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WWE, TNA, Mid-South dvds for sale

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Here is a set of mostly unopened dvds that I want to sell as a group for 100 dollars, 5 dollars shipping to anywhere in the US. I am open to selling them seperately, or going down some on the group pricing. These are extra copies I've accumulated over the years. I also have a large crate of opened wrestling figures from the 90s and early 2000's that I'd be interested in parting with if someone wants to inquire about it and make an offer. PM me, respond here, or email me at [email protected] for questions or offers. I prefer check, money order, or pay pal.



Summerslam 2003(opened and watched once)

Summerslam 2004(opened and watched once)

Summerslam 2005(opened and watched once)

Summerslam 2006(opened and watched once)

Summerslam 2007(opened and watched once)

Unforgiven 2005(unopened

One Night Stand 2007(unopened)

Night Of Champions 2007(unopened)

The Rock Says paperback book


TNA DVDs(all unopened)-

Best of NWA-TNA Title Matches(2003)

TNA History of TNA Year One

Best of Bloodiest Brawls Vol. 1(2005)

The Best of AJ Styles: Phenomenal vol. 1

Sting: Return of An Icon

The Best of Raven: Nevermore

Bound For Glory 2006(Sting wins NWA Title)

No Surrender 2006(Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett)

Genesis 2006(Angle vs Samoa Joe, Abyss wins NWA Title)

Destination X 2006(Ultimate X Joe vs Styles vs Daniels, and Cage vs Monty Brown)

Sacrifice 2006(Cage vs Abyss Full Metal Mayhem, Joe/Sting vs Steiner/Jarrett)

Destination X 2007(Christian Cage vs Samoa Joe, first Elevation X match, Angle vs Steiner)

Final Resolution 2007(Angle vs Samoa Joe 30 minute Ironman match, excellent last man standing Styles vs Rhyno)

Lockdown 2007(Lethal Lockdown)

Slammiversary 2007(Sting vs Christopher Daniels, KOTM Match, Team 3D vs Rick Steiner/Animal)


Mid-South Wrestling presents: Giants, Midgets, Heroes & Villians vol. 1(featuring quite a few stars of the 80s, unopened)

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I'm still looking to sell this lot, but am willing to sell it for 100 dollars plus shipping, which we will just set at 5 dollars. Also willing to take best offers. Just PM me on here or email me at [email protected]


I also still have the opened lot of action figures and would be willing to part with it for 50-70 bucks. If you'd like to know what figures I have and what condition, just pm me and I'll look as it's been a few years since I've opened the container. Figures are ECW, WWF, and WCW.

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Just dropped the price down to 100 dollars obo, plus 5 dollars shipping. These are like new dvds, if anyone needs pictures to check on quality or whatever just pm me or email me. Same goes for the figures.

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