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WWE Title Feud (Smackdown Spoilers)

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I must say that the WWE Title feud, thus far, has been horrible. The whole thing just seems to be a way of telling Brock "We don't need you! We have Big Show!", because so far Show has been the only one to look good in the feud. They even let him do a F-5! Not to mention that he can single-handedly destroy Angle, Jindrak and Reigns simultaneously. Angle has looked like a pussy the whole feud while JBL seems to be a non-factor. Angle lost to Show in a 3 on 1 match, had his chair shot on Show no-sold and then got laid out by him, then this week on Smackdown Show forces Kurt to apologize to Joy! MUST SEE TV! Not to mention that Kurt was out smarted by Amy Weber!


Current Feud Standings:

Big Show: Looks like a big, fat dumb giant that could kills Angle and JBL at will.

Kurt Angle: Looks like a puss. Has no chance of even HURTING Show let alone beating him. The smartest of the three since he tricked them on Smackdown this week, but still not as smart as Amy Weber.

JBL: Looks like a midcard, GOOFBALL~ champion that might be able to take Angle after a lot of cheating but not Big Show.


Then this week, they decided that the WWE Title wasn't getting the job done for this feud, so instead they make the focus JOY~ ensuring that nobody will care about this match at the Rumble.


Royal Rumble Prediction: Big Show destroys both Angle and JBL, but JBL comes through with the MIRACLE~ pin on Angle after Big Show kills him but gets distracted afterwards.

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