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On Saturday, January 30, we predict "Snow" as NWA Wisconsin presents Winter Warfare.


The annual new year show comes to you from Tom, Dick, & Harry's on 835 Potts Avenue in Green Bay and not only features Al Snow (who always makes sure everyone gets some Head where he appears!), but the D-O-Double-G, the Road Dogg. Both men are former co-holders of the World Wrestling Federation's (WWF) World Tag Team Championship, as was our previous guest, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake.


In addition to these two fine wrestlers, we also have another member of the family returning at Winter Warfare. Former All-Star Championship Wrestling (ACW) Heavyweight champion J-Ca$h returns from Las Vegas to be the cornerman for Road Dogg.


The complete line-up for Winter Warfare is as follows:


In what can only be described as an "Odd Couple" tag team bout, Chase McCoy teams with the NWA Wisconsin Heavyweight Champion Justin Dredd to take on Chase's brother, Mickey McCoy and Thomas Walton III (aka TW3). The McCoys would seem to have an advantage, as being brothers, they know each other's styles intimately. However, that could also be a hindrance.


Adrian Lynch takes on ACW Original, Ruff Ryder Rashaan. Rashaan has recently returned from a stint in the WWE Developmental Territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling and is looking to use the experience he gained against the crafty and well-travelled veteran, Lynch.


Former ACW Champion, "Cadillac" Nick Colucci gets to pick a to go against Commissioner William Sentowski's flagship team, The Chosen Ones. Colucci's partner was originally to be Dinn T. Moore, but based on the injuries suffered at the hands of Steve Sadist, "Dinty" may not be able to compete as scheduled. Rather than risk the forefeit loss or any injuries he might suffer taking on The Chosen Ones in a two-on-one situation, Colucci petitioned, and was granted, the right to choose a partner for this match. That will certainly make Commissioner Sentowski unhappy, and leave the Chosen Ones at a disadvantage, as they won't know the opponent to prepare for.


Speaking of Steve Sadist, he's looking to get some "Head" battling the "Snow Man", Al Snow in singles action.


Commissioner Sentowski's Cabinet members, Mason Quinn & "Diamond" Dave Demone put the ACW Tag Team Championship on the line against the (very!) unpredictable team of five-time former ACW Heavyweight Champion Dysfunction and his partner, the D-O-Double-G, the Road Dogg! Road Dogg's tag team experience is vast, with multiple WWF Tag Team Championship reigns, as well as not only holding a win over possibly the most decorated tag team ever in professional wrestling, Hawk & Animal, The Road Warriors, but also taking the Championship from them in the process!


The ACW Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Champion Shane Hills, who recently defended the belt against another returning member of the family, "Kamikaze" Ken Anderson at ACW Homecoming on December 4, now puts the title up against newly-bald "Canadian Made" Brandon Haze, who lost a match (and his hair!) to former co-holder of the WWF Tag Team Championship, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake at NWA Wisconsin Season's Showcase 2009 on December 5. A title victory would doubtless make people forget about his humiliating loss (both the match and his hair!) to Beefcake.



Plus, another member of the family returns home, as former ACW Heavyweight Champion, J-Ca$h makes his return from Las Vegas to be in the corner of Road Dogg and Dysfunction as an "enforcer" to deter any possible interference from the Cabinet's Jamie P. Ness or Don Gotti.


That's NWA Wisconsin Winter Warfare 2010, January 30 8PM at Tom, Dick & Harry's. For more information, head to nwawisconsin.com!


Discuss this event on the boards at nwawisconsin.com/boards or sfpincchicago.com/boards!




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