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DVDs and Box Sets

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EDIT---I am going to answer some of the questions I have been answering via pm. I will calculate shipping costs to your location and charge what it costs to ship them to you, no more than what it costs. I don't have set prices for each of these movies, though I do have a good idea of what I could get out of them. No matter what, make an offer and we can negotiate. A lot of people have asked what version the Batman Begins DVD is. It is the Two-Disc Deluxe Edition that comes with the collectible 72-page comic insert. The comic has an insert correcting an error in the print of the comic. This set still has the Batman promotional items sheets inside as well. Also, yes I will consider offers on several different sets or DVDs bundled together. Make an offer!


I am getting rid of a lot of DVD's and Box Sets in preparation for moving into my new house. I plan on putting everything on eBay, but I am listing them here first. Some of these are Special Editions, so inquire about any of them you may be interested in. Message me with any offers.


Box Sets:


The Simpsons (seasons 1-5)

Family Guy (volumes 1-3; seasons 1-4)

Seinfeld (volume 1; seasons 1-2)

The Humphrey Bogart Collection

The Steve McQueen Collection

The Godfather Collection

Lost (seasons 1-2)

The Office (season 1)

The Osbournes (season 1)

The Pink Panther film collection





The Others

A Murder of Crows

North by Northwest

Leon: The Professional

Bull Durham

The Inside Man

With Honors

Hide and Seek

Independence Day

The Rundown

Shaft in Africa

The Ladykillers (newer version)

The Jerk

Caddyshack II

Pink Panther (original version)

Dirty Work

Batman Begins


The Shawshank Redemption


The Game

Mystic River


Sweet Home Alabama


Wake Up Ron Burgundy

Office Space

Big Daddy

Tommy Boy


There's Something About Mary

Happy Gilmore



A Few Good Men



American Beauty


We Were Soldiers



Boondock Saints

Reservoir Dogs


Varsity Blues

FMW: Yokohama Deathmatch

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