in jeopardy…as well as his chance to win the match.


Thugg gets to his feet with the fans stunned, and walks over to the Franchise. With Mak seated on the top turnbuckle holding his genitals, Thugg steps up to the second rope in the same corner, in front of Mak. Then…










(Riley) – And look, he’s using his right hand this time!


(Comet) – This ain’t gonna be good!!


Thugg, wasting little time, pushes up with his right arm, thrusting Francis into the air. Then, in a kind of awkward motion, Thugg jumps and turns at once towards the ring, bring Francis down…








…with a Spinning Chokeslam!!!




(Comet) – He sure did!! Thugg scores with the Untamed Chokeslam from the second rope, and it’s gotta be over now!


Thugg, points at Francis, who lays motionless on the canvas, before floating over him and hooking the leg…



























The fans start to boo…



























(Comet) – That’s it! It’s over! Thugg steals it!


(Riley) – And that’s why Thugg is the greatest we’ve ever had here! I can overcome adversity! He hurt his arm, and Francis attacked it like a punk, and Thugg still persevered! That’s heart!


The fans boo lightly as Thugg stands back up in the ring, still holding his arm in pain.


(Comet) – Like a punk?? It’s called a good strategy! But Thugg did win this one…barely!


(Funyon) – Ladies and gentlemen…you winner…THUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGG!!!


As his music hits, Thugg stands in the ring and stares at the still motionless Mak Francis. Satisfied, he turns and heads towards the exit as the fans boos start to grow a bit.


(Comet) – What a lucky, lucky man! Now we’ve got the rubber match! Both men have won once, and now we’ve gotta decide who’s the better man once and for all. We’ll wait for Mak’s decision on the time, place, and stipulation, but if I was a betting man, that match’ll happen in a couple weeks at our XMAS PPV! Look for it people, and also look for our main event coming up next! Xstasy versus Dace Night! ICTV Title! It’s gonna be huge!


Fade to commercial.

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Guest Suicide King

Comet: “Welcome back to SWF Smarkdown in our home town ,Chhhiiiiccccaaggggoooo! With me Cycooooolne Cooooooomet and Citizen Bobby Riley!”


Riley: “Jesus Comet, do you have to keep doing that? This rabble is bad enough as it is tonight without you hyping them up anymore.”


Comet: “What an exciting show we’ve had tonight all the way down the card and now what better way to cap off the show that with an ICTV Title shot. Dace Night won his shot at Ashes to Ashes and now he’s taking up that shot. ”


Riley: “Yes, right after X lost a World Titles Table Match against Tom Flesher. What great ethics from Dace, picking on an injured champion.”


Comet: “Well, we’ll see just how that plays out Citizen Riley.”


Riley: “Bah. There are better things they could be doing with this main event anyway.”


Funyon: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following one on one contest will be for one fall and will be for the SWF ICTV CHAMPIONSHIP!”




Funyon: “Introducing firstly, from Birmingham, England, weighing in at two hundred and fifty two pounds .. representing the Unholy Trinity … DACE ..”




Funyon: “NIGHT!”




The lights fade out under the clouds of smoke from the ramp as Captor Of Sin screams into life as a wave of pyro lights up the ramp. Striding down through the smoke and showers of sparks, Dace Night tags hands with the fans in the front row, waving the camera in on a “Deathwish -> Horrorcore ICTV Champ” sign. Climbing the ring around, he flashes the horns to the cheering fans, showing off the Danny Williams t shirt he’s wearing. Stepping into the ring, he paces across it and climbs the turnbuckle, showing off to more of the fans in his mentor’s t shirt.


Comet: “Citizen Night wearing a Danny Williams t shirt. A node to his mentor who was also an ICTV Champion. It looks like Dace has big goals tonight.”


Funyon: “And his opponent, from the Nation’s Capital Washington D.C. weighing in at two hundred and eleven pounds ..The SWF ICTV CHAMPION …. XSTASY!”


The arena lights black out completely and then…










A massive explosion of pyro goes off at the ramp and as the smoke fades the figure of Xstasy stands at the top of the ramp, looking around to the cheering fans. Sprinting down the ramp and leaping to the apron and over the ropes into the ring, X flashes a pose to the ecstatic crowd. Lifting the ICTV title from around his waist and up into the air form the cheering fans. Handing the belt over the time keeper, X moves into the middle of the ring to square off with Dace Night. The two men stand in contrast. The small, rush coloured Xstasy, the Champion, the larger, pale skinned Dace, the man that would be Champion. X rolls his neck slowly, still feeling the pain of the World Title Tables Match on the last show as Dace Night cracks his knuckles.

Soapdish waves the two men a few feet apart before rising his hand in the air the calling for the opening bell.




The Champ steps forwards before backflipping, bring his hoot over head and catching the charging Dace Night in the jaw, staggering him backwards. Landing on his feet, Xstasy races forwards, twisting on his heel and smashes his leg into Night’s chest with a Leg Lariat but Horrorcore stands there and takes the blow, wrapping his arms around the leg. X leaps off his free foot and hammers the front of his other leg into Dace’s face, catching him by surprise and knocking him to the mat. Springing straight back to his feet, X wastes no time in backflipping again and dropping his weight onto Dace’s chest with a Standing Moonsault. Bounding back to his feet, Xstasy leaps to the second rope, pausing as Dace rolls to his feet before springing backwards and drilling home a Flying Kick to the chest, knocking Dace sprawling again.




Phoenix Nightingale waves a hand to the cheering fans as his Capoeria skills give him first blood. Turning around X has to dive out of the way of a Yakuza Kick that almost slams into his neck. Grabbing Dace buy the arm and swinging him around into a boot to the gut, Phoenix doubles Horrorcore over and spikes back into the mat with DDT, rolling backwards onto his feet all in one motion. Scrambling on top of Dace and looking his legs, X makes a frantic early cover as Soapdish dives in.







Comet: “Citizen Nightingale out pacing Dace Night but almost gets caught show boating to the fans.”


Riley: “I can’t decide if I want to see him get crippled or not. But he’s doing the same thing I would do. Try to put Dace down sharp and fast to get the hell out of there.”


Dropping into a crouch, Xstasy raises a cheer from the fans as he stalks slowly around Dace, waiting for him to get back to his feet. Night shakes his head out on the mat for a moment before rolling back to his knees only to be cracking in the face by a Roundhouse Kick.




Followed by Spinning Roundhouses and Thrust Kicks to his head and chest as X fires of a blitzing barrage of blows to use his speed advantage. Throwing his arms up, Night tries to shield his head from the raining blow of kicks as Xstasy continues to dance a circle around him, firing of a kick at every step. Faking a High Kick and causing Night to step back, Nightingale darts it and a round of rapid fire Jabs into Dace’s mid section. As Horrorcore doubles over to protect his midsection, X leaps onto the air, wrapping his legs around Night’s neck and flipping backwards, taking him over with a perfect Hurricanrana, cradling up both legs for the pin as Dace scrabbles franticly to try and kick Xstasy’s weight off of his shoulder.



































Comet: “Xstasy has the fans exploding as he nails those lighting fast kicks and jabs, almost scoring a win off the Hurricanrana right there.”


Riley: “Still playing it free and fast. If he can say this far ahead of Dace he’s got this one in the back.”


Leaping back to his feet, Xstasy gets Xstatic and unzips the top of his wetsuit, pulling it down to a huge wave of cheers and cat calls from the crowd. Taking a backflip, X spins back towards Dace only to be drilled in the face by a series of Elbow Smashes.




Quickly slipping his body under X’s and popping the ICTV Champ across his shoulders, Dace swings around and launches Xstasy up and over from his shoulders, crashing back first into the mat with a Reverse DVD. Backrolling on top of Phoenix and cradling yp both his legs, Dace presses all his weight onto the Champ to pin him down.




































Springing back to his feet, Dace hauls the dazed Xstasy back up along with him and slams a knee into the Champs mid section. Wrapping his arms around Xstasy’s head, Dace clamps on a Front Facelock, locking his arms tight around the Champion’s neck. Nightingale thrashes around, desperately trying to free himself from the vice lick hold around his neck as the air is cut off from his lungs and the blood is cut off from his brain. Kicking out, Dace slams his boot into X’s knee, causing his leg to collapse from under him as he falls back to the mat, dragging The Perfect Drug down with him. Scissoring his legs around Xstasy’s waist, Horrorcore clamps down even further on the Front Facelock Choke Hold, as Soapdish slides in and raise the Champ’s arm, checking to see if he’s still conscious .




Riley: “Hey, that’s a god damn choke hold! Dace is choking out the champ!”


Comet: “Looks like a clean Facelock to me Citizen Riley.”


Soapdish takes hold of Phoenix’s arm and lifts it up…






























Funyon: “Here is your winner, and NEW SWF ICTV CHAMPION…”




Riley: “What, Soapdish can’t be serious! That was a blatant choke hold. How can he give Dace the ICTV Title like that. It’s wrong, it’s all so wrong!”


Comet: “Congratulations Citizen Night on that victory and his new title. ”


Riley: “I can’t believe you can sit there and say that Comet. How can you?”


Taking the ICTV Title Belt from the time keeper’s hands, Dace climbs the turnbuckles and thrust the title high into the air, showing it off to the cheering and chatting fans all around the arena. Turning back to Xstasy as Referee Soapdish helps him to his feet, Dace extends his hand to The Perfect Drug and the former Champion shakes his hand.

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