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ECW/SmackDown! Spoilers - 7/10

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Arena is 95% full. Lots of Jeff Hardy merchandise everywhere.


R-Truth was being filmed outside doing a gimmick described as something like the TV show Punk'd


Dark match


Drew McIntyre b Jimmy Wang Yang




Nikki Bella b Katie Lea Burchill. Apparently the Bellas aren't feuding after last night's show, as Brie came from under the ring to win the match for Nikki in a switch


Shelton Benjamin b Yoshi Tatsu 10:00 crowd cheered both men


Ezekiel Jackson is back, beating a local guy


Abraham Washington show with Tommy Dreamer as guest. They each were doing comedy. Dreamer mentioned Eddie Guerrero's name to get a pop. Big pop as well. Bad Vlad came out and they did a staredown.


But all for naught.


A match to determine who faces Dreamer for the title at Night of Champions saw Christian pin Kozlov




Zach Ryder b Tyler Reks. Long match. Crowd crapped on it but there were people chanting "Woo Woo Woo" for Ryder


R-Truth b Ricky Ortiz




Before the show starts they are airing a video tape highlight package from last night's show in Fresno so the live fans will be up to speed.


Kane b Jeff Hardy


Dolph Ziggler b John Morrison


Melina & Eve Torres b Michelle McCool & Layla


Punk did an interview and made fun of the fact Jeff is one drug test failure away from being fired


Punk NC Khali when Kane ran in. Punk was booed like he was Buddy Rogers


Hart Dynasty b Cryme Tyme


Rey Mysterio b Chris Jericho to keep the IC title. Long awesome match. Edge and Ziggler attacked Mysterio after the match. Focus post-match was Mysterio vs. Ziggler so that's probaby the IC title match on the PPV. Mysterio over like Austin at his peak.

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Here's some better spoilers:


From PWtorch:


- They showed the end of the Hardy/Punk match at the Bash, and then Jeff came out to a huge pop with lots of little girls and kids going bonkers. He was sporting an eye patch when he came out. He cut a short promo about his eye injury being about as realistic as Punk's eye injury.


(1) Kane beat Jeff Hardy in 7:00. Hardy began to comeback from the Kane beating when Punk's music hit and the Champ came out onto the stage. Hardy was distracted and was caught with a chokeslam.


(2) Dolph Ziggler beat John Morrison in 8:00 in the surprise of the night (for me at least). Prior to the match, Morrison is shown backstage talking to Teddy Long about going kareoking with him in the future. Morrison reminded Long that he has challenged the winner of the Hardy-Punk match at Night of Champions for a title shot, which Long confirmed. Ziggler wins with a roll-up (pulling the tights) after a fantastic counter-sequence with Morrison. I think that Ziggler has some real, serious potential as a heel. People were all over him during his entrance and during the match. Morrison was pretty well liked by the crowd.


(3) Melina & Eve Torres beat Women's champion Michelle McCool & Layla when Melina pinned Layla in about 5:00. Standard Divas tag match with a great pull-apart brawl between Melina and McCool at the end of the match, good heat for McCool in this segment. Lots of "Where's the Undertaker?" comments directed to McCool from my section.


- Jeff Hardy comes out to commentate on the Punk-Khali match. Punk came out and gave the promo that many people have been waiting for from him. Here's my best recollection of it, said as Punk is in the ring looking at Hardy, who is sitting next to JR:


"Are you happy Jeff? You come out earlier wearing an eye patch mocking me? I could have been seriously injured because of you! You see this right here? This is Dyhydroxy Sulfate -- I have to put it in my eye three times a day. It's the only foreign substance I'll allow in my body. Now Jeff, I know you know a lot about prescription medication but, see, to get this legally you have to get it from a doctor. If you want to be like me, with your little eyepatch, instead of doing that, why don't you try living a clean lifestyle, a straight edge lifestyle? Jeff, you have two strikes, do you know how many I have? ZERO. Do you know how many times I've been suspended Jeff? ZERO. Do you know how many times I've been to a rehab facility in my life? ZERO. Do you know what your chances are for beating me at Night of Champions Jeff? ZERO"


(4) World Hvt. champion C.M. Punk beat Khali by DQ when Kane interrupted with a chair and trades shots with Khali.


(5) Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & D.H. Smith) beat Cryme Time (Shad Gaspar & JTG) in 6:00 with a Hart-Attack/Total Elimination hybrid-type move (Kidd with the sweep, Smith with the clothesline). Hart Dynasty had good heel heat, can't wait to watch their development on Smackdown.


(6) IC champion Rey Mysterio beat Chris Jericho in 15:00. Rey Mysterio got an insane pop, louder than the one's I've heard for Cena and Austin during previous visits to Bakersfield. Mysterio was clearly the star of the show and the one that the majority of the crowd was there to see. Great things in this match like you would suspect with these two. Chris Jericho is the best at what he does. Edge and Ziggler attacked Mysterio after the match to massive, massive heat.

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Actually, Orton hasn't had much talking time. I didn't realise it until you mentioned it there, but this HHH/Orton fued since HHH came back again has actually been more actions than words.

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Punk finally going heel is wonderful. A guy with a straight-edge gimmick in the world of the WWE is just tailor made to be a heel. Jeff Hardy is the perfect feud to start with, aside from the subtle irony of a guy with a drug problem being the good guy and the guy who condemns drug use being the villain.


This could really make his career, it's risky if it fails because you alienate all the little emo kids who were loving him, but I can't see Punk not making the most of this.

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There's been some rumours for some time that Edge will be having a face turn soon, possible later rather than sooner, of course. His break-up with Jericho and ensuing feud would be a great spark for a positive turn, and then a face Edge chasing a heel Punk would certainly be very fresh.

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