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Guest gthureson

Marvel manga ghost riders

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Guest gthureson

I have flipped through some of the Marvel Manga stuff.  I understand that they are changing characterizations and origins to fit the manga style.


And it was fine for Avengers, Spider-man and Punisher.  I don't read those regular books, it doesn't matter to me.


But I picked up the Ghost Riders one and read through it in the store, I could only shake my head.


I liked most of the last Ghost Rider series...and it got much better after the 'touching the gas cap on the bike' thing and the rest of it.   It's not the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider anyway..its a teenaged Johnny Blaze.  Who is apparently a child of the devil.


Making him the brother of Daimon Hellstrom.   Here is why I got pissy.   I loved the 21 issues of Hellstorm.  Especially after Ellis got put on it.   Daimon got a personality, and a good one at that.  All that goes completely out the window.


As does the great character of Satana, his sister.


I'll try to not even think about the Hulk appearance.


I don't even know how they will sell this book.   The first issue doesn't seem to even have anything to distinguish it from the pack, except for its style of art.   Of which I'm not even a big fan.  The characters, good guys and bad guys, have been stripped of personality and all made it wise-cracking charicatures.   Fans of the characters in it won't recognize them, and there isn't much about them to set them apart for new readers and go 'Hey, thats cool'.


If I was looking at it as characters I'd never heard of before, I'd say, "Eh.  Whatever."


As I like most of them, I can only say, "Thats the best you guys could do?  Hacks."

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Guest The Masked Yodeler

It's a gimmick.  Marvel is just trying to jump on the anime/manga bandwagon, and apparently isn't doing to well at it.

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