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73. More degenerative gambling!

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Last week was still a success, but a disappointment after my perfect 9/22-23 week. Ohio St. and Navy won 2 of my big 3 bets, so I still came out in the positive.


Bets this week so far (I'll probably have some O/U by the weekend):


Hawaii (-9) vs. Nevada - 1 unit.


Historically, the home team dominates this series. I don't see anything different here. And I think Nevada is overrated by many because of the NW and UNLV blowout win. And Hawaii is underrated, since they lost two tough road contests. Nevada's defense still has many holes, especially in the running game. I'd be shocked if Hawaii doesn't at least put up 42 here with their high-powered offense. I'm pretty strong on this one, and the line is just to keep going up throughout the week, I could even see this hitting -14.


Tennessee (-2) @ Georgia - .5 units


Georgia is desperate and starting that Polish QB who sucked ass last year, and their depleted offensive line. UGA will struggle to score anything. But, this is the SEC, and Tennessee probably fucks up just as well, and someone wins 13-10 in a hideous contest. I'm more on the under here, but I'll wait to see possible weather conditions, and such.


Oklahoma (+7) vs. Texas - .5 units.


Wish I could have nabbed this at +8 when it first came up. I'm not very confident on this game... 50/50 on who will win. Texas obviously has more talent, especially on the defensive side. But, Texas has Mack Brown, and he always loses these games, until VY could run around the field and nullify Brown's ineptitude. The line sucked me in, and I couldn't pass it up.


NC State (+11) vs. Florida State - .5 units.


With Weatherford starting, I just don't see FSU putting up many points. 20's, at most. Not that I have any confidence in NC State, but their defense is holding teams to respectable point totals. 11 just seems like too much to give here.


Buffalo (+5.5) vs. Ball State - .5 units.


Alumni bet. No other reasoning here. MAC games are probably the toughest to pick in the nation.


Air Force (-3) vs. Navy - Undecided


If this stays at -3, I might put a .5 unit on this. Improves any, I'm all over this. These teams are very similar except for one big difference. AF's run defense has been stellar against good competition. Navy's has been weaker against worse competition. Like AF here, but points will be at a premium.



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Ooh, that's tough that you got backdoored on the Hawaii game. Last I saw it, Hawaii was rolling. Don't get too discouraged about a 2-4 week though. Even winning sports bettors will go through stretches where they miss 6 and 7 games in a row at some point.

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I know. I've been through much worse than this in my previous tennis betting. I'm much better with tennis, but I stay away from it post-US Open (Silly) Season.

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It means a part of your bankroll that you're using for gambling. I think it's usually divided into 20 units. It also spares you from saying how much cash you have in this silly gambling.


I have $50 units. I'm a cheapass.

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