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Masked Heel

Smackdown 7/24/09

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A mere 48 hours before every title is defended at Night of Champions, Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio goes one-on-one with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk tonight on SmackDown. Which titleholder will prevail in this battle of champions?





First time in a few weeks we've had a thread for Smackdown its sure to be another great show counting down to Night of Champions

If it has a finish Rey-Punk could be amazing

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Two great matches to start and end the show.


Again Smackdown brings the good wrestling action even when its just matches like Rtruth-Hass only one not great with the in ring action was the womens match.


Maria looked cute as hell while Ziggler continues to look like a star


With JoMo challenging the winner of the World Title match already I'd expect Punk to win but with him getting the last attack on Hardy it makes me think Hardy will win



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