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Guest cobainwasmurdered
After talking to several people I've realized how negative I've been about TSM lately and I'd like to apoligize.


Dames and co. have my full confidence. I know Damien, Sass, and Chris, etc all want what's best for tsm (that's why I'm nota mod..i hate all you fuckers).


There;s a lot of resentment to the changes going down lately and I'd like to ask my fellow naysayers to give things a chance.


TSM has many problems but it's the best *big* forum there is bar none.


So have patientce (yes I can't spell that and am too lazy to look it up).


Thank you.


Just so you know, don't think your work at WDI's wrestling folder has not gone unnoticed.


You have done good work over there CWM.




Kotz: Funny...very Funny.

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