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NWA:WI Showdown at the Wrangler Inn

June 6, 2009 at The Wrangler Inn in Oconto, WI


Straight from the Board of Directors office comes the entire lineup for NWA Wisconsin Showdown at the Wrangler Inn.


NWA Wisconsin is traveling to the Northern reaches of Wisconsin for the first time in close to 2 years to bring our fans the greatest wrestling action in the state in the classic Wrangler Inn on June 6th (8894 Old 41 Rd Oconto, WI) Doors open 7:00, Belltime 7:30.


...now for the matches you’ve been waiting to hear about:


Silas Young (NWA Midwest Champion) vs Justin Dredd for the NWA:Midwest Championship


Silas Young in undeniably one of the best wrestlers in the entire Midwest. Having wrestled the scene for years, Silas has worked his way up the Midwest scene time and time again. In addition to being the current NWA:Midwest champion, Silas Young is also a former NWA:Wisconsin champion of great standing.


However, he may have his hands filled in the extremely talented and, undeniably, “Simply Amazing” Justin Dredd. Dredd is one of the most promising and talented high flyers in NWA:Wisconsin, having held the ACW X-Division title on more than one occasion, and capturing the #1 contendership for a chance at the NWA:Midwest title back on April 18th at NWA Wisconsin Spring Showcase in Pulaski.


This match is sure to have “Main Event” written all over it.


Shane Hills (NWA:Wisconsin Champion) vs Mason Quinn for the NWA: Wisconsin Championship


A championship rematch of epic proportions to say the least. Shane Hills captured the NWA:Wisconsin title by defeating Mason Quinn on April 18th at NWA Wisconsin Spring Showcase in Pulaski. Shane is no stranger to taking on contenders that are as big in size as Quinn, and adding close to a decade of experience to his already impressive abilities, Shane is a Champion that will be hard to beat.


Mason Quinn may just be more than Shane can handle in the long run. The former NWA: Wisconsin champion held the prestigious title for close to 18 months, always able to outdo his opponents in the squared circle with his impressive strength and devastating “Exploder” Suplex.


Will Shane walk out still the NWA: Wisconsin champion using the impressive skills behind him, or will Mason Quinn recapture his former gold by once again overpowering that which stands before him?


Dinn T. Moore (All-Star Championship Wrestling Champion) vs “Cadillac” Nick Colucci vs “Diamond” Dave Demone in a Triple Threat Match for the ACW Heavyweight Championship


Dinn T. Moore is showing he is serious about being a champion. Having bested all he’s faced for his title thus far, Dinn T. Moore has even been able to win over the current NWA: Wisconsin champion Shane Hills from All-Star Championship Wrestling's Battleground last month.


In a matchup such as this, the current ACW champion may have found himself biting off more than he can chew. Being a legend in the NWA:Wisconsin ring, he finds himself taking on “Diamond” Dave Demone, a competitor who’s begun making a name by taking on any and every veteran star he can get his hands on, as well as former ACW champion “Cadillac” Nick Colucci. All bets are off as there is no love lost between any of these impressive competitors.


Jerry Stylz (ACW:X-Division Champion) vs “The Dog of War” Kujo


Having recently obtained the ACW X-Divsion title by defeating Douglas Peterson on May 9th at ACW Battleground, the trickster of ACW, Jerry Stylz is ready to take on any competitor willing to fight a former Blue Devil. He had no trouble finding a competitor.


“The Dog of War” Kujo was more than willing to accept the call. One of the largest and most dominant men to ever enter the Wisconsin ring (not to mention one of the meanest). Having taken on even the mighty Sam Hayne, Kujo has no fear of the young and talented Stylz, and is ready to show why he’s muscled his way through nearly anyone brave enough to take him on.


Sam Hayne vs Brandon Haze


Sam Hayne has laid a path of destruction through all of Wisconsin since his return back in 2007. The “predator” of NWA:Wisconsin has defeated nearly every opponent from Dino Bambino to Kujo to Tejas to Jett Bennett. With nothing else to stand in his way, he’s now looking North of the border to stretch his path of destruction into an international scene.


Brandon Haze is a powerful and formidable opponent for Sam Hayne. Being a near equal in size and strength, “Canadian Made” Brandon Haze has made it his personal goal to show Oconto that Canadian skills can even overcome the powers of the underworld. Good luck there.


Sure to be a brutal fight from the ring of the bell, this is a match that will test the limits of the Wrangler Inn.


Jett Bennett vs Steve Sadist


Jett Bennett is a true powerhouse in the ring. A monster in strength, and a monster in size, Jett Bennett is easily capable of keeping his opponents on his terms, ground and pound. There are few men who can actually take on Jett Bennett without being a match in both size and power. Not to mention the monstrous biker hails from one of the most dangerous areas of Chicago


Steve Sadist, on the other hand, is just such an opponent that does not worry about such things. Sadist has been such a dominant force in the ACW ring, he’s been able to set his sights on NWA:Wisconsin carnage in only a few short months. This loose cannon has defeated all who have stood before him, including former ACW champion Nick Colucci.


Will the madman be able to overpower the unmovable object, or will Bennett crush the young Sadist under his leather soled heels?


Surely to be an up close and personal show that can’t be missed. NWA:Wisconsin and the Board of Directors look forward to seeing you all there for the showdown of 2009, as well as the party that follows.


Make sure to make your presence known, because there are several bounties to be paid on June 6th, and those who will claim the rewards can only be witnessed on June 6th.


Want to see your merchandise or your promotion in a comment? Drop us a line to ask how!


Don't forget to support your local independent wrestling and MMA!




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