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Slammiversary 09 Thoughts

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Anyone bothering ordering this tonight? Looks ok on paper, the idea of two KOTM matches makes me think "why?" but I guess they figure since WWE does two Elimination Chambers every year, they are going to start doing the same? I would imagine the X division one (which most certainly should be better than the world title one, although who knows) will open the show off.


Also, we have the return of Douglas and Raven to working ppvs here.......Douglas looked ok, if not a bit ring rusty though, in there against Styles a few weeks ago and Raven and Trevor Murdoch had a short but fun hardcore match on Impact this past week. More than anything on the card, I'm kind of interested to see where they go with these two guys on this show.


The rest of the card looks alright, and feels more like a stacked card than normal. Morgan/Sting had a very rushed feud started, with a really weird and noneffective promo on Impact on Thursday with the stip that Morgan gets into the Mafia if he beats Sting. It wasn't clear, as it typical with TNA stips, if this means that Sting loses his MEM spot completely if he jobs out to Morgan. Chances are that Morgan will probably go over, as that just seems to be the logical direction they should go.


Beer Money/Duds should be good and I expect a title change there. Beer Money is easily the number one act in the company right now. Also expect Victoria to beat Angelina Love for the women's title too, since you can tell they want to do Kong/Victoria ASAP.


I'm having low expectations for the main event KOTM, part in fact to the lackluster main event last month on Sacrifice, and three of those four guys that were in this match are in this one. Styles being in the mix should make the match much better than I expect, though. And Samoa Joe is apparently injured, so if he works this match (which seems to be a question mark), he probably will be very limited in what he does. Expect them to actually do an injury angle either before or during the match to Joe to explain for him having to miss some time here. Foley really should just retain at this point and keep the belt a little longer to keep building heat for a significant title switch in due time.


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pretty good ppv especially for TNA who sometimes has a poor track record. Douglas-Dannels and the knockouts match were the two worse and they wern't that bad. The whole Joe is with Angle now thing at the end needs to be explained really well tho because if some group broke my arm I sure wouldn't be in league with them 3 months later

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