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"John Morrison" is a Horrible Gimmick

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I feel the same. I'm definitely not knocking the guy's in ring abilities, far from it. I think he's amazingly athletic, and a good seller. But yeah, both the name and the obvious gimmick that go with it are uber-lame. But if that's what they're going with this guy, I just hope they find a way to improve it.


The top heel of a brand definitely needs to have an insanely over gimmick, or else people won't buy it, or will shit on it. Which is what I suppose most of us are doing right now, ha.

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I actually like how John Morrison makes the pseudo-intellectual babble seem forced, since I always found Jim Morrison's lyrics to be fucking lame as shit.

Aww, come on . . . "The monk bought lunch" is lyrical genious!


Well, I personally can't put much merit into lyrics that were conceived during a drunken, acid-tripped haze.


As long as JM doesn't start refering to Punk as a spy in the house of hardcore or the unknown soldier or starts his promos with "don't you want this title badly, don't you need it badly" or "show me the way to the next contender," I think he'll be fine.


The pseudo-intellectual babble is one of the more creative things "creative" has come up with.

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