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Syndicated: 6-man tag

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[b]Reject, Thunderkid, & Sandman9000 vs Mr. Dick, Baron Windels & Tim Cash[/b]

The participants in the AngleMania IX main event got together with their associates for a big-time six-man tag team match.  MD's team gained the early advantage, as they worked over TK in their corner.  However, Sandman was able to land a shot from the apron into the back of Cash, turning the tide.  The DA squad did a similar number on Cash, until Sandman missed a moonsault.  Cash crawled to his corner, but the referee missed the tag to MD due to Reject's distraction.  Reject spat at MD as the referee tried to put him out, enraging him and allowing a prolonged 3-on-1 assault in the corner.  Moments later, Cash took advantage as TK put his head down, delivering a kick and making a quick tag to Baron, who was a HOUSE AFIRE, unloading with haymakers and big elbows, then getting a two-count on TK with a Myspace Comeback.  A six-man donnybrook breaks out, which ends with all three DA members being whipped into each other, followed by MD hitting TK with the COCK BLOCK~!!!!!11111 and scoring the win for his team

[b]WINNERS: Mr. Dick, Baron Windels & Tim Cash[/b]

Reject sends Cash into the steel steps outside, as Baron and Melody raise Mr. Dick's arms, but MD takes a knee to the back from Sandman and is sent outside.  Baron and Sandman tangle in the corner, as Reject slides in behind Melody, then spins her around and drops her with a EULOGY~!!!!!11111  Sandman slips to the outside, at which point Baron turns around and sees Melody unconscious, dropping to his knees to check on her.  A concerned Cash slides in as well, followed by Mr. Dick, who leans against the ropes nearest the aisle, staring down the smirking Reject as he and his DA partners retreat down the aisle.

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