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We are extremely proud to have renewed our partnership with High Road Productions, the film company that produced the original Hitman Hart – Wrestling With Shadows film.


On a related note, our renewed partnership with High Road Productions has once again allowed us to be an Official Distributor for the 10th Anniversary edition of Hitman Hart – Wrestling With Shadows.


This special edition 2 disc DVD set not only contains the original film, Wrestling With Shadows, but also contains exclusive new interview footage of Bret Hart and director Paul Jay, discussing what has happened in Hart’s life since the “Montreal Screwjob”, and Hart’s reflections on what happened that night in light of his long time working for the World Wrestling Federation. Filmmaker & director Paul Jay discusses the parallels of the “good vs. evil” of professional wrestling and how it relates to the “real world” of good and bad and the reasons he made this film and why it was the right time to update it.


The second disc is The Life and Death of Owen Hart, which is exclusive to this set, and chronicles in greater detail the events that led to Owen’s tragic death at WWF Over The Edge 1999, which was a live pay-per-view event from the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) where Owen fell close to 70 feet from the rafters to the ring in a stunt gone wrong and explores the difficult decision made by the WWF to continue the show, rather than cancel it after Owen’s body was removed from the ring, and the decision to not announce Owen’s death to the live crowd in attendance.


In addition to this 2 DVD set, we are an EXCLUSIVE distributors for the Hitman Hart – Wrestling With Shadows OFFICIAL lobby poster AND the Hitman Hart – Wrestling With Shadows 10th Anniversary Edition OFFICIAL lobby poster. These are the EXACT posters that hung in movie lobbies throughout Canada when this film was released to theatres and not any kind of reproduction and like the DVD set itself, comes direct from the studio. We have one set of posters for each DVD set, so they will not be sold separate at this time, although depending on how popular these posters are and what feedback we receive will determine if we offer them separate at a future date.


This film has always had limited distribution in the U.S. and we are very proud to partner with High Road Productions again to bring you this film. At only $19.99 + shipping for a 2-DVD set (our lowest price for two DVDs!) and a movie poster, you will not find this anywhere else!


To place your order, simply email our special orders desk at [email protected], or call 847-489-2087 with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card to order by phone. This film is in limited quantities, and credit card payments ship immediately, whereas mailed payments are subject to a minimum 10-day delay prior to shipping, so call today for the ultimate gift and a sure-fire Collector’s Item for wrestling fans. When we last had these in stock the previous year, our inventory quickly “Souled Out”, and we expect a similar rush this year.


***Wholesale orders are welcome. *** Just let us know how many sets (again, at this time, we are not intending on selling the posters separate, but feedback from our customers will determine if we sell posters separate in the future) you want to order, and then follow the above instructions.


With Bret’s recent return to WWE television, Bret Hart merchandise has become hotter than ever, with many fans, pundits, and insiders alike still discussing the events that transpired at Survivor Series 1997. This is an excellent opportunity to view an independent voice regarding that night.


Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc.

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