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SYN: 10-man tag

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[b]The Deadly Alliance (Reject, Thunderkid, Sandman9000, Mr. Dick, Arturas) vs Team WDW (Alfdogg, Team Heyross, Deuce Deuce Bigelow & Jumbo)

Team WDW took advantage early with a World title shot on the line for Alf.  After getting the better of a ring-clearing brawl, Team Heyross took over on Thunderkid, working on his arm.  TK was able to escape and tag out to Mr. Dick, who quickly fell victim to the same treatment.  Deuce & Jumbo worked their way into the match, overpowering MD until Arturas landed a shot from the apron to Deuce.  Reject and Sandman then took turns pummeling Deuce, getting several near-falls.  Deuce was finally able to evade a high-risk move from Sandman, and made the big tag to Alf.  Alf took turns clotheslining Sandman and TK, then delivered a belly-to-belly on TK, before being blindsided by Arturas.  Arturas lifted Alf in a two-handed chokehold, but Alf went to his eyes, then kicked him low.  Arturas backed into a corner, where Jumbo and Deuce hit a double-avalanche, and held him in the corner, while Mr. Dick fell victim to a double goozle from Team Heyross and a Five-Star Alf Splash. Benjamin tripped up Reject to prevent him from breaking the three-count, earning Alf his opportunity at Season's Beatings.


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