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This Friday and this Saturday, December 4 & 5, NWA Wisconsin and All-Star Championship Wrestling is "strutting and cutting" as a former co-holder of one-half of the WWF Tag Team Championship comes to All-Star Championship Wrestling for the very first time...Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake! Someone's hair will be cut as "The Barber" wrestles the winner of a battle royal held earlier in the night. The battle royal will be fought under "Royal Rumble" rules, meaning that all of the wrestlers will not be starting at the same time, rather each wrestler will be entering the ring at a set interval.


By virtue of his win over Ruff Ryder Rashaan, Brandon Haze has won the final spot in the battle royal. If a wrestler with a previously scheduled match wins the battle royal and the shot against Beefcake, then Brandon Haze will take that wrestler's previously advertised match.


Participants in this battle royal include Steve Stone, Ruff Ryder Rashaan, Nick Colucci, Dinn T. Moore, Ian Gauger, Ripped Ryan Summers, Trevor Gibson, Carter Dunn, Kody Rice, Steve Sadist, Pete Sischo, and making their ACW debuts, Ashton Vuitton and John Andrews plus more.


Also, the NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title is on the line as Silas Young battles The Shiek, the only man who has the blessing of the closest relative of the original Sheik, Sabu, to use the name. The Sheik was last seen at ACW's Halloween Hangover demolishing the opposition. Silas has battled big, bad bruisers before when he took on Skullkrusher, defending the belt that The Sheik holds now. Silas wants that belt back, and he's willing to put his well-being on the line against someone who is as crazy as his namesake.


The Hellriders (Sam Hayne, Jett Bennett, Steve Sadist) defend against members of All-Star Championship Wrestling Commissioner William W. Sentowski's Cabinet (Mason Quinn, Dave Demone, and a 3rd member of Mr. Sentowski's choosing) for the ACW Tag Team Championship. Hayne has made is clear who HE would like to have as the third person on Commissioner Sentowski's team...Hayne's "old buddy", Commissioner Sentowski himself! It would likely be wise for The Commish to stick to the commentary table.


In ladies action, Sam Hayne's lovely second, Mystique, battles the representative of The Chosen Ones, Stacey Shadows. If The Chosen Ones decide to hang around ringside, they could be in for a lot of "heat" if Sam Hayne similarly decides to escort Mystique. Hayne's relationship with Commissioner Sentowski has been well-documented over the years, so if Commissioner Thrill's "goon squad" wants to insert their two cents into the match, they could be on the receiving end of a beating.


Not only that, but there's two (count 'em, two!) Triple Threat Matches! First is for the ACW X-Division Championship. The Love Machine Matt Longtime (who is joined once again by his manager, the returning Angelo Stefano, the Manager of Champions, who faces Ruff Ryder Rashaan, who faces Thomas Walton III, aka TW3, or T-Dub-3. Walton sure will have his hands full with these two crafty veterans and Stefano at ringside.


The second Triple Threat has NWA Wisconsin Champion Justin Dredd attempting to turn back the challenge of Dinn T. Moore and Cadillac Nick Colucci. Both of these men are former champions, Dinn T. a former NWA Wisconsin Champion, and Colucci a former ACW Champion. Dinty is itching to get the belt back, while Colucci would love the prestige of being an NWA Wisconsin Champion. Dredd's been a fighting champion, but this time, he may have met his match in this Triple Threat.


But that's not all! On Friday, December 4, a member of the family returns home, as the former Mr. Kennedy, known in All-Star Championship Wrestling as "Kamikaze" Ken Anderson will also be in action, and will accept his long-overdue position in the All-Star Championship Wrestling Hall of Fame, being the first active wrestler to be inducted. The former WWE United States, NWA Midwest, and ACW Heavyweight Champion returns to where he was born to face Shane Hills, a former ACW Tag Team Champion as well as a former ACW Heavyweight Champion. Shane's ACW Heavyweight Championship is on the line, so Kamikaze Ken has the opportunity to rgain the belt that he left behind here in ACW.


Also, Kamikaze Ken will take his rightful place in the ACW Hall of Fame, inducted by his trainers, fellow Hall of Fame members Eric Hammers and Mike Mercury.


Before the show at 6 PM is a VIP meet and greet with Kamikaze Ken and Brutus Beefcake, with food to be provided by Subway of Denmark (the city, that is!).


AND...there's more matches than just this, and we'll be updating you as the matchmakers update us!


Then, the following night, NWA Wisconsin presents Season's Showcase 2009, and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake makes a second appearance in NWA Wisconsin to go struttin' and cuttin' once again.


More information on NWA Wisconsin Season's Showcase as well as All-Star Championship Wrestling's Homecoming is forthcoming, and we will be posting that information as soon as we get it!



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