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In keeping with our tradition of finding the rarest and coolest wrestling videos, DVDs, and other memorabilia, from both the national promotions and local independent and now we are introducing something that isn't even on store shelves yet!


During 1997, a Canadian film crew followed around Bret Hart to do a story on him, and along the way got the biggest story in wrestling, the "Montreal screwjob". Shortly after Hart left the WWF, his youngest brother, Owen Hart was killed in an accident during a WWF pay-per-view event.


Several of the Canadian versions of the VHS release have included interviews with Hart after Montreal, but none have dealt with the death of Owen, until now.


We are extremely proud to offer Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows 10th Anniversary DVD.


This double disc DVD contains the remastered Hitman Hart film, plus commentary and interviews with Hart and original Director Paul Jay. Hart reflects on the events of Montreal with the perspective of time, and what has transpired in his personal and professional life since that time. Paul Jay discusses the original events he captured on film and compares wrestling's own good vs. evil drama on screen with real world events.


The second disc, the unreleased Life and Death of Owen Hart recaps the events leading to Hart's passing and the WWF's decision to continue the show.


We're selling our limited stock of this film for $20, plus $4 shipping, and this film is not yet available in stores.


We also have several different variations of the original film, with interviews recorded at the time. These videos are all from the Canadian release of the film, and not available in the U.S.


See our message board for the DVD coverpost-10733-1250197833_thumb.jpg


Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc.

"Your Chicago Source For Wrestling"

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