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This is Bo

i got some good news

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As everybody knows my ex wife was diagnosed with cancer, I'm pleased to say that the docs caught it in-time before spreading so she's going to make a full recovery, chemo is a bitch though.

Now the bad news...because of the economy and budget cuts I was recently laid off. Technically my last day was on the 31st of december, what a christmas present huh? Well, that department wasn't doing so well therefore there were cuts, but since I'm a good fuckin worker I was recently hired in the same company but different department. I actually started working on monday and its a pretty simple gig and my pay was increased a tad.

That being said, I will return but I'm going to make a few promo first.

I talk and bitch to ya soon.


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That's awesome...hopefully all continues to go well for you on the family front. The job deal sounds like a positive development overall. Good for you and your family.

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