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A TNA angle I came up

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Guest [censored]

my apologies if this is in the wrong forum.


This is where I'd like to see TNA go with Daniels, Jarrett and Raven



As AMW and The Dudley's continue their feud for the TNA Tag Team Titles, Jarrett is faced with his toughest challenge for the World Title in the form of Monty Brown.


Raven who has made it clear that he is tired of as he sees it being screwed by Zybsko and co makes it clear he plans on taking things into his own hands.


During the title match between Jarrett and Brown, Raven interjects and as Jarrett sees it costs him the World Title. In reality Raven stops Jarrett from using interference to go over Brown. Brown wins the match cleanly


Post match Raven cuts a very dark ECW-esq promo where he blames Jarrett for all of his problems and says he is going to rid TNA of Jarrett.


Jarrett also now wants a piece of Raven who he says never has had "it" is a washed up garbage wrestler who has never been in Jeff's league. There is not room for both of them in TNA.


With the AMW - Dudley's feud on going, Raven allies himself with his former ECW cast mates. The feud becomes very violent and very bloody much like Raven - Dreamer from ECW or Austin - Hart from WWE where it starts to become a problem for the company.


Finally at the behest of TNA officials a cage match with death match rules is made between Raven and Jarrett with the stipulation that this is to be their final match up (the two sides have had various PPV matches of both 6man and singles with neither side gaining a clear advantage)


After a match between The Dudley's both teams are removed from the building and the Raven - Jarrett match is started.


Raven gains a clear advantage during the match and its clear on this night he is the better man. At this point Christopher Daniels comes in from the crowd in street clothes - climbs the cage and proceeds use brass knuckles on Raven and really fuck him up. He then applies the Angel Wings until Raven is passed out.


Raven can't answer the 10 count and Jarret is declared the winner.


Raven now has his sights set on Daniels. His promos are now even darker and filled with rage and hatred. His antics even more violent. At a TV taping he gets his revenge on Daniels bloodies and humilates him badly.


Daniels doesnt just want to beat Raven he wants to end his career.


The match is made, an I quit match, loser leaves TNA forever match. Jarrett tries to help early but fucks up and put Daniels at the disadvantage for a bit.


The match ending is somewhat like this. The Dudley's end up at ringside to stop other interference. At one point they go to help Raven but waves them off. AMW attempts the same but Daniels also waves them away. These men hate each so much they want it to man on man, they each want to be the one to drive the other out of TNA for ever.


Daniels ends up getting the angels wings on Raven. Raven wont quit and Daniels just cinches the hold harder, he's seething. The Dudley's plead with Raven, they worry is clear on their faces, this is now bigger than wrestling its about his life after wrestling.


When Raven looks like he is going to pass out Daniels makes sure he doesnt let him loosening the lock slightly to keep him alert. He's not going to let Raven off that easy.


The Dudley's want to help, Raven waves them off.


Raven finally taps. A great career as come to an end.


Daniels, AMW, Gail Kim and a returning Jarrett celebrate. Raven goes to shake Daniels' hand. He slaps him to ground and spits on him.


Next TV taping


Jarrett, Daniels, AMW and Gail Kim go to ring for an interview with Tenay.


Daniels "HHH's" Jarrett citing how Jarrett had to bring in Daniels to get the job done that he couldn't (taking out Raven), An elite team needs and elite leader not a honkey tonk man wannabee.


Daniels and AMW attack, brutalize and bloody jarret. After the beating Jarrett reaches out the Gail Kim for comfort or something. Kim kicks him in the stomach, turns and embrasses Daniels, who then dips her in his arms and kisses her. All 4 members (Daniels, AMW and Kim) laugh at the pathetic Jarret.


This sets up an angle where Jarrett is a sort of outcast heel, a man with no allies. He's screwed over so many people no one wants a thing to do with him, no one cares. Jarrett is seen week after week trying to find allies, pleading with them but no one cares. he deserves what he gets. Note I don't change Jarrett to a face here, he's just a pathetic and desperate heel.


This sets up the Daniels v. Jarrett feud. Jarrett being at a disadvantage because of AMW really has no chance. Daniels - Jarret have their big match but before hand Jarrett is beat up pretty bad by AMW. Zybsko wants to call off the match, Jarrett is no condition to go on. But her refuses, he will fight.


After a brief run of offense, Daniels gains the upper hand and brutalizes Jarrett. It's clear Daniels' is not wanting to win the match but end the career of Jeff Jarrett. After much punishment even for Jeff Jarrett where the announcers and crowd are sick of it the big face of TNA and World Champion Monty Brown comes in for save and thus the seends are planted for the great Daniels - Brown match for the world title.

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A few notes:


1. C'mon, man...Daniels taking Raven out of TNA? Bullshit. Raven was one of the reasons TNA was exciting in its first year, and could easily make the whole company that much better if allowed to run with the ball. Plus, I dislike the whole "Jarrett wins over Raven AGAIN" thing. If any feud with Raven and Jarrett goes down, Raven needs the blowoff.


2. Angel's Wings is not a submission hold, it's a spinning sit-out Pedigree. You're thinking of the Koji Clutch.

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