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Guest spliffstar

2001: the Year of Rock?

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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

What I'm saying is this:


None of that is Rock N' Roll.  


The thing that defines Rock N' Roll is that it is undefinable.


Some of those groups are in my cd player right now.  I like some more than others...but it's not Rock N' Roll.


Rock is dead.


Listen to today's music...or what passes for Rock music.


To some degree many of the bands sound the same...and for the most part each bands tracks sound eerily similar to the track before it.


Rock N' Roll had no boundries.  It was diverse.  But when it was Rock...you knew it...because you felt it.


Remember guitar solos?  Or a guitar intro for that matter?


Remember when the lead singer didn't mumble...or scream...or worse yet...rap?


I classify all the above as Post 1992 Rock...cause it's about as close to a Rock band as you'll find.

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Guest redbaron51

Rock is still around. It maybe no AC/DC or the Who, but Rock is around.


Back then in the 60's and 70's from Abba(well maybe not Abba) to Zepplin it was rock, because rock was music with out borders.


Now today we just classify them as, Hard Rock, Nu-Metal, Alternative, Grunge, Thrash Metal, Progressive. All of those categories leads back to Rock N' Roll. We just put them in different categories that is all.

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Guest mesepher

Rock and Roll is far from dead...

it's were it belongs, in clubs and smaller venues. A nice intimate setting where it is you and the band, and a cheap ticket for an awesome seat... not like the stadiums where you'll pay at least 40 to sit in the high rise section.

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Guest Midnight Express83

Maybe I am different. But Rock isn't dead. Rock is still alive in well. mainstream rock sounds different, that is all. But the only problem is that when people grow up, what they heard before isn't the "in" thing anymore and from then and there they hate whats in.


Abe: "I used to be in with it. Then what was it changed. Now it isn't what I am with. And what it is now is scary"


I think it goes like that. And looking at this site, most are either thrash metal fans of the mid to late 80s or grunge fans from the early 90s. And these people have a problem with people having a different taste.


2001 was the third year of the mixed bag. It is too different to call it something. the year of rock was alot of new groups getting big hits, but the problem is that some isn't on par of what was hot years ago.

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