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All-Star Championship Wrestling returns to The Bar in Appleton, WI this Saturday, June 29 for Retribution!


Don Gotti gets his long-awaited revenge on his former tag team partner from "The Dream Police" "Cookie Cutter" Chris Gambino. Because this match was so long in the making, Commissioner William Sentowski's wanted to make things special, appointing a special guest referee and special guest timekeeper for the match. Of course, it's surely just coincidental that Gotti is a member of Commissioner Sentowski's Cabinet and that the special guest referee is Mr. Ness (aka Jamie "the Weasel"), and the special guest timekeeper is none other than Commissioner William W. Sentowski. No, all conincidental, to be sure. To say that Gambino has the odds stacked against him would be an understatement.



"Diamond" Dave DeMone vs ACW Hall of Famer, "Straight Edge" Eric Hammers

-Demone has been referring to himself as a "future" Hall of Famer, which surely can't sit too well with ACW co-founder Hammers. Now it's time to see what Demone truly has in the ring. Hammers knows all the tricks, and has certainly been around the block a few times. But Demone is crafty, and has "Weasel" managing him.


Mickey McCoy vs Steve Sadist

-Sadist, who recently made his ACW debut, has shown he means business in ACW, taking on former ACW Champion "Cadillac" Nick Colucci in his first outing. Then he followed it up by going after big Jett Bennett, who has battled no less a competitor than Sam Hayne in the past. Now, Mickey McCoy wants to see if he can take down this pain-lover a few pegs. Will the fighting Irishman have what it takes to defeat the sadist? It's not like McCoy is just some preliminary wrestler, he's one half of the NWA Wisconsin Tag Team Champions, and both McCoys have proven they are not "just" tag team wrestlers. Not to mention that neither ne of the McCoys (nor Sadist for that matter!) would win a contest for best personality. With a guy like Sadist, even when you win, you lose, simply because Sadist wants to make sure that win or lose, all that matters is inflicting pain.


American History Next (Steve Stone/Hardcore Craig) recruit their longtime pal, Brandon Blaze to compete in six-man tag team action agasint The Urban Assault Team (Mace Morgan/Jared Johnsonville) and their partner, Chris Black.

-Former ACW Tag Team Championship contendors against former NWA Wisconsin Champions. Both teams are very dangerous, and with a third man on each team, that only increases the damage that both teams are capable of. Although Craig and Stone might seem like brawlers on the surface, they are capable of a surprising amount of scientific wrestling, as are The Urban Assault Team, and the UAT proved also that they can endure impressive amounts of pain, as displayed in the 3-team tables, ladders, and chairs match. Look for a very physical matchup.


Mason Quinn vs "Canadian Made" Brandon Haze

-Big Brandon Haze has shown a willingness to take on all comers, having recently battled the demon, Sam Hayne at NWA Wisconsin Showdown at the Wrangler Inn. Now, he will up his game again, this time challenging the former NWA Wisconsin Heavyweight Champion. Both men are equal in size and use a lot of power moves. How will Haze stack up against Quinn move for move? It's time for Haze to really step up his game so he can be considered for title matches.


Speaking of title matches, yeah, we got 'em. Jerry Stylz puts his ACW X-Division Championship on the line against Thomas Walton III and "Mr. Canada" Jason Reiley in triple threat action. Stylz's first Championship reign in ACW, and he is looking to prove he's more than mouth. The trouble is, that big mouth of his might just get him intro trouble against former X-Division Champion, TW3. Also, Reiley is an x-factor, as well. Will his countryman Haze be around to watch Reiley's back and insure a victory? Also, what will Stylz do to insure he stays champ? Our guess is anything that he can. Don't underestimate Stylz, though. He may get a lot of flack, but he is a student of the game, and knows what to do and when to do it.


Dinn T. Moore puts his ACW Heavyweight Championship on the line against not one, not two, but THREE other contendors: "Cadillac" Nick Colucci, Dysfunction & Justin Dredd! Colucci and Dysfunction are both former ACW Heavyweight Champions, and Dredd is a former X-Division Champion, and most recently, at NWA Wisconsin Showdown at the Wrangler Inn, Dredd challenged NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion, Silas Young, proving he belongs in this crowd of champion challengers.


NWA Wisconsin Heavyweight Champion Shane Hills puts his belt up in an ACW Legends Match against "The Dog of War" Kujo. Kujo has returned to the ring in ACW, so it's time to see if he has some ring rust. He's certainly not fooling around in his comeback, heading straight to the top of the NWA Wisconsin ladder with his challenge of Hills. Plus, Kujo is as fearless as Hills himself, having had a long and brutal feud with none other than Sam Hayne. Hills isn't exactly a slouch, though, and will hit every bit as hard. He battled back against former champ Mason Quinn, and you can bet that Hills isn't ready to lighten his luggage load by 10 pounds yet.


See what transpires in the ring when All-Star Championship Wrestling returns to The Bar in Appleton this Saturday, June 27 at 8PM for Retribution!


Also, don't forget NWA Wisconsin Summer Showcase with special guest star, three-time former WWF Tag Team Champion, Demolition Smash!



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