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2006 MVP Watch #10

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This is likely going to be my final look at the MVP race since there is now only two and a half weeks left. Last time I nearly bumped Albert Pujols from the top spot for the first time this season in favor of Carlos Beltran but this time around Pujols' has a firm grip back on the #1 spot. Of course in the media it's a two man race that doesn't include Beltran and almost a once man race with Ryan Howard. I mocked Howard last time but he's almost making a believer out of me as he makes a big jump (now finally the Most Valuable Phillie) but in my view he's still far behind Pujols and Beltran. For those who insist that Howard is the MVP ask these three questions:


Is he the best hitter in the league?


Is he the best all around player in the league?


Is he the best player on the best team in the league?


The answer to all three of those questions is no. He's had an amazing year and he might break the "non-steroid" homerun record (which kkk pretty much echoed my thoughts on that bullshit last week) but he's not the MVP.


10. Garrett Atkins, Rockies

.326/.401/.551, 111 RC, .303 EQA, 51.8 VORP, 24 Win Shares


9. Jose Reyes, Mets

.297/.349/.496, 112 RC, .284 EQA, 52.6 VORP, 27 Win Shares


8. Nick Johnson, Nationals

.297/.434/.532, 109 RC, .323 EQA, 53.8 VORP, 27 Win Shares


7. David Wright, Mets

.311/.384/.538, 114 RC, .303 EQA, 49.6 VORP, 30 Win Shares


6. Alfonso Soriano, Nationals

.290/.361/.590, 122 RC, .303 EQA, 54.7 VORP, 31 Win Shares


5. Lance Berkman, Astros

.306/.411/.606, 123 RC, .322 EQA, 57.8 VORP, 30 Win Shares


4. Ryan Howard, Phillies

.316/.413/.682, 118 RC, .332 EQA, 74.1 VORP, 28 Win Shares


3. Miguel Cabrera, Marlins

.339/.430/.582, 132 RC, .330 EQA, 74.7 VORP, 33 Win Shares


2. Carlos Beltran, Mets

.283/.388/.617, 119 RC, .318 EQA, 67.3 VORP, 37 Win Shares


1. Albert Pujols, Cardinals

.323/.426/.677, 131 RC, .342 EQA, 75.5 VORP, 35 Win Shares



Now the A.L. has been a wide open race all year...until now. It's not over yet but Baseball Jesus has now emerged as the clear choice for A.L. MVP. Travis Hafner already had no chance at the writer award and now he has no chance either now on my ballot due to his season ending broken hand. He's at #2 currently but obviously he'll fall lower than that. Now Johan Santana is starting to enter the MVP dicussion in some circles and I think he's making himself a legit case as well. But I think it's going to be tough for him or teammate Joe Mauer to catch Jeter. As the Red Sox have faded, so has Manny Ramirez. I almost gave him the top spot last time but now he barely stays in the Top 5. Jermaine Dye seems to be Jeter's main competition in the media but I doubt he can win if the White Sox don't make the playoffs.


10. Grady Sizemore, Indians

.293/.377/.535, 112 RC, .309 EQA, 65.5 VORP, 22 Win Shares


9. Justin Morneau, Twins

.324/.379/.583, 110 RC, .313 EQA, 51.7 VORP, 25 Win Shares


8. Jim Thome, White Sox

.291/.414/.604, 111 RC, .329 EQA, 57.5 VORP, 23 Win Shares


7. David Ortiz, Red Sox

.285/.401/.628, 111 RC, .327 EQA, 63.4 VORP, 24 Win Shares


6. Jermaine Dye, White Sox

.322/.388/.637, 110 RC, .325 EQA, 63.5 VORP, 24 Win Shares


5. Manny Ramirez, Red Sox

.318/.436/.612, 109 RC, .338 EQA, 60.7 VORP, 26 Win Shares


4. Joe Mauer, Twins

.348/.433/.505, 97 RC, .321 EQA, 61.1 VORP, 28 Win Shares


3. Johan Santana, Twins

166 ERA+, 5.35 K/BB, 0.98 WHIP, 74.8 VORP, 24 Win Shares


2. Travis Hafner, Indians

.308/.439/.659, 124 RC, .353 EQA, 80.0 VORP, 24 Win Shares


1. Derek Jeter, Yankees

.346/.423/.492, 125 RC, .321 EQA, 75.0 VORP, 30 Win Shares

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I would love to know how someone can write this article and come to the conclusion that Howard should be the MVP. I mean reading it, I thought, wow, that's a really persuasive case for Pujols, I'd think almost anyone who read this would be swayed, and then at the end, he comes out and says he thinks Howard should be the MVP. WTF!

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