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40 Years Of X-Men

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Picked this up yesterday and man is this awesome..all the full(with mail and adds) Uncanny X-Men 09-1965 through 08-2005.

Just reading the books by Claremount and Byrne are a real treat with great art and the greatest storylines with amazing builds that make me remember why I loved the X-Men so much. I have enough content here to keep me amused for a long time. There's upcoming DVD-Roms for Spidey, the Avengers, Cap and DD too. I will post some questions and comments as I go.


Here's the first:


1. 09/78-while Magneto is attacking Australia a reporter explains that no one is here to stop him becasue the F.F. and Chmpions had disbanded and the Avengers are under house arrest by the government. Anyone know why?


2. The slooow build to Death of the Phoenix is amazing and truely should be considered a great litterary masterpiece. I wonder if any one has ever seen or read a really good in depth with Claremount about his thoughts on writing the X-Men?


Highly recommend this though and big thanks to Marvel for giving so much for so little. I can only hope for a complilation New Mutants and X-Factor DVD Rom soon.

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They also have DVD-ROMs for Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Avengers.


Daredevil, Incredible Hulk, and Capt. America have been announced as coming soon.

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