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Masked Heel

TNA Impact 6/11

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Tonight, TNA Wrestling returns to SpikeTV at 9/8c for two hours of Total Nonstop Action as the road to the June 21 "Slammiversary" Pay-Per-View epic event continues!


- The huge King of the Mountain Qualifying main event will feature a battle of Main Event Mafia members and longtime rivals as Sting faces Kurt Angle, with the winner advancing to Slammiversary


- TNA World Heavyweight Champion and Executive Shareholder Mick Foley plans to speak out on TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett's actions this past week involving TNA senior official Earl Hebner


- It will be the TNA in-ring debut of Tara (formerly Victoria) as she faces Madison Rayne


- The returning Shane Douglas will battle TNA Legends Champion "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles! Douglas wanted a second chance - and he's got it!


- In a "Nation Of Violence First Blood Match" it will be Scott Steiner & Booker T vs. "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe


- TNA World Tag Team Champions Team 3D will battle the tandem of Consequences Creed and Alex Shelley


- Plus, more news and matches will be announced for the Slammiversary Pay-Per-View event!


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There was about a twenty minute to a half hour period of the show that just had goofy segment after segment over and over, all none of which had anything to do with in-ring except one brief 3 minute match. I think it all started out with the Lauren gets beat down by Daffney in the bathroom segment (which we saw none of, apparently Lauren can't get "beatdown?") which was then immediately followed by Taylor then beat down by Daffney, then one of the most bizzare promos for (I think) Slammiversary with just about every cliche line about TNA that is heard from the IWC (such as "second rate" "independant" and so forth and then concluded by the word "Redeption." Did anyone even understand what the point of THAT was? I guess Slammiversary is supposed to be the show to prove everyone wrong that the company is for real or something, I just didn't understand why they needed to even go there.


Then from there, the Beautiful People segment with Borash, which was actually pretty legitimately funny, but my god, keep Madison Rayne off the mic please. Then we got the ODB-Deaner segment, and some incoherant promo by Angle. By the time this whole period was over, I almost forgot this was an actual wrestling show and more like a wrestling parody show, since Tara and Madison Rayne then had a match which was preceded by entrances that made me think we were about to watch two former pornstars go at it. Did anyone see the washed out trashy look of both of their face closeups when they entered the ring? Whoa. Made me laugh my ass off though. Then following that match, Borash gets slapped by Eric Young in a very quick interview spot. Always gotta love it when Borash gets beat up a bit. It was just all really weird and a bit surreal and actually pretty funny (be it unintentional or not), but that's TNA for ya, kind of like a parody of wrestling 75 percent of the time. Don West is getting really good in the heel role though, more towards being a funny heel announcer like Heenan, which isnt a bad thing.


Otherwise, the rest of the show was ok, seemed more wrestling heavy than is the norm for once. That was a plus. Some of the matches were alright, Douglas/Styles was surprisingly decent (although you could tell Douglas is not near in wrestling shape at all) as was the Joe stuff. The Sting/Angle match was a letdown though, and hopefully this will be the last match we see between those two as they just don't have that spark together that they once had in some of their matches. The Foley/Jarrett stuff was really "vanilla" on this show also, it seemed like. I'm just not very interested in any sort of match with those two, but a while back I sure would have. That's showing the staying power of their segments I guess. Jarrett also wore the worst ppv advertisement of a t-shirt as well, did anyone catch that?

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