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HBK Turns Heel...

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...On a Substandard Raw


Ok, short notes...




Diva Search should be called Joshi Whores. UGH, Shame on ya...


Good Promo by Cena and Jericho...


Hogan Goes Over again...


Substanard Raw...


(And just a quick shout out to the admin here at smarkmarks for posting on last weeks Post, how nice of him smile.gif )


here is some results from July 2 at Japan:




1. Akebono & The Big Show defeated Carlito Caribbean Cool & Matt Morgan in 8 minutes, 40 seconds when Akebono used the Banzai Drop on Morgan for the win.


2. WWE Cruiserweight Title Match (3-Way Dance): Paul London defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Funaki. Funaki over Chavo in 7'18 with a Shining Enzui and London over Funaki in 11'16 with the Oklahoma Roll.


3. Chris Benoit defeated Shelton Benjamin in 12 minutes, 38 seconds with the Crippler Cross Face hold.


4. TAJIRI defeated Muhammad Hassan (w/ Daivari) in 4 minutes, 46 seconds with an inside cradle.


Torrie Hunter, Stacy Keibler, and Christy Hemme came out to shoot t-shirts to the crowd with the air gun.


5. Rey Misterio Jr., The Undertaker, & Kane defeated Eddy Guerrero, Kurt Angle, & Edge (w/ Lita) in 23 minutes, 34 seconds with a triple pinfall (Undertaker over Angle with the Tombstone, Kane over Edge with the Tombstone, Rey over Eddy with the West Coast Pop).


6. WWE Heavyweight Title Match: John Cena defeated JBL & Orlando Jordan in 13 minutes, 26 seconds when Cena hit the FU on JBL for the quick win. The finish saw a referee bump and JBL cover Cena for Jordan to do a 3-count. JBL wanted Steamboat to ring the bell to give him the win. JBL and Jordan went to attack Cena together but Jordan accidentally laid out JBL with a case in a "friendly fire" mishap. Ricky Steamboat acted as timekeeper for the match and JBL sneered at him for not ringing the bell for his near falls that would have given him the win. They had a post-match confrontation. Cena, meanwhile, got on the microphone and said "Please congratulate me" in Japanese and pulled out some coffee milk, which prompted a "coffee milk" call from the fans. Cena drank some and the fans marked out.


7. Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho in 33 minutes, 30 seconds with the superkick (Sweet Chin Music). Both men shook hands and hugged after the match.


8. World Title Match: Batista defeated Triple H (w/ Ric Flair) in 17 minutes, 31 seconds with the spinebuster.



Lots of intresting news coming on Friday!

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