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2006 Player Rankings: Designated Hitters

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For those who don't remember here were my 2004 and 2005 player rankings I posted on the forums.






These rankings are purely based on what the player did this past season. Past performance and potential future value are not taken into account. For hitters I take into account five statiscal compotents: OPS, Value Over Replacment Player (VORP), Equivalent Average (EQA), Runs Created, and Win Shares.


Now with the regular position lists I take the top 30 players at each position in games started which means not necessarily every team will have a player on the list. But I decided to get DH's out of the way because it's the shortest list and if you looked at my A.L. MVP ballot you already see the Top 3. In 2004 I did a normal DH list but last year with a complete lack of everyday DH's outside Oritz and Hafner I did combo list of DH's and players who played a lot but didn't fit into of the position lists. But this year we had at least a few more everyday DH's and there actually wasn't that many players this year who played a lot but didn't fit into the other lists. In fact the only player that had more than 500 plate appearances but wasn't in the Top 30 in games started at any position was Jay Payton who played 40+ games at every outfield position so I'm going to throw him in the leftfielders list.


So now onto the DH list which again isn't very interesting and once you get past the Big 5 there is a big drop off with a lot part-time/injured players and a couple of guys who were released. I took only the Top 14 in games started at DH. Jason Giambi played a few more games at DH than first base so that's why he's on it. Also for each position I'll list who I had as the Top 3 in 2004 and 2005 before the 2006 rankings.


2004 Top 3 DH's


1. Travis Hafner

2. David Ortiz

3. Erubiel Durazo


2005 Top 3 DH's


1. David Ortiz

2. Travis Hafner

3. Mike Sweeney


2006 Designated Hitter Rankings


1. David Ortiz, Red Sox

2. Travis Hafner, Indians

3. Jim Thome, White Sox

4. Jason Giambi, Yankees

5. Frank Thomas, A's

6. Jay Gibbons, Orioles

7. Jonny Gomes, Devil Rays

8. Tim Salmon, Angels

9. Mike Sweeney, Royals

10. Matt Stairs, Royals/Rangers/Tigers

11. Phil Nevin, Rangers/Cubs/Twins

12. Javy Lopez, Orioles/Red Sox

13. Carl Everett, Mariners

14. Rondell White, Twins


I think White produced more for the Twins today than he did for the entire season.

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