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Not sure about your cable company but I recorded this show on a DVD today right as I found out it was on my system. I had it on VHS from the PPV years ago too, haha.


Must be a Cablevision thing, I can't burn PYBO's or Round Tables.

I have cablevision and have never had trouble recording to dvd any show



anyhow it was fun watching this show 3 weeks back. one question: what song was hogan (in all black attire with the funb on it) using at this point since they edited it off, was he still using "American Made"?


yea david flair turning on his dad for the second straight year was stupid, though I founf it funny that he smashed a mini statue of liberty replica over his head.


I was getting sad counting all the since deceased wrestlers on this show (Candido, Awesome, Hennig, Brian Adams, Elizabeth)


and one more thing-what really bothers me about the Arquette world champ storyline other than the obvious, is that the announcers tried to play it out as it was a set-up with the new blood and arquette all along.

-so you're telling me that Jeff Jarrett purposely lost the title to DDP,so Arquette could win it in the tag match, then would screw DDP and give Jeff the title back anyway. Wouldn't it been more efficient to have Arquette just screw ddp in the original title match instead of dropping the title to DDP?


It just makes you lose sense of disbelief. Classic Russo I suppose

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