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This Holiday and Raw expecations

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Today is the nationally celebrated holiday known as “Fourth of July”


I remember as a child growing up loving this holiday because to me it meant my family would gather at my aunt’s house and we all would partake in a day of swimming, volleyball, basketball and a scrumptious cookout. Three years ago that tradition came to end.


My grandmother died on July 4th 2002. It was one of those “unexpected” situations where despite her health completely deteriorating leaving her into this complete state of senile-ness. She was 79 years old. While everyone else lamented on her “sudden” death (she died of a heart attack to be specific), I spent that day contemplating how life plays out.


To say the least, for whatever reason, that 4th of july holiday expired to exist after her death. The last two years I found other things to occupy the day. Today; the 2005 edition of this holiday has basically been me sticking @ home and watching various marathons and such. While my girlfriend Kristen is at an amusement park with the guy she’s seeing on the side. She thinks I don’t know but I do. I’m waiting for her to spill her guts but for now I enjoy seeing her in action, pretending everything is all right. It’s fine though, always expect this. It’s not like I haven’t put things in plans for my life beyond her.


RAW is back on again and forever the same reason to watch is mainly boredom and habit I will watch the show and it’ll suck for about 90% of the show while 10% is amusing or just down right atrocious, its somewhat entertaining. The last two shows were above the suck lines so who knows, maybe 3 for 3? Doubt it. It’s a holiday, why waste anything good on this night.


My argument is, might as well show 4 15-20 minute matches just for the hell of it and not bother advancing storylines since ratings will be in the low 3’s anyways.

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