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Guest BigTim2002

10-10-96-MPro 10-man

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Guest BigTim2002

The Wrestling Laureate!!!-A single review


-OK. So I got this tip from my friend TigerDriver91. I told him I want a good starter to some puro. So, he told me about THIS match. I just watched it, and people, you'll NEVER FUCKING BELIEVE this match unless you download it or find it somewhere. I'm traveling into uncharted territory with this one...


October 10, 1996-Michinkou Pro 10 Man Tag Team Match-LOS TECNICOS: Gran Naniwa, Gran Hamada, Tiger Mask IV, Masato Yakushiji, and Super Delphin vs. LOS RUDOS: Kainetai DX (TAKA Michinkou, Shoichi Funaki, Men's Taioh, Dick Togo, and Shiryu)- Only people I haven't seen in this match are Naniwa and Shiryu. This was something I wanted to see since I saw the MPro 6-Man at Barely Legal, and I was hooked, so ladies and germs, let's get crackin'! Remember...MPro tags are fought under a variation of Lucha Tag rules. If the person legal is outside the ring, then another person can enter and continue the match.


-The Tecnicos come out seperately, but KDX comes out as a team. Think Rams/Patriots with that one...either way, Naniwa and Delphin are CRAZY over, and KDX, well, they are KDX. Gran Hamada is FUCKING 48 YEARS OLD in this match, and he rocks SO MANY BELLS...and TMIV is just bomb. Yakushiji is like 19 in this match, and because of this match, he went on to Barely Legal as a representative when Naniwa couldn't show up. TAKA is flipping people off, so nice at that age...OK. Enough with the intros... DO THE MATCH ALREADY!


-Togo and Yakushiji start and they exchange waistlocks. Yakushiji gets a hammerlock, which is reversed to a headlock. Yakushiji reverses to one of his own, and they do another waistlock reversal sequence. This time, Togo takes him down, but Yakushiji hits an armdrag. Fluid opening...Togo's mad that he's getting upstaged by the young punk. Togo gets a single leg into a front face lock, which is reversed to a Yakushiji hammerlock, into move #305 (armbar), which Togo flips out of into his own, and then Yakushiji flips out of and hits another armdrag. They trade off single legs into pinning combos, and then do stereo flip-ups, and we have a stalemate. Now, TMIV and TAKA get a go on. TMIV fakes a couple strikes and they go to the Greco-Roman Knucklelock. A break, and then TMIV grazes TAKA with a high kick. Kick to the gut and a slam for TMIV. Back to the knucklelock, with TAKA controlling. TMIV gets another kick to the gut and a slam, but TAKA catches him coming off the ropes with a LARIATOOO! TAKA off the ropes, misses an elbow. He tries a kick to the gut, but TMIV sidesteps and legsweeps him. Then he gets the reverse enziguri that takes TAKA to the outside, and TMIV feigns a high spot. Now, Naniwa and Teioh go. Naniwa is HOGAN! Teioh messes with the ref as the crowd chants, "NA NI WA! *clapclapclap* NA NI WA! *clapclapclap*" Teioh with the headlock takeover, which Naniwa reverses to the headscissors and Teioh kips-out of it. Naniwa headlock and he is whipped off the ropes. Shoulderblock knocks Teioh back, but he wants more! Naniwa goes off the ropes, Teioh leapfrogs, then Naniwa aviods a Big Boot, and then Naniwa gets a Monkey Flip, which Teioh cartwheels out of. Teioh is happy, but Naniwa just does a little crab dance to piss him off. Now, Funaki and HAMADA go. Funaki gets a headlock, and they hit the ropes. Hamada tries a hiptoss, but Funaki locks in and looks for a short clothesline, which Hamada turns into the FUJIWARA ARMBAR! TAKA comes in and breaks that up. He whips Hamada in and tries a back bodydrop, but Hamada flips out of it. Funaki holds Hamada for a TAKA Running ELBOW, but Hamada moves and it hits Fuanki, so Hamada gets a facecrusher/bulldog. Slam and a tag to Delphin. Delphin with an elbow and a headbutt to put TAKA outside. Now Shiryu comes in. They feign a knucklelock, and Delphin gets a kick before they run the ropes. Shoulderblock sequence ends with a Delphin LARIATOOO! Delphin then runs the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. He looks for a LARIATOOO, but Shiryu ducks and gets an atomic drop and a dropkick to knock Delphin outside into the front row. Naniwa comes in and he and TAKA go face to face before trading snapmare/dropkick to the head combos. They come face to face again before trading MANLY chops, but TAKA slaps him in the face and runs the ropes, so Naniwa hits the DECAPITATION LARIATOOOO! Corner whip, and Naniwa tries the Dustin Rhodes bulldog, but TAKA just throws him. TAKA charges and gets back body dropped to the outside. Naniwa feigns a high spot and does a little dance. Cute. Yakushiji and Teioh go. Eyerake by Teioh, who misses a chop and takes an armdrag. He takes a dropkick and another armdrag before locking in move #471 (ARM-Bar). To the corner where Yakushiji hits some chops, and then tries a hiptoss, which Teioh counters by shoving him to the mat. He tosses him out, but Yakushiji slides back in and POINTS TO HIS HEAD! HE'S SMART! Well, not THAT smart, as Teioh just does it again. OK, maybe he is, as he slides back in again. Teioh is frustrated enough that Yakushiji can hit a dropkick and does a baseball slide headscissors takeover. Now Hamada and Togo go, and they exchange the MANLY chops. Hamada with the BIG headbutt, no-sold! Again, but Togo blocks and gets an enziguri. Togo then whips Hamada in and tries to hit a toss-up into a powerbomb, but Hamada snaps off a rana roll-up. TAKA saves the pinfall. Hamada then tags out to TMIV. TAKA whips TMIV in, who reverses, bounces off the ropes and gets the Flying Cross Chop. TMIV then just LAYS IN the kicks, ending with a spinning back kick to the stomach. He whips TAKA and and gets another spinning back kick. Funaki comes in with Delphin and a knucklelock gets reversed to a hip throw from Delphin. Ropes sequence leads to a Delphin dropkick. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Delphin lifts the legs and gets a headscissors. He then gets a spinning sidekick to knock Funaki off, and then taunts KDX. Yakushiji and Shiryu go. Long ropes sequence leads to Yakushiji missing a spinning heel kick, and Shiryu gets a back body drop. Whip again, and Shiryu tries for another one, but Yakushiji reverses to an armdrag. They run the ropes again and Yakushiji takes Shiryu outside with a headscissors. TAKA comes in and they run the ropes. TAKA goes for a tilt-a-whirl but THAT is countered to a headscissors. That was pretty, and Yakushiji's favorite move is, of course, the armdrag. He dropkicks TAKA to the outside, and now Crab Man and Togo go. They exchange chops, Naniwa misses a LARIATOO, and Togo runs off the ropes and hits the TWISTING FAT ASS SENTON PRESS~! In other words, the Whisper in the Wind that Jeff Hardy does. Togo then takes Naniwa's head to the turnbuckle, but Naniwa has the head of a CRAB, and no-sells. Four more times, and again he no-sells. Togo whip is reversed and Naniwa gets the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. About time somebody didn't counter that...Togo rolls out, and Naniwa does another high spot feint and then does THE CRAB DANCE~! TMIV and Teioh go now, as Teioh gets a headlock. They do the ropes sequence, and Teioh turns a hiptoss into a Tornado DDT. That was M.I. Smooth, kids. TMIV is whipped in for a backdrop, but he flips out and gets a spinning back kick, and then gets the NEATO-KEEN move where he flips off of Teioh in the corner. He gets another spinning back kick to send Teioh out. Yakushiji and Funaki go now. Headlock sequence ends up with Funaki getting a back elbow. Whip in, and a Funaki hiptoss is reversed to one by Yakushiji. SICK SPOT ALERT~!: Yakushiji charges, and Funaki tries to hiptoss him over the top rope, but Yakushiji springs off the top rope, flips backwards and hits an armdrag. BUENO! Fuanki goes out, and Hamada and TAKA go. Hamada whips TAKA in and gets a LARIATOOO and a BACKDROPPPAH for 2. Delphin comes in and he and Hamada whip TAKA in for a Double Team Chop. Delphin then gets a DELAYYYYYYED BRAINBUSTER for two when Shiryu breaks it up. Naniwa comes in and he and Delphin hit a double team LARIATOOO! Naniwa then hits a snap suplex and gets the double-chickenwing. Shiryu gets to the ropes. Naniwa whips him in, but gets reversed, and then hits a Spinebuster. He turns that into a Boston Crab, and then Teioh grabs the Camel Clutch...here it comes...dropkick from Togo! KAIENTAI~! Yay...oh, but they aren't done, as Funaki comes in, whips Naniwa and grabs and Abdominal Stretch, and then TAKA comes in and dropkicks Naniwa in his Crab Face. KAIENTAI~! Teioh gets a scoop slam, and then EVERY MEMBER of KDX bounces off the ropes one after another and drops some elbows. Funaki brings Naniwa to their corner and tags Togo. Togo whips Naniwa in and gets the Kitchen Sink kneelift. Togo then slams Naniwa as EVERY MEMBER of KDX comes off the top rope one after another with the PERRO AGUAYO DOUBLE STOMP! They then hold Naniwa's arms for a double dropkick from Fuanki and TAKA, and then Togo gets on Naniwa's back and they hit the KDX POSE~! Yay...I'm crying now. Then, in a FUCKING AWESOME Double Team, TAKA whips Naniwa to the corner, and then Funaki hits a running ELBOWAH, followed by a high knee from TAKA, who goes over the top rope while Funaki hits a snap suplex and then hits a Springboard Kneedrop. BUENO! Shiryu tags in and gets a slam. They trade elbows and chops until Shiryu knocks Naniwa over with an elbow, but Naniwa comes back with a LARIATOOOOOOOOOO! Yakushiji is tagged in. He whips Shiryu in and gets a dropkick for 2. He whips Shiryu to the corner and gets a running dropkick. Whip again, but reversed this time into a Shiryu LARIATOOO! Shiryu then hits a FISHERMAN BUSTAH that gets 2 when TMIV saves. Whip to the corner is reversed by Shiryu, but TMIV springs off the second turnbuckle and hits a crossbody block. Then he gets the reverse enziguri to send Shiryu outside. TAKA comes in and gets some shots in, but TMIV comes back and locks on the FLYING CROSS-ARMBREAKER! Togo comes in to break that up. Snapmare, and then Togo tries to take off TMIV's mask! Hamada comes in to save, but gets pummeled by a double team, and then Teoih and TAKA go OLD SKOOL as they hit the SPIKE PILEDRIVAH! TAKA gets a dropkick on Crab Boy as Teioh gets a two count. Teioh then gets his DELAYYYYED Suplex. That gets 2. He brings Hamada to his corner, and is the victim of a KDX attack/pose in the corner. BACKDROPPAH from Funaki gets 2. Hamada takes Funaki down and tags out to Naniwa, who just kicks him in the nuts. UN FOULO! Naniwa then splits Funaki across the top rope. Tag Delphin, who works over Funaki with punches and a headbutt. He gets a nice Release Butterfly Suplex for 2. Funaki takes Delphin down and then works the leg before dragging him over and tagging to Togo, who kicks the leg and locks in the Sharpshooter. TMIV comes in and STIFFS THE HELL outta Togo with some kicks, but Togo drags TMIV to his corner, where KDX continues to take off TMIV's mask. They get really close to taking it off, but then they forget about it and hold him for a Teioh high kick to the face. Teioh chokes TMIV over the top as Togo and Funaki hit a double dropkick to TMIV's head. Tag TAKA, and Teioh and TAKA hit a Double Team LARIATOOOOO for 2. TAKA then gets a backbreaker and locks in a Boston Crab. Naniwa comes in and gets some headbutts and a LARIATOOOO to break that up. Naniwa gets a backbreaker...and here it comes...the most over move since the People's Elbow, the CRAB WALK ELBOW~! But TAKA gets up and dropkicks him off the ropes, drawing some boos, and rightfully so. TAKA then fakes his patented springboard crossbody, by BACKFLIPPING OFF THE ROPES, and right into a Yakushiji dropkick. He pounds on TAKA, but TAKA takes him to his corner. Teioh comes in and KDX holds Yakushiji for the running high kick. Teioh gets a Full Nelson Slam for 2. Snap suplex and Shiryu comes off the top rope with a Money Shot! That gets 2. KDX cleans house. HIGH ANGLE BACKDROPPAH gets 2. TAKA comes in, and he and Funaki try that awesome double team again, but Yakushiji ducks the running elbow and nails TAKA with a Spinning Wheel Kick. He then nails Fuanki with a Superkick. He whips TAKA in, who reverses, but THAT gets reverses into a short Spinning Heel Kick. Delphin is in and he's a HOUSE OF FIRE! Togo gets a LARIATOOO! Teioh gets a Kane Throat Thrust. Funaki gets a spinning sidekick. Shiryu gets whipped in and it's the DELPHIN BACKBREAKAH!!! It's Hamada vs. TAKA now, as Hamada comes in and gets a LARIATOOO! Whips TAKA in again, and then gets a tilt-a-whirl sideslam. That gets 2 as TAKA's foot is on the rope. Powerbomb gets 2 as Funaki comes in to break it up, but Yakushiji meets him with an elbow. Yakushiji wants a suplex, but Funaki blocks. Yakushiji flips out of Funaki's attempt, hits a spinning kick, and then gets his Snap Suplex. Springboard Lionsault from the corner gets two as Teioh and Togo break it up. KDX tries to whip Naniwa and TMIV into each other, but that gets reversed and KDX become closer than usual...This then leads to a SWEET visual. It's a double wishbone on KDX by Naniwa and TMIV, as they form a diamond in the ring, but then, Shiryu enters, and Delphin comes in and gets a Rana Rollup right SMACK-DAB in the middle of the diamond for 2. That is just too sweet. The Tecnicos whip KDX in, but KDX reverses and they hit STEREO RANAS! That puts them on the outside, and KDX follows them out there with STEREO TOPE SUICIDAS! Funaki knocks Hamada to the outside, but Yakushiji comes in from behind, but Funaki moves and he goes to the outside as well. Funaki then hits a springboard plancha to the outside, and TAKA follows with UN SPACEMAN QUEBRADA CON QUESO! HO-LY SHIT! THAT WAS BOMB! As Scott Keith would say, it's BONZO GONZO. In the ring, Shiryu tries to suplex TMIV from the apron inside, but TMIV slips out and hits a RELEASE GERMAN, with Shiryu landing on his feet! Shiryu kicks him and nails a TOMBSTONE! He goes up top and hits the MOONSAULT! That gets two as Yakushiji saves. Teioh is in and he and Shiryu whip Yakushiji in. Shiryu tosses Yakushiji up and over into a Teioh powerbomb. VERY NICE! Teioh slams Yakushiji and he and Shiryu hold him for Dick Togo, who is on the top rope...but there is TMIV, trying to stop that from happening, and he does, crotching Togo. Hamada then comes in and goes up top...PLANCHA TO THE OUTSIDE! Meanwhile, the double team continues, as they whip Yakushiji to the corner, but TMIV flips him to the apron, and Yakushiji goes up and hits a Missile Dropkick on Teioh and Shiryu! They then hit STEREO CROSS-CORNER TOPE SUICIDAS! YAY!!!! Inside, TAKA and Funaki try Springboard Missile Dropkicks, but Naniwa dropkicks TAKA on the way down, and Delphin sidesteps Funaki. Delphin and Naniwa then hit STEREO DDTs that get two 2 counts. Delphin and Naniwa kick KDX outside, and they hit STEREO PLANCHAS to the outside! Inside, Hamada whips Togo to the ropes, but Togo reverses and hits the SNAP POWERSLAM for 2. Togo whips Hamada to the corner, but Hamada gets the foot up on the charge, goes to the second rope, and gets the LEAPING TORNADO DDT! 1....2...2.9999! Hamada then puts Togo on the top rope...No way...HAMADA HITS THE "I don't CARE if I'm 48 FUCKING YEARS OLD!" SUPER HURRACANRANA! 1...2...Shiryu breaks it up, but Naniwa is right behind him! He kicks him in the stomach and gets the TRIANGLE TORNADO DDT! 1...2...2.9999! He puts Shiryu on the top rope and looks for a SUPER-DUPERPLEX, but Shiryu blocks, and sits Naniwa on the top rope next to the turnbuckle. SUPER HURRACANRANA PIN! 1...2...Naniwa rolls through with it! 1...2...2.9999! Naniwa gets up and kicks Shiryu in the gut...SPINNING SITOUT DOCTORBOMB! 1...2...but Teioh breaks it up with a dropkick to the back. Yakushiji flies out of nowhere with a Springboard Spinning Heel Kick! Yakushiji whips him in, leapfrog, tries another one, but Teioh hits the Rick Steiner Powerslam! 1...2...2.999999! Teioh whips Yakushiji to the corner and charges, but he leapfrogs and backicks him to the corner. Yakushiji whip is reversed into a short lariat which is ducked, but Teioh spins around and hits the short LARIATOOOO the second time around! 1...2...2.99999! Teioh whips him to the corner and gets the running high kick, and there's the signal...MIRACLE ECSTASY BOMB!!!! 1...2...TMIV breaks it up. Funaki comes in and tries a backdrop, but TMIV flips out and bounces off the ropes. Funaki then gets a back kick to the gut, and hits a FISHERMAN BUSTAH! 1...2...2.999! Funaki's Tombstone attempt is reversed and TMIV gets the Jumping Tombstone! TMIV to the top! BENOIT DIVING HEADBUTT! 1...2...2.999999! TMIV looks to finish with the Tiger Suplex, but TAKA comes in from behind with a Springboard Dropkick. Delphin comes in and nails TAKA with a Tenzan Tombstone Driver, and he heads up top! DELPHIN ELBOW! 1...2...2.999! To the turnbuckle...TORNADO DDT! To another turnbuckle...TORNADO DDT! Delphin then locks in the DELPHIN CLUTCH! Teioh, along with many others, think the move is gay, so it only gets a one count as he breaks it up. Togo readies a Lariat, but Delphin ducks, and hits a GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A ROLL-THROUGH BRIDGE! 1...2...Teioh breaks it up! Hamada proves why he still rules all as he gets an Apron to the Floor LEAPING TORNADO DDT! Delphin calls for the finish with the Tiger Suplex, but Togo commits UN FOULO and hits a Release Thunder Fire Powerbomb. Togo then climbs to the top...FAT...ASS...SENTON~! 1...2......3!!!!!!!!!! (32:07) GODDDDDDDDDDD DAMN...what a fucking match. ***** KDX celebrates as TAKA taunts Sasuke from the outside.


-Guys, you HAVE to watch this match. I don't joke when I say that it's one of the best matches I've ever seen. SEE THIS MATCH!


Tim Livingston

-The Wrestling Laureate

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