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Downward Spiral aftermath

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Great show, guys. Matches, promos, not a DNS in sight. Let's keep the ball rolling.

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I think Annie/Taiga worked out better than either of us thought it would too. Round two... more fun?


I'm going to do an 'old style' "comment as I read" post. That's right, I did alternate quotations there. Got a problem punk?






Opening promo - Jakey


Hmm. Short, but gets the point across. I like the slightly effeminate vibe, gives the character an edge somehow. Which is good since the 'feminine male' gimmicks so far have been along the lines of "Billy and Chuck" so I welcome this. More time and wordage could've made this more interesting, but I think we have all felt the "Time and words" constraint at some point in our lives, right? :D





First Match - KOJI v. Jakey



First, and I don't know if this is me or if other people feel this way too, but in a match like this it hurts that both fighters go simply by their names. Without nicknames or something it's a lot of "Koji does this, Jakey does that". Repetition can be rough, but what are you going to do since really you can only call KOJI by his last name or Jakey can be... The Fabulous One? Yeah. What else can you do though, it happens.


Solid match overall, there's room for improvement, but that improvement comes with experience really. Just so it doesn't seem like I'm downing him (because I like Jakey's stuff) I would like to say that the announce team work he does works incredibly well. Reading it gives the feel of Mak or King really interjecting out of nowhere during the match. Good stuff.




Promo - The Queen


This needs to be longer, actually. Perfect buildup for a long speech by Annie at the end of it, but I took it too short. Considering I was writing this and a match concurrently... yeah I need to give myself more time. Still, one of the better board promos I've done, combined with one of the better matches I've been a part of.



Match - Tod James Stuart v. Arne Andersen (shouldn't it be "Andressen"? c'mon... Netscape ftw?)


First off, I'm a Toronto mark. And since we did a best of seven series, I now want to see TJS make it to a ME run sometime. Sometime after me, preferably. :)


Secondly, I don't think I've seen the Norsemen treated quite so seriously as this. Plus, damn if I didn't get thoughts of Flair ordering Blanchard, Anderson and co. around like old-school NWA goodness. Awesome.




Match - Va'aiga v. S.I.N.


This will have to come later as I'm having a hard time reading it. Not to give offense, but I'm a super pale geek from the northeast by way of Canada. There seems to be a lot of important ring psych going on and I get that, but my brain has no idea how to make "WHO'S HOOD?" not have some sort of silly voice. To me, the answer seems to be "Not Annie".


However, the ending - what IS going on with Bruner/SIN/Marv/Va'aiga? While I seem unprepared (or possibly not caffinated enough) to get all the intricacies of the match, the end result leaves me wanting more. Can't wait to see where it goes. Hopefully I won't be too white to not follow along. :/




Promo - Va'aiga


Short, sweet, makes sense and gets the point across perfectly. Fuck 'im up, Va'aiga!




Match - Annie v. Taiga



All I can say is this wasn't hard, but there was a stupidly late start to it. I finished up what I worked on at around 12:30 am my time. The finish could have been a bit less rushed (gotta get to that box truck... LONG RANGE BULLDOG!) but I don't think I've been happier with something I typed. This was a co-write to be specific, Taiga put some excellent stuff in, I finished... wow.


Now we do it again? Shiiiiiiiiit :D


Expect some promoage for real. We got a news conference to do or somethin'...




Promo - TripsD


This is how a show promo should be. I can't say anymore than that since I'm laughing too hard right now! Somewhat CHIKARA-ish, does DDD do an Alex Wright dance too?








IL is awesome, and it's nice to see him get another shot - beating the craziness that is MANSON. I mean faces could've melted, pigeons could rain from the sky...




Anyway, pretty solid match, excellent commentating (I think I focus on this since mine is so awful), and a great setup to the ME next week. Is it me or has the SWF gotten a bit more HRADCROE~! of late? Maybe it's me.









So hey - I got paid to read a show and comment. Woo. Next week, same time same channel.













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My computer was down at the last day so I did not have the chance to proof read my work and make some big changes that I had planned, either way, I really dont think I still would of won because Va'aiga's match was real good.


In my match, which I thought was decent, I tried something different, I tried attacking Va'aiga before the bell rang and we battled outside the ring for a good minute.


I also hit the Seven Deadly SINS early in the match, only to have him get up like shit was sweet and fuck me up (Since he has a hard head and all)


I felt my match was good, but comparison to Va'aiga's match, I dont think it matched up play by play.


He made his character bleed which is something I felt I couldnt do, being the fact that he has a hard head and all. Although, the way he used Bruner was much more accurate and brutal than my match. I had Bruner come in in the last minute and attack the ref, Va'aiga used him differently and was good doing it.


The ending, which in both match (His and Mine) we both had Va'aiga win via DQ (Good minds think alike), he went the extra mile in having Bruner beat the shit out of him, I ran out of wrods to write (Word Limit). That's why I really needed to proof read my match and make some big changes.


Overall, it was a great showing from Va'aiga and it was very impressive. I stumbled, but I should get back on my feet in the next match. I actually wrote down that the match is due on the 29th.


Money is the root to all evil and I will write a Promo explaining what I mean about that.


Va'aiga, good show and hopefully I will get another chance to go head to head with you.



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