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The Ghost of bps21

TNA announces tour of Germany, Austira and Switzerland

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- 25 September Nuremberg, Germany

- 26 September Chemnitz, Germany

- 27 September Linz, Austria

- 29 September Dortmund, Germany

- 30 September Hannover, Germany

- 2 October Winterthur (Zurich), Switzerland



They're advertising Angle, Joe, Styles, 3D and Rhino along with unnamed Knockouts and X guys. If I'm not mistaken this tour would end right around the same time Angle's 3 year deal ends...which could be an interesting time for all involved.


Also interesting to note that Foley is not advertised. Interesting because no one really knows his contract status past the intital 6 months that was reported in various outlets (which would end...quick math...April? who knows?) but we all know that he does speak German since he wrote about that being why he was always thrown out there for promotional purposes.


Do we have German folk here?

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