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TNA Spoilers for 4/23

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Credit: PWInsider.com


Xplosion Results:


*Awesome Kong defeated Sarah Stock.


*X-Division champion Suicide defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir.


Impact Tapings:


*Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring with the TNA World Title, Mick Foley comes out and Jarrett officially presents him with the title. They announce an Ultimate Sacrifice match Four Way at Sacrifice with Foley defending the title against 3 others who are also sacrificing something important to them. Foley asks Jarrett exactly who is TNA management around here, then books Jarrett against Scott Steiner for tonight.


*The Beautiful People are backstage and they say they are going to throw the biggest party this side of Hollywood.


*Don West in a pre-taped interview with Team 3D. They address the current state of tag team wrestling in TNA and they start the Team 3D Invitational tournament. The winner receives a check for $100,000, a trophy and a shot against them for the TNA World Tag team titles


*Quarter Final Match in the Team 3D Invitational: Beer Money defeated Lethal Consequences


*JB in the MEM locker room with Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner. Angle says Team Jarrett didn't beat them, they beat themselves. Steiner takes the blame saying that its his fault for trusting Jeff Jarrett and 20 years down the drain.


*JB is backstage with Jeff Jarrett. He says that Scott Steiner is not a happy man. Jarrett says he doesn't give a damn about Steiner, screw Steiner, Screw the Mafia and screw Mick Foley. Eric Young comes up to him and asks him what does he have to do to get noticed. Sting handpicked him. He had 2 X Division titles taken from him. He wants to know when its his turn. Jeff says that Holiday (or something like it) doesn't have a tag partner he had travel issues and to go find him.


*Lauren is in the MEM locker room with Booker T, Sharmell, Kevin Nash & Jenna Morasca. There's some bickering back & forth between Sharmell & Jenna.


*JB is in Jarrett's office with Jeff. AJ Styles and Daniels come in. Daniels thanks Jeff for bringing him back and how much it means to him. Jeff mentions how its guys like Daniels and Styles who make it worth it. JB says the Knockouts are next, Jarrett says to knock himself out, he's got something to do.


*Ladder Match for a future Knockouts Title Match: SoJo Bolt defeated Taylor Wilde.


*JB is in the back again with Jarrett, who this time is interrupted by referee Slick Johnson, he says that Jeff's daughter called and its important.


*The Beautiful People celebration is up next. Velvet & Madison shill the new Knockouts trading cards and formally introduce the new Knockouts Champion, Angelina Love. She thanks all of her "adoring fans" Velvet then brings out "the dancing boys" who dance for the new champ until Awesome Kong makes her way to the ring. TBP bail out and leave the boys, one in which receives an Awesome Bomb from Kong.


*TNA Legends champion AJ Styles defeated Kevin Nash (with Jenna Morasca) by DQ due to interference by Booker T. Postmatch, on the ramp, Nash & Booker had to restrain their respective women


*Quarterfinal match in team 3d tourney: Eric Young & the former Trevor Murdoch (now billed as something Holiday) defeated No Limit.


*Backstage, Cactus Jack is shown coming to the ring for commentary


*Cactus Jack's Smack Attack: Tons of weapons are brought in trash cans to ringside and barbed wire are attached to a section of the ring ropes


*Jeff Jarrett defeated Scott Steiner. Post-match, Kurt Angle comes down and gives Jarrett an Olympic slam nd put him in an ankle lock while Steiner puts him in a Steiner recliner. Mick Foley leaves the commentary table to rescue Jarrett and fends them off with a steel chair. Foley then attacked Jarrett with the chair and left him laying while Angle & Steiner stood at ringside. Daniels and AJ Styles ran down to help Jarrett who took the mic and said he knew 6 months ago that Foley was a freaking maniac and the next time he sees him he's gonna stick a pink slip up his ass.


The lights then go out and Bobby Lashley's music hit and he appears at the top of the ramp and stares down to the ring. Angle and Steiner laugh & applaud at Lashley's appearance. He then disappears into the dark, while Daniels, Styles & Jarrett remained in the ring.


--------So Foley has gone completely heel or is this more shades of grey, much like he was with the Sting program? Appears Lashley is Main Event Mafia, but the inevitable Angle/Lashley feud will happen, I'm sure. Oh and what a stupid idea with the Duds Invitational Tournament. Not quite sure what "Smack Attack" was supposed to be, Foley's version of Piper's Pit?


Sarah Stock and Trevor Murdoch apparently have joined the roster, oddly enough. No London or Red as of yet.


The idea of a four way makes me think they will do Foley v. Angle v. Jarrett v. Sting, but we'll see. Then leading to adding Styles and Joe to the mix for King of the Mountain at Slammiversary from there.

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