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After All-Star Championship Wrestling's big re-debut in Oshkosh recently, the Board of Directors have decided to do it yet again in another city. On August 8th, ACW will present Maximum Detention 2009 at "The Shack" in Fond Du Lac.


Already being announced for this stacked show in Fond Du Lac is:


In the Main Event, a No Disqualification Tag Team Street Fight:

The former ACW Champion, Dinn T. Moore teams with fellow Cabinet member, Donald J Gotti to collectively take on some unfinished Cabinet business with the current ACW Champion, who took the belt away from Dinn T. Moore at NWA Wisconsin Showdown in Burgertown, "Cadillac" Nick Colucci & "Cookie Cutter" Chris Gambino, who has had some issues with Don Gotti, and was cheated out of a win at their tables match at ACW Throwdown in O-Town by ACW Commissioner William "Will the Thrill" Sentowski and his Cabinet.


To say that there is a lot of angry emotions going into this bout by all four wrestlers would be an understatement. With these four wrestlers jammed into one main event match, one would have to wonder if the building can contain the carnage that is sure to follow.


Speaking of following, usually where one Cabinet member is, the others are not far behind. As wrestling factions go, that is usually the case--strength in numbers. It's also been quite successful thus far, as even the most neutral parties have noted. Look for that trend to continue.


On the topic of continuing, The Urban Assault Team, (Mace Morgan and Jared Johnsonville, UAT) has been fairly relentless in their pursuit of the NWA Wisconsin (NWA:WI) Tag Team Championship. The quality of the tag teams in all of NWA Wisconsin has been very good, some of the best in the world, and definitely worthy of being NWA wrestlers.


Now, the UAT once again seek to remove the NWA:WI Tag Team Championship from around the waists of The McCoys, Chase and Mickey.


At NWA Wisconsin's Denmark Lion's Club show, Mason Quinn & Dysfunction, representing Commissioner Sentowski's Cabinet (more on Quinn's shocking turn on the fans to join the Cabinet in a moment), put the first chink in the seemingly indestructible armour of the McCoys by winning the ACW Tag Team Championship from the McCoys in Denmark. Certainly the loss must be weighing heavy on the dominant McCoy brothers, but sometimes it takes a loss like that to re-energise an athlete. Surely that loss has also done something to re-energise Morgan and Johnsonville in their doubtless renewed efforts to again pierce the armour of the McCoys.


Although Morgan and Johnsonville have yet to achieve a NWA:WI Tag Team Championship reign, they have been multiple time ACW Tag Team Champions, so a title victory over the "Fighting Irish" (with all due apologies to Notre Dame) would be the pinnacle of success for the UAT in the state of Wisconsin, and put them on the road to title shots for the NWA Midwest Tag Team Championship, as well as other NWA regional championships and then the World Championships, as these two ambitious wrestlers no doubt have in mind.


The ACW X-Division Championship has been a hotly contested title in All-Star Championship Wrestling, and with former X-Division Champion Justin Dredd not only receiving a title shot at current NWA Midwest Champion Silas Young, but also capturing the NWA Wisconsin Championship in Denmark, the title has become even more of a centerpiece in ACW. No doubt current (as well as former) Champion Jerry Stylz, having recently reclaimed "his" title at ACW Throwdown in O-Town has to defend now against Jett Bennett, who has never held a title in ACW or NWA-Wisconsin. Bennett, one-third of the Hellriders with the demonic Sam Hayne and Steve Sadist, is openly clamoring for some extra weight in his gear bag. Ten pounds worth of gold, perhaps, Mr. Bennett?


Speaking of The Hellriders, Steve Sadist has plenty of reasons not to like Commissioner Sentowski's Cabinet, or any member thereof, especially in light of the attack he suffered at Retribution after the bell by Commissioner Sentowski's Chosen Ones. Sadist will get his hands on one Cabinet member in the form of "Diamond Dave" Demone (and certainly apologies to "Diamond Dave" David Lee Roth of Van Halen fame!).


Could any two wrestlers be further unlike one another than these two? The bald pate of Sadist compliments his leather biker attire, while Demone considers himself to be a fashion plate, as evidenced by his theme song, Sharp Dressed Man (which rumours are abound that ZZ Top is considering

suing "The Diamond One" for ruining their classic song), and somewhat patterns himself after "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and their shared love for all things sequined (side by side photos coming soon!). Sadist is all business all the time, while Demone feels there is always time to showboat, and that looking good while you deal with your business in the ring is mandatory. Certainly, Demone's manager, Jamie P. Ness would like to think of himself in that fashion, and perhaps is living vicariously through Demone.


That's not to say that Demone is a pushover. Quite the opposite. He's already making a mark for himself in ACW and NWA Wisconsin, and joining The Cabinet and aligning himself with Commissioner Sentowski only helps him out, considering the influence that The Cabinet and Sentowski possess in All-Star Championship Wrestling. However, Sadist is 5-0 in singles competition and has suffered only one loss in tag team competition when The Chosen Ones defeated them at Throwdown in O-Town (albeit illegally), and you can bet that Sadist likes that "0" at the end of his win-loss record and wants to keep it that way.


It would seem that Commissioner Sentowski's Chosen Ones are disliked even by our "neighbours to the north", Canada, as "Canadian Made" Brandon Haze and Tony Mega of The All-Canada Show are going up against them.


Mega has only recently made his return to All-Star Championship Wrestling, and that is a HUGE advantage for him, since The Chosen Ones weren't around when Mega was last competing in ACW, which means that they likely haven't been able to scout him yet. Since Haze IS familiar with the twin inheritors of Eric Priest's moniker, he can share that with Mega and put their team at an advantage.


Thus far, no one has been able to put a chink in the armour of Commissioner Sentowski or his Cabinet (although the returning Rev. Ben Johnson, acting on behalf of the NWA at NWA Wisconsin Summer Showcase, <i>did</i> manage to humiliate Sentowski somewhat by reducing him to a ring announcer role for the night). Other than that, though, no one has been able to gain an advantage over the ACW Commissioner.


However, even Superman has Kryptonite, as was proven when the seemingly undefeatable McCoys lost their ACW Tag Team Championship, albeit to Cabinet members Dysfunction and Sentowski's newest acquisition, Mason Quinn, who inexplicably decided that he was done playing it straight, and drank from the Kool-Aid that Sentowski offered him. Quinn honourably held the NWA Wisconsin Championship for over a year before losing it under dubious circumstances to Shane Hills. Now, for whatever reason, his frustration over not being able to take back the belt has led him to Sentowski, whose Cabinet seems to be growing more and more all the time. But, with a collection of egos as large as The Cabinet's, surely those egos will cause the eventual implosion of The Cabinet. Perhaps The All-Canada Show will be the ones who light the fuse.


There's sure to be more announced in the upcoming days, but we wanted to leave everyone with the thought that the single most important issue that will be resolved at Maximum Detention is you will find out what kind of beer the ACW Champion drinks. If that isn't a reason to come out to the shows, then you just aren't a fan! It's important issues like the kind of beer that the Champion drinks that can make or break a promotion like All-Star Championship Wrestling.


That's all happening during All-Star Championship Wrestling Maximum Detention 2009 on August 8th at The Shack Sports Bar in Fond Du Lac, located at W 4786 Hwy 23. Doors will open at 7:30 PM, with an 8 PM belltime. Admission is only $12 Front Row, $10 General Admission, with kids Under 10 just $5.


MMA promotions/fighters & wrestling promotions/wrestlers, want to see your merchandise or your promotion in a comment? Drop us a line to ask how!


Don't forget to support your local independent wrestling and MMA!




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