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Matt Young

ATTN: Wrestling Forum Posters

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I see a lot of activity here tonight for WrestleMania, which is great. We have a lot of solid contributors to our WWE forum and various other wrestling related areas on the board. However, we don't often see a lot of you guys in the bottom half of the board.


This notice is being placed here to encourage you all to check out the other forums and join in the discussion there. Want to share something about yourself or your observations about everyday life? Check out General Chat. Have questions or advice regarding your romantic life, or just want to see some pictures of attractive women? Love, Sex, and Dating may be for you. Got beef with another member? Battle it out in No Holds Barred!


Then, of course, there are forums for discussion of sports, video games, music, food, literature, etc. I encourage all of you to explore and contribute to any discussions that may interest you. I hope to see some of you around the other sections, as well as the wrestling discussion, in the near future.

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