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Now that everyone has recovered from "the fever", it's now time for All-Star Championship Wrestling's Battleground!


Battleground comes your way May 9 at Baba Louie's and features the following matchups:


CHAMPION VS. CHAMPION for the ACW Heavyweight Championship - One man will walk out with two titles:

Dinn T. Moore (ACW) vs Shane Hills (NWA:WI)

You've heard of "When Animals Attack", right? Well, this is "When Champions Collide!". ACW Heavyweight (and NWA Heartland States Champion), Dinn T. Moore puts his ACW title on the line against the new NWA Wisconsin Heavyweight titleholder, Shane Hills. Hills captured the belt by pinning Mason Quinn at NWA Wisconsin's Season's Showcase (full results on the way)


Shane is no stranger to the ACW Heavyweight Championship...but then again, Dinty has an excellent reign as NWA Wisconsin Champion under his belt, too.


This match is sure to be a battle of brute strength, with some surprising tactical maneuvers thrown in. Remember, Dinn T. has studied under former NWA world heavyweight champion Harley Race, and his Dinn T's wrestling ability has improved by leaps and bound since studying with the NWA Hall of Famer...but Hills is one of the former ACW Dojo of Pain's most successful grads. This has "main event" written all over it, folks. You will attend just to see this match.



6 Man Tag Team War:

Tejas & The McCoys (Chase & Mickey, NWA WI Tag Team Champions) vs "Cadillac" Nick Colucci and Hood Money (J-Ca$h & Thomas Walton III, ACW Tag Team Champions).


If Tejas/The McCoys win, The McCoys will win the ACW Tag Team Championship, but if Hood Money/Colucci wins, The Franchise and The McCoys disband for good in ACW.


The explosion of the former Franchise group continues, as Chase and Mickey McCoy, together with their stablemate Tejas, go after their former leader, "Cadillac" Nick Colucci, and the ACW tag team champions of J-Ca$h and TW3.


Colucci and Mickey McCoy went to a double-count-out last time, and the former ACW Champ is reportedly tired of having his former bandmates jumping him all the time after matches, and is looking to settle this old score once and for all. But even with the new ACW Tag Team Champs (having defeated the Urban Assault Team at NWa WI Spring Showcase) having his back, will it be enough to hold back the challenge of the McCoys and Tejas?


UNFORTUNATELY, The McCoy's NWA Wisconsin Tag Team Titles are NOT going to be on the line, as it seems ACW Commissioner William Sentowski (nee Thrill) can control the ACW matches, and despite those NWA titles not being under his control, he can make a determination as long as it is on an ACW show. Maybe the NWA:WI Board of Directors (BOD) can overturn that decision, but for now, at least we can be satisfied with the disbanding of the McCoys when (and you know that Colucci and Hood Money will beat them at Battleground!) defeat them. Yes, our pick would be for Hood Money and Colucci in this bout.



The Urban Assault Team (Mace Morgan & Jared Johnsonville) vs American History Next (Steve Stone & Hardcore Craig)


For this match, you have to figure that Johnsonville and Morgan must be incensed at losing their ACW tag team titles to Hood Money last month at Spring Fever. Steve Stone and Hardcore Craig, likewise, are probably out for vengeance on anybody they cross paths with after losing the NWA Wisconsin Tag Team Titles just last week to the McCoys after just getting their hands on those belts at Spring Showcase in Pulaski. There is no doubt that all four are big and tough, and there is definitely a culture shock in the squared circle, if not a complete culture clash, and none of the four former Champions are exactly described as social butterflys, so look for some serious damage to be done at Battleground.



Triple Threat Match for the ACW X-Division Championship:

Douglas “Do-Right” Peterson vs "Simply Amazing" Justin Dredd vs Jerry Styles



Lovable underdog Douglas "Do-Right" Peterson is on a roll, after snatching his first X-Division title in ACW in a hellacious 6-man scramble, and defending it vs. "Diamond" Dave DeMone in Pulaski last month! (and boy is Diamond Dave pissed! Wait until you see what he had to say about his loss to Douglas!)


But even though it's literally half the match it was at Spring Fever, it's no less dangerous for the X-Division Champ. In Justin Dredd, he faces perhaps ACW's most, well, "amazing" competitor, and a former X-Divison Champ himself to boot. Plus, Dredd's on-again, off-again tag team partner, Jerry Stylz, is also gunning for that belt...and as his bio on the NWA Wisconsin (www.nwawisconsin.com) website says, he's one of the sneakiest competitors in ACW history. Can Douglas continue to beat the odds and walk out of Baba Louie's with the X-Division title once again, or does De Pere get to see a new champion?



Dysfunction (w/Commissioner William Sentowski & Mr. Ness) vs Brandon Blaze

Brandon Blaze returns to NWA Wisconsin to take on a familiar foe in Dysfunction. Dysfunction has elected to side with ACW Commissioner Sentowski, effectively making this match a 3-on-1 contest. However, Blaze is no slouch, and this should be an interesting contest.


Don Gotti vs "The Cookie Cutter" Chris Gambino



The long awaited match between the former tag team partners (and championship team) is finally here. Gambino tried to avoid this for a long time, preferring to put it all behind him, but now Commissioner Sentowski is forcing this fight to happen. Our "beloved" commissioner (are you feeling the sarcasm??) had this to say, courtesy of nwawisconsin.com, "Assuming he's recovered from that hellacious fever he came down with prior to Spring Fever, Mr. Gotti will finally do as his commish commands...and wipe "The Cookie Cutter" from the wrestling history pages, FOREVER. The Dream Police will be at last DEAD AND GONE. And don't shed a tear for any drop of Gambino's blood that stains the mat...you'll get all dehydrated. Mission accomplished!" Naturally, Commissioner "Thrill" (ooh, he HATES that!!) doesn't speak for everyone, as the Cookie Cutter has a pretty big fan following in ACW, but will Gambino's fan base help him in this battle that he has tried so hard to avoid? We'll see what happens at Battleground, but make sure you show up to let the Cookie Cutter know how you feel!



Kujo vs “Diamond” Dave DeMone (w/Commissioner William Sentowski & Mr. Ness)


The Dog of War, a multiple-time ACW Tag Team Champion, has finally come home to All-Star Championship Wrestling. Commissioner Sentowski will be evaluating his opponent, "Diamond" Dave DeMone, to see if he's worthy of joining the Commish's Cabinet. As perhaps the loosest cannon ACW's ever seen short of Scrap Iron Adam Pearce near a guardrail, Kujo is unpredictable, uncontrollable, violent, reckless (and those are Kujo's GOOD traits!)...and damned entertaining. Commissioner Thrill should watch his step, because if a loose cannon like Kujo gets mad, the Commish could be issuing instructions from a hospital bed. A stern test for the diamond one. Will Diamond Dave sparkle, or will Kujo once again prove to be the bigger (meaner and badder) dog in the fight?



Jason Reiley (w/Brandon Haze) vs Steve Sadist


It would seem that Jason Reiley is done with his Snakes on a Train with "K-Train" Kody Rice, and has embraced his Canadian heritage. Little wonder, then, that "Canadian Made" Brandon Haze asked to be ringside with his fellow Canuck for this match.


Reiley may need the help...he faces a true phenom here in ACW, and one scary dude: Steve Sadist. The man that has already defeated Rice (and in his ACW debut, former champ Nick Colucci) now has his sights set on that maple leaf flag. Not that Sadist has anything particulary against Canadians...he has something against everybody. That's just the way he is.


There is no doubt that with this line up, not only is the show called Battleground, but that it will BE a battlegound, as there are a lot of unpleasant people with a lot of scores that are looking to be settled.


Once again, All-Star Championship Wrestling Battleground comes your way May 9 at Baba Louie's in De Pere, WI, and has a bell time of 8 PM. Camouflage utilities are optional, but don't forget your body armour.


Want to see your merchandise or your promotion in a comment? Drop us a line to ask how!


Don't forget to support your local independent wrestling and MMA!




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