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The Ghost of bps21

The Impact thread 6-19-08

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I've always waited for someone to mention how Impact has a different title to each episode. I guess it gives them reason to have a main focus for each show or something? That didn't start until about 6 months or so ago with the show actually being titled something.


Anyway, a little late on thoughts but I am intruiged where this Frank Trigg/Angle partnership is going. In typical TNA form, Tenay and West didnt even mention that Trigg was the one who was getting beaten on accidentally by Styles earlier in the show, mistaking him for Angle. That is, right up until Trigg shows up, making you wonder WTF is he running out for, and then Tenay goes "We failed to mentioned....". Thought that was kind of funny.


Whatever the case, it could be possible we get Christian/Styles v. Angle/Trigg at the next ppv.

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In the segment-by-segment, Motor City Machine Guns vs. Tyson Dux & Daivari in the X Cup lost 82,000 viewers even though they had a good match. A segment with Styles beating up Frank Trigg, Gail Kim feature and Tenay & West interviewing Karen Angle gained 27,000 viewers. Kong vs. Shantelle Taylor was the star of the night gaining 204,000 viewers to a peak 1.11 rating. Interesting that Kaz vs. Alex Koslov, Matt Morgan feature and Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt at the Pink Taco kept the 1.11, although didn’t add new viewers. Jacqueline vs Salinas lost 136,000 viewers. Christian & Styles vs. Team 3-D gained 95,000 viewers, so at least the main events are working.


Credit: Won.


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