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  1. (Note: I havent been around and the reason being is that I am starting a Animation Production Company- Garou Gothic. And so that has been taken a lot of my time.) This is from PWInisder: Wow. Im stunned. Utterlly Stunned. First lets go back what he stated about ECW. One, he was honest about it. Basicly I was left without a clue on where they were going to do with ECW after the Summerslam PPV. But after the deal, they went Taped, TEST (TEST...TEST?) and Bob Holly had great matches (with no Piledrivers sadly) against RVD (who is now pretty much become Hashimoto in his Offencive Style- which is the natural evloution of his AJPW/ECWv1 Offence). The larger point i want to mention is the Divas. Ok, Vince- this is the strangest comments I have ever seen. You want to show Divas in a "classy way" but need more sexuality on the website. (The word your looking for is Senuality, Vince). Then he metioned the why the Divas went from a Joshi based Divison, to a strippers. He stated that we want to see more female matches and relationships between the male and the females...then states...Times have changed... Times have changed. However, will there be a new focus on the Division? Time will tell (But Strip Poker...uhh...yeah...but considering ECW's history) Hes high on Finley, which is not a shock- because Finley is one of the last great Catch-based Pro Stars. He doesnt have the looks, but a damn good Finsher, and a interesting move set. His lariats (short range) are more blowback haymakers than true shortrange lariats. Benoit's planned Final run, (which i think it is) will be for a world title. Dont be suprised if its between Finley- or maybe Kennedy or MVP. Its gonna be at least 2 years before I even want Lashey start running for the Title- He needs to fix his punches, and change his power based move set into Hybrid style like Terkay. But in a more intresting and somewhat sad note. Youtube is a bit of a problem for me. Bad Codecs, even worse streams. But there was a few things I saw. The way a Joshi match is done. Folks, lets put it this way. They fly around, they dont die, every damn MOVE COUNTS even when you think its not important. And because of Low Center Of Graverty, they are the purest fighters. In some of the links in Youtube, Kudo and Toyota (along with there partners) showed us how crazy these ladies fight. When you see Toyota fly, the girl rips the taste out of Kudos Mouth not once, BUT 6 TIMES! The later dated matches, shows a little bit of a old style the old ladies used to do, however it a little WWE fided. But its amazing how they turn out a show. But one of the videos there was a training episode with Sakamura (Mariko). One of her traininees tries a drop kick. She couldint get it. FIVE times. Then Sakamura does the drop kick and RIPS HER FUCKING HEAD OFF. The trainee is bleeding. Thats the love this lady as for the sport. If thats just the womens...Think about the men...and how far they go. Tough Enough has nothing on Puro/Joshi training. Were even lucky we have Joe and Danileson that can hang with these guys. The sad thing is now, Zero One has a Joshi Fed called SUN. Which is bringing back the NWA and AWA titles for females. They brought some African American Bodybuilder, named Africa 55. (HEY Naki-San, WHY NOT call her Sista A while ya at it!) and others. But to bring big amazon like girls to to feed the need...ugh... Will Joshi see a new sunrise? Our hope is for Sakamura and Senjo to prove themselfs. I will see you guys soon...the website for my production company- http://www.garougothic.com.
  2. A end of era did come. In the year that UFC is getting 600,000 buys... In year that ECW came back...with limited success... There is one constently honest truth. The Modern Womens Wrestling Era is over. Not that it ended in a wimper, by the way. The simple fact is that Trish Stratus, given all the challanges, the hate, and some times the overly stalking love from fans and detractors- is a talent. The fact that some great matches are done with very little moves only shows why one division has been conistant even despite how the men mess it up, and the booking and so on. A 30 year history, starting in 1976- with its peak starting in the 90's and the ladies of FMW, and one Magumi Kudo, the queen of all of Joshi at that time (despite the amazing work of Toyota, Kong and Kandori)...Trish belongs to those Goddess. If there is one thing the WWE did right in these dark times, is that they have 80% of the time- they have left the Woman's Division alone. Granted, in 2004- the Division could have reached greater hights. However, that didnt happen. But the matches from 2005 between Lita-Trish-Mickie at times Victoria were very well done. They hate it because its not Joshi- but you have to give some credit, before Fit Finley went to Smackdown, he trained the Divas. And you see aspets of this wonderful pro star in that division. Luckly, were just seeing Finley in action- and how truly good he is. But the Division never let up. In fact, it had the best storyline of 2005-2006 with Trish/Mickie. And one of the better matches too. In the end however, Lita and Trish was Kandori and Chigusa. Basicly, the best the women have to offer. It a sad time in the business right now. But last night was a small memorial bright spot in the cloud of darkness and abstractness in the business. Miss Stratus, Thanks. Thats all one fan has to say. Your the last of a kind, and we all wish you well.
  3. In a moment, a whole industry can been changed. In a moment, lives will never been the same. So was the moment at ONS2- the world champion, a TRUE world Champion was crowned. But what makes a true champ, is the how he does under pressure. And so far, it has been with flying colors, despite what others tell you. However, this is not about that man. Its about the Main Writer and the President of the Company that owns them. They pretty much wanted to say Sorry but didnt want to imbarrass the shareholders. Thats the first true test of a man, its to own up to his mistakes. However, this message isnt to put them down. Its to help them. There is some storylines that will be both progressive, promote stars, hardcore, keeps Sci-Fi happy, get ready for the old guard to step down, and so on. The Zombie story arc might work, however- he needs to be cleaned up more. Instead of a horror Zombie- its a Psyological one- he feeds on the emotions of the croud, and uses to his effect. The Goth Story Arc- A tag team mostly. The Cosplay arc, send out the geeks, until you get to the pretty girl. You figure out the rest (Densha Otoko) Arc- The basic new Dreamer Vs Raven storyarc. Read the Wikipedia article on 2ch. Eugene, or Trever Murdock are perfect for the roles, with CM Punk or another being the heel. Thats just off the top of my head. However, the crowing from Jeff Jarret is well founded. Come on, who ever would believe that we care about Steiner and Nash again? And the fact the book has been very good at times, and there house shows have been amazing at times, He has reasons to talk smack. Hes got some of the best talent, old men ready shine one last time- and young lions HUNGRY for titles. The only thing hurting this, is the title situation. Christian is a talent, but years being in the midcard has hurt him. Joe- is too damn good for the X title- and I hope that if and when American Dragon heads to TNA, that Joe drops it to Dragon or maybe Homiside. The tag teams are about to get better with LAX ready to go. 6 good tag teams are better than none! All they need is just a little help from the Ladies side- more international flavor (Please get Nagata, Nakatashi, and Tanoshi here! Oh and when you and CMLL reconsile- I would like to have some of their big stars as well), and we have something that Heyman only WISH he can touch. --- But if there is one thing that made me happy this week, is that AJPW is starting a major rennasonce after many slow years. The Best World Champ, is Satoshi Kojima. He has held the title in his first defence, 9 times. After winning over Kawada back in 2005, he has faced some good...some bad, but truly showing hes a champ. Even though Akiama has been ok, Kojima is truly on another class of his own. Besting Brock Lesnar at his own game is not an easy feat. Sure, they dont have a major TV deal- and they havent been in the big venues for quite a while. But the upcoming match between him and Kea- will revenigurate AJPW back into form. Kea has been no slouch, but that will tell you how much Mutoh respects the company he took over- he let the young guy do his thing and he did it well. I wish this upcoming match makes people forget the Pride troubles, and see what they have been missing for the last several years. Next week, can ECW Recover from the worst show in a genration? Will TNA get over 70,000 buys!? Is this the Summer of DX? King Booker might lose, but is he ready for a title shot against Rey? How come Rey keeps losing!? Is Batista gonna finsh off Henry? Will Kennady move Smackdown to new hights? Thats all next week.
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    But let me do the best I can. I didnt get much sleep last night. Much sleep at all. I have a 16 hour work day yesterday (as of this post) and I was just wating to relive my young and budding years. All with the new heros, The new vision. And maybe Sci-Fi would had some respect. (Duh, I watch it for Doctor Who and nothing else) But NBC has to be...such liberals. Guess what, Annie Coulter is right about you dumb pricks. For this baby to fail, it needed that Hollywood bull crap Steffie plays. It was full of it. No, i didnt expect this promotion to be the one I remember telling Jayen about in 1999. I expect this promotion as something fresh and new! But like Time Warner, and Kids WB/Cartoon Network/Adult Swim- the fresh and new, is something old and rancur. I wanted the OLD school I dont care about modern socity promotion! And there is a LOT of story arcs to play off this. I wanted the new stars! Here we are, 2006 nearly 5 years after a downturn- and you telling me that there no major superstars after HHH and HBK on the WWE main shows? Well, in the end- the pessimests won the first battle of the 13 episode war. Maybe Meltzer was right, they have moved on and may never come back. After this show, who can blame them. This is going to be really hard for even Heyman to pull up from. I see mircales from him before. But this will trully prove how good can he be. Because if this fails, TNA will get that two hour show, and will beat The Brand or take MUCH and MUCH audance from them in 6 months. This will be pretty much be the end of The Brand. Because if they cant even expand in the pro game, what else are they going to do!? Even the hardcore marks know something is wrong. If they cant even succeed in PRO WRESTLING, THERE DEAD, and the business will change forever. And some how Vince knows this. And thats why he will stick to his guns. And he would want to fix this. But if he cant, and there are signs pointing to this- you are going to see such a shift in this buisness, that your not going to see more TNA's poping up to compete in the business, its going to be the RULE your going to see start ups. Saturday Morning (when the ratings come in) is going to be a really intresting look. 12 episodes left. Can they reverse the worst pro show in history? Or is this the end of the WWE...
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    Seems so long ago that he came from kissing Diabase's Feet, fighting with such greats as Stan Hanson, Kawada, Misawa during the great days of AJPW, Hyabusa...to some the greatest matches, maybe in all of sport (IMO) in Jerry Lynn- To beat the Rock, Austin, all in there prime. Its about time he won it. It was 1997, maybe after they did the first invasion storyline when ECW invaded RAW. I was 14 years old. I didnt see much of WWF at the time. And all I did was change the channel one night on a Saturday. There he was. A guy that defied all the conventions of what one can do in the squared circle. I didnt know who he was. I didnt care. I didnt know he had a title, but from that very day i followed him. And from him I saw others. I saw ECW- somebody that was giving us mature, not nessarlly immature storylines. Wresling from guys that could never be reached for many many years. (because come on, honestly most of your american style moves comes from two japanese women who tag teamed in the 1980's) Women who didnt play about who they where... And just all out fun. And he was the center of that universe. And when it was gone, the brand and the stars, the business not only here, but all over started to suffer. Now, that 5 year nightmare is over. He now has the title that he should have had back in 2002. This time, It might be more important because not ONLY he is the focas of a new brand, but he is the guy that if cards are played right will start the major recovery of the buisness. Hes in that league with Hogan and Austin. Cena, where as being hated, ONLY came out of his shell of the five moves of doom because of him. And I knew that he was the future from 1997. Thats why were in much better shape this morning, then we were ever yesterday. It will be a process. But a process is needed if we are never gonna get out of the Hollywood wannibes. RVD, ECW World HeavyWight Champion. Music not only to my ears, but the business ears.
  6. Worries... Is it me, or anybody else here- Are at least a bit Pleased at the developments over at Standford CT? Paul Heyman is the king of booking under pressure. Not sure what his plans are but one thing is that after picking Kurt Angle for ECW work, ANYTHING and Mircles can happen. However most of the matches have changed- its somewhat not a good sign...but Paul E has full control (with Tommy Dreamer having a little less, but expect the same mixure of techs and hardcore for the first six episodes, then they will have 70% Techs and 30% hardcore.) What they are planning is a UWFI promotion- a mix of shoot and pro with hardcore elements. The hardcore elements are the key, despite what other tell you. If they are able to smartly use it in a fastion that doesnt hurt the workers, doesnt insult the fans, brings new people in, and brings ratings (Because it seems even miss Hunter is getting some of the Bastista Juice) Its a winning situation for BOTH TNA and ECW- Because it will a game of on oneupmanship. And since we have ROH in the middle, and TNA uses some indies, the indies will get big ups because some stars will face both TNA and ECW/WWE stars if Paul E or Borash/Cornette (if he gets some of the book) desides to use storylines dealing with the Indies. That brings more people to the indies, which in turn, the if the indies book smartly (and that a huge if) bring more money to the promotion, then a few stars head to TNA or ECW, they use that indy storyline to promote the worker, the worker does well, it moves to Smackdown/RAW/TNA Main Event level and they know what they did in ECW and TNA's X-Division via the indies. They made money for everybody inloved, and the rest is history. This happend before. RVD? Stone Cold? Raven? Chris Benoit? Even though no connecting storylines happend (other than RVD during the invaison) it has worked wonders. This is one way to each part of the business to work with each other with out stealing much talent. Somethings that need to happen for the show, is to give the sci-fi fans who are horror flick fans- to give that horror film gimmick...or something like rumble roses with the females (It is a sci-fi game anyhow) And Nova works... (I dont understand why Bravo would not take ECW- its the second channel down that is closer to USA Network but if Sci-Fi does well they might make a shared deal, where Bravo gets the first run shows and Sci-Fi gets a second run to compete with TNA's second run of Impact.) While that has been happing, Booker T is getting a major push- the reason being that now hes nearing the end and this will be one final run at the top. Another thing being is this bit of news: (From WO) Booker T is a rare commadty, We have seen many Afro-American stars, the strong Zeus, Tony Atlus and so on. But this guy has been on fire for nearly 2 years nearing the end of his run. The fact that hes had changed his move set in to more of a Hasimoto/Von Erich/Kawada, lots of tech when he needs to but he will bust several kicks and use alot of chops to set up power based moves. The thing is that he can still do alot of the moves that he did in WCW, and with a sheer drop brain buster he will be more complete than he ever was in WCW, I dont fear for smackdowns future. He can get a great match out of the Undertaker, he did it with Kurt, did it with Benoit. Besides, the CW has some of UPN's shows, and looking at the lineup, King Booker (with Rey returning later) Given a chance can save smackdown. Its UP to W-C-W/WWE to promote these two (and Batista if he wants to shut his mouth) And before I go... When your the General you get all the ladies!
  7. -Gundam is pretty much...dead in the states (according to, the Willams street boys) -Who cares about NBC running e/i e/i oh games? Oh, idiots at toonzone do. -Who buys a console at launch? -who the hell cares what MS and Ninty says or does? Nobody wins with either- ones too western, the other is too eastern. -who the hell wins e3? Is it become a contest or something? -The double play out from the mouth of a horse(Peter Moore)...sicking. -The only error in judgment made was by (Ironicly) Kojima Productions in placing Snake in SMBT:B...where theres Django and Sabata from Botkai...the game created for Kojima's son! -Girls crusfiy you. -You go to a artistic website and right now its just trash... -Gamefaqs does nothing for me... -Goverment given the go ahead by business Tapping phone numbers... (I could understand 9/11...but still...) -Parents angry about me chosing sides in the immagration issue... -600 BUCKS? ...ECW cant come soon enough.
  8. This post was done on the Gamefaqs board some time ago by Endgame:
  9. -If you would have told me that Joey Styles was done in the business, and is not as great as he was before, I would said you were wrong. You would be eating crow now. This promo shows how big this really is. And the fact that he wrote this himself- and Vince Let this go- shows the viewers (The marks, the causals) how damning things have been these last five years. -Then again, WWE has to come up with a retort just as good- I think DX- despite being the face team, still needs to show loyality to the fans. You pull out HHH and HBK plus two new guys (with a new mega powered female valet) and have them Face off Cena and McMahan on one end, and RVD and ECW at the other. -Theres a planned show between RAW, and PPV in New York- The Dayton Ohio show, where there billing a WWE vs ECW show. Now do you let RVD face John Cena? Or (Supposdely) JBL? Cena is the most logical choice- JBL cant do anything right now but spout emotional RTC promos- and how this guy was kissing the feet of Dibase many moons ago, how he was apart of All Japans great years...and so on. Dont get me wrong, JBL can cut good promos...but RVD beating John Cena-WWE's spinning Gold Belt Boy, will just put the ! in EC dub! -The issue now becomes, after the PPV (which will become nearly as big as this years WM- and make twice the money) How does the DX respond to Vince after these issues have come out? How does Cena or JBL deal with losing the title? Will the three week rule come to play? -All these issues plus the other storylines make this summer the hottest in years. If this ECW becomes successful, Japan no doubt will follow suit- and TNA will have to get there *** in gear and become motvated. I see nothing but good things if they pull this off.
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    Wii! (Yeah right)

    More...zany from Ninty. The new name for the Rev. Crazy no? I remember, Fanticom, and Superfanticom (Thats NES and SNES, not SVES) N64 and Gamecube. BUT THE Wii? Well, this has compleatly lost me. They could have called it the Leagacy and people would have run to get it. This...well...needs more work and there isnt a lot of time to the GREATEST E3 of all time.
  11. -ECW...Returns? After a near sellout for ONSII, Vince pulled the gun and ECW is reborn. The question is how in the world are they gonna pull this off? The question abounds why he did this, but right now its wait and see... -Pokemon Leaving Kids WB? Recent news from Mediaweek states that Pokemon is not in the fall lineup...Yugi-Oh is also done (well it was nearing its end) In its place? Tom and Jerry. The returning Loontics, and a new version of Scooby Doo- this time with Hightech Gagets. More like 1976 and 1996 instead of 1966 and 1986 am i rite? Gamefaqs already call racism on Kids WB ON the Dubba-CDubba because anime isnt on the line up, but lets make one thing clear, Its isnt over yet and the anime correction has just started if Pokemon is TRULY gone from the line up. -LocoRoco Happy Game for a system that needs a boost. PSP will get that boost and just at the nick of time. The demo is happy and everybody will pay 200 bucks for this baby. Sadly, the DS is starting to prove to be a gimmick (Wait, IGA- NO TOUCH Screen?) and now its only a matter of time before the cookie crumbles. (You dont make a game and not use the other screen for something...) -Speaking of CV The 1999 game is set for Next Gen Systems. The new game is based on the MegaDrive/Genesis game, Bloodlines- now get this, they reconned CV 64. BUT the new game has one charitor that is the grandmother of the girl from CV 64. How can you reconn the granddauther...its a fucking mess. IGA- one thing please. WHERE IS MY CV PSP GAME damnit? Get a shave too man, and please dont tell me you like anime when you are bonking the artist that can acually draw a lick. Damnit its now wonder why Kojima is leery when he gives you a budget for a 3D game, since you still live in a 2D relem and need to get out of the shell. Get this, Sony aint stoping 2D RPG's from the PS2, even Disega got some play and they were reletively pleased. Your just envy Kojima. Well, if you do make a CV as good as MGS3 then you will have your own production company and so on...but your not doing it unless you make the transition. (GTA style perhaps?) -Why Bleedman is running and gunning and still has nothing? The INTERWEB conterversy with Mandy being death and starting the Iraq war and being apart of 9-11 has made Bleedman a bit hated. Sadly, its not for the wrong reasons. Hes a good desiner- hes no artist. He's a window-SHOPPER, mad as **** they he cant see the real world pass by. The sad thing is he will get a job at warners because they suck horrible. Its time for him to really be an artist and truly be the worker of truth, and not some slave to his friend that cant write a lick. Or maybe he cant and everybody likes him because hes just like the rest of us, primitive- one season people that wishes for the end but it never comes.
  12. Strange Days. CN is airing Saved By The Bell On Adult Swim. Now the whole place, and kit and caboole of the modern day animation fandom is up in arms. No shit sherlock. There turing CN into Tv Tokyo! Well, par for the course. But this is something MUCH more bigger. Oh dont get me wrong, i never really liked SBTB. But it seems now that Adult Swim, is getting too big for its britches. So, some envious bastards over at CN states it time to take the BITCHES with some of the better anime down. And how, pray tell, we do that? The symbol of what started the decline of Saturday Morning! And yes, my friends, that symbol has aired. And it can only mean things will get worse. So, is it time for a name change for CN? Fall is not that far off. And so goes the dream of Ted Turner. Now, who will pick up the peices? There not gonna catch Nick. Never. And AS is starting to show signs of weakness. They have open the flood gates, and might have shut the door of what made them great.
  13. Not as a grain of salt, but today (or really several days ago) was the 100th annversry of animation in the United States. Didnt know there was a birthday party? Well, there is. But sadly its small and there was not many faces that were reconizable. Its just that- fate- a industry that put its heart and soul out there only to get manhandled by the rest of the buisness. If there is anything needing such great honor and praise, its this genre. However, there is one thing good about this and two bad things about it. The first bad thing about it is that it's has become a utterly sad issue, when you celbrations over things that we have no control over, or shouldnt be in the minds of people that truly do care- about themselfs first of all or other people. Glaad celerbrations are not going to save a gay man getting knocked the shit out of him, all because some idiot thinks its Holy to take care of this miscraint. No equality parade is not going to change two parents minds on how a child should be raised. The second bad thing, and its partly connected to the first- is that were becoming jacks of all trades and masters of none. In 20 years, thanks to the issues at Nick and Turner Kids, we will have a animation birthday, however- it would be a popluar one, filled what what ever pseudo-consertive/repressed neo-flowerchild/neo-yaoi shota trap that Hollywood calls the next great era. And you would have your future stars, in desiner bodies, in all kinds of writhing and screaming and creaming in to every single hole they can think of, it doesnt matter if its pie, or a 8 year old child. And this is to be promoted by the 800 (now 1500) pound gorillas as the greatest time in animation- no rather entertaiment history. But the good thing is about this small party, is that it had no stars, it just had the animators and the storyboarders and those in the last great union that ever made sense in the nation. It was them, however lost they all seemed in the world, as we are all are, and uncertian of the future the business would hold as all animation fans are. Living in that moment- just rememering what took place before. We have seen what is gone wrong with the buiness. Even Adult Swim is not immune to a future that is happeing and nobody liking the results. But times change, the truth comes out- and we see what our parents have left us. Its time to pick up the pieces of the great things, and destory the old system of doing things. Thats the only way we will see this genre have 200 more years.
  14. And lots more- First Raw Review: The issues with Orton get worse by the day: Ow. In Japan:
  15. (Sabata is one of my friends, so he reads this- i just wanted to give him a word of advice- but also i wanted to say somethings) Lets put it simple easy words. They dont care and they will never care. I been there once, and i could care less what they say. Youre too much of a free spirit to be chained by what a stupid girl says. Hey, about Pink- Im happy for her. Really i am. Shes married to the guy she loves, and she's asking questions. Thats all anybody needs to do, not go all over the world and save one child and work with the UN and all that petty bull crap. Its egotism at is best. Ask them this question- who in the black community is singing this song other than the men? HELLO? Anybody? I thought so. Keep ripping them apart Sabata. I dont agree with you life style- but at least you know where you are.