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Matt Young

8/2/2007 TNA Impact Thread

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Kurt Angle is so awesome.


Yeah I definitly second that...


Yes but that whole verbal abuse angle didnt sit well with me...it is more on a personal level... Kurt Angle just isnt makin it for me in TNA..


A.J.-"That was Angle's Wife? She was like 5 years old."



Borash-"That was his daughter"



A.J.-"I know!" :lol:




This show wasn't perfect, but was about 100 times more entertaining than the garbage they put on WWE programming the past several months.


AJ and Christian and the reasons I watch TNA... WWE aint half bad IMO, I enjoy WWE much more than TNA lately but I hope TNA turns things around soon...


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One thing I will say about the last few Impacts.....to me, they are at least entertaining (the backstage skits, more times than not, are funny, etc) and I get the feeling things are going somewhere a bit, leading to something, and also that alot of characters are given some, well, character. That in itself is an improvement from TNA normally.


Enjoyed this past weeks show alot, by the way. I have learned to not expect any great bouts during the hour and just to be entertained by the skits and short bouts that hope to lead to better bouts at the ppvs. The skits remind me of some late night B movie where some of the vignettes are so cheesy that it works. I said it in another thread too but this next ppv is head and shoulders much better on paper and built better than what we saw a month ago. I think its more because I am seeing some character development with some of the workers and its making me care more about the bouts, programs, characters, etc. Angle, in particular, may be some over the top character right now but at least I'm interested to see what he's going to do next, versus being so bored with him the past six months I couldnt believe it or stand it.


Karen Angle is smokin hot IMO, too. Looks a bit like a more feminine version of Jackie Gayda

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