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SWF Stats Thread - 2006 Edition

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Tag team stats post (I suppose I could have edited this into Jimmy's regular stats post, but it looked to be getting a little long.) These might change in the coming days/weeks/whatever, but probably not drastically.




Tag team name: The New Doomtopians

Combined Weight: 515 pounds

From: Doomopolis, Doomtopia

Alignment: Face-ish, though the Doomstroyer can be kind of vicious and smashy, which does garner some negative reactions.

Ring escort: Lois the Unethical


Tag entrance: The lights change to orange for some reason, and Incredibad's "Just 2 Guyz" plays. Jimmy the Doom and the Doomtopian Destroyer walk out, Lois the Unethical trailing behind. Very basic so it can be easily molded to fit the needs of nearly any writer.


Tag moves:

- Slingshot from Doomstroyer directly into a leaping front kick (Usually in the FACE) from Jimmy.

- The Doomtopian Destroyer tombstone's Jimmy onto the opponent's torso (Or FACE).

- Double FACE punch.

- Liu Kang kicks = Doomstroyer picks Jimmy up, and either charges the opponent or just tosses Jimmy, who has adopted a nifty kick pose (Either the traditional flying kick, or the bicycle kick, in which case Doomstroyer will stand there to allow Jimmy to batter the opponent). Given that the Doomstroyer is rather slow, it should be easy to dodge the charging version unless the opponent is all woozy.

- Doomsday Device = Jimmy applies a head vice while the Doomtopian Destroyer locks on a bear hug. (Yeah, it's not the Doomsday Device most people are familiar with, and that's why it's here.)



- Hava Nagila = The Doomstroyer delivers a massive heart punch whilst screaming "Hava Nagila", and trying to rip out the opponent's heart (Kind of like in that Indiana Jones movie), and then Jimmy rolls the guy up.

- Electric chair drop from Doomstroyer and the Straight-Bread Sensation comes off the top rope with a Doom Factor. (I know this doesn't have a name. Feel free to have an announcer come up with something on the fly, however, why would you be writing this at all?)


Notes: The New Doomtopians will not do any 'sandwich' moves (Where both partners hit a single opponent from front and back) as it goes against the straight-bread lifestyle of both men.


Here are basic stats for the Doomtopian Destroyer (AKA Doomstroyer) and whatnot.


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 285 pounds

From: Doomopolis, Doomtopia

Alignment: Face-side of tweener, pretty much through his association with Jimmy and Lois. Can go a bit overboard in his actions, which gets him booed.


Attire: All black. Pants, shirt, boots, everything, with a black hood and mask combination, sort of like an executioner's hood, with a black mask underneath for even further identity hiding.



- Strength = 9

- Speed = 2

- Vitality = 4

- Charisma = 5


Style: Big man brawler. No wrestling training, though, as a shadowy operative guy or whatever, he knows how to take out a person pretty easily. Basically, he knows how to punch and kick things, as well as pick things up and drop them, and isn't too shabby with chokes and the like. He doesn't have a real finisher and such, as he's only going to be tagging with Jimmy.


Notes: In regards to women, the Doomstroyer will not hesitate to attack, however, the attack only consists of backhand slaps, as he believes that is all a woman is deserving of. YOU CAN'T TELL HIM IT IS WRONG, HE IS FROM A DIFFERENT CULTURE, AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE HIM!

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Board Name: The Amazing Rando

Wrestler’s Name: “Disney-Sponsored” Alan Clark

Nicknames: “The Happiest Guy On Earth”

Aliases: Bloodshed, The Apostle (Former Ring-names)



Height: 6’1”

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: When on the East Coast, Walt Disney World. When on the West Coast, Disneyland. When in Europe, Disneyland Paris. When in Asia, Hong Kong Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea, depending on what country we happen to be in at the time. In Canada/Mexico, he states that he is from those Epcot Pavilions as an ambassador.

Age: 25

Alignment: Fans cheer, but only because he's Alan Clark. Not exactly a true blue babyface.

Ring Escort: Walter Reynolds


Quote: Have A Magical Day.


Looks: Alan Clark will, as he did previously, appear in the ring wearing various theme park or movie related outfits, his favorite being a custodial uniform. He is much more clean cut than previous months, but is still sporting longer hair than Disney would like, but they agreed to let him keep it due to OAOAST commitments. Alan will keep his hair tied in the back.


-- Bloodshed, on the other hand, wears either all black or all white, is usually bleeding from the forehead, and his hair is not tied back, instead letting it fall in front of his face. Usually his entrance and exit involve the lights of the arena going out and coming back on, but he can also run down as well, either way he doesn't have any music. His "quote" is "Wait...and...Bleed!", though he will usually remain silent whilst doing his attacking. He will not be wrestling except under storyline terms.


Music: Various Disney music, but mostly/usually “When You Wish Upon A Star”


Entrance: The lights go out, and the following echoes from the loudspeakers…


“Please Stand Clear of the Ring. Por favor Soporte Claro del Anillo….


…For the Safety and Comfort of Others…No Smoking Please. Para la Seguridad Y la Comodidad de Otras... El Ningún Fumar Por favor….



“The Walt Disney Company and the Smartmarks Wrestling Federation are proud to present…”


A spotlights hits the entranceway just as the music begins to play, revealing Alan Clark to the world, cheery and smiling as best he can with Walter Reynolds in tow. The duo comes to the ring with pixie dust falling from the ceiling as Funyon makes his announcement…


“Coming to the ring at this time…representing _____________ and being accompanied by Walter Reynolds… he is the self-proclaimed and copyrighted Happiest Guy On Earth… ALAAAAAAAAN CLAAAAAAAARK!!”


After high-fiving a few ringside fans, Alan slides under the bottom rope and into the ring as Walter takes his place at ringside, leaving the music to fade out as Clark stands and waits for his opponent. If the opponent is already in the ring, he would loudly introduce himself and offer a handshake or maybe even sing along with his music, hopefully distracting you long enough that he can get an early advantage, once again doing whatever he can to get the tide turned his way as quickly as possible and also trying to stay within the confines of his contract. Remember, NO WEAPONS, but Alan *will* cheat as far as grabbing ropes for leverage, closed fists, and maybe a thumb to the eye if the moment shows itself. His contract only states that hardcore and weapon-related sanctioned fighting is forbidden, and says nothing about cheating. Alan loves this tiny loophole and may abuse it.



Strength: 5

Speed: 7

Endurance: 6

Charisma: 2 (Walter will be doing more of Alan’s speaking, but Alan will still chat it up with fans and in more intimate situations)


Signature Moves

The Wreck Of The Miss Tilly – Cartwheel Corner Enziguri

A Walk In The Park – Jericho Bulldog followed by Lionsault

Cutting In Line – Twist Of Fate neckbreaker

Splash Mountain – Corner Crucifix Powerbomb

Parkhopper – Frog Splash

Big Thunder Mountain Bomb – Blue Thunder Bomb

Kodak Moment – With opponent in corner, Alan hits a dropkick and backflips off the opponents chest to his feet.

Talespin Crash – Springboard 180 Swanton Elbow Drop

Fauntleroy (Donald Duck’s middle name) – 450 Splash

3 O’clock Parade – The Three Amigos/Triple Suplexes.


Common Moves

The Whole New Whirl – Airplane Spin

MEXICO Surfboard – Mexican Surfboard

Backlot Suplex – Backdrop Suplex

Illuminator – Alabama Slam (usually a tide-turner rather than a really big hit)

Kicks & Chops

Russian Legsweep


Slingshot Suplex

Standing Legdrop

Standing Moonsault

Snap Suplex




Sit-out Scoop Slam


German Suplex


Standing Elbow Drop

Hard Clothesline


Rare Moves

Bloodmist – Alan is not allowed by contract to participate in hardcore bouts, but because of his past he still may bleed and his new bosses know it. So if it can happen, it probably will.

The Vacation’s Over II – Ordonez Tempest Driverbomb.

Touchstone Lightning – Nagata Lock II / Ced Ordonez’s Cross Lighting



The Vacation’s Over – Maximo Explosion (Styles Clash Head Drop)

EPSOT – The Extremely Painful Submission of Torture, aka La Ayakita 2000.

Monorailer – Canadian Backbreaker (Alan falls to knees, opponents back strikes shoulder)



NOTES: Alan can not work hardcore, nor can he be involved in backstage brawling or fighting. Should someone try to goad him into such fighting or attack him from behind, Alan is instructed to fall down and take the beating until such time that Walter Reynolds or security can break it up and stop it. Regardless of these new rules, Alan is still just as much a loose cannon as ever, and it sort of pains him that he can’t fight back when he wants to, but he does not want to lose his job. Because of this, Alan’s “Eerie Cheer Factor” as Ejiro Fasaki once put it, has reemerged in full force, leading him to have a consistent smirk or smile regardless of whatever pain he happens to be in. He will also be overly (and creepily) cheerful and happy to the point of annoyance. He might even try to hug you.


Alan will at times roll to the outside of the ring (even in the heat of battle) and talk to fans or sign autographs or even pose for pictures.


BIGGER NOTE: Alan is NOT happy with not being allowed to work hardcore or violent matches, and even with him being able to run amok in the OAOAST as Bloodshed, his beating heart lies in the SWF. Things are going to start getting even odder with Alan Clark over the next few months...stay tuned. (I mean, seriously...he's teaming over there with LANDON...seriously)




Manager’s Name: Walter Reynolds

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 325 lbs.


An extremely strong bodyguard, it is Walter’s job to make sure Alan is protected from any sort of “un-Disney-like” occurrences when not in the ring. When Alan is in the ring, it will be Walter’s job to make sure Alan does not go over the deep end as he has prone to, keeping him from using any foreign objects of underhanded maneuvers that the company might not like. Walter can hold his own in fights, and will simply punch and kick the Pooh out of whatever tries to mess with him, but only as a last resort. Unlike Alan, he can fight in self-defense, because that is what he is being paid to do.

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Guest Aecas

Smarks Board Name: Aecas

Wrestlers Name: Aecas

Nickname: The Black Angel

Height: 7'

Weight: 315lbs

Hometown: Shrewsbury, England

Age: 31

Face/Heel: Psychotic Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Anything not nailed down and liftable. Carries Flick Scythe to the ring with him. (See notes for description) Will pull out spare potted plants to clobber people with if needed.

Quote: "Sanity is just a weird form of madness..."


Looks: He has black hair that comes down to his shoulders, when backstage he wears it tied back in a ponytail but loosens it before making his entrance to the ring. His eyes are blue/green but he wears contact lenses that blot out the iris and pupil leaving them totally white. He wears black leather pants and a large pair of Goth New Rock boots from the waist up he wears nothing, his skin is pale and contrasts sharply to a snaking dragon tattoo that works its sinuous length around his chest and back. He wears black and white face paint and across the pale skin of his forehead the word DEATH is written in black face paint.


Ring Entrance: The arena goes dark for several long moments, a graveyard bell ringing ominously before a deep voice reverberates through the arena speakers.


"Are you scared?"


The voice echoes for a moment before several voices speak as one.


"He's here..........."


Amon Amarth's "Death in Fire" blasts out from the arena speakers as a lighting flash highlights Aecas on the Smarktron, a sadistic grin on his face. Red lights begin to strobe around the arena, like an alarm system gone wrong - or a system that is warning of imminent carnage. Thick smoke boils up from the entranceway, filling the air and carpeting the floor, a blood red spotlight picks out Aecas as he stands deep in the depths of the smoke, an eerie silhouette will a large staff in one hand.


Aecas raises the staff high above his head holding it high in both hands. A long wicked blade snaps forth from the staff as Aecas tips his head back spraying a mist of blood into the air, inciting a roar of approval from the crowd as he begins to stride down the aisle. As he walks the lights begin to strobe highlighting a mask of almost demonic glee stamped across his face with each flicker. He enters the ring through the ropes as the lights slowly come up a grin on his face as he anticipates what is to come before his face becomes indifferent and impassive once again.




Strength: 8 (He's back and more pumped up than ever!)

Speed: 3 (He can move around decently well for a big man, and on rare occasions he’ll go to the top for the Elbow or Leg Drop to make a big finish.)

Vitality: 8 (Hit him in the face with a broken bottle and he'd give you another and tell you to put more effort behind it.)

Charisma: 1 (He looks positively gloomy unless involved in very brutal matches when he lets excitement break the surface. He talks little but his actions often speak volumes of their own.)


Style: Power Based, he’s certainly not afraid to just go out there and try to flatten the opposition through brute force.


Signature moves:

Brainbuster Variations - Aecas' Suplex move of choice the Brainbuster name a variant and he can likely throw it. Variations include, Normal, Stalling, One Armed, Inverted, Sheer Drop, Evenflow, Slingshot, Second Rope into the Turnbuckles, Corkscrew, and on special occasions or for those people who just won’t die Top Rope.

M Bison – When his opponent is on their hands and knees, or propped up against a chair Aecas will move to the nearest turnbuckle, ascending to either the second or top rope. Aecas then springs off the ropes his arms held out at his sides like wings as he stomps down hard on his opponent’s neck and head.

Uranage Suplex - Aecas stands side on to his opponent, stepping close and wrapping his right arm around tight their throat, his left tossing their right arm over his right shoulder before moving down and grabbing their tights. He lifts them up bodily by the neck and tights spinning around and slamming them down HARD on their neck and shoulders.

Chokebreaker - Chokeslam into Backbreaker. Haul you opponent off of their feet for a Chokeslam and when they are in mid air drop down to one knee and slam the small of their back across your knee. May also be inverted to slam them down face first on his knee.

Ocean Cyclone Suplex – Aecas crosses his opponents arms in front of their body as if going for a straight jacket Suplex, her then lifts his opponent up onto his shoulders in an Electric Chair position then simply arches backwards, driving his opponent head and shoulders first into the mat and bridging up for a pin. Most often used towards the end of a match when an opponent would be even less likely to survive being dropped on their head from seven feet up and bridged out by a 300 pounder.

German Suplex

Dragon Suplex

Running Powerslam - British Bulldog style, when he was in his prime.

Yakuza Kick

The Gore

STO – Commonly used against a running opponent and as such locingly christened the "Momentum Stopper."

Chokeslam – Normal or Inverted

Decapitator Lariats - STIFF Lariat, not quite LARIATO stiffness but more than enough to knock almost anybody down whether they want to go down or not.

Front Facelock - Dace Night style, usually applied when the opponent is face down on the canvas but he's not adverse to kicking sombody in the gut and slapping it on that way.


Common moves:

Forearms - Aecas will typically use forearm smashes instead of punches. And please note that a seven foot man whacking you with the meat of his arm is going to hurt. We aren't talking about RVD's shitty ineffective forearms here, if you've seen B-Boy or Homicide wrestle you'll have an idea of how stiff these can get.

Kesa-Giri Chops - To the neck, Kobashi style. If the opportunity arises he’ll try for a Rolling Kesa-Giri to the front, side or back of the neck.




Gutwrench Powerbomb

Fall Away Slam

Pendulum Backbreaker

Sidewalk Slam

Shoulder Breaker

Fujiwara Armbar/Reverse Armbar



Side Belly to Belly Suplex

Boston Crab

Spinning Neck Breaker

Big Boot

Side Slam



Rare moves:

Backdrop Driver - Aecas steps up beside his opponent, tosses their left arm over his shoulders and wraps his arms around their waist, he lifts them up into the air and arches himself backwards driving them headfirst into the mat. Given Aecas' height there is no chance you're going to land on anything other than your head. There are two variations Aecas likes to use in addition to the standard Backdrop Driver. Snap Backdrop Driver, as soon as Aecas has his hands locked he will take his opponent up and over, no stalling, no time to prepare, just lock arms and BANG. The second variation is used when his opponent is on the apron, Aecas steps up to the ropes, reaches over the top rope and grabs his opponent by the waist before Backdrop Driving them over the top rope and back INTO the ring.

The Grave Digger - 3 to 5 HARD Powerbombs before Aecas flips his opponent up onto his shoulders and hits him with a Death Valley Driver (Piss Aecas off and this is what you're likely to get. The number of Powerbombs depends on size and weight of opponent, for visual description see the Continuous Powerbomb to DVD on No Mercy.) And its even rarer variation The Grim Reaper - Same situation as The Grave Digger but this move ends with Aecas letting his opponent’s battered body hang upside down before finishing them off with the Executioner.

The Fallen Angel - Aecas sets his opponent up into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle facing out towards the crowd, he then climbs upwards to the second rope wrapping his arms around his opponents middle with a tight waistlock. He then jumps from the second rope, using the rope to springboard himself upwards and across the ring culminating the move by German Suplexing his opponent in mid air dropping them practically on their head as they land.

Cobra Clutch Suplex - Aecas moves behind his opponent and puts them in a Cobra Clutch (Aecas locks a Half Nelson onto their left arm before he uses his right arm to pull the captured limb across his opponents throat) before snapping his opponent backwards like a German Suplex and cratering their head and neck into the mat. Occasionally before he drops his opponent on their head Aecas will keep the Cobra Clutch locked on to wear down his opponent before he takes them up and over.

Top Rope Elbow Drop.

Guillotine Leg Drop.






Ganso Bomb (Jumping Kneeling Vertical Sheer Drop Powerbomb if you want to get technical). Aecas gets his opponent into a Powerbomb position and hoists them up in the normal way. However, instead of holding his opponent up, Aecas lets them flop down, leaving them hanging upside down with his arms wrapped around their waist. Aecas then jumps and lands on his knees, driving his opponent’s head into the canvas in an unprotected reverse Tombstone position.


Executioner II


(Jumping Cross Armed Thunder Fire Bomb) Aecas sets the opponent up in a Powerbomb position as usual but with this version he reaches underneath them and crosses their arms across their chest, gripping them by the wrists. Aecas then hoists them up to his shoulders and lets them drop back down, holding them fast by the wrists before he jumps up and sends them crashing headfirst onto the mat. Since he's holding your arms you aren't going to land on anything except your head.


Burning Angel


A modified Reverse STF, something he picked up on his return to Japan. STF is set up as normal before he rolls over onto his back, taking his opponent with him and locking on a solid rear naked choke style neck vice.



Quick Bio: He's spent the last year and a half in Japan, on hiatus with the SWF as he started working overseas before he appeared in the SWF in the first place. Reports that were released periodicly state that he was having a rather good time over there. And by good time it means terrorising the Japanese with his sometimes partner, sometimes rival Vlad Everheart. He's come back from Japan with a few new scars, his penchant for violence never satisfied before he approached the SWF comissioner with the idea of returning once more. A Former Hardcore Gamers and Tag Team Champion in the SWF with his equally monstrous partner Janus. Things have changed, new faces have replaced the old but he's more eager than ever to start where he left off. After all, somebody has to pay for the plant food don't they?




The Flick Scythe is as tall as Aecas, and heavy enough so that anyone who doesn't have a strength of at least 4 or above will find it difficult to wield effectively. This does NOT mean that somebody with say strength 4 could not use it, it simply means they would have a very difficult time trying to wield it and would be rather slow because of its weight. There are two hidden catches on the length of the staff, one when depressed will causes the Scythes blade to snap out and lock, ensuring its readiness for use. The other catch unlocks the blade and pulls it back down against the body of the staff. It could feasibly be used as a weapon (and in one instance actually was by Bruce Blank, when Aecas was on hiatus) but for all intents and purposes it’s a prop, not a weapon.


Reggie. A calling card of sorts. Reggie is to Aecas what HEAD used to be to Al Snow. His faithful potted plant companion, drinking buddy, agony aunt, you name it. A red rose seated comfortably in a medium sized ceramic pot, a small black bow tie tied around its upper stem and a little barbed wire halo fixed above the open petals. A faithful companion if ever there was one and much like HEAD can generate his own pops and signs on occasion. Sometimes carried to the ring with Aecas and then given into the care of the commentators but mostly seen backstage Just don’t try to smash him. Trust me, just don’t ;)

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Last edited November 13, 2006


Smarks Board Name: Ace309

Wrestlers Name: "The Superior One" Tom Flesher

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 229.9 pounds for cruiserweight matches, 231 when he doesn't have to make weight

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Age: 24

Face/Heel: Rudo, dick, bastard heel, whatever you want to call the guy who’ll step on your neck, count along with the ref and then still deny it.

Ring Escort: James Matheson, an old-school Cornette type. In fact, just picture Cornette carrying an aluminium briefcase (Halliburton, making him even MORE evil) instead of a tennis racquet.

Weapon(s): James Matheson's briefcase is a wonderland of interesting things, many of which are small enough to be hidden in Flesher's singlet, wrist tape or kickpads. (You didn't really think they were for the opponent's protection, did you?)


Looks: Flesher is fairly stocky, a fireplug with broad shoulders, a barrel chest and an 18-inch neck. He wears his short brown hair combed forward and spiked in the front, nearly shaved on the sides with a reddish beard kept closely trimmed. Typical Irish/German - light brown hair, light blue eyes, average-to-fair skin. When wrestling, he wears black ASICS wrestling shoes with attached black-on-blue kickpads and a royal blue singlet with black trim at the edges and metallic silver side panels. Like all good heels, he'll also use black wrist tape. He wears a blue warmup suit with black shoulder rings to the ring. Out of the ring, think GQ – stylish, erring toward conservative, but certainly not buttoned-up. Black wingtips are standard outside the ring.


On special occasions, Flesher will substitute gold side panels for the silver, and a gold warmup suit.


Ring Entrance: James Matheson will make an introduction, the blue pyro goes off coincident with the opening to Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir," and Flesher struts to the ring. He'll acknowledge the crowd from the ring with a kind of quiet confidence before stripping his warmup off and stretching out.



Strength: 4 - He's a lightweight, but he can still hoist most guys around, being a suplex machine and all. He's given up some of his functional strength in an effort to improve his ability to take punishment - he doesn't need to lift anyone overhead and spike him on his neck anymore, but when he limits the ways he's willing to win, he'll need to be able to take more of a beating.

Speed: 2 - His speed is more a result of his conditioning training than anything else, but he's fast enough to tie someone up in a pretzel hold out of nowhere. He won't be doing slingshot suicida stuff any time soon, though.

Vitality: 9 - Very good stamina, and hard to pin. Nearly never submits, and bleeds like a stuck pig given the opportunity. Flesher is able to wrestle on instinct and without higher brain function (particularly after being dumped on his head). Is he tough to beat? Absolutely. He carried the fed on his back for a year. He earned the right to be.

Charisma: 5 - The man uses the thumb to the eye as a signature move, for god's sake. Everybody hates him.


Style: After watching Mak Francis lose the use of his legs following a Burning Hammer from Spike Jenkins, Flesher took some time off from the ring. He returned with a new focus - rather than rely on his head-dropping strong style, he should focus on the backbone of his wrestling style and work submissions. Not only does it protect other wrestlers from having to go through the injury that Francis suffered, but it allows him to protect himself, too. Let's face it, submission wrestling is easier on the body than lifting and dropping people.


He's eased up, however, and he's more likely now to go to a head drop out of convenience rather than as a desperation move.


Signature moves:

- Yakuza kick

- Derailleur (Canadian backbreaker with kneedrop)

- Double chicken wing (standing and elevated for the submission, or grounded and worked into an amateur-style pin)

- Any suplex you've ever seen someone do, but especially the Straitjacket, the Fisherman's and the head-and-arm

- Figure-four leglock

- Shotei/Palm blow (doesn't punch - only uses palms or backhands, whether striking or just slapping the taste out of an opponent's mouth for no apparent reason)

- Variants on submissions he already does, or wacky submissions made up on the spot, that may be either painful or merely irritating

- Dropkick to the crotch

- Thumb to the eye


Common moves:

- Railgun Suplex (Overhead belly-to-belly - usually catches someone running the ropes, but can initiate it from a standing position against someone about 240 or under)

- German suplex (bridging or released)

- Greco-Roman backdrop (belly-to-back suplex)

- Shoulderbreaker

- Front headlock (aka front facelock.)

-- From the front headlock, Flesher can do several things. He can use it as a choke, sprawl backward and throw knees at the opponent's head, apply a hammerlock and wait it out, or use the amateur-style cement series. For the sake of these explanations, assume the head is under Flesher's right arm.

-- Cement Drop (Wrench the chin to the right side, hook the arm and drive forward, pushing the opponent onto his BUTT. Step with one foot on each side of his hips and continue driving forward into a Thesz press pin, keeping the chin wrench. The simplest way to finish, but also the hardest to hit against anyone who knows what he's doing.)

-- Cement Mixer (Floatover front facelock suplex, ending with the same chin wrench-Thesz press pin as above.)

-- Cement Job (From the front headlock, wrench the chin and underhook the opponent's arm with the left arm. Punch the left hand through and over the shoulder, driving the opponent to his back for the pin and keeping the chin wrench.

-- Flying Cement Job (Underhook the arm as for the Cement Job. Kick the left leg under the opponent's chest and pull him over it, using the same basic motion as a side headlock takeover. The hold finishes the same way as a Cement Job, but has the added benefit of knocking the wind out of the opponent.)

-- Wet Cement (Bodyscissors front headlock – usually applied to a sitting opponent, throw on the headlock and then wrap the legs around the opponent’s middle from the front a la Jamie Noble. So named by Dace Night because getting caught in it is like getting stuck in wet cement – you just can’t get out.)

- Stalling front suplex (Lifts the opponent up and then throws them face-down onto the mat; can also be done across the top rope)

- Camel Clutch or Gedo clutch

- Abdominal stretch, occasionally with the elbow stuck in the opponent’s ribs.

- Body scissors, alone or with a full nelson, sleeper or just about any other move that fits the story of the match.

- Doc Marten boot-related offense (Yakuza kick, double stomp, corner boot scrape to the face, kick to the knee, dropkick to the knee, enzuigiri)

- Amateur-style techniques

-- … including the blast double leg, which functions as a spear

-- … or the By The Numbers pin, which involves applying a hammerlock to the left arm of a face-down opponent, coming out to the front, threading your arm under the elbow of his right arm and forcing him onto his back with both arms controlled.


Rare moves:

- Burning Hammer (Torture rack into head drop. This is the move that broke Mak Francis' neck, so it's a bit like a police officer's gun: he isn't going to use it unless it's absolutely necessary, and he's going to feel incredibly conflicted about it afterward.)

- The Boilermaker (Avalanche-style [off the top rope] brainbuster. Obviously limited by size. Set up with an Irish whip followed by either an avalanche or a running palm strike, then setting the opponent on the top rope and hitting a 'Venus' [leaping and spinning] palm strike.) Counter this with an Orange Crush Bomb and you win (see losses to TNT [ladder match, US Title] and Ejiro Fasaki [sWF Xmas PPV 2003, World Title]).

- Logical Disconnect (Exploder '98 - A sheer-drop pumphandle exploder)

- Backdrop driver (High-angle belly-to-back suplex)

- Ego Buster (Sheer drop gutwrench suplex. For reference, see Fire Pro Wrestling Advance, 'Alevin's Lift'.)

- Superior Stretch Beta (back-mounted dragon sleeper - still in Flesher's repertoire, but since Jenkins is using it, and since it's hard to apply, it's not at the top of his list.)



- King Cobra hold (grounded cobra clutch/million dollar dream with bodyscissors, used in tribute to Mak Francis - often set up with a judo-style arm throw to put the opponent in front of Flesher on his BUTT)

- Superior Stretch (Texas Cloverleaf)

- Held Without Bail (Judge William Hearford’s Stretch Plum, which Tom used during his tenure in the M7 and face turn. He got accustomed to using it, and will now fall back on it when he needs to.)



- Two-time SWF World Heavyweight Champion (95 days, over the Boston Strangler; lost to Ejiro Fasaki; five successful defenses [record tied again]; 89 days, over Taylor Nicholas Thompson; lost to Thoth; five successful defenses [record for most successful defenses, tied with Edwin MacPhisto])

- Former Cruiserweight Champion (49 days, over Spike Jenkins; stripped after walking out on a match with Ryan Dustin)

- Former Tag Team Champion (With Frost, 101 days, over Mak Francis and Ced Ordonez for the vacant titles; lost to Justice & Rule)

- Former ICTV Champion (63 days, over Perfect Bo at Genesis III; lost to Orochi)

- Former Light Heavyweight Champion (68 days, over El Luchadore Magnifico; lost to Annie Eclectic)

- 3-time US Champion [Record for most US Title Reigns, tied with Jay Dawg] (17 days [over Annie Eclectic and Xero for a vacant title; lost to Chris Raynor], 38 days [over Chris Raynor and Jay Dawg; lost to "TNT" Taylor Nicholas Thompson], 35 days [Over TNT; lost to Tod deKindes])

- 2001-2002 SWF Best US Champion

- 2001-2002 SWF Most Promising Bumpee

- 2002-2003 SWF Wrestler of the Year (Jayson Grant Memorial Trophy)

- 2002-2003 SWF Heel of the Year (Ace of Clubs Trophy)

- 2002-2003 SWF Best World Champion (HVille Thugg & Edwin MacPhisto Cup of Champions)

- Participant, 2002-2003 SWF Feud of the Year (against Frost; blown off in Window Pain 2k3)

- Leader, 2002-2003 SWF Stable of the Year (the now-defunct Magnificent Seven)

- Ranked #1 superstar of calendar 2002 by the SWF Historian

- Elected to the SWF Hall of Fame Class of 2004

- 6-6 record as Ghost Machine 2.0 in early 2006


SJL: Final record of 13-4 (12-3 singles)

- 2-Time World Champion (10 days [over Z and "Deathwish" Danny Williams in a two-fall, two title match for the vacant World Title and Z's European Title; lost to Ash Ketchum], 7 days [over Ash Ketchum; lost to Ash Ketchum in a three-way cage match also involving Frost, Tom's last SJL match])

- European Champion (25 days [over Mike Van Siclen; lost to Z in a Fatal Four Way also involving "Deathwish" Danny Williams and Ced Ordonez])

Edited by Ace309

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Edited June 6th, with a comprehensive bio that surprised even the author with how much he remembered about this guy.


Board Name: The Superstar

Wrestlers Name: Charlie "Grappler" Matthews

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 306 lbs.

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Age: 36

Face/Heel: Old School Heel

Manager: James Matheson, an old school manager prick bastard (think James Cornette) who does Matthews' talking.

Stable: soon

Weapon(s): Steel chair, usually



Looks: For matches, he's decked out in the oldest of the old school: black short trunks, black boots, and black kneepads. For face and build, think Bruno Sammartino, with a super-hairy chest, big schnoz and short black hair. Outside of the ring, for promos and whatnot, he can be found in a classy ensemble of a button-down and dress pants.

Ring Entrance: The famous guitar riff and stomp-and-start style of Muddy Waters' "Mannish Boy" hits and Charlie emerges from backstage. Like a typical no-nonsense heel, he marches down the ramp, climbs the stairs to the apron (wiping his boots first, of course), and climbs into the ring. If he's feeling really confident, he might raise his arms in the air victoriously.



Strength: 8 – Still an extremely powerful beast, even if he lost a little bit of it in his time off. Can manhandle just about anyone.

Speed: 2 – What he maintained in power, he lost in speed. A cruiserweight will probably make his head spin.

Vitality: 7 – Not quite as long-lasting as before, mostly due to the neck injury. Still, if the stakes are high enough he'll push it to the limit.

Charisma: 3 – He tends not to talk, since he's not the most captivating speaker. He can keep the crowd in the palm of his hand, though, mostly with their antagonizing "Booooring" chants during his restholds.



Style: Old school heavyweight. Big power moves, slow manuevering, and oh yeah, restholds and restholds and restholds. They might even become more frequent now, because Matthews is both rusty and injury prone. He suffered a major neck injury (a Demonstar Driver from Kibigami, exacerbated by a 20-foot flipping neckbreaker from Crowe at Genesis IV) from which he never completely recovered. It was only further aggravated during his comeback match against John Duran the next year. So, yeah.


Signature moves:

Bearhug (Matthews' favorite resthold. The recipient of the heaviest "boring" chants)


Double-Arm DDT (Out of nowhere, Foley-style)

Side belly-to-belly suplex



Airplane Spin

Giant Swing

Stalling Vertical Suplex

Common moves:

Vertical suplex

Rear chinlock

Camel clutch

Big Boot

Swinging neckbreaker

Most any strike except knife-edge chops. Especially fond of punches and headbutts.


Surfboard (the boring, opponent-seated version)

Back suplex

Inverted Atomic Drop

Atomic Drop

(...I think you get the gist here. Any boring move by a boring heavyweight would apply)


Rare move:

Sleeper hold - This shit put The Boston Strangler down in a submission match once. If he really wants to be a prick he'll add on a body scissors, too.



The Wake-Up Call - The Jackhammer, or vertical suplex to powerslam.

The Powerbomb - The one and only, perfected after years of old schoolness. But now he's shaken things up! He can do it kneeling or chain two or three powerbombs together. Evolution is a mystery!


Bio: Debuted to little fanfare in the SJL on April 20th, 2003, defeating Leo Breslin. Still, in only his third match, he made people take notice of him and his boring, old school tactics by triumphing in a fatal fourway for the SJL Television Championship against Breslin, Blazenwing, and the champion John Duran. This would be the first of many other faceoffs between the two. Anyway, Matthews continued a dominant run with the Television title before finally losing the title to newcomer rival Breslin in a ladder match somewhere in Japan. From here, however, he quickly advanced, winning contendership and defeating European Champion Aecas for the title. Somewhere in here he turned face and dumped mananger prick James Matheson. He fought Duran once or twice more during this reign, too, further defeating him. Grappler never lost the European Title, as he vacated it once he...oh yeah, defeated Spike Jenkins for the vacant SJL World Championship. It was a pretty fast rise to the top, all things considered. SJL Wrathapalooza came along and Matthews defended the title successfully against Aecas, in some ballpark. Afterwards, however, perennial rival John Duran attacked him with a cinder block along with other men whose names escape me now. They declared themselves Urban Decay, the first SJL stable in forever. Still, the blowoff between the two men never actually occured as Matthews was bumped to the SWF because he ruled.


After a debut loss in a tremendous match to William "Judge Mental" Hereford, Matthews was kidnapped by the aptly named Quiz and brainwashed through hours upon hours of televised game shows. Matthews was reborn as Show, joining with Quiz to form Double Jeopardy. The team didn't start off too strongly, losing to Dace Night and Va'aiga, but asserted dominance at the pay-per-view Ground Zero, defeating the teams of Dace & Va'aiga and CIA & Mak Francis to win the SWF Tag Team Championships. In the resulting month or so, they started a mini-feud with the dominant Nathaniel Kibigami, resulting in a Demonstar Driver and the onset of nagging neck troubles for Matthews. Still, they eventually kicked his ass in a handicap match. Double Jeopardy started facing some harsh criticism and negative feedback due to the perceived fluke nature of their reign, but they silenced all the critics at Genesis IV with the showstealing American Gladiators contest, triumphing over Crowe & Dante Crane. The match was highlighted by the climax, in which Crowe completed a twenty-foot jump resulting in a huge flipping neckbreaker on Matthews, further aggravating his neck and taking him out for months. The titles were in a sense vacated, as rival John Duran took Show's spot, creating the short-lived but brilliantly-named Sinquizition.


In wrestling, though, injuries are easy to heal, so Matthews returned at the November PPV Ashes 2 Ashes as, well, Charlie "Grappler" Matthews, complete with James Matheson and full old-school heel attitude. He went on a tear, defeating Annie Eclectic and The Boston Strangler, amongst others, culminating with a feud and win over Dace Night at the Christmas PPV to win the Intercontinental-Television Championship. He defended the title with valor and held onto it for a former record of 88 days, before he was forced to vacate at From the Fire. Still, he entered the coveted #20 spot at the 2004 Clusterfuck and actually won the damn thing, pinning Janus despite Michael Craven's superhuman efforts. So, he was #1 contender, but Va'aiga wasn't happy, since, oh yeah, Va'aiga, Matthews, and Duran formed a stable called the Unnamed and dominated. But now that Va'aiga won the title against Danny Williams, he was pissed. So they kicked Matthews out and he was a face again. The build to From the Fire began, and a two-straight falls match was sanctioned. It was epic, if I do say so myself, finishing with Matthews forcing Va'aiga to tap out, winning the championship. Yay. He defended the title in a really good match against Landon Maddix, but kickstarted his feud with Duran again, and The Notorious One finally won the big one, pinning Matthews for the first time and winning the title. Grappler took some more time off to heal his neck and returned as a surprise opponent for Duran at Genesis V, but both men's necks gave out during the match, resulting in a draw. Matthews hadn't been seen since, until he returned in aide of Tom Flesher. Dominance ensued.

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The 'because she's still a champion' post:






Smarks Board Name: MikeofEvil

Wrestler’s Name: Amy Stephens

Height: 5’10

Weight: 171lbs

Hometown: Nottingham, UK

Age: 21

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): A studded black leather bracelet that she wraps around her fist and uses like brass knuckles if she can get away with it.

Quote: ‘You what!?’ *SMACK*


‘Ya get me?’



Amy is a pretty girl with baby blue eyes, although she has a slightly chubby face. Since she’s started wrestling her figure has toned up a bit, but there’s definitely some meat on her - the only six-pack she’s ever likely to see in the mirror is the beer in her hand, and she still spills over her trousers a bit. Her black hair has a fringe, and the rest comes down past her shoulders in an undercut which gets tied back during matches. IMPRESSIVE cleavage, although that’s also partly from the fact that she‘s a tad overweight by ‘traditional’ standards.


Her clothes vary from day to day, but in the ring she tends to wear baggy black Criminal Damage skate trousers, a cut-off T-shirt, normally of a band like the Ramones, and pink-and-black Vans. However, since becoming HGC Champion she also wears a barbed-wire ‘crown’ down to the ring; it’s made of real barbed wire, but the inside it padded so it doesn’t mash up her head. Too much.



Ring Entrance:


The blasting opening of ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by the Ramones fires up, leading to a cheer from the crowd. After a few seconds Amy comes out onto the stage with a can of lager (usually Stella Artois) in her hand and charges down to the ring.




Amy climbs to the second buckle, raises her lager and leads the crowd in a chorus:







As Joey launches into the first verse proper Amy drops down to the ring again, takes a few pulls from her can and then puts it down on the apron before getting ready for the match.






Strength: 3 - Amy is a beefy girl and can hit just as hard as her brother


Speed: 5 - She’s not exactly… streamlined. In fact, she’s a bit top-heavy. That sort of cuts down the high-flying moves. And besides, she can’t be bothered with all that fancy crap.


Vitality: 6 - Whoops. She doesn’t jump around as much as her brother, so she can take more of a kicking before she finally goes down. Not invulnerable by any means, but surprisingly resilient.


Charisma: 6 - If you can penetrate the Nottingham accent and high-speed delivery she has an engaging directness that makes her brother look like a master of diplomacy. And let’s face it, the tits mean she’s gonna get cheered by every straight guy or lesbian in the audience no matter what she does.




Style: Brawler. Straight-up and simple. Sloppy, unrefined and aggressive, a cool head and some wrestling knowledge should take care of her, but underestimate her determination and desire to smash your face in at your peril.



Signature Moves:


Blitzkrieg Punches - Amy mounts her opponent in the corner, but instead of the normal ten punches with the crowd counting along she does eight while they chant “HEY-HO-LET’S-GO!” twice.


Headbutt/Diving headbutt - one of her main weapons, can and will target any part of the body.


Lou Thesz press and punches


Illegal use of her studded bracelet for a ‘Power Of The Punch’ type move


‘Double D T’ - SNAP DDT, Kick-out-the-leg-and-whip-backwards Lita-style. And yes, it’s a bra size joke.


Sitting surfboard - Amy stands on her opponent’s back when they’re on their face on the mat, grabs their wrists and then drops back to a sitting position, bending their upper body backwards.


‘Face Breaker’ - grabs the opponent’s head in both hands while facing them, then jumps up and drops back whilst bringing both her knees up to smash into their face on landing. Imagine a Lungblower done to your face.


Reverse Full Nelson neckbreaker - she may well have picked this one up from Toxxic, who loved to invent things. Amy hooks an opponent as if for a backslide but locks her hands together as if applying a full nelson, then drops down into a neckbreaker which delivers an added ‘kick’ on the neck and upper back.


Moonsault - the rarest of the Sigs, since if she’s going to jump off the top rope she generally likes to see where she’s going.



Common Moves:






Kicks (nothing special)


Polish Hammer


2nd rope elbow


2nd rope leg drop






Bronco buster/Stink Face



Rare Moves:


‘Sex On The Beach’ - Corkscrew Swanton Bomb/Spiral Tap. So named because it happens less often than you’d want and it’s never as good as you expect. Plus, it’s another alcohol reference.


JackDanielsHammer - cruiserweights ONLY





‘Last Orders’ - rear naked choke with body scissors (preferred).


‘Vodka Kick’ - Scissors kick. Can be done off the second rope if the situation allows.




-She’s trained… sort of. Her brother certainly had a hand in her training, and we all know how much he knew about the finer points of technical wrestling, so how good he’d be at passing it on is anyone’s guess. However…

-She’s nuts. Not screaming, demented psychotic nuts, just your average, common-or-garden have-a-few-pints-and-start-on-someone nuts. Relative size, weights and strength don’t really matter to her, if she thinks you‘re looking at her funny, she‘ll have you. She bit half someone’s ear off once in a club, although admittedly it was after he’d headbutted her. No-one knows what she did to get headbutted in the first place. Feel free to ask, if you dare.

-Damn those Stephens kids and their inferiority complexes. Toxxic had to prove to everyone that he was the best wrestler in the company; Amy originally got offered a ‘Diva’ contract by Peters, and now feels that she has to prove she belongs in the ring.




Amy Stephens had Toxxic as an older brother, and that pretty much tells you all you need to know about her childhood, and why she’s turned out quite so cheerfully violent. Although hardly unintelligent she lagged behind her brother at school, and perhaps her envy/dislike of him is why she ended up going in a different direction. Toxxic went straight-edge, went to the gym and took out his aggression by learning to wrestle; Amy got slaughtered as often as possible, went out clubbing and took out her aggression by starting fights with anyone in the vicinity. After her brother started hitting the big time and sending home large amounts of money for the family their relationship improved somewhat as she respected the validity of his choices, but then things changed again.


Toxxic left the SWF after Ground Zero ‘05 to come back and live in Nottingham. Amy had started to get some wrestling training and Toxxic added to it, along with a bit of advice on playing politics. However, one autumn morning he just… disappeared. With no contact from their son Amy’s parents got rather alarmed despite their belief that he could take care of himself, and finally Amy, newly turned 21, headed off to try and find him. The most obvious port of call was the SWF, but Joseph Peters denied all knowledge. Amy travelled across America looking for any rumour of her brother but found nothing, and eventually had to start wrestling in order to make enough money to continue her search. Now she’s come back to the SWF, aware that Joe Peters sees dollar signs in her relationship to a former World Champion, and she’s determined to get enough money out of him to continue her search once her six month contract is up.


Now Toxxic is back, using his real name, and the reunion was (relatively) painless. However, in the lead-up to it Amy got involved with Landon Maddix in all the wrong ways and is still reaping the rewards of that…

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Wrestlers Name: “The Maori Badass” Va’aiga

Height: 6’ 8”

Weight: 325

Hometown: Rotorua, New Zealand (now residing in Sunnyvale, CA)

Age: 34

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Anything to hand. Mainly chairs.

Quote: “BOO-YAH!”


Looks: The most striking thing about Va’aiga’s look is the full set of tribal facial tattoos. He also has heavily tattooed arms. In the ring Va’aiga wears black tights with a silver fern running down the side, white wrist tape covering most of his forearms and black boots. Backstage Va’aiga tends to stick with designer sportswear, especially hooded tops.


Ring Entrance: The electronic opening chords of “Raise Up” by King Kapisi fill the arena, with Va’aiga standing in the entrance area and as the bass hits pyro fires off in time…






Va’aiga throws back the hood on his entrance robe and begins walking down to the ring throwing phantom jabs like a boxer warming up.


(Funyon stuff)


The Maori steps into the ring and throws the Pacific handsign to the crowd before casting off his robe and doing the usual pre match wrestler stuff (checking the ropes, warming up with a couple of short runs across the ring etc)




Strength: 7 (Capable of throwing around anyone)

Speed: 3 (Massive explosive straight line speed, ZERO agility.)

Vitality: 8 (Virtually impossible to shake with strikes, and a sufferer of Polynesian Stone Head Syndrome)

Charisma: 2 (Va’aiga can’t open his mouth without shouting insults, and usually ends up booking himself into fights REALLY easily.)


Style: Va’aiga is a strange mix of US power, brawling and the modern All Japan/NOAH King’s Road style. Imagine a cross between Monty Brown and Kenta Kobashi.


Signature moves:

The Maoribomb (Back Suplex Lift to Inverted Powerbomb – Nick Berk’s Berkulator. Note the opponent lands chest first, this ISN’T the Protobomb)


The Maori Drop (Jumping Fall Forward Slam – Mark Henry’s World’s Strongest Slam, but crisper)


The BOO-YAH! Punch Combo – Left jab, Left jab, Left jab, Kiss the fist, BIG Right Hook. The crowd chants along with this “ONE! TWO! THREE! BOO-YAH!”


Two Rolling German Suplexes into something more head dropping


High Angle Dragon Suplex


High Angle German Suplex


Sleeper Suplex


Cobra Clutch Suplex


Half Nelson Suplex


Swiss Suplex (Suplex from a Swi$$ Sleeper. Trap the victim’s arm across his own throat, then pin it in place with a half nelson. Place the now free arm around the victim’s waist and fall backwards)


Common moves:



Forearm Smash

High Angle Bodyslam

Rib Breaker

Vertical Suplex

Belly to Back Suplex

Side Belly To Belly Suplex

Headbutt Drop

Running Shoulder Block

Rugby Tackle

Body Scissors

Head Scissors



Rare moves:


Frog Splash – Takes an age to set up, doesn’t have much distance and is god-awful ugly looking, but hell it’s a 325lb man landing on you.


Slingshot Plancha – Grab the ropes, haul yourself over into the air and let gravity do the rest. Again not pretty, just effective.


The Va’aiga Stinger – You have to have really, REALLY pissed off The Maori for him to use this. It’s an Arm Trap Burning Hammer (Mark Briscoe’s Cutthroat Suplex). Va’aiga has a tendency to leave people up in the rack a bit longer, so they get choked out, their back stretched AND dropped on their head.






You get the idea. Be creative!


Notes: Va’aiga is the reigning PAW champion and carries his belt to the ring with him. This belt should be treated as having equal status to the SWF one he won, it’s part of the contract! (Of course heels can do it down for cheap heat) va’aiga has a short fuse, and will tend to get stupidly aggressive if people try to cheat on him. Oh and he considers roll ups cheating.

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Wrestlers Name: Scott Rageheart

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 245

Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: Yes

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Chair



Looks: Short sandy blonde hair, with slight curtains at the front, blue eyes. Wears knee length jean shorts, black wrestling boots and blue knee pads. A white t shirt with his name on the back in black, and black elbow pads.


Ring Entrance: Simple pyro and strut down to the ring affair to the tunes of ‘Exciter’ by Judas Priest




Strength: 6

Speed: 5

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 3


Style: Early 90s heavyweight 'athletihoss'


Signature moves:

Stalling Suplex

Running Powerslam



Springboard Dropkick


Falcon Arrow

Charging Knee

Running Side Slam


Common moves:

Russian Leg Sweep


Arm Drag


Back kicks


Elbow Drops


Eye Rake


Drop Toe Hold


Leg Drop


Boston Crab

Camel Clutch



Rare moves:

Super Falcon Arrow

450 Splash - 'Crystal Pepsi'

Stalling Superplex

Kerry Staunton moves



Tiger Driver

Torture Rack - '90's Flashback'

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Posting stats for someone else, specifically Longcat:


Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? Well, one of my friends has been trying to get me here for a while, but I kept forgetting about it. And then, finally, another one of my friends told me to come here, and I did.


Smarks Board Name: longcat

Wrestlers Name: Trent Hawk

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 243 pounds

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: The Axis

Ring Escort: N/A

Weapon(s): Sometimes keeps a pair of brass knuckles in his pants, or any other foreign object that he can keep there.

Quote: “Paving the road to Hollywood...one brick at a time!”


Looks: Trent Hawk is a very clean cut individual. Always clean shaven, hair is in a neat fade style, with the front spiked up a little bit. Jet black hair and dark brown eyes make his appearance a very striking one. Chiseled, as if he was carved out of stone, Trent has a nice golden tan, but that is usually covered up, as Trent wrestles in a sleeveless black track shirt, with a gold encrested “Hawk” on the back of it, written in script, and a pair of black athletic pants with a white stripe running down the outside of each pantleg.


Ring Entrance: Before Trent comes out, the lights in the arena dim, all except for a single golden spotlight on the top of the stage. “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour hits the sound system, as he steps out onto the top of the stage, looks around, and continues his trek down to the ring. As he does, pyro archs begin to form over top of him on the ramp. He gets to the ring, and slides underneath of the ropes, before stretching out on the ropes, and taking the time to jaw with the fans in the front row.


During stable entrances, “Regulators” by Warren G. ft. Nate Dogg.




Strength: 5

Speed: 4

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 5


Style: When facing smaller opponents, Trent will try to overpower them, whereas, against larger opponents, Trent takes advantage of his technical prowess. Also, when in desperation situations, or when he needs some time to regroup, Trent resorts to many cheap tactics, such as low blows, eye gouges, and sometimes foreign object use.


Signature moves: Superplex



Boston Crab

Floatover Hanging Vertical Suplex

Dragon Screw

Figure Four Leg Lock

Full Nelson Suplex


Common moves: Snap Suplex

Leaping Clothesline

Low Blow

Eye Gouge

Elbow Drop

Fujiwara Armbar

Shin Breaker

Back Suplex


Tree of Woe

Drop Toe Hold & Knee Smash Combination

Inverted Atomic Drop



Flapjack Into The Turnbuckle/Ring Post


Rare moves: Shining Wizard

Diving Bulldog From The Top Rope

Roundhouse Kick

Triangle Choke


Finishers: Rolling The Credits - Trent’s variation of the Emerald Fusion, moving the opponent from atop of his head, as if to drop him in a powerbomb manner, quickly to the Emerald Fusion position behind him, and sitting down quickly.


Notes: Trent is a very aggressive fighter, not holding anything back in the ring. He gets sidetracked often by fans, and sometimes even decides to address them mid-match, showing his arrogance to everyone. Also has a bad temperament, yet when he is focused, is very clever about getting his way.


Bio: Came from a rich Hollywood movie producer and a prostitute, Trent grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has a bad temper, which eventually led him to many a bar fight during his lifetime. During one of those, he was approached to start wrestling, which has treated him well. He’s still doing it to this day.

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Guest posnco

Edit #1: Added Tattoo, and finished character bio.



Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? From Tigris and Criplercrosface


Smarks Board Name: posnco

Wrestlers Name: Ciro Vitale

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 224 lb.

Hometown: Clearwater Florida

Age: 23

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: The Axis

Ring Escort: Michael Cross and Trent Hawk

Weapon(s): Steel Chair, Ladders maybe

Quote: “Who in the hell am I?” “I am the newest attraction here in the SWF, and Im sure to bring you a show you can’t imagine” “Why, because I’m paid to put asses in seats, and that’s what I do.”


Looks: Take Chris Jericho, add a goatee that reaches near his lower lip, brown middle length hair to shoulders , and Long Tights that are usually black with subtle green/blue designs on the side. Wrist tape and pull-on boots are all black. Tattoo of a cross on the inner-forearm of the left hand, and of an Italian flag on his right arm. For ring entrance only he wheres a personalized Italian Football (soccer) jersey to the ring.


Ring Entrance: Imperial by Strapping Young Lad when I’m solo; Regulators by Warren G ft. Nate Dogg when I’m coming out with the group. Walks out to the ring, taunting to the fans with my partner(s). Enter rings and taunt with our taunts on the turnbuckle. Everything singular in singles matches.




Strength: 5 (Not the strongest but with assistance from the turnbuckle can hit the Bomba dell'estremità to any man under 300 lb. Pretty strong, but not near the greatest at all)

Speed: 6 (His speed is a bit faster than average and he can tangle with the fastest of foes, but prefers to slow things down, unless speed is his only advantage, aka against Big Men)

Vitality: 6 (Isn’t indestructible but can take well enough in a match to keep on going. Is known for being able to find reversals, though, and this is what credit's him above average endurance)

Charisma: 3 (Throughout matches love to taunt to the crowd and play off their chants, sometimes to the point where he loses attention to the match. Also tries to play games with the opponent)


Style: Technical/martial arts type guy who does a lot of different chokes and strikes. Has some power moves and does pull off an aerial move here and there, but is predominantly a grounded fighter who kicks, elbows, and pulls off different stretches and holds to keep opponants guessing. Cut down big men by targeting the legs until down then take out the head. Smaller foes take on them by slowing things down and forcing them into my specialty, on the mat.


Signature moves:


Silence the Lamb (Leap-frog over back scissors leg drop/fameasser)

It ****ing hurts (Hand of opponent placed under opponants ass, and then given an atomic drop and hurts both the tailbone and the arm)


Release Tiger Suplex

Italian Armbar (Arm-hold heel kick flip over to arm bar, usually added with taunt)

Leg-Collar Stretch (Crossface w/Leg while pulling the arms, done standing or on ground, usually from a Greco-roman hold or as a reversal if someone tries to reverse out of the Italian Armbar.

Kick block (when opponent tries to kick, Ciro kicks their foot/ankle/shin/heel before they can make contact, hurting them a bit. Doesn't happen all the time but frustrates kickers a lot.)


Common moves:


Wristlock Suplex

Side Headlock

Front Headlock

Heel kick, Kick to legs

Wheel kick


Hurricarana (big guys only)

Fujiwara Armbar Takedown with knee strikes to arm

Full Body press from top rope

Twisting body plancha to outside

Abdominal Stretch

Double-Axe Handle to grounded opponant (on stomach)

Forearm strikes

Soccer kick (running sweep kick to calf/leg)

Illegal Pin

Leg Lock

Sleeper hold

Face twist




Rare moves:


Backflip Elbow Drop(Backflip Elbow drop from top rope (450 in backflipe form)).

Bomba dell'estremità Supremo (Bomba dell'estremità from the top of the turnbuckle).




Bomba dell'estremità (Backslide lift Razor’s Edge “Cross” hold to sitout dominator)

Italian Crab (Elevated Boston Crab resting on the opponents neck, Knee in spine though to add pressure, hurts neck, back and being upside down practically means if someone gets out they are dazed a bit as blood rushed to their heads, main finisher.)

Vitale Chances (Run up turnbuckle to quick Twisting Senton leg drop to downed opponent, or opponent on ropes 619 style)



Notes: Arrogant cocky fellow who’s glad to be in the SWF. Believing he is the greatest thing to come in since before, he acts like he owns the place when he’s still just a really new guy to the league with talent. Big head on his shoulders sometimes leads him to make rookie errors that other capitalize on but overall Ciro keeps his opponents guessing with his move changes ups and taunts.


Despite his age and cockyness Ciro is a quite talented and overall balanced wrestler, known for his kick blocks and ability to overall learn how to miss sticky situations from moves.


Ciro can lose his cool in matches and sometimes that is his downfall, but a lot of times Ciro likes to play mind games and make his opponant think he has an advantage when really Ciro is just planning his next major attack.





Bio: From Naples, Italy comes the self-proclaimed star of the future, Ciro Vitale. Born from a rich wine maker, Ciro lived the high life in Italy and grew a love for many things, most of all for himself. A brash kid went the streets and was known for causing some trouble with some of the other young men for the way he attracted and hunted the signores. Through the fighting Ciro learned how to fight for himself, but never lost his narcisstic ways. Brought into wrestling at age 20 in some minor Italian leagues and took the place by storm, even winning a major championship belt within his second year. He joins SWF for new oppurtunities, and to live life his way, which means about himself.

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Name: Mike Van Siclen

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 263

Hometown: Harrison, Illinois

Age: 27

Face/Heel: Arrogant prick heel, occasionally referred to as Flesher lite.


Tag Team:

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon: Use what yo mama gave you.


“That’s what I said!”


Looks: Blue eyes and long blonde hair, often loosely tied back. Walks backstage in a dress shirt and dress pants.. In the ring, a black beater and long black tights, with a stripe down the side the color of your choosing. Think a cut version of Bikertaker... minus the bandana. and the harley.


Ring Entrance:

Sirens go off, the crowd does their thing, and the sounds of "Hyphy Juice" by The Team hit the speakers as Mike Van Siclen steps through the curtain, crossing himself, kissing his fingers and pointing to the sky. He walks down to the ring, gets introduced, yadda... shit, man, you know...



Strength: 4

Speed: 4

Vitality: 7

Charisma: 5


Style: Van Siclen has enough strength and speed to survive the first few minutes, but beyond that he'll rely on his ring generalism to get by.


Game Plan: You will, as a reader, note a lack of many big moves. The style has changed since the days of big flashy pinfall oh my god isn't this amazing moves. Van Siclen is a brawler, pure and simple. A lot of strikes, a lot of heavy hitting, Van Siclen knows how to play the game and has streamlined his offence to the point where unless he is going for the pin, all he wants to do is hit you as hard as he can, whatever that entails. Van Siclen is also very aware of where the cameras are in relation to himself, and he'll slip in a wink, a nod, a smile, a wave, or some other form of acknowledgement at different points during the match. This will generally get a decent pop, because it can usually be seen on the Smarktron.


Signature Moves:

- Van Slaminator (A back-to-belly piledriver, set up countless ways. Is potent enough to put you down for the three, but usually isn't used as such. The equivalent of a Stunner -- Mike can literally pull this out from anywhere.)

- Crossface Black (Get the opponent into a standing crossface, then fall back Edge-o-Matic style, with the opponent's head landing on Van Siclen's knee. Set up in almost slow motion.)

- The BIG LARIAT (and lord help me when i face va'aiga)

- Code Red (Van Siclen gets his opponent into DDT position, only instead of DDTing them, comes around like the Eye of the Hurricane or the Final Cut and grabs his opponent by the hair, forcing their face into the mat. Can be done off a ladder or onto a chair as an alternate finisher.)

- Superkick

- Guillotine Leg Drop


Common Moves:

- Sitout Jawbreaker ->

- Double Leg Wishbone -> These two moves often occur consecutively and somewhat out of nowhere, if Mike makes a key reversal at a point in the match.

- Rectal Stretch (Opponent on back, Van Siclen puts foot between legs and pulls on their legs. Feel free to bridge the DLW into this, and it can be built to with nutshot psychology. All that I ask is that I don't bite anyone's nuts.)

- Swinging Neckbreaker

- Two-Handed Facebuster

- Drop Toe Hold (Van Siclen adores this move, and it is his most common Irish Whip counter)

- Jericho's Springboard Dropkick to the Outside

- Backdrop

- Snap Suplex

- German Suplex (release or bridged… he never does the rolling Germans)

- Powerslam (quick and dirty)

- Spinning Wheelkick


Striking Notes:

- Forearms and bitchslaps are most commonly used, although on occasion he'll pull out a closed-fist punch.


Rare Moves:

- Van Siclen’s Gambit (or just ‘the Gambit’) (450* Frog Splash, used as a rare finisher in a high-profile match. Given the nature of Van Siclen's offence, he'll signal for this move by putting his hands in the shape of a gun and pressing it to his temple.)

- Sin Aerial (Corkscrew 450* Legdrop. Like the Gambit, Van Siclen will signal for this with a crucifix pose on the top rope.)



- Riot Act (unprotected jumping piledriver? i liked it so much better when i referred to this as the styles clash '03 but let's call it what it really is.)

- Cardinal Sin Clutch (Gokuraku Clutch, a crossface from the camel clutch position)

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Guest El XL

Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? I was searching for a good e-fed, search came up with the OAOAST that just confuses me but the SWF looks interesting.


Smarks Board Name: El XL

Real Name: Lance

Wrestlers Name: Nemesis

Nicknames: The Colossus, The Hand of the gods

Height: 7’4’’

Weight: 410 lbs

Hometown: Mount Olympus

Age: Supposedly over 2000 years old (Kayfabe wise)

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: Professor William Attenborough

Weapon(s): He doesn’t need weapons his body is a weapon

Quote: None since he doesn’t speak, just grunts.


Looks: Long, black hair that hangs down loosely and tends to curl a bit. Nemesis wears an old school Kane style leather mask in black with neon green stripes and markings all over it and two neon green horns protruding from his forehead. The horns are about 2 inches long and ornamental only, not used as a weapon


Nemesis wears what can best be described as a La Parka body suit, only the skeleton is neon green and there is no left sleeve on the outfit. On Nemesis’ right hand (the “Hand of the gods”) he wears a heavy leather glove. He also wears a neon green loin cloth over his trunks that’s made to look like it’s been tattered through usage.


The deal with the neon green is that when using a black light it becomes florescent and it actually looks like a one armed devil skeleton walking down the ramp during Nemesis’ entrance.


Ring Entrance: Professor William Attenborough comes out first holding the “Tome of the Gods” (an ancient and dusty old book) telling whomever is in the ring at the time that he (the guy in the ring) must have done something wrong because he was about to feel the hand of god.


Prof. Attenborough summons Nemesis as the lights in the arena are turned off. Then a low rumbling impact is heard, well more felt than heard as it vibrates through the entire arena. Then the entrance explodes with a loud boom in a sea of green pyrotechnics after which Nemesis steps through the smoke from the pyro breathing out a mouthful of smoke himself.


The sound of distant thunder and lighting is heard as Nemesis walks to the ring only lit up by a blacklight that makes his appear more like a giant walking skeleton than a human. The house lights do not return to normal until Nemesis steps over the top rope.




Strength: 10 MONSTAAA!!

Speed: 1 He has no need to move fast so he doesn’t

Vitality: 8 He feels pain but it just takes a long time to register, will require a LOT of work to wear the man down.

Charisma: 1 He doesn’t speak, he just grunts and takes instructions from Professor Attenborough.


Style: Nemesis is a good old fashioned giant monster in the veins of Andre, Giant Silva, El Gigante, the Great Khali – only a bit more talented than the last three lumps of useless flesh. He’s slow, prodding and all about power moves. He usually doesn’t duck out of the way of any attacks, he just stands there and takes them. He’s a hard man to take down and a hard man to pin, but once he’s actually down on the canvas the big man is a bit easier to deal with than when he’s standing up.


Since he’s so slow he’ll have a hard time catching cruiserweights, but once he does OH BOY!


Nemesis relies in Prof. Attenborough for input and commands, he doesn’t think on his feet very well and can easily be outwitted.


Signature moves:


The Claw: Nemesis doesn’t use the iron claw as a submission hold but as his standard “control the opponent” hold, it’s his version of a headlock or a collar and elbow lock up. From there he can throw opponents around the ring or launch into a couple of other signature moves such as


The Claw-Slam: With the opponent in the iron claw Nemesis lifts the opponent up in the air and drops them like a choke slam.


The N-Bomb: Like Vader’s “Vader Bomb” – Nemesis on the middle rope holding on to the top rope where he bounces a bit before raising his legs up in the air while jumping backwards landing a big splash on his opponent


The Foot of the Gods: Nemesis steps up on the opponent with both feet and stands there or walks along, steps up on the opponent and then steps off again.


The Long hard drop: Ron Simmons’ Dominator slam


The Hand of God: Overhead chop to the head, the chest, the neck, the shoulder. It’s a big can of spam landing on you, it’s going to hurt.


Gutwrench suplex to Shoulderbreaker


Knees, anywhere, any how if he can get a knee in he’ll get a knee in.


Common moves:


Big Boot




Flying Lariat (think Undertaker)


Spine Buster


Side suplex


Slams instead of suplexes (Other than the side suplex)


Backbreaker variations


Power clubbing moves


[Throw in anything you can think off that’ll suit the big man]


Rare moves:


Drop Kick: He’s supposedly capable of doing a drop kick, although at the moment it’s just a rumor but he may break it out one day.


Zeus Snap: Named after the innovator Tony “Zeus” Lister (and the God of course) this is Nemesis “I’m going to try and maim you” move that he only pulls out when someone has severely pissed him off. This is rarer than petrified Dino dick and should only be used if there is an injury angle or as part of a very heated storyline. The move? With the opponent on his knees in front of Nemesis he puts one hand around the opponent’s jaw and one on the back of the opponents head while twisting it to the left. Then after a couple of seconds in the neck vice Nemesis roars and then snaps the opponent’s head viciously to the ring twisting the neck, doing a lot of damage and potentially injuring the recipient.




[submission] The Nemesis Lock: (Over the shoulder bearhug) opponent is placed over Nemesis shoulder back down, the big man locks his arms around the opponents chest and then squeezes until the opponent either taps out or is knocked out


[impact] Colossus Drop: A standing back senton, Nemesis basically jumps forward and lands back first on the unlucky opponent. Think Dick Togo just dropping all of his weight on your chest, then picture it at 410 pounds, yeah you will probably not kick out.


[The “unkickoutable” finisher] The Fall from Mount Olympus: F5 into DDT type of move. It starts out as the F5 off the shoulders but when the throw is executed Nemesis holds on to the head and drives the opponent’s head down with a DDT.


Bio: (Kayfabe On!)


Some years ago William Attenborough got tired of the fame of his other brothers Richard and David and set out to make a name for himself by discovering something no one else had found. On one of the Greek Islands Professor William discovered the “Tome of the Gods” an ancient book that told the stories of the Greek gods and powers, in one interesting passage it even explained how Zeus used to call down Nemesis on those that committed Hubris against the gods.


Professor Attenborough thought it was just a legend as he read the ancient words out loud – but when faced with the giant Nemesis he realized that it was true. Now there is a reason William is less famous than his two brothers, he’s just not as smart (he’s not really a professor he just took the title to sound important) so his first instinct was to make money off Nemesis, and what better way to make money off him than in Wrestling??


As for Nemesis himself. Well first of all the terms Nemesis and Hubris should be explained before you understand the true concept of the character.


Hubris: also hy•bris


Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance: “There is no safety in unlimited technological hubris” (McGeorge Bundy)


(Hubris comes from Greek hybris, "excessive pride, wanton violence." Which is ironic as that’s what Nemesis brings about)



n. pl. nem•e•ses


1) A source of harm or ruin: Uncritical trust is my nemesis.

2) Retributive justice in its execution or outcome: To follow the proposed course of action is to invite nemesis.

3) An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome.

4) One that inflicts retribution or vengeance.

5) Greek Mythology. The goddess of retributive justice or vengeance.

Nemesis personifies all FIVE definitions.


Hubris brings about Nemesis – in other words whatever Nemesis does Professor Attenborough will claim was brought on by the victim, usually through the flimsiest of excuses. He is totally under the control of anyone who holds the “Tome of the Gods” and speak the correct words from it. Since the book is the only reason Professor Attenborough can control Nemesis he has it chained to his wrist or locked up in a very secure location.


(So please don’t steal the book unless it’s something I’ve agreed to beforehand)


Note: Nemesis does not speak, he grunts, he roars like an animal but he does not speak. Nemesis is controlled by Professor Attenborough totally and completely and does whatever the little bitter man wants him to do.

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11/03/06 - More Minor Edits


Smarks Board Name: Above Average

Real Name: Damien Gabriel Drake Junior

Wrestlers Name: Gabriel Drake

Alias: The Beast

Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 258 lbs

Hometown: Athens, Georgia

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Heel

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Steel Chair

Quote: None


Looks: Somewhat untidy, a little over ear length black hair with some white highlights on the right side framing cold hazel eyes. Unshaven, with a barbell piercing in his left eyebrow and a hoop pierced into his lip. Average legs with big shoulders, well toned arms and biceps, though his abs area isn’t defined much and a distinguishing tattoo of three sixes in a triad on the back of his neck.


Clothes-wise, he’ll be in traditional trunks of blue or red with a solid black bar down both sides. In the middle of his waistband sits a white logo box with three sixes in a triad in the same color (either red or blue) as his trunks. Boots with kickpads and kneepads, all in black, completely the look.

NOTE: His right hand will be completely taped up with white padding, while his left will only have black wrist tape.


Ring Entrance: Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects’.”


“I am the bad one… Distant and cruel one,

I am the dream that, keeps you running down…”


“With distraction… Violent reaction… Scars of my actions,

Watch me running out…”


“Hell doesn't want them.

Hell doesn't need them.

Hell doesn't love them.”


“The Devil's Rejects… Rejects…”


“The Devil’s Rejects… Rejects…”


This is just a general outline. The arena will be filled with an eerie Blue light and white strobes will flash in time with the beat. Sorry guys, if you need an example see the Ground Zero match for now, until I can actually fix this section.




Strength: 5 – As a true Heavyweight in a fed of Cruisers his strength seems amplified. He could Powerbomb someone 280+ pounds with some effort and probably place anyone on the roster into a fireman’s carry.


Speed: 3 – He can go quickly when he needs to, but it’s more about his fluidity in the ring than anything else. He just looks like a superstar in the making when moving.


Vitality: 7 – Tough as nails, he takes punishment like a man and comes back for more. He’s that hard-headed kid who loved to fight because he was good at taking a punch.


Charisma: 5 – Smart, but sinister; he sometimes uses vulgar language to intimidate. His tone slides from aggressive to nonchalant easily. He’s the kind of guy that grew up with a chip on his shoulder.


Style: Traditional Mid-90's Heavyweight mixed with the current WWE style. Good puncher, but not really a striker… considered more of a brawler. A solid grasp of basic wrestling mechanics and technique with flashes of impressive power; a semi-accomplished chain wrestler who uses stretches, a few suplexes and his basic knowledge of mixed martial arts to wind and dominate opponents’ center ring, building to his vicious arsenal of power moves and deadly effective finishers.


Signature moves:


Spear – Executed like Edge’s running side tackle.


Shotgun Lariat – Lariat after using the ropes for extra momentum.


Multiple Rib breakers into a Fall-away slam


“The Right Hand of Gabe”: Leaping Palm Strike


Shoot fighting holds – Rear Naked Choke (Sleeper w/ body-scissors), Guillotine choke and many other basic MMA blood chokes and stretches. WWE style, for the RNC and Guillotine at least, they are closer to unique or spiced up “rest” holds than submissions.


Butterfly Suplex


"Demon Bomb": Powerbomb – Has been known to do a Double Powerbomb or Spiral Powerbomb as well depending on the opponent’s weight.


“Devil’s Reject”: Steve Austin’s Stungun


Top Rope Superplex – A Mid-90’s staple. All the way up top, unless in special cases when the opponent isn’t able to be put in position. This is normally executed after "The Right Hand of Gabe”.


“Brute-force trauma”: Swinging Flatliner – Grab the opponent for a standard Flatliner and then step infront arching them over, before whipping backwards sending them face-first into the canvas. I like Landon's description better than mine, but basically it's Alex Shelly's "Shellshock".



Common moves:


Pieface STO

Dragon screw leg-whip

Knife-edge chops: Rapid fire and only used on an opponent in the corner.

Backbreakers: Pendulum, Tilt-a-whirl and most other variants you can think of...

Snap Spinebuster

Yakuza kick: Like Masa Chono to an opponent’s head while on one knee.

Corner shoulder thrusts

Back mounted forearms: Randy Orton’s repeated forearms to the upper-chest of a kneeling opponent.

Vertical suplex

Basic legwork: Seen the Hitman work the left leg… use that as a guide here.

Knee related offense: Running knee lift to the head, Muy Thai knee strikes, kitchen sink knees to the gut, knee drops and a Harley Race high knee in the corner.


Belly-to-Back suplex

STF – Step over toehold with a facelock, which can be a follow up to a “Face plant”.

“Face plant”: Off a hard whip into the corner he will throw his staggered opponent to the mat face first.



Rare moves:


“Manslaughter”: Running Musclebuster; The most frequent of Gabe’s rare moves because he’s strong enough to just lift them into it, but it’s most common use is for special cases when opponents can’t be maneuvered into a Superplex. Then he tries this, which could in theory also follow "The Right Hand of Gabe”.


Ring post figure four


Koji Clutch: Normally set-up through a Complete Shot.


“The Unholy Trinity”: Triple Powerbomb: He hits a Double Powerbomb followed up by a Spiral Powerbomb.





“The Mark of the Beast”: Cradle Stunner; more commonly known as a Piggyback Stunner. There are many set-ups but one of the most common is from a Fireman’s carry into the cradle position by sliding them off his shoulders and trapping the left leg under his left arm. If the opponent is too large to piggyback then from the DVD position Gabe’s opponent is flung into a falling Ace Crusher like maneuver without the cradle.


“Spite and Malice”: Stretch Muffler Crab; crushes the ribs/back while punishing the left leg through torque. If the opponent is small enough Gabriel will practically sit on their head as he twists their body like a pretzel. Ouch…



Notes: Having never actually wrestled outside of his Wrestling Academy, Gabe is prone to making mistakes, but being a second generation wrestler the little things come naturally. He was considered the best chain wrestler of his class, but this is the pros and there will be much better and experienced guys around. When going against a pure striker he will get out struck, but trading rights center ring with the crowd actively booing… he can go toe to toe with a lot of fighters. And finally, for someone fairly inexperienced he is very territorial about his ring, especially with opponents smaller than him. He’ll try to add injury to insult whenever possible.


Bio: A second generation wrestler trained at Dave Taylor's Blueblood Academy…

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Guest Paneros

Wrestlers Name: Pierre Donette

Nicknames: The Ace

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 228 lbs.

Hometown: Marseille, France

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Rudo redefined.

Stable: Nope

Ring Escort: Ditto

Weapon(s): Jeff Hardy Special™: tables, ladders, and chairs

Quote: None



Physical: Similar to Homicide, in terms of build, only slightly thicker. Has short black hair, and stubble where a full beard would be.


Attire: Basic wrestling attire. Black wrestling boots which almost reach his red knee pads. Red wrestling trunks (not the underwear looking kind... the longer ones that go down the thigh) and red elbow pads complete the look. He will also tape his wrists with white tape from time to time.


Ring Entrance: White sparks shoot out of either side of the entrances ramp as "La Marseillaise" (The French National Anthem) plays. Donette walks from the back with a French Flag that he'll wave patriotically on the ramp before trailing down to the ring. Once at the ring, he carefully enters through the ropes as to not desecrate the sanctity of the flag, and then stands in the middle of the ring to wave it a bit longer before handing it off to the ring crew for safe keeping.




Strength: 6

-Easy enough to bully around other cruisers, and his discus lariat has a WICKED whip to it.


Speed: 5

-His European wrestling style means he has to be pretty quick, and he has some mighty fine springboard maneuvers.


Vitality: 5

-Takes a licking, and keeps on ticking. For a little while, at least. Very well conditioned, and usually manages to not lose his breath.


Charisma: 4

-Talks a fair amount, and his mannerisms redefine dick heel.


Style: HEAVY European influence, so lots of mat tech mixed with a few submissions, and just enough power to sufficiently disable most cruisers.


Signature moves

-Yakuza Kick

-22 Year Old*: Genichiro Tenryu's 53 Year Old. Lift the opponent for a suplex, but once they're perpendicular to you, just fall back. Landing should be more like a brainbuster than a DDT.

-Corkscrew Pescado: A pescado is HBK's signature over-the-top-to-the-outside crossbody. So a corkscrew pescado...well, you get the idea.

-Jaceji-gatame: Double the opponent over, hold one of their arms out to the side, and then step over it before rolling forward and using your momentum to carry your opponent over you, locking on a cross-armbreaker.

--A far cooler version of the Jaceji-gatame is to double them over while standing on the apron, then grab the arm and spring to the top rope before diving over and completing to the move. This has added back impact as well as arm.

-Halcyon Necromancer: Pierre's version of the Shining Wizard, this is performed on a standing opponent, and is a roundhouse as opposed to a knee.

-Wrist-clutch Exploder: Or in layman's terms, pumphandle T-Bone suplex.

-Tombstone Piledriver: Done quickly, like in Japan

-Aceplex*: Rob Conway's "Ego Trip". Same setup as the 22 Year Old, but instead of dropping back, spin to the side.

-Crucifix Bomb: The attacker runs and grabs the victim's arm before swinging up and across the victim's back, scissoring the opposite arm with his legs, as if going for a crucifix rollup. Instead of simply forcing his weight back into a rollup, however, the attacker forces his weight down violently, bombing the opponent on their shoulders and neck.

-Diving Headbutt: Everybody knows what this is.


*=can be performed slingshot style


Common moves

-Powerdrive elbow: People's Elbow, without all the posturing.

-Double-arm DDT

-Acelock: Leg-applied full nelson

-Straight Shootin': Get the opponents' legs in a Haas of Pain position, then mount their back and pull back on the leg.

-Flying reverse elbow: Either running, or from the top rope

-Flying DDT: Undertaker-style

-Blockbuster: Stand on top rope and do a flip over the opponent, grabbing their head and bringing them down with a neckbreaker.

-Front necklock: Front facelock choke, just in case somebody thought a necklock and facelock were different.

-Flying elbow smash: Like HBK's forearm smash, only with more IMPACT~!

-Hilo: Eddie Guerrero's slingshot senton.



Rare moves

-France's Finest: Northern Lights Bomb, a cradle brainbuster.

-Aerial Ace: Paul London's "London Calling", aka "the SSP Brock botched at Wrestlemania XIX".



-Discus Lariat: Spin 360 degrees, clothesline opponent's head off. Opponent can be running, or standing, doesn't matter. Get creative. This won't put down everyone, though, so for that he's got...

-The Iron Curtain: Chris Hero's "Hangman's Clutch". Regal Stretch, but instead of a facelock, apply a 3/4 nelson (Diamond Cutter position). And if the opponent is too big for Donette to apply this to, and the Lariat won't put them down, then he's got one last ace in the hole...

-Ace Crusher: Won't go down to the lariat? Can't be put in the Clutch? KICK! *WHAM* STUNNER! Er, Crusher. But you get the idea. If you DON'T get the idea, it's the classic Stone Cold Stunner.

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Guest Ghetto Bird





About the set:


The House of Marvelous set consists of five main elements:

- A red carpet, which covers the entire area of the ring

- A luxurious couch, with matching love seat

- Two ten-foot prop “concrete” pillars, designed to resemble the columns in ancient Greco-Roman architecture, roughly five feet apart, and joined together by a “concrete” arch

- A thick velvet rope, which spans between the two arches

- A microphone stand, which holds the host’s microphone


Notes about placement (and it’s not necessary to put all of this stuff in your promos; this is just to help give you a better ideal of what the set should generally look like; you’re free to re-arrange the set a bit if you like, but please leave the five main elements in there):

- The arch and columns are set up so that the arch faces the SmarkTron. All guests will be made to enter the set through this arch, and if they try to get around, they will be cut off by Mister Bruner.

- Bruner is also in charge of the velvet rope; he will always open it immediately for heels, but he may make a face wait, if Sir Marvelous feels like jerking the face’s chain.

- If you’re walking down to the ring, the luxurious couch will be facing your right, and the matching love seat will be facing you. They are subject to be changed on a show-to-show basis, because the luxurious couch often ends up destroyed. In fact, it would be greatly appreciated if, any time you may choose to write a run-in, that the luxurious couch become a casualty of this conflict.

- The microphone stand should be somewhere in front of the luxurious couch, just as long as it’s far enough away that, if someone sits down, they won’t knock the stand over.





About the host:


Sir Marvelous

Real Name: Michael Anderson

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 196 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Bald

From: Atlanta, GA


Ring Entrance: Sir Marvelous comes down to the ring to "I Love the Dough," by Notorious BIG


Sir Marvelous is a weasely, pro-heel host in the Brother Love style; he is always immaculately dressed in an Armani suit. And, like Brother Love, he is especially partial to heels with money or influence. Sir Marvelous will generally be ingratiating towards his heel guests, ask them easy questions, and even help them run down their rivals. He is somewhat more pejorative to his babyface guests, occasionally asking them a difficult question and then pulling the microphone away before they can reply. The likelihood of Sir Marvelous doing this to a babyface guest is inversely proportional to high the face is up in the food chain. In other words, he probably wouldn’t try it with Michael Stephens even once, but somebody like, say, Ced Ordonez would barely be able to get a word in edgewise.


If you’re a face trying to figure out where you stand, and how often Sir Marvelous might interrupt you, imagine, on a scale of 1 to 10, that Cutthroat is a 1, and Mark Stevens is a 10, and assume that you fall somewhere in between the two of them.


Bio: Michael Anderson is a Black American of African descent and considers himself to be a Southern gentleman. He was born in Reynolds, GA, and raised in Oglethorpe; while he tried to overcome his thick accent through diction and elocution courses, his accent still breaks through from time-to-time, and he has a tendency to drawl whenever he’s joking around.


Anderson was an aspiring professional wrestler in the early to mid-90s, but never got a serious look from any of the major promotions in the US because of his size. He was immensely popular, however, in several independent promotions, and had a successful run in AAA that earned him a tryout with the IGNJL in late 2000, but fate intervened before he ever got there: a freak injury occurred during his final match in AAA that destroyed his left knee, and ended his wrestling career. It took six surgeries and three years of therapy before he was even able to walk again, and even now, he is only able to walk very short distances without the aid of a cane. While he was convalescing, Anderson completed his business degree, and also began studying law. During this time, he also became licensed as an agent; he had some minor stage actors signed to his agency, but his heart kept calling him to return to wrestling somehow.


In 2003, he first made contact with Dominic LeCroix when the SWF was performing in Atlanta; after listening to LeCroix lament about the SWF’s lack of a Light-Heavyweight division, Anderson proceeded to convince LeCroix to sign him as his agent, promising LeCroix that there would be a Light-Heavyweight Division in the SWF within the next twelve months. Anderson got himself an appointment with then-commissioner Mark Stevens for the purpose of trying to negotiate the re-instatement of the Light-Heavyweight Division, only to learn that Stevens had already convinced the SWF Executive Committee to instate a Cruiserweight Division. Anderson, however, did not share this information with LeCroix, allowing him to believe that his negotiating tactics made it possible.


When LeCroix sustained a serious shoulder injury at the hands of Mike Van Siclen, he decided to take some time off to convalesce, and then attempted to come back under a secret identity. Anderson helped him to re-enter the SWF under the Birdman persona, and protected his identity from others. He provided LeCroix with detailed dossiers on the wrestlers that had joined and/or returned to the SWF during his absence, ostensibly to give him the chance to prepare for his matches, but in reality, Anderson merely collected this information as a means to scout other potential clients. It was during this time that he retained the services of Tracey Bruner as a bodyguard. Anderson and LeCroix had a falling out when LeCroix abruptly quit the fed after his immediate family was tragically killed in a hurricane, despite Anderson’s attempts to get him to stay and compete, since he was still owed a title shot at the time that he left, which he never cashed in on.


When LeCroix eventually returned to the SWF later that year, Anderson continued to exert influence on LeCroix’s career from behind the scenes, since LeCroix had never actually fired him. Anderson also played a role in splitting up Wild and Dangerous, preying on Dangerous’ ego and jealousy by getting LeCroix several title opportunities, and several lucrative merchandising deals, while Dangerous, who would soon become a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, “languished” in the shadow of his more popular teammate. It was also during this time period that Anderson negotiated his own deal with the SWF to join the company as a road agent.


When Mike Van Siclen made his return to the SWF, LeCroix still had revenge on his mind; Anderson saw that as the perfect opportunity to enhance his visibility within the fed. He reminded LeCroix that he was technically still under contract, but offered to both end the contract and help LeCroix get revenge on Van Siclen if LeCroix would use his influence to help him get a televised segment on SWF programming. After a very successful three-episode pilot, Anderson negotiated a contract to host the House of Marvelous on SWF programming on a regular basis.





About the bodyguard:


Mister Bruner (sometimes referred to as Big Bully Bruner)

Real Name: Tracey Bruner

Height: 6’10”

Weight: 455 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Ring Entrance: Since he is usually accompanying Sir Marvelous to the ring, Bruner will come down to his music. If Bruner were going to the ring for any other reason, his own ring music is "Call the Ambulance," by Busta Rhymes.


Mister Bruner is responsible for the “VIP List,” as Sir Marvelous calls it, for the House of Marvelous. He never speaks, and is always seen in a tailor-made suit, and matching fedora. He always wears sunglasses, even inside, but who’s gonna make fun of someone that size for wearing sunglasses inside?


Bio: Tracey Bruner is a Black American of Caribbean descent (his parents emigrated from Jamaica) who was born and raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, in New York City. He tried playing football at NYU, but was kicked off the team for repeatedly injuring his teammates in practice. He dropped out of school shortly thereafter, and became a bouncer. Bruner quickly earned a reputation throughout New York as the top bouncer in the city, and he began working as a bodyguard on the side to earn more money. In mid 2004, the SWF was on tour in the New York area, and Bruner was contacted by the SWF to provide security for their top talent while they were performing at Madison Square Garden. It was during this time that Bruner made the acquaintance of Michael Anderson. Anderson made Bruner an offer to work for him as a personal bodyguard, and offered him a chance to become a professional wrestler. Anderson offered Bruner more money than he was making as a bouncer, so Bruner quit his job and has been working for Anderson ever since.

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Guest A Silent Presence

Edit: major stat and general information changed - 8/3/06

Edit: style changed - 8/7/06

Edit: stat change because Toxx said so, effective after 8/20something/06


Smarks Board Name: A Silent Presence

Wrestlers Name: Ultimo Phantasmo

Nickname: "The Boa Constrictor" (usually only used in reference to in match stuff, never really used as a common way to talk about Ultimo Phantasmo, because his name in itself is already nickname-like)

Height: 6’2’’ with the mask

Weight: 220 pounds

Hometown: Boa Vista, Brazil

Age: Unknown, but youthful – so, basically, in his early twenties.

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: Corpus Calossum (tag team, w/ Devin Benson)

Ring Escort: Formerly Miguel Mayorga (unfortunately, he was deported)

Weapon(s): Due to his alignment, Ultimo Phantasmo will rarely go to his much sought after itch of using an array of metal objects that might be found around ringside and in other places, often within the confines of the arena. If it’s aloud, he’ll throw caution to the wind, but rarely ever will he rely on the art of the use of the controversial ‘foreign object’.

Quote: None, although Miguel Mayorga may from time to time develope a clever line to combat any opponent talking - furthermore, he's the brains of the operation as far as charisma goes. Anytime the match is in jeopardy, Mayorga can and will find any way to get Ultimo Phantasmo out of a possible loss.


Looks: A majority of Ultimo Phantasmo’s body is draped in his attire. Almost always he’ll be wearing this except in rare cases. On the bottom half he wears long, shiny pants. These pants are a darker, almost gray-like shade of white and contain black emblems up and down the sides and around the caboose of the pants. All of the emblems emulate sharp-diamond like objects and are outlined in a dark purple color. The outline of the emblem expands up into the upper part of the attire which is a tank-top like black color. The purple cuts off and forms its own set of diamond-like emblems, outlined by the grayish color of the pants, expanding up to the shoulders and then splitting the back and the front color (basically, the outline hits the shoulders and then expands out, making the back half of the tank top the grayish color of the pants. The same thing happens on the pants, splitting the bottoms into the grayish color and the dark purple.) The mask is meant to take on the diamond look of the emblems on the pants, with a lot of the same emblems extending up and off the mask in the colors of the grayish white and the dark purple as the base of the mask is completely black with the exception of the lacing and ties in the back which are the grayish white color. Under the mask, the only noticeable facial feature is the albino pupils of Phantasmo, which make the irises of his eyes appear to be shockingly small and to emphasize the mysterious appeal.


Ring Entrance: Ultimo Phantasmo and Miguel Mayorga enter the arena. At the beginning the lights slowly dim until the beginning of "Intro" by Gorillaz begins to play (to briefly describe it, it's basically a short song used as an introduction, it's very cartoon-like and dark). After the intro concludes, the lights hit their absolute darkest at pitch black. A pause proceeds and then the thundering bass line from "My Name Is Mud" by Primus explodes off of Les Claypool's bass guitar (similar to "Intro", "My Name Is Mud" is almost cartoon-like and it gives off this grungy dark aura, it's very bass driven, but not in the traditional sense). After the bass line has been played several times the guitars kick in loudly, sending several white lights exploding in strobe-like patterns on the stage as smoke rises up from the stage and Ultimo Phantasmo steps out with his manager, Miguel Mayorga.




Strength: 4 – just enough to warrant the ability to pick up an opponent, occasionally some of the bigger wrestlers. Due to the roots of his Lucha Libre career, Phantasmo never truly bothered to bulk up, as the style is less focused on any power related maneuvers. One thing to watch out for is that freak-moment where he ignores his limits and gets a big opponent up for a big move to swing the momentum his way - he's known to do that, but the end result is near crippling to his strength, and rarely, if ever, will he use this aspect of his strength unless he's trully backed into a corner.

Speed: 8 – he’s incredibly fast and can do just about anything through the air, but more importantly he can keep up with the faster opponents within his weight division. This figures into his strength and striking abilities - if he can get that kind of offense going, he won't hesitate to behead you with a big shin kick to the head or a flying knee out of nowhere.

Vitality: 5 – with the help of Miguel Mayorga, Phantasmo’s heart, chin, and stamina have expanded to increase his ability to stand toe-to-toe with bigger and stronger wrestlers. This was achieved through a strict training regimen that physically increased the strength and stamina of Ultimo Phantasmo. This, however, become a problem in the later moments of matches when prolonged use of offense involving his strength and speed begin to drain his ability to defend and generate offense, at which point he's forced into the desperation, sudden death offense.

Charisma: 3 – he's a quiet fellow, charismatic in certain moments, but very dark and very concealed. He'll talk only to himself, but show colorful moments during matches. His talking and emotions are expressed through physical and dark comedy, which often result in sort of a black outlook on humor. He's very cartoon-like, and very driven to express comedically a dark personality.


Style: Ultimo Phantasmo was born in Brazil and grew up learning technical martial arts with the best. After his parents split up, he followed his mother to her home country of Mexico where he made the choice to become a luchadore, learning to combine his submission and ground abilities with the high-speed libre style that Mexico is renowned for. Thus, his style is a strong ground game (mostly for secondary offense and first-string defense) with a very large Lucha Libre influence. Most of the offense not listed in Phantasmo’s moveset below is a blend of submissions and high-flying. It should be noted that Ultimo Phantasmo is very good at most, if not all, offense-based aspects. A strong offense influences his defense, the problem being his tendencies and speed influencing too much of his defense. He accurately handles speed, but traps himself into a ground game - thus, against speedy workers who have technical ability or, for that matter, bigger wrestlers with a solid ground game, he's very confined and often out matched. Handeling power isn't a question, due to Phantasmo's background, he has rarely had to ever deal with bigger wrestlers. Power moves fluster him, and he ends up severly limiting his own offensive ability usually just looking to hit key counter strikes or moves in order to swing the match (or he'll look to his a knock-out shot over a bigger opponent, though it's incredibly unlikely unless the bigger, power wrestler has a low vitality, usually 4 or below). Faster wrestlers are easier for him to handle, having the expereince of dealing with them, although if their vitality and charisma is high enough, mind games and simply outlasting Phantasmo isn't an issue and is usually the route you'll want to go.


Elaborating further, Phantasmo's offense does contain flaws. He's renounced his Lucha Libre background after he was stubbornly forced out, of course it was his fault. Regardless, in an attempt to rediscover himself, he's rolled back to his days of martial arts and his game is mostly based around striking in combination with very high speed. The problem with this is that his rookie years in Mexico were never trully honed. He's tall and lanky, flipping isn't as easy, and it requires more stamina. He poorly scouts the use of these moves, but when they're effectively used, it's near troubling for his opponent to really get him off his game. However, as stated, this is the biggest problem. When he does feel it necessary to use the speed and aerial game, he's doing it in desperation. Sloppy efforts when you're down is bound to hit so rarely that his opponents need not even worry about it, giving them an edge in predicting his offense and also allowing them to let loose offensively and lower their standards defensively. He might be one of the better offense based wrestlers, but his poor decision making makes him incredibly prone to errors that cause him matches.


Phantasmo's new outlook on wrestling with influence of the now discontinued Miguel Mayorga is that his style is the best style. He wants to force other cruiserweights out of their game, and he uses his unique speed and striking abilities against them to impose his beliefs. He's not a heel in any form, but this is key to consider when writing him. He's very stubborn, and he'll go down with the ship, even if his opponent manages to stop the striking tendencies. He'll stick to this near predictable pattern of moves and striking that, should the aspect of speed be taken, his predictability would strip the offensive edge from him and leave a shattered and toned version of an otherwise fairly average defense game which weighs heavily (as stated above) on his offensive talents and ability to maintain and generate those abilties.


Keys for writing the Phantasmo offense:

-He's going to start out looking to behead you with a kick, a knee, an elbow, or anything he can do to impose his abilities on you.

-The speed is used in a crafty way, for example, he's been known to use a cravat in order to quickly drag his opponents around the ring reversing the hold suddenly and bashing his knee cap into their forehead. He's known to do this, he applies speed to striking, and that's why he's lethal.

-Vitality should heavily influence the offense later in the match.

-Strength isn't used as much, later on in the match he tends to be able to pull out the freak strength moment but will be drained after it.

-Speed and high risk are usually only combined when he feels that his only shot at winning a match is to combine the two and try to work some high risk magic.

-Ultimo Phantasmo actually BELIEVES that his style of cruiserweight wrestling is the best way and only effective way, with that information, you should be able to write spots and apply charisma properly.


Keys to writing the Phantasmo defense:

-Solid defensively overall, but if injured in a crucial aspect that influences offense, he's very limited and stripped of both his ability to properly defend and properly attack.

-He handles speed well, but it's when opponents use psychologic tactics against him that his defense becomes more flustered and prone to mistakes, such as simple basics just forgotten at the last second.

-Near helpless against strength based offense, and he knows it. If you're writing as a strength based wrestler, he's going to play defense as much as possible, but use his speed in odd ways to avoid getting beaten down so quickly. Keep in mind that this becomes a problem in terms of stamina if that match is long, however, he's more willing to trade in small bits of stamina over a stretched period of time than to be made prone early on in a match, so he'll avoid power attacks at all costs.

-He's very into the guard and pulling opponents down to the ground, especially quick wrestlers. It's his stronger element, and he uses it to control the pace. Technical wrestlers will have their way with Phantasmo, though, making a fool of him and reversing a lot of his attempts to slow them down.




Signature moves:




Top Rope Reverse Huricanrana/Regular Huricanrana


Brazilian Shadow Stomp

The Mushroom Stomp, and for those not a fan of Paul London, it’s a stomp to the back of the head/neck/back of a bent over opponent.


Romero Lock


Boa Vista Bomb

Powerbomb into a Jacknife Pin.


Fallaway Slam w/ Moonsault

You know, a Fallaway Slam with the added bonus of Phantasmo doing a moonsault onto his opponent. Sometimes he’ll do it off the top rope.


Dragon Sleeper


Corner Strikes

Various palm strikes, kicks, topped off with a jumping knee to the face.


Kimora Kicks

While placed in the Kimora Shoulder Lock, the opponent is doubled over where he is met with a series of kicks while being held in place.


Crista Foot Stomp

While the opponent is down, a running, cartwheel like stomp to the face, chest, back, or neck.


The Bermuda Triangle

A Triangle Choke with several elbow strikes to the front of the opponent's face. This move is often used to set up the Boa Vista Clutch.


Tope Das Doces

A twisting tope that often swaps in and out various strikes, such as turning into a kick, an elbow, a punch, a headbutt, and a knee. This move is often pulled out several times when the match warrants its use, such as if the match is a multi-man match that has a lot of outside batteling.


Common moves:



Multiple Double Axehandle

Climbing Wheel Kick

Axe Kick


Mexican Surfboard

Various Armdrags

Random Mat Exchanges

Side Headlock to Spinning Drop Toe Hold

Springboard Wheel Kick

Rolling Senton Splash

Abdominal Stretch

Various Leg Kicks

Thai Roundhouse Kicks

Jumping Sidekick


Elbow Strikes

Double Leg Takedown

High-Crotch Single Leg Takedown

Pendulum Backbreaker


Various Dives


Rare moves:


Gota Da Sombra (Shadow Drop)

In Mexico, specifically in Lucha Libre, Piledrivers are considered illegal. This was Ultimo Phantasmo’s way around such a restriction. Instead of dropping his opponent on his head between his legs, he would use a double armed sit-out brainbuster, doing the damage that a normal Piledriver would do without losing the match via disqualification. However, with the current face status, Ultimo Phantasmo will refrain from the usage of this move considering what it meant in his Lucha Libre tenure – a way around the rules.


Boa Vista Imprensa

A very basic springboard 450 splash – once used as one of Phantasmo’s former favorite finishers, now the desire to use more of his ground strength. The influence of Miguel Mayorga pushed the ground-game decision, and as a result this move has been pushed into the rare moves, only to be used when Phantasmo wants to impress the crowd.


Phoenix Rising

Ultimo Phantasmo’s Phoenix Senton Splash – or a twisting 720 degree splash. Again, this move found itself on the back burner once Miguel Mayorga began training the young Phantasmo. Besides the fact that the move itself was sloppy, it was more of a safety precaution that landed this move on a list of ‘rarely to use’ moves. If it can be hit from a higher point that allows more time, he’ll open up and perform this incredibly ‘high risk’ former finisher.




(* = moves strung together to complete one move, in this case, the Boa Vista Clutch and the Crista Da Lua are slung together to form Sonhos Doces)


*Boa Vista Clutch

This is as good as it gets offensively for Phantasmo, as most of the moves tend to center around this. It’s essentially a front face lock from a seated position with the added bonus of constriction provided by the legs. The left leg goes up and over the taker’s right shoulder and the right leg goes under the taker’s left arm. The two legs lock, constricting the taker in a triangle while Phantasmo pulls on his opponent’s head with a front face lock. Due to the lack of overall strength, this move usually won’t submit a bigger opponent with higher vitality. However, when the move is strung together with


*Crista Da Lua

Known as the Cash Flow on the independent circuit, this move is more of a counter. If Phantasmo gets an opening to hit this move he’ll put it together with the Boa Vista Clutch. Phantasmo faces away from his opponent and locks his hand over the taker’s chin. He uses that as a hook to pull his opponent over his head, dropping them face first into a facebuster. If he's got a strength and weight advantage on his opponent he'll often stop them short and forcefully drive their forehead into the mat, jacking their neck and delivering a knockout blow almost everytime (again, if he has the advantage, if he doesn't he won't attempt to drive the opponent, he'll hit it and transition to complete the Sonhos Doces). If he's feeling incredibly mean after an opponent has refused to give up he'll slam them regardless of a weight advantage and then lock in the Boa Vista Clutch for a bit of added bonus, even if he knows he can get the pinfall win from the move.


**Sonhos Doces (Sweet Dreams)

This is his go to move – Phantasmo loves to string his two finishers together. First, he’ll hit the Crista Da Lua, holding on to the front face lock and using it mainly to stun that taker. From there, he weasels into position, locks his legs into the proper position, and goes to work, strangling his opponent with the Boa Vista Clutch.


Notes: Depending on the match, Ultimo Phantasmo may or may not go to his rare moves section. Due to his size and weight, the chances are his opponents will be smaller, and thus he’ll usually have a height advantage allowing him to typically be able to put away with the Sonhos Doces. It’s his favorite move, so if you’re writing Phantasmo, that’s usually the move he’ll go for, however, if you feel as if a certain stat difference or size difference requires it, go ahead and pull out a rare move.


Bio: Phantasmo, as noted above, was born in Brazil. His father was a true Brazilian while his mother came from Mexico, having met her husband on a trip to the largest South American country. Nevertheless, the two split up while young Phantasmo was training in many form of Martial Arts, where he learned to defend himself on the streets of Boa Vista. Attempting to find a newer, better, life Phantasmo left with his mother to her home country of Mexico where he first witnessed the inspiration of Lucha Libre. Loving what he saw, he finally made the decision to become a Luchadore at the age of fourteen, where he trained for years. At one point, he was one of the highest prospected rookies in the entire country of Mexico before betraying the cause, crushing his opponent’s neck with a piledriver that ended his career, and in turn ended the career of Ultimo Phantasmo, at least as a prospect. From there, Phantasmo spent a year in and out of various ultra violent promotions, never finding a true place to stay until being discovered by Miguel Mayorga, who rekindled the fire inside of a man then known as “El Phantasmo”. This new inspiration was matched with a new name, “Ultimo Phantasmo,” and a new determination, so much so that Ultimo Phantasmo took a vow of silence, only to break it until he became the best luchadore he could possibly be.

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Guest S.O.L.

Wrestlers Name: (the) Scion of Light a.k.a. S.O.L. (pronounced "Sawl")

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches

Weight: 160 lbs

Hometown: Kyoto, Japan

Age: Ageless

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: N/A

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): She will pick up a chair and use it if she has to, but prefers to stay honorable.

Quote: I am the Scion of Light! You... are S! O! L!


Looks: Blonde locks flow down from the snow white mask of the Scion. Every inch of her body is covered in form fitting white material. She is trim and toned, slightly curvy but obviously naturally so. Her mask has sun-shaped holes for the eyes, containg that one-way mesh so that you can't see into it. Mesh also creates a smile to cover her mouth. Her boots are also pure white, white soles with "S.O.L." on the sides in glittering letters.


Ring Entrance: "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse begins to play in the middle of the song...


"No one's gonna take me alive

The time has come to make things right

You and I must fight for our rights

You and I must fight to survive"





White pyro explodes from the entrance ramp as the music kicks up. The Scion jumps out, making a traditional Kamen pose (with one arm bent up towards the head, hand closed in a fist. Her other arm goes straight up, hand also closed in a fist). After a short staredown, she runs full speed to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and popping to her feet in time to face the other competitor in the ring.




Strength: 3

Speed: 6

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 6



Style: High-Speed High-Risk High-Energy Cruiserweight


Signature moves:

Moonsault (from anywhere that's feasable... rebound from second rope, top turnbuckle, from apron to outside, etc...)

Double-Jump Cross Body Splash (jumping to the second rope then jumping off)

Shining Wizard (with the opponent on one knee, S.O.L. runs towards them, steps off the knee to leap up and kick the victim in the back of the head)

Back Handspring into Elbow strike (usually as a reversal)

Frankensteiner-into-pinning combination

Monkey Flip

Any move from inside the ring to the outside, the Scion loves to fly.




Common moves:

Elbows, Knees and Kicks

Repeated knee strikes from a front headlock.

Splash to opponent in the corner


Flying Forearm


Drop Toe Hold


Rare Moves:

"Bathe In Light" (with opponent on the mat, the Scion rebounds of the ropes and with a running leap, completes a Shooting Star Press onto the opponent. VERY RARE and could hurt the Scion more than the opponent if she messes it up)



1) (High-Flying Finisher) "Sinstriker's Will" (Shooting Star Press from the top rope)

2) (Ground Based) "Cleansing Beam" (Scion irish-whips her opponent to the ropes, then runs off to the side. They criss cross off the ropes until the Scion finishes it with a high speed Superkick to the side of the face)


Notes: The Scion of Light believes she is a 'Kamen'. More popularly known in the states as Power Rangers, she believes she is a superpowerful human and is bent on destroying evil.


In reality, she's an import wrestler from Kyoto, Japan, and likes to pretend she's a superhero. Her English is good, but she has a heavy accent. She speaks in a high bubbly voice and has a happy bubbly personality. She tries to see the good in everyone and can be blinded to a person's faults. Think Sailor Moon on happy-crack.


S.O.L. guards her identity fiercely, even though no one would really know who she was were she to be unmasked. She simply wants to keep the facade going that she's a Kamen. She has little regard for her well being in a match if she thinks she can win. She's not really "hardcore" but she is sort of crazy.






I hope these stats are enough, if there's any problems please let me know. My name is Brooke and it's a pleasure to be included in the league!

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Guest Da_Big_Nasty

***With acceptance from Flesher***






Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us?


IGN General Wrestling Board


Smarks Board Name: Da_Big_Nasty

Wrestlers Name: Scotty “The Crush” Raina

Height: 6’2

Weight: 225

Hometown: Detriot, MI

Age: 22

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): None

Quote: “I’m not greedy for wealth, fame or fortune. I’m greedy for pride, honor, and respect.”


Looks: Small in stature but pretty cut. Like a lighter Rick Rude. Brown hair in a short, messed up fashion. No facial hair. No top. Typical full length wrestling tights adorned with a heart on each side with a lightning bolt going through it.


Ring Entrance: Music is “One and the Same” by Audioslave. The guitar riff plays and the Smarktron lights up with a montage of Crush’s highlights. He comes out from the back really pumped up. He plays to the crowd; hoping around and genuinely enjoying himself. After a few high fives to the fans he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. In the middle of the ring he does the Bret Hart pose while white pyro goes off behind him.




Strength: 3 – Can pull off any move he desires on opponents his size.

Speed: 8 – Uses his speed for lightning quick chain wrestling and the occasional extreme dive.

Vitality: 4 – He can go the distance with the average wrestler.

Charisma: 5 – Fans really appreciate his hard work and straight forward attitude.


Style: Technical High Flyer who gets Suicidal every now and then. Takes on faster, smaller wrestler with fast paced action. Will chain wrestle into a submission hold. Takes on larger wrestlers by trying to take out legs and head with technical moves.


Signature moves:

Crippler Crossface

Cactus Clothesline

Foley’s spinning clothesline out of the opponent holding my leg

Dropkick to the face with opponent sitting in the corner

Top Rope sunset flip

Fake baseball slide then a springboard suicide dive to the outside

Sting’s jumping DDT

Million Dollar Dream


Common moves:

top rope elbow drop

Boston Crab




back flipping dropkick

flying forearm

stomping on the knee

small package

side Russian leg sweep



Rare moves:




Super kick

frog spalsh



Regular Pin: “Heart Breaker” Top Rope Shooting Star Press Leg Drop

Submission: “Schoolboy Crush” Dragon Sleeper


Notes: A Bret Hart/Dean Malenko type technical wrestler with some luchador chain wrestling and some X-Division high flying moves. Doesn’t use weapons unless it’s a part of the match or his opponent initiated it.

Bio: Young up and coming wrestler just called up from an indy fed. Plays up the baby faced heart throb gimmick some but not over the top. Just introduced to the big times so he’s working his in ring work and not his character.


I approved these. - TF

Edited by Da_Big_Nasty

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Eih... everyone comes back eventually. Now taking bets on how long it takes me to start no-showing again.




Board Name: hhh6294

Wrestlers Name: Jacob Helmsley

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 227 lbs

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Age: 25

Affiliation: Tweener (sort of leaning face, but still very capable of evil bastardly deeds)

Stable: none

Ring Escort: none

Weapon(s): Lead Pipe. He carries this weapon on him at all times and is never afraid to use it on anyone, male or female.


Favorite Match Types:

1. Anything hardcore

2. Last Man Standing

3. Submissions Match


Looks: Very raggedy. His hair is about shoulder length and jet black, but looks like it hasn’t been washed in a month. On his face he wears a green facemask like that of the Reptile in Mortal Kombat. He has green eyes, but the left eye has a big long scar down the middle of it that stretches from his forehead down to his cheek and the left side of his face still shows a bit of burn damage from when his face was burnt long ago. For his ring attire he wears long, baggy dark green cargo pants with several holes in random places on both legs and he wears a plain black shirt, also riddled with holes. Attached to his black belt on his waist is a little holster where Jacob keeps his trusty pipe by his side at all times. Coming to the ring and outside of matches, Jacob wears a long black leather trench coat that unlike his ring attire, actually looks pretty new and taken care of. He may take his mask off too once in a while outside of the ring, but not often.


Ring Entrance: “Hell” by Disturbed. Nothing fancy. Jacob just walks out to the ring 20 seconds after the music kicks up with a slow stride, glaring at the ring or his opponent(s) if they’re inside the ring.




Strength: 5 – He’s powerful enough to perform his moves on anyone under 350 lbs (the regular ones mind you… vertical lifting a 350 lb man is out of the question of course

Speed: 4 – He has a few aerial moves in his arsenal and can pull them off with grace and accuracy.

Vitality: 9 – Tough little son of a bitch. His pain threshold is incredible and he can certainly stick it out with the best the fed has to offer and then some. There is no such thing as putting this man down easily.

Charisma: 2 – Rarely speaks to the crowd, usually lets his actions speak for himself.



Style: Technical/Submissions based, slight aerial skills, and very prominent hardcore wrestling skills.



Signature moves:

1. Evenflow DDT - (By this one, I mean the REAL Evenflow, from Raven's old WCW days, and the one in No Mercy. That starts out with a kick to the gut, and then finishes with a DDT in one swift movement… no stalling)

2. Sambo Suplex - Used as a set-up to the "Fear Factor"

3. "Corkscrew" - 360 degree twisting Missile Dropkick - Jacob leaps off of the top rope, twists his body into a spin while keeping his legs outward, and hits the opponent around the upper neck area.

4. "Blackout" - Standing hooking heel kick into reverse Fame Asser - Jacob does the spinning heel kick, and as he kicks him, he wraps him knee around the neck of the opponent, and slams him down for a reverse Fame Asser. Jacob keeps the knee wrapped around the throat of the opponent, for a modified chokehold that frequently KOs the opponent late in the match.

5. Stalling STO (Jacob Stalls for 5-6 seconds, before hitting the STO… the move looks like a cross between the Rock Bottom from No Mercy, and the STO 2 from No Mercy)

6. Top-Rope Inverted Brainbuster

7. "Buzzkill" - Chicken Wing headlock

8. Northern Lights suplex into bridge pin

9. "Soul breaker" - Stalling Dominator - Jacob pulls the opponent into a dominator position, and keeps him there for a Canadian Back breaker for 15-20 seconds. Weather or not the opponent gives up after 20 seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down for the Dominator.

10. Chicken Wing Jawbreaker



Common moves:

1. Double Arm DDT

2. Spear into the turnbuckle

3. Rolling Leg-Lock

4. Fisherman’s DDT from the Top Turnbuckle

5. Kneeling Backbreaker (Jacob kneels down, and pulls the opponent down forcefully making his back connect with Jacob’s leg)

6. Russian Leg-Sweep

7. Standing Dragon Sleeper

8. Reverse DDT

9. Top-Rope Hurricanrada

10. Backslide Pin

11. Falling Neckbreaker

12. Guillotine Leg-Drop (when opponent is on a table or flat breakable surface)

13. Belly to Belly Suplex



Rare moves:

1. Stalling Hangman's DDT - Jacob sets the opponent up in a powerbomb position, picks him up onto his shoulders, but lets the opponent drape down in front of his chest, in a hanging position. After five to ten seconds, Jacob drops the opponent down on the back of his neck with considerable power.

2. “The Drop from Above” – Stalling reverse Michinoku driver

3. “Downfall” – Powerbomb through a table or the such in Hardcore style matches

4. “Revenge” – Stalling Pedigree

5. “Air Canada” – Top-Rope Phoenix Splash






"Black Stallion" ~ Modified standing Vertebreaker ~ Jacob wraps the opponent’s arms around his back in a standing position so he and the opponent are back to back, like a set-up to a Backslide pin. Jacob then leans forward in a Bridge type position slamming the opponent’s neck onto the mat, and Jacob holds it for a pin.



"The Fear Factor" - a modified Indian Death lock from No Mercy. Instead of dropping to the floor, and getting up again, Jacob drops to his back, and stays down on the ground, gradually increasing pressure on the legs until submission or TKO.




He doesn’t care about anything else except his own personal achievements. He is a total loner. He does not trust anyone, not even his own former close friends. Jacob’s only devotions in life are to his accomplishments and his pipe which is never out of his possession. He will never think twice about injuring anyone, whether in the ring or outside of the ring and has no regrets when the deed has been done. In the ring he’s usually pretty calm and collected, but when he starts losing it, there is no telling what he will do to whom before it’s all over.

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Guest Nighthawk72

Preliminary Question: How did you find us/hear about us? My brother JHawk


Smarks Board Name: Nighthawk72

Wrestlers Name: Nighthawk

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 285

Hometown: Hawk Mountain, PA

Age: 34

Face/Heel: Heel


Ring Escort: Falcon

Weapon(s): steel talon gloves

Quote: "Death come to us all. I just speed up the process."


Looks: Nighthawk sticks to a basic look. He normally wears black tights, a black singlet top, black boots, and the steel talon gloves.


Ring Entrance: The lights go dark as "Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd begins playing over the PA. Flames erupt on the stage, and as they die down, the figure of Nighthawk begins to show through them.


[Ring announcer's stuff here.]


Nighthawk's entrance is very stoic, so there's not going to be a lot of fancy movements or interaction with the fans.




Strength: 8

Speed: 3

Vitality: 5

Charisma: 4


Style: Nighthawk is largely a power-based wrestler. Nighthawk likes to study tapes of his opponents and pick up their weaknesses.


Signature moves:


1. Choke slam to the floor (Nighthawk will place his opponent onto the top rope, then step to the apron and choke slam his opponent to the concrete floor.)

2. Jack-knife power bomb

3. spine buster (Arn Anderson style, not Batista style)

4. Jumping DDT

5. Cradle piledriver

6. Death Valley Driver

7. Figure-Four Leglock

8. T-Bone Suplex (or exploder suplex, whichever you want to call it)

9. Dragon suplex

10. clawhold


Common moves:


1. Low blow

2. Small package

3. Inverted DDT

4. enzuigiri

5. Dropkick to the face

6. Dropkick to the knee

7. Swinging neckbreaker

8. Sidewalk slam


10. sleeperhold

11. Cobra clutch

12. Short lariat

13. Quick poke to the eye (ala Roddy Piper)

14. superkick


Rare moves:


1. Huracanrana

2. Burning hammer

3. Rolling German suplexes into a bridge




1. Power Dive (top rope brain buster)

2. Somersault Frog Splash. This is to only be used in big matches, ie major title matches on PPV.


Notes: Nighthawk's matches are usually methodical. Not slow, methodical. He comes in with a game plan and executes it, not going too fast but not wasting time either. KEY NOTE: It is not a Nighthawk match unless he cheats at least once. Usually more.


Bio: None for now, but if it's really important PM me.

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Smarks Board Name: Secret Agent

Wrestlers Name: Johnny Dangerous

Real Name: Johnny Dangerous

Nick Name(s): The Barracuda, the Secret Agent

Height: 6’1

Weight: 225

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Age: 29

Face/Heel: Flashy face

Stable: None

Ring Escort: None

Weapon(s): Whatever’s handy. Though he might McGuvyer some weapon if he has to.




Johnny is a clean cut, medium build white male, with stylish jet black hair. His face is normally as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and his teeth as white as pearls. (He likes to smile a lot, especially at the ladies.)


The Barracuda dresses in a high tech style. Black slacks, black short sleeved shirt (tight fitting to accent his muscular build - stylish while at the same time having a somewhat techno feel. He always comes out wearing a pair of high-tech shades and has even been wearing them during the course of his matches lately. For a bigger match he’d probably remove them by himself or have them slapped off his face by a heel. Also, he sometimes comes out in a all black trench coat, but only with this outfit, and even then it’s becoming less common.


On occasions where Johnny needs to really bring it, big matches, etc, Johnny could wear knee-length black "Olympic-style" wrestling tights, with red, white and blue stripes within the "V" pattern on the back. He wears black knee pads and black wrestling boots, and keeps his hair slicked back. This is what he used to wear in Wild and Dangerous tag team matches and occasionally in a singles match. This is also proper wrestling gear and when Johnny knows the match is really big he will want to make sure his movements are free from restrictions.


Out of the ring, Johnny will wear a slick, trendy black Armani suit.


Ring Entrance:


Johnny comes out to “Mission Impossible” as done by the James Taylor Quartet. The Smarktron will show the famous “fuse to a stick of dynamite” lighting scene as the music starts before breaking away to show clips of Johnny in action.


Feel free to add things like Johnny giving crowd members high fives or Johnny kissing a female on the cheek. Johnny heads into the ring, mounts a turnbuckle and raises his arms out to the fans.




Strength: 5 - Although he isn’t built like an ox, he has some hellacious strength for a man of his size. Can usually get anyone up 300 pounds or under. Over that it is possible, but some serious effort would be needed.


Speed: 5 - Johnny has excellent speed, and is small enough to deliver plenty of luncha style moves, escape a tight situation, or get to someone in a hurry.


Vitality: 4 - A secret Agent never surrenders, never gives up! That doesn’t mean he won’t tap or anything, he is just stubborn and sometimes doesn’t know when to quit so that he can live to fight another day. He has plenty of energy and stamina.


Charisma: 6 - Can talk the talk, especially when swooning ladies. Johnny is well educated, and though he won’t be bringing home Oscars anytime soon can put on some serious acting for the ladies…or his enemies! He can also get a crowd to love him with his brilliant personality.





Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous is well trained in the finer martial arts and as such, speed is very much on his side. Being the Spy that he is; brawling, high-risk maneuvers, and aerial attacks are common ground for him. For the basics, Martial Art strikes to loosen them up, then wear downs or attacks with more “umph” to it as it goes on.


Signature Moves:


-Spinning Heel Kick

-Scorpion Kick

-Back-flip kick

-Spinning Back Fist

-Shotei Palmstrike

-Guillotine Face Driver

-Spinal Explosion (A Rolling Fireman’s Carry: Get someone into a fireman’s carry, then flip forward, impacting their back into the mat.)

-Rolling Verticle Suplex (Three if he can get them off. This move WILL put someone down…. this isn’t an ego trip, but rather how it should be.)

-Dangerous Driver (The attacker stands behind the victim. The attacker places both their arms under the victim's arms and locks them behind the victim's neck. The attacker lifts the victim in the air. Once they reach the apex, the attacker pushes down forward and drives the victim down face first into the mat.

-Johnny Kick (Super Kick - It always precedes an Armed and Dangerous, though an Armed and Dangerous does not always follow it.)

-Crucifix Armbar

-The Interrogator (A Crossface hold. Used to wear down an opponent and for submissions as well. This can, and has been used as a finisher as built properly this move is deadly.)


Common Moves:


-All of your basic wrestling moves that anyone would HAVE to know. Hip-tosses, basic takedowns, all that good stuff.

-Any Martial Art’s kick

-Any Martial Art’s chop

-Punches/Kicks/Elbows/Chops (Not very often for chops, mostly when chopped first.)

-Enzuigiri (Back Brain Kick)


-Standing or running leg drops and elbow drops

-Neck Breaker (Rear and swinging)

-Dropkick/Missile Dropkick/Springboard Dropkick

-DDT (Various kinds)

-Double Axe Handle Smash


-Body Press/Body Scissor





-Arm Wringer


Irish Whips into:



•Elbow Smashes

•Drop Kicks

•Body presses






•German – Can also end on a bridge, and on occasion, can be turned into rolling German’s




From the turnbuckles:


•Elbow drops

•Leg drops

•Fist drops




Rare Moves:


-Wild Ride (A Vertebreaker – When a tremendous hit is needed to get a pin…BIG money matches/Feud Matches)


- Death From Above (Moonsault double stomp.) Moonsault from the turnbuckle, only Johnny lands feet first into someone’s chest, and lands with finesse. Please, if you must kick out of a move, use a finisher that isn’t this deadly or use the SSP. Contact me before using so we can discuss, please.


-Armed and Dangerous (Running Fist Drop. Johnny darts for the ropes while the opponent lies face up on the mat. He bounces back and flips in the air, coming down fist first on their chest or face. *NOTE* Johnny usualy sets up this move with a Johnny Kick A.K.A. - A Super Kick. This move is more of a crowd popper than anything. The Johnny Kick is what will do you in, this is just humiliation.)


-The Cover Up (Diamond Dust. Johnny gets his opponent in a inverted DDT, sits on the top rope, somersaults over the opponent, and pulls them down with a Diamond Cutter. If you don’t know what a diamond cutter is, here you go. The attacker applies 3/4 face lock …basically, the victim's head on the attacker's shoulder with the attacker forming a headlock around the top of their head as the attacker has their back to the victim… and drops down to the mat, flat on your back, impacting the victim's chin into the attacker's shoulder.)





Primary: The MI SLAM (Same as an Angle/Olympic Slam/Fallaway Slam - Can be done to anyone of any size, due to it be more of a momentum move and not actually requiring lifting anyone for more than a second.)


Secondary/Submission finisher: The Barracuda (Over the Shoulder Half Crab. Can be used as a finishing submission but mainly used to wear down an opponent. If the opponent is too resilient Johnny can turn this into an Over-the-shoulder full crab…Think a Boston Crab but you reverse the attacker’s position.)


Aerial Finisher: Shooting Johnny Press (A regular Shooting Star Press/Mexican Pride Press.)




coming soon.





Johnny Dangerous is a former secret agent for the wonderful United States of America. He’s a lot like a James Bond, only American. If you want to know more then PM me as I don’t feel like typing all of this now.

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Guest Dev

Preliminary Question: From a member.


Smarks Board Name: Dev

Wrestlers Name: Devin Benson

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 190 lbs.

Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Age: 25

Face/Heel: Face

Stable: Grand Aerial Armada

Ring Escort: None.

Weapon(s): Dev uses his own body as a weapon as he flies around the ring. Enough said.

Quote: None. Dev isn’t really a witty, quotable guy, but he might say some witty, quotable things once in a blue moon.


Looks: Starting from the bottom and going up. His foot wear is pretty simple. He just wears your regular black boots. His pants are dark red and have the Kanji for “believe” on them (the Kanji is black). He wears one of the shirts that is made to look like it’s a dress shirt. His mask is a lot like his pants. It is dark red and the Kanji for “believe” is on the back. On the upper part of the mask there’s a cross.


Believe Kanji: Found in the top square


Ring Entrance: Dev’s entrance theme changes depending on if he’s in a singles match or a tag match with his partner.


Singles Theme: “Poison Godmachine” by Nevermore

Tag Team Theme: “Lost To Apathy” by Dark Tranquility


Entrance: Dark arena, red strobe lights and smoke.




Strength: 2

Speed: 9

Vitality: 6

Charisma: 3


Style: Dev is a balls-to-the-wall cruiserweight, unless he’s in the ring with a cruiserweight who is at least of equal talent. Then, his amateur wrestling background comes into play. He only did it in high school, but he will never forget what he learned in those years. He only uses this background when he needs that extra edge.


Signature moves:

CB3: A flying cross body. Dev uses his momentum and rolls his opponent into a pinning combination. The pinning combination changes each time. The cross body can be done off the top rope, springboard style or regularly.


Dev. Lab: Dev starts out with a Muta lock, then rolls backwards and transitions into a front head lock and then stands up with it and finally does a 360 face buster.


Stun Gun: John Cena’s Throwback (running neck snap).


Devsault: A 360 moonsault.


Tabula Rusa: An STO.


Tornado: A twisting arm breaker off the top rope.


Devine Headbutts: Dev traps their arms and head butts them repeatedly.


Common moves:

Step Up Enziguri


Snap Suplex


Dragon Screw

Wrist Lock Suplex

Tiger Spin

Japanese Rolling Clutch

Flying Tope

Springboard Dropkick


Rare moves:

Aero 6:30: A 630. Dev used to try and do as many flips and spins as possibly for the crowd, and the 630 was one of the moves he did to get a pop out of the fans. It used to be his finisher, but he has since moved on to more effective finishers.


Man on the Moon: A double moonsault. He perfected this move in Japan but, when he came back to America, it almost ended his wrestling career so he’s backed away from doing it for good… or so he says.


Devolve: When an opponent is about halfway to his feet (and, preferably, is still looking down) Dev does a seated senton off the top rope. When he lands, his lower body lands on his opponent’s neck/head and they are driven to the mat face first. Sometimes he may do it a little differently. Imagine Delirious’ Shadows Over Hell except a senton instead of a splash.



Deviant : Any explanation I could provide wouldn't suffice. Only this picture can suffice.


Hevy Devy: A spinning fisherman DDT. More commonly known as the 3 Handed Moss Covered Family Credenza.


Notes: Dev isn’t your traditional high flier. He uses whatever abilities fit the bill, in essence. Whatever gets the job done. However, he is slightly more inclined to the higher risk maneuvers in most matches.


Bio: Devin Benson was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. When he was in high school he wrestled and was the school’s best wrestler. His abilities and good grades got him a scholarship to a good college but Devin put wrestling on the back burner so he could focus on his studies. In his last year of college he went back to his true love, wrestling, and even took a trip to Japan so he could learn from the best. Now that he’s back in the US, he is looking to mix his two wrestling influences into an effective style that can help him become successful in the SWF.

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Guest CM Blue

Preliminary Question: I was asked to join by my good buddy Cripler/Akira


Smarks Board Name: CM Blue

Wrestlers Name: "Mister Swiss" Victor Herzog

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 255

Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

Age: 24

Face/Heel: He's Swiss. Neutral. Duh.

Stable: No current affiliation.

Ring Escort: No current ring escorts.

Weapon(s): Swiss Army Knife (when heel)/Box of Swiss chocolates (when face)/Alp Horn (when neutral)

Quote: "SALUTATIONS!!" (insert current city here)

Looks: Short blond hair, blue eyes, Austin Aries-eque facial hair, Red tights w/ white cross on the ass (like the Swiss flag design)

Ring Entrance: One big red pyro with confetti shoots up while "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy plays. If face, he throws cough drops and chocolates into the crowd, if heel he threatens to stab people with his Swiss army knife. If Neutral he walks to the ring screaming "SALUTATIONS~!"




Strength: 7 (He can pull off the big power moves easily hold his own with big men, but can’t lift anyone bigger than, say, Kane)

Speed: 4 (Can do top rope moves regularly, but can’t do anything above a Moonsault)

Vitality: 5 (Works brawls and hardcore matches occasionally, can go in Ironman matches)

Charisma: 4 (Over with a majority amount of fans, think Chris Benoit)


Style: He’s power technical. Manhandles cruiserweights and smaller guys with throws and bombs but wears down bigger guys with punches, chops and submissions.


Signature moves:

Swiss Crab- Boston Crab variation, think when Jericho would focus on driving the neck into the ground when applying Walls of Jericho.

Top Rope Clothesline- Used to set up one of his finishers.

The Nestle Crunch- Uses a power bomb variation where he throws the opponent into the turnbuckle on the way down.

Flying Elbow- Not used too often, postures beforehand to get the crowd behind him.

Kreuzen Choke- he grabs hold of the opponent's wrists and crosses their arms under their chin. He then pulls back on the arms. Cross arm choke.


Common moves:

European Uppercut- Used frequently to stun opposition and set up for submissions or power moves.

Backbreakers- Many variations here

Snap Vertical Suplex- Snap vertical, also uses a superplex on occasion.

Headlock- Used to wear down opponent

Bearhug- Holds for a while, but rarely waits for the 3 arm falls before throwing opponent to mat

Double Chickenwing- Holds opponent up in air and throws them face first into the mat when finished. ONLY USES ON WRESTLERS UNDER 200 POUNDS

Rest Holds- Various head and neck locks and holds.

Leg Drop- Scoop slams a guy, bounces off the ropes and drops the leg right onto the guy’s throat. Ala Hogan, but no taunting

DDT- Any kind could be used, but he’s partial to the Spike. Euro uppercuts a guy, kicks him in the gut and drills him into the mat.

Dropkick: PICTURE-ESQUE dropkick

Rolex Hold- Known as the Muta Lock, an inverted STF.



Rare moves:


Victory Road- Styles Clash usually onto a steel chair or hardcore weapon.

The Bank Account- Moonsault to the outside

Chokeslam- to an outside table (Uses on cruiserweights and smaller wrestlers in )






The Neutral Zone Infraction - Suplex into a body slam, used by Goldberg as the Jackhammer

The Razzamatazzum - Crossface with inverted cravate applied ala Chris Hero’s ‘Hangman‘s Clutch‘


Notes: Usually happy go lucky outside the ring but all business when inside the ring, will not show favoritism to anyone during a multi man match and is relentless even to “allies“. Anytime an argument occurs, he stays out of it. Interacts with the crowd frequently and is not afraid of attempting to get a cheap pop.


Bio: Born in Switzerland to a small family of farmers, Victor Herzog was an innocent boy that followed his parents wishes and helped out his neighbors and local businesses in his small township. One day he discovered the wonder of professional wrestling by attending a local show. His passion for wrestling built up until one day he secretly went to train with the local Swiss stars. Taught by Vorg Vikeres and Sven Goste, he learned the basics of wrestling. When he learned that the US had more to offer him, his family gave him enough money to travel to New York and train at the many schools there. One day he caught the eye of an independent promoter and wrestled in his fed and around the country for 4 years, during which time he became one of the best known workers and personalities of the independent scene.

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