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If you're looking for something to do this July 4th weekend, come hang out at the Wausaukee Freedom Festival on July 4 and see the wrestlers and fans of NWA Wisconsin, plus their special guests, "Irish" Mickey Doyle and Demolition Smash, Barry Darsow.


Here's the tentatively final (how's THAT for a paradox!) lineup for the awesome show:


In the main event, Demolition Smash Barry Darsow teams with "Irish" Mickey Doyle to take on the McCoys )Chase and Mickey) for the NWA Wisconsin Tag Team Titles. Doyle is certainly no stranger to tag teams, and as Demolition Smash, Barry Darsow captured the WWF Tag Team Championship three times. Can Darsow add the NWA Wisconsin Tag Team Championship to his resume? The McCoys are certainly sneaky and have a mean streak, but there's no mean streak wider than what Darsow had as Smash. This could get ugly (and to clarify, we're talkinga bout the wrestling action, and no the wrestlers, although none of these four are gonna win any beauty pageants anytime soon!).


Silas Young puts his NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title on the line against All-Star Championship Wrestling (ACW) Champion Dinn T. Moore and the former ACW Champion, Dysfunction. Young has been a fighting champion, having recently taken on half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Skullkrusher Rasche Brown and former ACW X-Division Champion, Justin Dredd. Dinn T. Moore has been in the crosshairs of pretty much everyone in NWA Wisconsin, to include Dysfunction. Also the current NWA Heartland States Champion, Moore is looking to have one belt across each of his shoulders as well as one on his waist, while Dysfunction is looking to again capture gold. For Silas Young, he continues to prove himself worthy of the title, taking on all challenges. This time, he has double the challenges to worry about, and is relying on the disharmonious relationship between the challengers to help him.


ACW veteran Dana Hilton will take on the enigmatic female member of ACW Commissioner William Sentowski's Chosen Ones, who has yet to reveal her name. This could prove interesting for the ring announcer. As far as the match goes, Hilton may have some ring rust on her, but we have yet to see what this female member of the Chosen Ones has to offer in the ring, other than assisting in the multi-person beatdowns that the Chosen Ones have been delivering after matches.


ACW X-Division Champion Jerry Stylz will take on Donald J. Gotti, a member of Commissioner Sentowski's Cabinet. Well, it's been proven that when a member of Commissioner Sentowski's Cabinet is involved in a match, the whole cabinet is involved. Look for involvement by the Chosen Ones, if this match stays true to form.


Speaking of The Chosen Ones, they'll battle Shane Hills and Nick Colucci (if Colucci is medically cleared to wrestle), however, if Colucci is not cleared, the match will be a handicap match.


Also, management has posed a question and requests the assistance of anyone who might come across this entry to help answer.

Why is the term "handicap" politically correct in wrestling terms, but not in "real life"??

You can post your answers here, and we will direct management to them.


Cookie Cutter Chris Gambino will take on Tejas. After defeating former tag team partner Don Gotti at ACW's Retribution Saturday, Gambino seeks to move on and tackle the challenge of Tejas.


In six-man tag team action, "The Hellriders" (Sam Hayne, Jett Bennett, and Steve Sadist) will take on "Canadian Made" Brandon Haze, the returning Tony Mega, and Trevor Gibson. If you were at NWA Wisconsin's previous show, Showdown At The Wrangler Inn, you saw how Hayne managed to form an (uneasy?) alliance with former foe Jett Bennett and Steve Sadist who is rapidly becoming one of ACW's most popular superstars). Now Hayne seeks to finish the unfinished business he has with the Canadian. Hayne has promised to soil the ground with Canadian blood.


Want to see your merchandise or your promotion in a comment? Drop us a line to ask how!


Don't forget to support your local independent wrestling and MMA!




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