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Ten years ago today...

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Brian Pillman cut the promo of his life at ECW Cyberslam on February 17, 1996.


Experience the awesomeness that is Brian fucking Pillman:






Edit: I found a transcript...

*the lights go out while Joey Styles is in the ring talking about the ECW Internet Convention*


Styles: "Wha...hey, wait a minute...hey! Is this...this can't be our receipt, we didn't do this to anybody else on Monday night! But what...what in the, hey, what...? Hey! Who the hell are you?!?"


*lights come up, and Pillman stands posting in the ring*


Styles: "Brian...!"


*Pillman strides around the ring to a huge "Pillman" chant*


Styles: "What are you doing here?!?"


Pillman: "Haven't you heard? *laughs* I like you as an announcer, you know why? 'Cause I just had an announcer in Atlanta, Georgia take away my Constitutional rights. I have been fired by Eric Bischoff! He's a pretty popular guy! He's pretty popular with my legal department as well. *laughs* Bischoff, or should I say, jerkoff...! You can't take away my Constitutional rights, 'cause I'm in Philadelphia, where the Constitution...where the Constitution was written! Now, Mr. Gofer, Mr. 90s Whiz Kid! The great success story...of '96! Former coffee gofer for Verne Gagne is now leading the show in the bigtime! You...are a piece of fucking shit!"


Styles: "And on that note, we're gonna go to a commercial break, a bombshell has been dropped, Brian Pillman is in the--"


Pillman: "No, no no no. No, no, no, Joey Styles, you're not runnin' this interview, I am! 'Cause I'm Brian...fuckin'...Pillman!"


Styles: "Anything you--"


Pillman: "Let me tell you...a little more. You know what Eric Bischoff is? Eric Bischoff is each and every one of these motherfucking smart marks rolled up into one! Giant piece of shit! I guess you--I guess you guys didn't get that. Smaaart maaarks. What's a smart mark? A mark with a high IQ? Okay, smart marks. Okay. You know what a mark is? *shouting* A mark is a guy who pays his last twenty dollars on crack cocaine! A mark is a guy...that believes...that O.J. didn't do it. And a mark is each and every one of you sorry son of a fucking bitches! So you know what? I'm gonna do right fucking here, right now, the only appropriate thing Brian Pillman should do. I'm gonna yank out my johnson and piss in this hellhole!" *Pillman throws down the mic, and begins unzipping his pants*


Styles: *picking up the mic* "Don't you...no! Will you put that thing...will you put that thing--what the hell are you doing?!?" *Paul Heyman, Tod Gordon, Shane Douglas, and a ref hit the ring to surround Pillman*


Gordon: "This wasn't part of the deal, brother! This wasn't part of the deal."


Heyman: "--part of the deal, Brian! Not part of the deal! This is not part of the deal!"


Pillman: "Deal...? Deal? I do whatever I want, whenever I want, and I don't give a fuck about you, or your smart marks, bookerman." *security shows up and escorts Pillman from the ring*

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Pillman had the look of a superstar and the charisma and in-ring skills to be one. It's really a shame he died 'cause I think he could have played a big part in the Attitude Era as well. The ECW promo was really good but I have seen better.

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