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Raw Thoughts

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short n sweet


Opening Segment-Carlito's Cabana with guest-Hulk Hogan


It's bad enough they have fallen back into the rut of using Hogan beyond a one off appearence and now have made him a consistant character once again but now we have to watch clips of his television show?


Honestly I can see the show being amusing in the trainwreck sense.


Nice to at least acknowledge Angle making Hogan tap out way back when Hogan was just an spry newcomer.


Edge and Snitsky Vs Kane and The Big Show


I can't understand this at all; It feels like they are just keeping Edge in a warming position for now, waiting to see what Matt Hardy decides.


If they wanted to build Edge up, he should be going over Kane and TBS easily instead of looking like second fiddle to GENE SNITSKY!




Okay. I am in love with her. It's simple as that.


but KERWYN WHITE? Oh god, it should be amusing for a couple weeks and then he'll go back to being Chavito or something im sure...and not a soul will care


Rap Vs Rock


It first seemed like they were building to a rock/rap storyline but it instead for once went a smarter direction and it shows so far why they don't like each other and showed, at least it will provide some great promo wars. They need to bring up that Cena went over Jericho early in his career and that plays some part of Jericho's hatred for him.




He had his cup of coffee, get him off the tv.


Booty Camp


If you liked this, you haven't gotten laid ever in your life.




So they channel Macho Man, Masters, AJ Styles, Undertaker all into one lump of suck? Yay for Val Venis still having a job. Why the need to protect him? Just let the "Pheom" go over CLEAN. Is that so hard to understand?





Holy hell was that the suck or what? I literally ignored every second of it, It was painfully obvious Shawn was turning when he wasn't as "into" it, you just felt the presence of a heel turn coming and BOOM, it happened.


About fucking time. Shame it had to come against Hogan leading to a program bound to overshine the title matches.


Raw Score


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