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Hawkius Maximus

Selling some DVD's and 360 Games

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I don't know if anyone will be interested in any of this, but like my last item, I figured I'd offer it up here to see if anyone was interested before I tried Ebay.


I'm selling several things to try and get some cash flow going. A couple DVD's and some Xbox 360 games. Everything listed here is in good to fantastic condition. Most was bought second hand from Ebay, but if it wasn't in good condition I wouldn't sell it.


Royal Rumble Anthology Volume 1: Covers the 88 to 92 Rumbles. I got this for about 23 dollars with five dollar shipping, and I'd be willing to sell it for about the same.



Mick Foley - Greatest Hits & Misses: Didn't even have the match I wanted on it. I got this for about ten dollars, plus about five in S&H. But I'm negotiable on this one. It's a pretty old set.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance & Forza 2: I paid way too much for this about a year ago. I'd be willing to part with it for five to ten dollars, about what you'd get on Ebay. I doubt anyone will be too interested though.



Viva Pinata: Got this because I thought it'd be a fun Harvest Moon type game. Bored me to tears. I paid a scant five dollars plus about four S&H for it, I'd be willing to part with it for exactly the same.


Call of Duty 4: Got this as a new multiplayer game with friends, but we quit playing it when it stopped being fun and instead was simply aggravating. Still sells for quite a bit retail, but I'd be willing to part with it for about 30. It is *not* GOTY, so it does not have the downloadable maps.


Pictures can be provided if needed. If I don't get any interest in a day or two, I will put the items up on Ebay, so there is sort of a time limit on this. But know that I do have a perfect score on Ebay and I like to consider myself a good seller. So, as the Ebay phrase goes, "buy with confidence".

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