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Gary Floyd

Doom Metal III

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Uh, yeah or whatever


-Thergothon-Stream From the Heavens (Funeral Doom)


-Acrimony-Tumuli Shroomaroom (Stoner Metal)


-Draconian-Arcane Rain Fell (Gothic/Death/Doom)


-Skepticism-Stormcrowfleet (Funeral Doom)


-Pagan Altar-Volume 1 (Traditional Doom)


-Isole-Bliss of Solitude (Epic Doom)


-Crowbar-Time Heals Nothing (Sludge Metal)


-Goatsnake-Flower of Disease (Stoner Doom)


-Orange Goblin-The Big Black (Stoner Metal)


-Saturnus-Paradise Belongs to You (Death Doom)


-Earth-Earth 2 (Drone)


-Solstice-New Dark Age (Epic Doom)


-Scald-Will of the Gods is Great Power (Epic Doom)



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