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[FANBOY POST] I now know that my band

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Flo from Cryptopsy has blessed my drummer's (my brother) drum kit with a several minute drum solo following their recent show in my town (I was hearbroken because I was forced to miss the show), and then he signed the heads of the drums. He also offered up some advice to be passed to us from the house owner where the after party was. Apparently we will be most fulfilled in metal by not signing to a label. Sounds good to me. I also heard that there was video of this drum solo (apparently it was a jazz session) and I should be able to get a hold of a copy soon.


I'm such a snivelling fanboy, but I'm taking this as a major sign that it's time to get it all put together and released. I'll have to try to make sure the Flo gets to hear a copy of the demo. Really wish I could have been there to hang with them, then I could also throw that in Agent's face forever. Oh well, I'm done being a little feebling now.



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