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74. Negatives of TSM. Part I.

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So, Princess Leelee has decided to once again liven up this blog. No more gambling, unfortunately. The next group of entries will be purely on the many negatives of forums.thesmartmarks.com. Think of this like HTQ's blog, except I'm not some wrestling geek that sucks on Dave Meltzer's teat.


Part I:




This poster is a fine example of what's wrong with this board. Stick with some lame, negative shtick long enough, and people will like you. This poster probably should be banned for his constant derailing of topics in the conversation forums. He's aggravated many a new poster with his silliness. But, it's ok, because kkk is a "good guy". That's just "how he is".


That's fucking bullshit.


The point of a message board is to have conversation and this poster only tries to defeat this purpose. And the worst part is that he can show he's intelligent at times (as he often does in his blog), but he just continues the bullshit. That's the definition of someone who needs to be told to cut it out. If he wants to do that, go post in the flaming folders.


And the worst part is that so many people like this poster. For reasons completely beyond me. If any of you find his shtick funny, then you're just pathetic.


We'll continue on later with Part 2, a poster fairly similar to this, but posts exponentially more.





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Didn't you mean Czech Republic/Felonies!, Leena. He'll derail anything with his typical shtick. KKK, like Vern said, just derails what needed to be.

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